Monday, March 10, 2008

The You Know What Hits The Portable Electronic Cooling Device -- NY State Governor Elliot Spitzer Tied To Prostitution Ring/ Will He Resign?

UPDATE: Elliot Spitzer has resigned as New York State governor, the result of his being implicated in a prostitution ring.


The FBI has been called in to investigate NY State Governor Elliot Spitzer and a host of others (some of whom appear to be prominent figures) who are alleged to be part of an upscale prostitution ring and money laundering operation. In the case of Spitzer, his involvement centers on having paid prostitutes for the express purpose of having sexual relations with them.

Ironically enough, given the FBI's rampant criminal history, bringing the bureau in to conduct such an investigation regarding Spitzer is like asking the Gambino Crime Family to start conducting its own investigations into organized crime.

In all likelihood, given his history of cleaning up crime, Governor Spitzer has been quietly conducting investigations which could have brought some very influential people down, and has now had his own weaknesses exploited by these FBI Pit Bulls, who've undoubtedly been called in to destroy his life.

In a comparative sense, Spitzer's time in office hasn't been much longer than that of the late Pope John Paul The 1ST's time in the Papacy (33 days For The Pope/For Spitzer little more than one quarter of the way through his term as NYS Governor), after the Pope inquired as to the questionable finances of the *Vatican Bank, and demanded an explanation as to where the Vatican's money was invested. It would turn out to be a fatal inquiry, since a short time later Pope John Paul The 1ST was found dead in his residence (many believe he was murdered).

See more on this, including the murder of Roberto Calvi (God's Banker) at the following link:

It's likely that the scandal involving Governor Spitzer has more to do with his tenacious personality and intentions of cleaning up the political hierarchy within NY State, than it does anything else. It also comes at a time when the NY State Legislature is about to present their spending priorities for the 2008/2009 year; a budget in which they have opposed several of Spitzer's recommendations. So to think that this attack on Spitzer is merely coincidental would be extremely naive.

Perhaps he was just seen as someone who's gotten a little too big for his britches?

And there's little doubt that in the days ahead, Spitzer will be called upon to resign by such notable hypocrites as Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton - New York States respective Senator and Junior Senator -- both of whom have a history of kissing the collective ass of US Intel agencies like the FBI. Schumer's shameful defense of the FBI in the WACO massacre alone, still remains a low point in his career. And given his complete lack of objectivity during the Senate's investigation into the FBI's possible wrong doing regarding WACO, one must also wonder if the FBI doesn't have something damaging on Schumer?

Read the latest on Spitzer here:

And here:

Was the IRS investigation into this prostitution ring deliberately aimed at Elliot Spitzer? The IRS has been used in the past by powerful politicians to conduct investigations into other politicians as a means in which to either blackmail or destroy their reputations. During the Clinton Whitehouse, both Bill and Hillary Clinton used the IRS to conduct unlawful audits on some of their detractors, further evidence of how this privately held offshore corporation (The IRS is not part of the US Federal Government as you have been told) and criminal "bagman" for the privately held Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting operation, has been used for the purpose of blackmail and intimidation in the past.

Read more on Governor Spitzer and this unfolding story here:
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