Monday, March 03, 2008

Directed Energy Attacks to the Skull --- An NSA Sunday Night Special

Last night, in addition to working me into an enraged state, the soulless and foul operatives at the NSA targeted my skull for a directed energy attack in which I experienced sharp pains in the left side of my head. The sensation is akin to someone poking the side of your head with an icepick as the pain radiates throughout the nerves surrounding your cranium.

This is one of myriad types of attacks that I (as well as many other TI's) am subjected to on a daily basis. It is as if the controllers of this technology (in my case NSA cryptologists) are running programs in which we are subjected to a protocol in which different and repeated attacks are made to occur on different days. It would seem that many of us are being targeted by supercomputers which are programmed to attack us in such ways, by the Nazi anathema covertly operating within US Intelligence. All being done with a wink and a nod from the *US Congress and the Nazi puppet dictator in the White House.

*So is it any wonder why John Akwei and Russell Tice were both quickly neutralized when they attempted to expose the Nazi presence which now harbors itself behind the walls of this super stealth agency? If Congress were ever to admit the extent to which the NSA is operating completely outside of the rule of Constitutional law, there would be an unprecedented scandal within this country which would result in the overthrow of this government.

For this reason the FBI now keeps close tabs on Tice (probably Akwei as well) to ensure that he remains unable to promulgate what he knows about this treasonous activity on the part of the NSA.

The following Website discusses the use of directed energy weaponry to attack the human mind. Most of this article focuses on the use of implants in which to do so. However, these attacks can now take place without any implantation whatsoever. Instead, the bio electromagnetic field which surrounds your body acts as a tracking device which is then targeted by the NSA and its satellites for myriad forms of remote non consensual human experimentation. In perpetrating these Orwellian crimes against humanity (which the NSA will deny), the NSA and its agents have proven themselves to be as craven as they are inhumane; reprobates who will take their rightful place in history along side murderers like Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini and Caligula.

See the following Website to learn more about technology which the governments around this planet have developed with you in mind, while attempting to CONvince you that they are looking to protect you from an invisible terrorist threat. In reality, you are the terrorist threat that these governments are concerned about. Not because you are a terrorist, but instead, because you are looking to battle the types of tyranny and oppression that these governments ( including the USA) are covertly perpetrating against their own people.

Damn them all for their treasonous betrayal.
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