Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. President Steve Mendell Cited For Cruelty To Animals

Steve Mendell and those who work for his organization are profiting off the wholesale torture and murder of innocent animals, which they torture to death. And even those citing Mendell for these violations of animal rights are little better, since they are still endorsing these slaughters, but in what they claim is a more humane way.

However, there is nothing humane about killing an animal for human consumption. It is a monstrous act.

And it still amazes me that anyone who eats animal flesh can consider themselves to be a "decent" human being, when by doing so they encourage the needless and vicious torture and murder of these incredible beings. Most of us who were raised eating animal flesh think that it is perfectly acceptable, yet we are all guilty of taking part in these needless murders. However, many of us have realized that this intolerable situation can be drastically improved simply by adopting a more humane way in which to obtain our nutritional sustenance.

Those who justify such anathema (the torture and murder of these animals) will tell those who accuse them of such cruelty that they are crazy, simply because as a race, humans are conditioned from an early age to believe that it is fine to consume animal flesh. They are never taught to question where hamburgers, steaks, chicken, veal and other forms of animal flesh come from. Instead, kids are rewarded for "cleaning" their plates, while they chow down on what were once healthy and beautiful living creatures. And this cruelty perpetuates itself in later years as more animals are slaughtered for the consumption of these kids as they grow to adulthood.

This ideology is wrong. Torturing and killing animals for the purpose of consumption is wrong; as wrong as it was for humans to cannibalize one another before they became *"civilized."

*Can anyone who allows for the torture and murder of animals honestly claim to be civilized?

For that matter, can anyone who takes part in the crimes of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking lay claim to being civilized?

Of course they can't, because their actions are uncivilized.

The purchase of animal flesh for human consumption is in many respects no different then some coward who pays a hit man to commit a murder for them. Somehow, given that there is a financial transaction involved in the wholesale murder of these living beings, (who also experience horrific pain and suffering as they wait to be slaughtered), humans deem themselves justified in taking part in such an atrocity.

However, killing an animal is just as serious a crime as killing a human being. The only difference is that humans make the laws on this planet, which explains why this abhorrent injustice in how animals are treated remains largely justified by a hypocritical and inhumane race.

Think about this the next time you lavish your cat, dog, or other pet with affection, while you imagine them being slaughtered for food, and perhaps you will finally begin to understand just how wrong murdering animals for human consumption (or any other reason including medical experimentation) is.

If you eat animal flesh you are taking part in the unnecessary murder of animals. And your claims of loving and protecting animals are nothing but hypocrisy.

Read more about Mendell here:

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