Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A TI Of Electromagnetic Harassment Describes His Most Disturbing Experiences/EM Weapons Can Be Used To Physically Remove Objects From A TI's Grasp

This person's account is located in the Mind Control Forums' victims' stories section. It is one of the more articulate accounts in regard to how citizens of various countries are being singled out for crimes which are in many instances on par with the Holocaust.

Few people would believe an account such as the following one unless they had experienced something similar. Yet there is absolutely no doubt that these crimes are happening to a great many citizens around this planet -- not just in the United States, Canada or Europe, where they are best documented. What's worse is that these crimes are taking place against a myriad of citizens who unlike those of us who've been made to realize that we've been victimized, are still living their lives, completely unaware that they have been targeted by groups within their own governments, which espouse a Nazi ideology; one in which it is perfectly acceptable to both covertly torture and murder the citizens of this planet while doing so remotely, so that plausible denial for these crimes exists.

In the case of the following person, this is a situation in which it appears that this person's been targeted for most of their life, yet only made aware of this targeting over the past few years. And like most mind control targets, this person's life has now been completely decimated, as they are forced to live in a state of constant torment. Crimes perpetrated by those with the darkest of intentions. To murder another.

It's my opinion, that most people being targeted for myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation have been quietly watched by their tormentors for many years, before the actual overt targeting of their persons begins. And once the covert to overt nature of this grand conspiracy against human rights is initiated against a TI, their lives will never be the same again. I also cite the following account because it illustrates for the readers, just how easily any person's life can be commandeered by these New World Order operatives at anytime -- without their knowledge or consent.

This is truly a horrifying scenario and one which is unfortunately being reported by far too many people in the present day, with more victims coming forward on a regular basis. There can be little doubt that the governments within the countries of these respective TI's are the genesis of these Orwellian attacks. A situation so carefully orchestrated and monitored (with militaristic precision), that even the families of TI's are intimidated into remaining silent about them, out of fear for their own safety and survival. In truth, total communities are now being used to take part in these invasive attacks on our personal liberty; communities which are themselves being used as pawns, by an extremely dangerous mercenary influence within our own respective governments, that's using the aforesaid to carry out a modern day version of the witch hunt.

World War III has begun -- it's just unfortunate that most people's indoctrinated notions of such a war have kept them from realizing the clandestine nature of this latest one -- a war in which satellite based weaponry and electronic warfare have taken center stage; for World War III is a covert war to capture the human psyche (mind and soul), through the most abject disregard for humanity itself.

* Postscript -- The following target also maintains a blog. However, the accounts within this blog while being indicative of mind control harassment, are less articulate than this person's earlier information -- which is quite useful, and helpful to all TI's. So I am refraining from posting the blog, in the interest of portraying this victim in the best light possible. There is no doubt that they have and continue to be put through a hellish situation. And that they are not exhibiting any form of psychosis, but instead, a normal response to an emotionally (and sometimes physically) painful external influence.

Mind Control Target/Directed Energy Weapons Victim:

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