Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Was UFOlogist Dr. Steven Greer Afflicted With A Cancer Propagated By Way Of Satellite Based Directed Energy Weapons?

When a government agency like the FBI, CIA or NSA considers you to be a powerful voice attempting to expose their treasonous crimes, do these agencies use satellite based directed energy weapons to propagate deadly forms of cancers in those whom they wish to silence?

Whistle blowers like Mae Brussell, Judi Bari, and Dr. Karla Turner all died from cancers which killed them quickly. All were considered to be a thorn in the side of the US Federal Government; in particular the US Military and Intelligence communities. All had been warned by these agencies to end their activism. And all three are now dead.

The following is a very disturbing article on what UFOlogist Dr. Steven Greer has been subjected to by the US Federal Government, for his efforts to expose its treasonous cover up of UFO's and EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities).

Greer and some of his colleagues suddenly came down with strange forms of cancer, and only Greer managed to survive. Were he and his associates targeted by way of satellite based electromagnetic weaponry for a form of covert murder in which their bodies were remotely exposed to high doses of radiation delivered by way of weaponized satellites? Crimes perpetrated in such ways in which to allow the murderer(s) the ability to kill without leaving any trace evidence in regard to their own complicity in these crimes.

If so, murder by way of satellite based directed energy weapons must be considered the "perfect crime."

See the article here:
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