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Another TI Blog Taken Down For What Appears To Be A Bogus Terms Of Service Violation

A blog called: The Patriot Act -- Void Where Prohibited, first came to my attention under a different name, while surfing the Internet. A few days earlier the person had created a blog with the term Lyme Disease in it, and carried a scathing article that I had written in regard to the FBI and its COINTELPRO operations.

The person was a fellow TI who was also infected with the bio weapon Lyme Disease. And she had remarked how accurate my *article was, especially in regard to an addendum that I had written pertaining to the federal conspiracy orchestrated to take down a Lyme Disease physician whose protocols were creating a problem for the US medical status quo. After rigorously defending his practice and spending a considerable sum of money in which to do so, this doctor suddenly announced that he was closing the practice. What he did makes no sense at all, unless you consider that coercion was used to force him to shut down his medical practice.

* This was an article entitled "Tortured By The FBI And Other Government Terrorists Operating As Legitimate Law Enforcement." I had written it after nearly being driven to suicide as a result of the daily overt organized stalking attacks which I was (and still am) being subjected to, and I was intent on exposing this Nazi organization for exactly what it is. I also cited the FBI's use of COINTELPRO's on many American citizens since its inception. It is an article that the FBI has in the past quickly removed or had hidden from every Independent Media Center Website, just as quickly as I posted it, given the factual and disturbing nature of the FBI and its COINTELPRO activities.

It is my opinion to this day that the FEDS used me (that is the illegal spying and remote neural monitoring of my person), to gather information which they then used to blackmail this physician into giving up his practice. And I stand by all statements that I have made in regard to this situation. I am also angered in the extreme that given my defense of this doctor in the past, including donating money to an organization which was created to raise funds for his legal defense, that the FEDS would have used me to wage their own covert attack on this doctor -- an excellent doctor who is greatly missed by the Lyme Disease community.

As for the Lyme Disease blog which documented this (owned by a former police officer by the name of Pat), it was soon deleted and resurfaced a few days later under the title: "The Patriot Act -- Void Where Prohibited."

I must say that I am not surprised that Pat's blog is gone since it was quite truthful and equally disturbing in regard to Lyme Disease having been created as a bio weapon. When she deleted her first site, her second made no reference to my article regarding Lyme Disease. In fact every article on Lyme Disease had been removed, and even the term Lyme Disease had been removed from the title of her blog (as I've already stated, she had included Lyme Disease in the title of her first blog).

The question is why? Why no further reference to Lyme Disease, nor the fact that she was infected with it?

When she created the *second blog (The Patriot Act Void Where Prohibited), she also reported crimes which she had witnessed other cops perpetrating under the color and cover of law -- Pat even named one of them. And being that she was a former police officer who reported serious malfeasance on the part of other cops, her accounts would certainly be given more credibility than those of many others, who have not been in such a position of authority. She had also mentioned how her husband had been attacked by way of directed energy weapons ("death stars" as she referred to them -- specialized satellites which were being used to torture both her husband and herself).

Perhaps Pat hit a little too close to the mark and made some very powerful people extremely uncomfortable, and that is the reason for her site having been deleted?

* Pat has surfaced yet again with another blog, and I am left to wonder if she herself is deleting her blogs in order to put up new ones, or if Blogger is removing them. Here is her latest blog and a post in which she mentions being on the Richard Syrrett Internet podcast to describe corruption within the police department.

I just wonder how long this latest blog of hers will remain up before it disappears. If so, I will conclude that she has created yet another one somewhere else. Also, if you happen to find the listing for any blog of interest which has been removed, click on the cache for the blog, which made a copy of it in the past. This way you can at least access the content which someone saw fit to remove.

Quite candidly, I am amazed that my Website has stayed up as long as it has, given that I am documenting accurate information in regard to the NSA's attacks on my person, as well as the illegal spying and non consensual human experimentation which I have been subjected to for decades, under the NSA's Signals Intelligence program.

