Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are The FEDS Now Looking To Attack Salvia As They Do Marijuana?

The Salvia plant has been used by many for its herbal benefits. However, there are others who claim that Salvia has a hallucinogenic effect which they liken to that of Marijuana. And this has now made Salvia the latest focus of law makers who in reality, are probably more concerned about Saliva taking sales away from tobacco products and alchohol, than they are about protecting the public. If this is the case, prepare to see the US media used in the government's demonization of Salvia in the near future. And expect them to have it pulled from the market place.

The attack on Salvia is not unlike the 1930's demonization of Marijuana, in which the hemp plant offered competition to both the paper and oil industries, which waged their own public campaign to punish anyone who used Marijuana for recreational purposes, or hemp as a construction material or fuel. The demonization of Marijuana is about the hypocrisy of corporatism, just as it is with the Salvia plant.

A Hemp Field

Moreover, remember the days in school when your local PTA would hold meetings in the gymnasium discussing the evils of alchohol and drug abuse? You probably also remember that the gym was standing room only on the nights when drug abuse was the topic, while the place was virtually empty on the evenings in which alchohol abuse was being discussed. Typical of the hypocrisy which continues to fuel this society; a problem which has become worse than ever before.

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