Sunday, March 02, 2008

WACO/The Murder Of Paul Wilcher/And The Clinton Administration -- FBI Coverup Regarding His Murder

"The following was extracted from a report prepared by Attorney Paul Wilcher, a report based on eyewitness testimony. The members of the very assault team mentioned in the following report had indeed been in contact with Paul Wilcher, via a third party, and given immunity from prosecution they had been prepared to testify.Even though these were hardened professional killers, what they had been ordered to do and actually done at Waco had deeply disturbed them.

On May 21st,1993, Wilcher went to present the following to US Attorney General Janet Reno, on June 23rd Wilcher's badly decomposed body was found in his apartment.Upon discovery his apartment was sealed and searched and all documents removed. That indeed might have been the end of the matter but Wilcher had given a copy of his 100 page report to Sara McClendon, a senior White House correspondent, shortly before his death. Wilcher had made one critical mistake in presuming the innocence of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, it was a mistake that was to cost him his life."

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