There is also no doubt that the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security have mounted a very extensive demonization campaign against my person in order to damage my credibility, simply because they know that I'm telling the truth; and documenting treasonous crimes which they have perpetrated against my person. And I will go to my grave telling the truth, while these federal sleazebags CONtinue to deceive the public in regard to what they have done, as well as the abject threat that this satellite based mind control technology represents to the human race.

As for other TI's who are concerned that their Websites may be taken down because they are also attempting to expose these crimes against humanity, it would be wise to back them up quickly on your hard drives if you have not already done so, since the FEDS are now being put in an extremely and well deserved bad light. And they must now take further evasive action as part of their damage control.

They know that they are the criminals; have done most everything possible to deny us our rights in the most egregious and precedent setting violations of the US Constitution ever documented; and will continue to do so with a further violation of our 1ST Amendment right to Freedom Of Speech, in efforts to prevent the public from learning of the Nazi's that they truly are.

As for my Website, it has been online for nearly two years now -- long enough to expose much of the criminality that the FEDS have perpetrated against my person and myriad others. And ironically enough, the FEDS will do as much and perhaps more damage to themselves by having this site deleted then they would by leaving it up, given that many people believe my accounts of what has happened (they should because they are true), have circulated them, and will only further suspect federal complicity in the crimes being waged against myself should this site suddenly be taken down. The FEDS have done this too many times before for the sudden disappearance of this site to be a coincidence.

These people are now concerned about how this technology can be used against themselves, without their knowledge or consent. And given the abjectly treasonous ways in which the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS are operating in the present day, these people have good reasons to be concerned that their privacy is being invaded in astounding ways.

This site also documents technology which is being illegally deployed by the NSA (oftentimes at the request of the FBI) for the express purpose of using Americans for non consensual human experimentation -- a crime of treason committed by these agents which could well be punishable by death. And it should be.

I am ready to die for this cause. However given their treasonous crimes against the American people and abject cowardice, I seriously doubt that the FEDS are; and that they will go to great lengths to cover up these outrageous crimes, including covertly murdering anyone who can testify against them in a court of law.

I should also note at this time that I have no intention of deleting this Website and that if Blogger decides to do so (under the pretext of some type of terms of service violation), it will be the FEDS themselves who have orchestrated this latest obscenity to the US Bill Of Rights. They have done so with my Angelfire accounts twice now; a situation in which Angelfire listed bogus reasons for the removal of the Website.

They probably did what they did just to get the FEDS to go away. Who could blame them since the FEDS are a ROARING PAIN IN THE PROVERBIAL ASS! And arrogant enough to believe that they have the right to commit the crimes that they do under the color and cover of law. However, they don't.

And if this site should be taken down I will take my information as I have done twice before and build another Website. The truth is that even if the FEDS delete this site and destroy my computer, I will start from scratch and begin writing all over again to describe these outrages. It has to be done.

What the FEDS have subjected my Family and self to will not be tolerated. And no matter how many sites the FEDS take down for bogus reasons, I will immediately begin to build another, and seek out every Internet venue in which to publish my accounts of the Orwellian crimes which the FEDS continue to perpetrate against my person.

And even though most of these attacks occur with military precision, the FEDS' desperate attempts to cover up these crimes, oftentimes appear to be as poorly thought out as the hit and run driver who attempts to get his vehicle out of sight before the damage to it can be witnessed by someone else.

They are cheats, liars, torturers and murderers. And I will not capitulate to their attacks on my freedoms or those of anyone else. Nor will I tolerate interference by any of the myriad shills and outright fools -- there have been many of these as well -- who they continue to dump in my path; agents provocateurs whose goal is to obfuscate the truth, rather than its exposition.

It has been such an obfuscation of these facts through the history of this once great country which has allowed for the horrendous and criminal ways in which this government is presently operating, as it decimates our rights as American citizens. This makes it all the more crucial for those who can testify to being subjected to these crimes to do so while they are still able to.

It is this federal government which is the criminal now. And those within it who are perpetrating these crimes must be exposed regardless of the cost involved -- including the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.
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