Friday, March 14, 2008

FEDS Have Interfered With Another EBAY Purchase - The FBI/NSA Pornographers Also Have A Penchant For Tampering With Hi-Fi Equipment

In the past year I have documented the FEDS 'interference with my Ebay purchases. During this time I have witnessed these perp's bidding up items that I was interested in purchasing so that I would pay more for them. I have also experienced their having directly interfered with my contact with the sellers of said items. And in one case going so far as using one of the sellers to accuse me of *damaging a piece of hi-fi equipment which I'd purchased, simply to damage my perfect feedback score with Ebay.

* When the piece of gear arrived it worked fine. However, within a day the left channel had become noticeably lower than the right one which prompted me to return this amplifier to the seller. Upon receipt of the amplifier the seller had claimed that the amplifier had been opened and blamed me for tampering with it.

However, I never opened the amplifier, instead simply packing it back in its shipping box, and at my expense shipping it back to the seller. Either the seller was lying by claiming that the amplifier had been opened when it hadn't, or the FEDS or their provocateurs had actually opened up the amplifier on its return trip to make it appear as if I had done so. This FED interfered with transaction cost me $50 out of pocket and nothing to show for my expenditure but quite a bit of aggravation.

The FEDS have also made these transactions as difficult as possible to conduct, interfering with the way in which these purchases are paid for by wire. In this case, I will wire the funds from my bank account into my Paypal account, only to find that the proceeds had been taken directly from my bank account, making the transfer of proceeds from the bank account to the Paypal account completely unnecessary.

I am then forced to transfer this money back to my bank account.

Recently, I won two Ebay auctions which concluded over the past few days. In both instances it's now clear that the FEDS have interfered with these purchases. Both sellers have taken my money (over $400) which was wired to them from my Paypal account, yet never bothered to contact me in regard to tracking information regarding the shipment of these items.

They have either shipped the items without sending me the tracking information, simply to be difficult, or they have not shipped these items and have no intention of doing so, in which case the situation now becomes one of a criminal nature which I must now pursue.

In all likelihood, the situation is simply one of the FEDS having told the sellers to delay the shipment of these items so that I will complain to Ebay. Once this occurs the items which I purchased will then suddenly show up and I will be accused of being paranoid, and the sellers can file a complaint against me with Ebay claiming that I jumped the gun in accusing them of malfeasance.

I document this here to show just how sneaky and manipulative these FEDS are, in the ways in which they "setup" those whom they target. As the readers can see, no one targeted for a federal COINTELPRO stands a chance of avoiding being setup by the FEDS, since they covertly influence every aspect of the targeted person's life. I don't want to see the FEDS hurt other people in the ways that they have hurt my Family, myself and myriad other victims of these nefarious COINTELPRO operations, which is why I created this Website and will continue to document every aspect of how these federal agencies routinely perpetrate serious crimes against the American people.

Situations such as the ones regarding these Ebay purchases help to feed the FEDS' attempts to paint me as being mentally unstable. However, it is the FEDS' through their use of repeated psychological warfare who are attempting to cause such instability, which ultimately destroys their own credibility. It also serves as yet another opportunity for these agents of * Satan to attempt to have my Ebay account suspended or revoked, even though I have clearly done nothing to cause this.

* What else do you call the kind of sh*t that videotapes Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms?

There is also the issue of an anomaly (anomalies are quite common with TI's given the conspiracies which they are subjected to) which occurred when the second purchase was made, in that the quoted price for the item including shipping, had differed from the initial price quoted by around $6.95. When I inquired about this, the seller said that he could not understand why this would have happened, and to please send him the additional money which was part of the shipping cost -- which I did. This seller now has $326.11 of my money and has not even sent me any tracking information in regard to the item; even though I have an Ebay receipt which shows that I have paid for this item. The same situation is true of the first seller.

Once again the FEDS are involved in interfering with legal transactions over the Internet -- an Interstate and federal crime in and of itself, which these lowlife punks are supposed to be preventing, yet are clearly in the commission of.

What these FEDS are getting away with here is the use of outright vigilantism. And the Bush Administration's encouragement of such vigilantism (is there any longer a doubt that Bush Jr. is completely insane?) against American citizens is going to be largely responsible for the eventual overthrow of this government.

Ultimately, George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush will be remembered as contemporary, yet dumbed down versions of Adolph Hitler -- who were just as EVIL and even sneakier.

