Thursday, March 06, 2008

Was The March 6TH Bombing In The Times Square Section Of Manhattan Used To Resurrect Memories Of 9-11? It Certainly Seems That Way

The Bush Administration and those Illuminists who control it must maintain an atmosphere of fear in order to justify their continued decimation of the Bill Of Rights and American freedom. Today was likely just another example of this, when a small incendiary device exploded inside a military recruiting office in Times Square.

Maintaining an air of terrorism is key to controlling a country's citizenry; the Bush Administration is well aware of this. Every time Bush's poll numbers go down, Americans are treated to another terrorist scare or some form of covert incident in which to keep them on a short leash.

For example, back in 2006 there was a bomb scare in Manhattan the day after George W. Bush had said that the FBI'd warned him of such a possibility. One would think that the scare coming just a day after the FBI's warning to Bush could have been scripted, given its ideal timing. It probably was.

To most Americans the FBI looked like heroes that day given their apparent omniscience.

Then there was the death of Yankee's pitcher *Corey Lidle, when his plane crashed into the upper stories of a Manhattan skyscraper in October of 2006. This appears to be yet another attempt to induce fear into the American people, as they saw footage of the upper stories of the building engulfed in smoke and flames, as Lidle's burning plane fell to the ground in pieces; while resurrecting memories of the burning World Trade Center Towers on 9-11.

Was Lidle's plane tampered with, or was he the victim of a remote manipulation of his thoughts by way of satellite based electronic brain link technology? Was he mind controlled at the time of the plane crash?

One will also notice that each of these situations occurred in Manhattan.

A coincidence?

Not likely, since they all served to induce fear into the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, most of whom have never gotten over that fateful and horrific day in September of 2001. Nor have they forgotten its implications to their safety. So one can imagine what first went through their minds when they saw video footage of a plane slamming into the side of yet another Manhattan skyscraper. There's little doubt that for a time many New Yorkers thought that this was another terrorist attack, and waited for confirmation from the FBI in which to affirm this.

"FBI, please keep us safe and we will capitulate to whatever your demands are."

How fiendishly clever.

* See the post regarding Corey Lidle here:

Video of the aftermath of Lidle's crash:

See the story about the bombing of the military recruiting office here:
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