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Akwei VS NSA Finally Has A Substantial Presence On The Internet/No One Could Be More Pleased About This Than Those Being Illegally Tracked By The NSA

When I learned of John St. Clair Akwei and his lawsuit against the NSA back in 2005, I read the first six pages of it many times, in order to understand the complexity of the technology which Akwei was describing. As I learned about terms such as Electronic Brain Link and Remote Neural Monitoring, as well as how the NSA's satellites could be used to violate an American citizen's 4TH Amendment rights in the most egregious of ways, I realized that Akwei's information needed to be circulated globally.

I went to the Internet and found virtually nothing on it, with the exception of the Mind Control Forums Website and a handful of others. I could not understand why more people did not know about Akwei's information. Now I know why. Few people realize that they are being targeted by this technology, so they would not even know to look for anything written in regard to it.

Since that time, I've created several Websites (two of which the FEDS had deleted), as well as this Website (which I have posted all over the Internet), in efforts to promulgate John Akwei's information regarding the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and use of American citizens for non consensual human experimentation.

Fortunately, many others, whether they be targeted individuals or just curious conspiracy theorists, have done the same. The few Websites which first existed in regard to Akwei's information now number in the thousands only a few years later, being accessed through terms such as remote sensing, remote neural monitoring, electronic brain link, mind control, non consensual human experimentation et al.

And America is now gradually awakening to the egregious deception that the US Intelligence community has and continues to perpetrate against us. Because of this, there will come a time where the American people will take the US Congress and US Intel on directly, so that they may once again be afforded their rights as American citizens.

Something which cannot happen as long as agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI are allowed to operate without being made accountable for their treasonous crimes; crimes which they have a long history of perpetrating, while operating completely outside the framework of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

When I first began researching this information back in 2005, I used the term mind control, simply because I was given many indications that my thoughts were being remotely read. I had also experienced voice to skull in the past, yet always concluded that I was hearing the voice of someone who was either in my home at the time, or within the vicinity of my property.

However, as time went by and I actually went to look for the source of these voices, they were no where to be found -- including the voices of members of my own family, who oftentimes, were not home at the times in which I heard them calling my name.

Now I realize that what I have been experiencing all along is something called V2K, or voice to skull technology. And the voices are just one in a myriad of manifestations which the NSA's satellite based technology can take. And I have experienced far more than just these voices.

Back in 2003 the NSA was also making it quite clear that they had been illegally spying on me within the privacy of my own home for a very long period of time, and in having done so, set yet another precedent in violating my 4TH Amendment right to privacy.

However, I seriously doubt that the NSA ever thought that I would be able to learn of how they were getting away with this illegal spying, or the satellite based technologies which they were using in which to do so. Yet in spite of the odds I managed to do so, then shared this information over the Internet in efforts to alert every person on this planet to their own vulnerability to this technology. A technology which can be used to remotely access and manipulate the thoughts of a person without that person's knowledge, and which depending on the intentions of those who control this technology, may place this person is grave danger.

As a result of this research, I also realized based on my own experiences as a target of illegal government spying as well that of non consensual human experimentation, that I had been made into an unwitting NSA satellite prisoner many decades before the Federal COINTELPRO campaign against my person shifted from covert to overt surveillance (this occurred in 2003).

Three years later, I now see the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA posted on thousands of Websites, as the people in the United States (as well as those of other countries) begin to recognize just how outrageous the NSA's spying of Americans has become; a situation in which perhaps the entire US population may well be spied upon and tracked by way of NSA satellites without their knowledge or consent.

I have gone to great lengths to promulgate this information, knowing that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security will continue to do everything possible in which to prevent me from publicly documenting the outrageous crimes which they have perpetrated against my person. The flagrant demonization campaign which they continue to wage against myself is definitive of the smear tactics used by these Nazi agencies, when they deny any American citizen their Constitutional rights, while attempting to cover up their own treasonous crimes.

I can also state with complete confidence that no American citizen has ever had their 4TH Amendment right more blatantly violated by the US Federal Government than I have. Not in this country's more than two Century history, has an American citizen ever documented a more outrageous violation of the 4TH Amendment.

And in spite of my documentation, these egregious violations of both civil and human rights continue to be perpetrated by this government anathema, as it seeks to justify what are unjustifiable and treasonous crimes against my person and myriad others targeted for such depraved torture.

In spite of the FEDS' demonization campaign, I have managed to corroborate that information regarding the NSA which is contained within John St.Clair Akwei's lawsuit, as have a number of other TI's in recent months.

I am not not just promulgating Akwei's information as many others now are. I am actually testifying to being used by the NSA for the purpose of illegal satellite tracking as well as non consensual human experimentation.

And I know that by having done so, I have now created a situation in which the US Congress and Intelligence community are going to be placed under a spotlight like never before in their history. I take great pride and solace in knowing that in spite of the odds, and the enormous adversity which I have faced, that while their crimes have been perpetrated against so many of us, the world will now begin to understand the Nazi presence which exists within the United States Federal Government.

There is a very real Nazi presence within this government which is in control of the US Congress and the Intelligence community.

And moreover, it's these New World Order Nazi's who operate clandestinely with the intention of ultimately wiping out two thirds of this planet's population, while subjugating the rest to remote forms of mind control influence (by way of satellite), who are now going to have a far more difficult time of achieving their nefarious objectives in the future, as they and their Hitlerian crimes continue to be exposed to the public.

As to the FEDS, who CONtinue to violate my rights in the most egregious of ways, while completely obfuscating the facts regarding the long-term directed energy attacks on my person, I say -- no matter what happens in the future you will never be trusted by the American people again. And you are going to find that as more people learn about the plans which you have in which to covertly enslave the minds of this planet's population, there will come a time when you will lose that precious funding that you now heavily rely upon in order to perpetrate these crimes. You will be limited to your black budgets, which through further exposition of these crimes, will eventually also dry up, leaving you with no means in which to perpetrate further crimes against humanity.

You people are not protecting anyone but yourselves and your own rampant criminality.

And as Akwei VS NSA becomes a household term, I want you to remember how each of you agents took a sworn oath to defend the United States Constitution. And how you have committed treason by repeatedly violating this oath.

Now there will come a time where those of us whom you are attempting to covertly murder will indeed shuffle off our mortal coils. Of this there can be no doubt.

However, you and your treasonous organizations will be left to deal with a country that no longer acknowledges you as anything other than the criminals that you are. Treasonous reprobates who have cheated the American people out of their right to be free. Damn everyone of you for that.

Your power base will gradually erode and your legacy will be one of both abject cruelty and cowardice. You will be remembered as such scoundrels as Hitler and Caligula -- a legacy befitting of those who use deceit, psychological warfare and satellite based weaponry to torture others to death.

Read the first six pages of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA here:

Akwei VS NSA:
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