Monday, March 10, 2008

Illegally Satellite Tracking Americans While Remotely Reading Their Minds Is At Best A Treasonous Offense/At Worst It's Abjectly Criminal & Inhumane

Given the FEDS' increased harassment of my person from virtually every venue possible, there is little doubt that my testimony in regard to their crimes against myself and myriad others is causing them significant problems. After all, you can't just toss out the US Constitution whenever you feel it like and expect that there wont be a very severe penalty to pay somewhere down the road; because there will be.

Especially when the FEDS have used coercion to blackmail those around a TI into keeping their mouths shut in regard to these crimes. From this I have learned that the FEDS can coerce virtually anyone into lying in order to obfuscate the facts behind the COINTELPRO operations that agencies like the FBI perpetrate against American citizens. Moreover, the more outrageous the crimes these agencies have perpetrated, the more outrageous their behavior becomes, in efforts to protect their own criminal operations.

And while the FBI and its criminal minions CONtinue to wage what may perhaps be the most expensive and egregious demonization campaign against an American citizen in this country's history, there is little question that they are holding a losing hand.

Simply put, you can't perpetrate Orwellian crimes against Americans through the use of covert technology and then maintain such a deception forever. And thanks to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, as well as those of us who are now propagating the NSA's use of Americans as subjects of illegal spying and non consensual human experimentation, it is only a matter of time before the entire population of the civilized world learns of the US Intelligence community's treasonous betrayal of its own people; a community of agents who have the morality of a rattle snake, and virtually no conception of what ethics or humanity are.

A group of agents who are so despicable, that they will use satellites to both illegally spy upon and videotape Americans within the privacy of their homes while demonstrating a complete lack of regard for their rights under the 4TH Amendment. Pieces of filth that will quietly distribute videos of Americans using their own bathrooms in efforts to dehumanize them.

These agents are PIGS.

And in perpetrating such attacks, what the FBI, NSA and DHS have really told us is that they consider the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights to be a complete joke, and legislation which they don't have to abide by; something which makes them guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people -- a hanging offense.

So let them continue to play this losing hand, as the technology which they have kept SECRET from the public under the cover of National Security, is gradually exposed along with their own EVIL intentions, and the most precedent setting deception of a people in human history.

Once again consider that federal agents of the US Intelligence community are using satellites to illegally spy upon and videotape America citizens within the privacy of their own bathrooms.

These are not legitimate law enforcement officials; these are depraved pieces of Constitution raping garbage that commit their outrageous crimes under the color and cover of law.
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