Saturday, March 08, 2008

As Fuel Prices Near The $4 A Gallon Mark The Organized Stalking Community Feels The Hit

As any person targeted for organized stalking will tell you, the stalkers' use of vehicles as part of their covert harassment campaign against those they target is an expensive one. Especially when one considers the wear and tear on these automobiles, the additional maintenance required -- and of course the price of fuel. It is the latter at the present time which is becoming more problematic for these disciples of Satan, as they are forced to spend more money at the gas pump given the sharp rise in gas prices over the past few months.

As for expenses they have caused my person, there was the damage to one of the tires on my car which was taken out by a nail (I originally thought it might have been slashed). However as it turns out, the perp's must have placed the nail in an upright position just underneath the tire so that I would not notice it. It was the right rear tire (furthest from the drivers seat which they chose to take out). And it was my first trip out of the neighborhood in months in which the tire gave up the ghost just minutes from home, necessitating an extremely slow drive back.

There is also the intentional crash into my Honda Motorcycle back in 2005 (assault with a deadly weapon by one of these insufferable stalking pricks), which began my journaling over the Internet regarding this psychotic campaign by the world's most despicable people. This along with a number of instances in which family vehicles have been crashed into by these murderous psychopaths.

Given this, the fact that they must now pay more in fuel costs to commit their stalking crimes is both ironic and just. May gas prices go through the roof so that they continue to feel this sting. As a result of this, I suspect that TI's will see a move to much more economical vehicles being used in their stalking harassment in the near future. If gas prices continue to rise as they have, organized stalkers may even begin using hybridized automobiles like the Toyota Prius more frequently, to cut down on their criminal expenses. I have already witnessed such vehicles being used in the vehicular stalking harassment of my person, and noticed them in the photographs of some other TI's.

*Today was yet another black and white vehicular stalking day after a hiatus in which some blue and white theme was used. Before that it was black and white. There have been myriad types of such color coordination activities over the past nearly 5 years. It has also become common for some of my neighbors to have all their vehicles the same color. In 43 years in this neighborhood, I have never seen this before.

Again, white is the predominant color here, with one of my "organized stalking neighbors" having four white vehicles -- three SUV's and a white Audi sedan.

Another neighbor across the way has the same situation with three white late model BMW's, which I often catch sitting in their driveway until I pass by a window which faces their direction. Then the car quickly leaves. It's become the same situation with virtually every neighbor within visual distance. Of course their operation is one made plausibly deniable since they just don't pull into the driveway and then exit very suspiciously like many of the paid stalkers do; those whom the FBI, NSA and DHS have enlisted in this stalking harassment, as an adjunct to the communal stalkers who perpetrate this crime. Instead these "neighbors" park their cars and enter their homes with near military precision timing -- a common trait of the organized stalker.

If I was not paying close attention to the fact that this situation occurs virtually every time I pass a window, I would have probably just thought it coincidental. However, any TI will tell you that there is nothing coincidental about what they are experiencing. Nor is there anything legal about it. Then again, I am documenting having my mind electronically accessed and manipulated by way of an NSA supercomputer via satellite -- and there is nothing legal about that either -- or normal -- hence the complete denial that I am met with by family members when making my allegations against the NSA. TI's are now living in a society which has become criminalized and looking to justify it -- yet another sign of the Nazi influence emerging, and the disease which now infests our way of life . So is it any wonder why our families have been co opted into keeping their mouths shut and oftentimes used in the psyops campaigns against ourselves?

It's called survival.

They want to survive, and understand all too well how the dynamic of our society has changed dramatically since the Nazi reprobate George W. Bush stole his way into office. For this reason I say that TI's should not blame or attack their families for what they are being put through, since in most respects our families are also victims of this Nazi subversion of our own government.

When you are living in the town of "Stepford" you either capitulate to those who are in charge, or suffer the systematic destruction of your life. And there is little question that the entire United States has been turned into a "Stepford" type of community by the covert Nazi shadow government which has emerged within this pathetic society. People whose idea of free thinking is the complete subjugation of their minds to what they consider to be a higher power -- Authoritarianism -- in this case implemented by the New World Order --- people who as a result of this brainwashing remain quite literally "dead from the neck up."

The bottom line is that unless people are being harassed in the ways that TI's are, most couldn't care less about what is happening, even if a "Silent Holocaust" is taking place. And when this atrocity is eventually over, those who stood by idly while others were viciously tortured and murdered by way of directed energy weapons will claim to have known nothing about it -- just as the Germans denied any knowledge of what the Jews had been subjected to prior to the end of World War II.
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