Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The CIA's Unknown Role As Illicit Drug Trafficker/At Least Two Respected Journalists Were Murdered For Their Exposes On CIA Drug Trafficking

The following is an article regarding the investigative research done by the late journalist Gary Webb, pertaining to the US Central Intelligence Agency's illegal importation of cocaine as well as the manufacture and distribution of a cheaper cocaine derivative known as crack cocaine.

This shocking three part series, which Gary Webb wrote while in the employ of the San Jose Mercury News, eventually cost him his reputation, job, career, family and life.

Which is also indicative of the kind of control that the CIA has over the US Media system -- such control, that most journalists are terrified of crossing the CIA and ending up like Webb and such other notable journalists as Steve Kangas, both of whom were shot to death execution style as punishment for their exposes on the CIA's illegal and treasonous activities, yet whose deaths were ruled as suicides -- further proof of how the CIA can also control what a coroner lists as the cause of death on a death certificate. A more truthful cause of death would have been that both Webb and Kangas were executed by the CIA for exposing their rampant and treasonous criminal activities.

The US Intelligence community remains the best example of the Nazi ideology which became pervasive in corporate America in the early part of the 20TH Century, and fully implemented under the National Security Act of 1947; a treasonous piece of legislation which has allowed for the black operations US Intel perpetrates against the American people and other countries; crimes in which it has become invulnerable to prosecution.

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