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A Three Day NSA Shut Down Never Covered By The Mainstream US Media?

Puzzle Palace Collapse

By LLewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

Posted: February 10, 2000
1:00 am Eastern

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The deadly three-day shutdown at the National Security Agency in late January has government spy masters in a panic -- not so much about the agency's incompetence and technological backwardness, but the fact that its problems have become public. The eyes and ears of the decrepit and dying state apparatus -- costing billions to acquire and maintain -- just ain't what they used to be (if they ever were).

The NSA has traditionally been the most respected and feared bureaucracy in the world. Super-secret and lavishly funded, it was said to be the living embodiment of the sort of techno-spy wizards you see in James Bond films, where the fastest computers and smartest people in the world achieve virtual omniscience. The NSA records every phone call! Reads every fax! Logs every e-mail! If you saw the movie "Enemy of the State," you know the legend.

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*Interestingly enough, the US News And World Report article on the NSA which the above article mentions has now been removed from its Website. The link is still there -- except that the article to which it refers has now been removed. Also note that in the above article, there is no mention of the NSA's ability to satellite track humans by way of their own EMF fields; nor the agency's use of American citizens for non consensual human experimentation. Of course, the public would not be surprised to learn that the NSA is electronically sifting through their E-mails and phone calls. However, sifting through videos taken of them within the privacy of their own homes would present a far more disturbing situation which the American people simply would not tolerate; if in fact they ever became aware of how the NSA's spying affects their own personal lives.

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