Tuesday, March 04, 2008

US Intelligence Agencies Use UUNET For Covert Internet Access?

From Wikipedia:

"UUNET is one of the oldest and largest Internet service providers and one of the nine Tier 1 networks. It is based in Northern Virginia. In the Late 1990's UUNET was known as a haven for hosts who send large quantities of spam. Previously owned by MCI, UUNET was sold to Verizon in 2002 when MCI went bankrupt. After this transfer of ownership, the number of hosts on UUNET that send spam has decreased a great deal."

Now an interesting post from someone who is familiar with US Intel's use of UUNET:

"My sister-in-law lives right next to AOL campus. She used to be MCI/WorldCom employee before they went belly up. Which brings me to point....NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. are mostly running on UUNET backbone in D.C. area. That's why WorldCom wasn't dissolved in bankruptcy proceedings and allowed to 'reorganize.' They couldn't allow UUNET (WorldCom's largest asset) to be potentially bought up by foreign investor. UUNET now belongs to Verizon."

And of course at the following Website we see a situation in which the Department Of Justice sought to have a lawsuit filed against Verizon (for its use in illegally spying on Americans) tossed out. The Bush Administration's use of the DOJ to attack a legitimate lawsuit regarding the NSA's use of a PUBLIC COMPANY to illegally spy on Americans, is typical of how the Justice Department is used to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

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