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Pitting Victims Of COINTELPRO Against One Another -- An FBI Tradition -- Learning To Avoid These Pitfalls & The Fools Who Create Them

Over the past few years I have studied this aspect of the FEDS' psychological operations campaign very carefully, because in many respects it is one of the most effective means in which they are able to isolate their victims from one another. The FEDS' demonization of a TI within a group of other TI's in efforts to get the TI's themselves to attack another victim of this abuse, is ideal for the FEDS' purpose, since they end up completely side tracking the group from their stated objectives. This happens constantly with the mind control community.

And when the TI being attacked attempts to point this out, the brainwashing of the group has gone to such an extreme that they don't even recognize when they are being told the truth any longer or played by the FEDS, because the FEDS are in complete control of the information which they're being fed, and extremely diligent about ensuring that those whom they are targeting are never able to make any headway in documenting their own cases with such groups.

So if you are a TI and this is happening to you, don't waste another second attempting to reach out to such a group, since it will be waste of your valuable time. Many of these groups are already heavily infiltrated with federal perpetrators who are well thought of, and will ultimately lead these groups astray. I have also noticed that very few TI's do much documenting of their own harassment, which is a mistake. A legitimate TI should document every aspect of their harassment in order to promulgate this information so that others can be helped by it. Simply putting together Web pages which contain nothing but the links of other TI's accounts is not doing nearly enough. All TI's must document their own personal accounts to show that there is a common pattern in regard to mind control and organized stalking crimes.

This does not mean that these groups are not necessary. Any person or group that is documenting the crimes of organized stalking and government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation is important, even if they are cliquish, since this information must be promulgated globally. However, if members of any of these groups look to take their anger out on you, avoid them like poison, since you don't need to be abused anymore than you already have been. And while there are some nice people in these groups, there are also some extremely nasty ones as well.

As for those being targeted by agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA for COINTELPRO, there is always going to be a lot of adversity in doing so, but do you want to die without having done your best to expose those who are going to eventually murder you? Of course not. So get these lousy government rat bastards while you can.

Many a COINTELPRO target understands this having experienced tremendous adversity, yet managed to do an exemplary job of documenting their cases without the help of anyone else. They are also smart enough to realize that they will be far more effective on their own, since it is impossible for the FEDS to infiltrate them as they can and are doing with these large groups.

This isn't a popularity contest we are talking about here. It's about life and death and doing the best you can to describe the fall of you government while you can.

However, there are many TI's who've grown so despondent with the FEDS' protocols that they simply give up attempting to promulgate their own information, unwilling to confront such adversity and unfavorable odds -- a huge mistake, since allowing the FEDS to get away with these crimes will only allow for their further victimization of others in the future.

The FEDS are also very clever in how they are able to pit TI's against one another so that they get under each other's skin; this keeps them waring with each other, while taking away from their overall effectiveness as a group. And while this is extremely foolish, I have seen it happening over an over again.

Fools abound within these communities. And anyone who would acknowledge the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA or any other agency of US Intel as anything but covert Nazi organizations is a fool.

These agencies have a history of never answering allegations in regard to their own treasonous criminality. That is unless they lie pathologically by denying that they have committed these crimes.

It's the same difference really.

The bottom line is that as an American citizen if your government will not respect your rights then you must reject it and its treasonous activities, while working towards the creation of a government which protects your rights while enforcing your Constitution. Any government that fails to do so is a government which should be overthrown.

You must also continue to document your information while exposing the rampant criminality within the US Intelligence community (and for those in other countries the crimes of your own governments), since these agencies allow the biggest criminals free reign to do whatever they want (The Bush Crime Family for example), while oftentimes attacking those who have no criminal history, simply because they make for much easier prey.

Moreover, a government that would attempt to enforce a Constitution on its people, that the government considers itself to be above, is both hypocritical and treasonous. And the United States Federal Government has become such a government and should no longer be tolerated.

Moreover, as a TI, if you are being sidetracked in any way by other TI group members, or the FEDS themselves, don't waste a second more attempting to reason with them, since it is impossible to reason with those who have been brainwashed. And if the FEDS have infiltrated these groups you can be certain that there is a lot of brainwashing going on.

Here's to seeing the eventual abolition of the Nazi idealized Intelligence community and the prosecution of those who have always supported its acts of treason. May each and everyone of them ROT.
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