FEDS Thrive On Committing Crimes With Impunity

Simply put, if there is a way for these federal rats to criminally interfere with a purchase, they have done so. And if these items do not show up, it will certainly result in my filing criminal charges against the sellers, even if it's done in small claims court.

However given that I have written confirmation that these items have been paid for, it's far more likely that this is just a "stalling" tactic in which to anger my person into reacting hostilely at the possible malfeasance of these sellers.

This "stalling" by Ebay sellers in my transactions is initiated by the FEDS and has only taken place since the FEDS' COINTELPRO harassment of my person went from covert to overt mode. Prior to that, my transactions on Ebay went extremely well. I have also noticed that this "stall" usually takes place until I post the possibility of an impending problem, at which time the seller contacts me to report that all is well and the product has been shipped. However this has not happened at present, so I am now forced to wait out the situation in efforts to determine whether or not I will be forced to file criminal charges against these two sellers.

It also appears that unless I document each of these transactions in advance, I can conclude that the FEDS will interfere with them as much as possible. I will update these particular transactions to document exactly what occurs --including the condition of the equipment when it arrives. And if it arrives fine, check to see how long the equipment is in good operating order before it begins to malfunction. In the past the NSA has used its satellite based directed energy weapons technology to remotely interfere with several pieces of electronic equipment within my home, including TV's, a Bose Wave Radio, VCR, and a number of pieces of hi-fi equipment, one of which cost me more than $200 to get repaired.

It is clear that these federal reprobates have found themselves an interesting way of committing everything from electronic forms of assault (including rape by satellite) to the destruction of expensive pieces of electronic equipment, while these Nazi swine sit back and laugh at how they have a plausible means in which to deny what they have done.

I will update the rest of this transaction over the next few days.

I believe that these "sellers" are being used by the FEDS as a form of entrapment in order to get my Ebay account suspended or revoked -- something the FEDS have been unsuccessful in doing for the past few years. As it is the FEDS still routinely send bogus E-mails from Ebay claiming that I have not paid for items that I have never even bid on or heard of (in one case I actually bothered to check the Ebay item # and it did not even exist), and other forms of harassment in which they illegally use my E-mail account for their own criminal means. The FEDS have also sent many bogus E-mails claiming to be from Paypal stating that my account has been suspended, which turned out to be false. Either the FEDS sent them, or have co opted Paypal into taking part in the criminal conspiracy which these federal miscreants are waging against my person.

In the case of the second purchase, I contacted this seller and said that I would be willing to agree to his conditions provided that they were not in violation of Ebay's terms of service. The seller finally did respond, however I am certain that this transaction has been interfered with by the FEDS, and will document in detail every aspect of it, including the possibility of any criminal activity perpetrated by the seller himself.

I will also await further action by the earlier seller to determine if this transaction has also been interfered with by the FEDS. In all likelihood they have interfered here as well, which will also be further documented if this turns out to be the case.

As inconvenient as these illegal federal intrusions are into my daily life, they do serve to help me document the egregious ways in which the aforementioned "terrorist crumb" agencies routinely violate the rights of myriad Americans -- something my Website stands as a powerful testament to.

A primary reason that I have created this site is because I want all Americans to know the criminal ways in which US Intel agencies like the FBI and NSA operate, while routinely violating the rights of American citizens in the most blatant of ways. In truth, an American citizen targeted for such COINTELPRO operations does not stand a chance of surviving the systematic destruction of their life, given the covert ways in which these Nazi idealized agencies operate. And for this reason alone, it's why Websites like this one and myriad others which describe the covert ways in which these agencies deny you your rights as Americans, are so crucial to your surviving such extreme assaults on your Constitutional rights.

Don't ever allow these federal agencies to intimidate you into getting away with such crimes against your person. These FEDS exploit your ignorance; so make certain that you learn about how they operate. And more importantly, NEVER TRUST A WORD THEY SAY, since these agents (the most likely agents the public will ever come in contact with are from the FBI) are trained to lie pathologically in order to maintain the Illuminati's deception of the American people.

FBI agents will CONvince you that you can speakly freely to them, while later twisting your words around in efforts to completely change the meaning of what you have said. They will also leave out exculpatory information which can benefit you. And if you are ever visited by an FBI agent, never speak with them without your attorney present, since doing so is always to the FBI's benefit, and never to your own.

