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TruthBrigade Radio -- As Of 2008 There Are Nearly 7 Million! Cases Of Organized Stalking In The United States Alone -- Organized Stalking Is Pandemic

The crime of organized stalking has become a pandemic, crossing continents. This means that anyone can be targeted for any reason at anytime. Meaning that virtually no one is safe, since they can be stalked on a whim.

As for the your local mercenary unit (formerly the police) report such a crime and you play right into their hands since they can now accuse you of being mentally unstable -- even though these mercenaries have taken part in your torture, and condoned community activities in which to do so.

Bottom line, the cops will show up alright -- but only when the situation is such that the TI is the one whom they can arrest. What is occurring here is a very well orchestrated conspiracy being perpetrated by the hierarchy within our own governments -- the military industrial intelligence media complex of countries which are condoning such fascist behavior (yes the media remains silent as well because they are taking part in these crimes through their refusal to document them).

TI's must remain vigilant in the exposition of these crimes and be ready to die (a very likely possibility) for doing so. It would also be a very prudent idea to devise some means in which to defend yourselves against these reprobates, should their harassment campaign turn physically violent. A gun is certainly a good idea (of course only to be used as a means for defense).

However, the FEDS in particular can manipulate the laws in regard to those TI's who own handguns, given the licensing of such guns (at least in most states). The FBI in particular is not above *stealing a gun registration **renewal from the mail, in order to prevent the owner of such a weapon from paying the renewal fee and keeping their permit current.

*The FBI either removed from the mail or had the NYS Department Of Motor Vehicle fail to send me my motorcycle registration renewal in 2006, for the express purpose of keeping the motorcycle off the road. Why? Because it's a lot more fuel efficient than my automobile and would have allowed me to travel far more often. It is also fast and very maneuverable through traffic -- something that the organized stalkers don't like.

The prior year (2005), the FEDS decided to get cute and send me a mock up of a registration for my motorcycle -- the registration should have been for 2005, however it was for 2006 -- and the document was clearly modified before being sent to me. A giant 06 in keeping with the FBI's demonization smear campaign of my person was sent in place of the o5 registration which should have been sent. See the following link for more on this psychopathic behavior by the FBI and DHS -- both of whom managed to get the DMV to aid and abet them in the COINTELPRO being waged against my person.

** There's also the well documented case of a former federal agent (government whistle blower) who reported that the FBI had stolen his health insurance premium notice out of the mail. And coincidentally enough, this occurred just shortly before he reported being poisoned by FBI operatives which required a brief hospitalization for minor surgery. When the agent went to the hospital he was informed that his health insurance coverage had lapsed. It was then that he realized that his policy renewal had been intercepted by the FEDS. The FBI can do the exact same thing with the gun permit of a TI, then show up at the door with an arrest warrant. The activities of these agents are that slick and unconscionable, and look to exploit any part of the TI's life which can be attacked.

FEDS corrupt the NYS DMV in their COINTELPRO against my person:

Oftentimes, as is the case with other forms of renewal by mail (drivers licenses etc.), people forget about the renewal until they receive it.

However, in the case of a handgun which must be renewed periodically (depending on the state you reside in) it is easy for the FEDS to interfere with the mail delivery of such a permit. And once the expiration on a handgun expires (perhaps there is a grace period here), the gun owner is in violation of the law and can be arrested.

Also consider that in two of the bloodiest and heart wrenching massacres in United States History -- Ruby Ridge and Waco -- gun violations were the excuse the FEDS used to propagate these atrocities. So if you do own a handgun, please take this into consideration. These FEDS are not operating within the law any longer (***if they ever have been), so you as American citizens must do what you need to to enforce your inherent rights to be free.

*** There are numerous situations which I can cite here, however, I document the reported rape of a Texan named Margie Schoedinger, by the standing president, George W. Bush. When Ms. Schoedinger reported the rape to the FBI, they merely turned her report over to George W. Bush so that he could handle Schoedinger himself. And it is no coincidence that Margie Schoedinger turned up shot to death a short time after being phoned and warned by Bush that he was out to destroy her. And that her only way out was suicide. The only question that remains here is was Margie murdered, or driven to suicide? There are more cases like Margie's than I can count, which begs the question exactly what do we need the FBI for?

As for the FBI and other agents of US Intel who consider themselves rogues who are above the rule of Constitutional law in this country, a criminal that uses their badge to commit crimes under the color of law isn't just a criminal -- they are the worst kind of criminal.

See the following podcast in regard to organized stalking crimes -- more than 7 million documented cases in the US alone as of 2008! And the real number of TI's in this country is probably much higher.
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