Thursday, March 13, 2008

Further Evidence Of The US Fascist Police State Emerges -- Americans Might As Well Consider Taking A Shovel To This Treasonous Government Now

Unfortunately, the American people were covertly stripped of their right to be safe from warrantless spying in the early 1980's, when the NSA began using its satellites and supercomputers to illegally track and remote neural monitor a large percentage of the US population in the most egregious and treasonous violation of the 4TH Amendment ever documented.

Now faced with the grim task of acknowledging that this NSA spying has also encompassed some of the most blatant human rights violations in US History (including non consensual human experimentation), Congress will now be forced to cover up much of this information, while voting to pass the current pending bill which endorses such unconstitutional and treasonous spying by an inherently corrupted NSA, as well as the rest of its US Intel brethren.

In doing so, Congress will have pulled the plug on the last vestiges of life support for our dying Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

This outrage is yet a further indication of the total collapse of our constitutional republic under the Bush Administration, and the horrific scenario which this portends a short way down the road, as the American people finally realize that the attacks on 9-11 were perpetrated by their own government, in order to destroy the principles of freedom on which the United States was founded.

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Excerpts from the following article:

Massive NSA operation exposed as Congress prepares vote on domestic spying bill
By Bill Van Auken
11 March 2008

"As the Democratic-led House of Representatives prepares to vote on legislation that essentially strips the American people of the constitutional protection from warrantless spying, the Wall Street Journal published an article Monday detailing the massive scale and intrusive character of the government’s illegal surveillance operations.

The Democratic Party leadership, however, has no interest in a political confrontation with the Bush administration on this issue. Their party is now in the midst of a bitter contest for the presidential nomination in which both candidates are vying to prove themselves qualified as “commander-in-chief.” The Clinton camp, in particular, has begun employing the same kind of fear-mongering rhetoric that has been used by the Bush administration to promote and defend the domestic surveillance operation. Indeed, much of this spying began years before the September 11, 2001, attacks and was initiated under the Clinton administration.

Since taking control of both houses of Congress more than a year ago, the Democrats have held no hearings on domestic spying or sought in any way to expose the NSA program. There can be no doubt that leading Democrats are well aware that the Bush administration is lying through its teeth on the extent of its spying operations. The public finds out about these programs, however, only through occasional revelations in the newspapers—revelations that are quickly dropped by the media."

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