In spite of the FBI's history of criminality, US Courts always give FBI agents (as well as other federal agents) the benefit of the doubt at your expense. And these agents also have a history of perjuring themselves in court, yet are rarely if ever convicted of such charges, even though if you commit perjury, you will likely be sentenced to prison time. This situation is indicative of the total corruption within the US Judicial system.

The FEDS believe that we have no entitlement to privacy. And their precedent setting and outrageous violations of my 4TH Amendment rights will go down in history as perhaps the most egregious example of this in the years to come.

Federal agencies like the FBI and NSA, which use satellites to ILLEGALLY track any American citizen 24 hours a day (including within the privacy of their own home) are an obscenity to the US Constitution and American freedoms. These abuses will not be tolerated. And the nasty secrets that the Nazi's within US Intel are keeping from the American public will be exposed, since these mind raping treasonous thugs are a cancer on the human race and its future.

Moreover these sneaky government rats believe that they have the right to use supercomputers via spy satellites, to electronically access and manipulate the thoughts of any person in this country, without the person's knowledge or consent. And for this crime against humanity, these mind raping miscreants that masquerade as a federal police force are going to be exposed globally and eventually hung out to dry.

This process has already begun.

And I intend to witness their abolition or die attempting to affect it, since Constitution raping murdering filth has no business being in the United States or anywhere else.

*I am certain that the FEDS spend many days per week demonizing me with as many people as possible, in complete violation of my right to due process of law -- simply to obfuscate the crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against my person. In doing so they have also utilized and criminalized an entire community, which has taken part in a criminal conspiracy in which to deny an American citizen their inherent rights under our creator and the US Constitution. A situation which the FEDS can never win, and will instead cheat their way through, while deluding themselves into believing that they are not in the commission of treasonous crimes.

Acts typical of a terrorist organization -- not a legitimate policing one.

The truth is that the American people got along just fine before the treasonous FBI or the rest of the US Intelligence community existed, and we will get along just fine (in fact one HELL of a lot better) after they are gone. Especially when one considers how this Nazi driven community uses American citizens as unwitting guinea pigs for non consensual human experimentation, and cash cows for unwittingly financing many of their black and inhumane operations (mind control research is one of the nastiest dark operations).

And should the FEDS choose to steal any further monies from my person through their EVIL machinations (they have to date stolen thousands of dollars through the illicit use of criminal doctors and certain organizations which have been co opted into the COINTELPRO being waged against me), I will document this as well, including any further interference with my Ebay purchases or communications with others.

If ever there has been a better documented case of COINTELPRO than the one which I illustrate here on this Website, I have yet to see it. And I will offer further documentation of these crimes in detail as the FEDS and their foolish and criminal shills continue to perpetrate what has turned out to be a precedent setting violation of both Constitutional and Human rights.

The FEDS should admit to the public that they have squandered millions of dollars in their illegal and treasonous campaign against my person, used me for non consensual human experimentation (remote forms of mind control research), illegally spied upon me within my the privacy of my own home for decades (a precedent setting violation of the 4TH Amendment which has encompassed hundreds of thousands of hours of illegal surveillance simply for the purpose of an FBI/NSA fishing expedition); demonized me with the public, even though I have never been arrested, tried or convicted of a crime; and are now acting in complete desperation to cover up their outrageous criminality, while turning innocent people into pawns for their own machinations. Yet a further illustration of the Nazi subversion of America.

The FBI/NSA/DHS attack against my person has nothing to do with a legitimate investigation, and everything to do with vigilantism -- in this case a rogue FBI agent who used his position within the bureau to violate my rights as an American citizen, under the color and cover of law.

A rogue FBI agent who should be in prison.

Until the FBI, NSA and more recently DHS (Department Of Homeland Security), admit to the aforementioned crimes against my person, I will continue to expose their rampant criminality against myself (and most importantly the crimes they have perpetrated against my Family) and myriad others, and make it my mission in life to bring about the dissolution of these Nazi agencies, until the moment that I take my last breath.

These pornographic government reprobates can count on that.

They have done my Family and self a terrible wrong which they must now be held accountable for. And they will be held accountable for their outrageous criminality. In nearly five years of the most egregious psychological and physical abuse ever documented by any American citizen, I have never once waned in my quest to expose the criminals within the FBI, NSA, DHS and numerous other agencies of US Intel. And these criminals can now fully expect more of the same in the future, as I have vowed to die before ever allowing these murderous New World Order psychopaths to get away with these crimes.

If they can attack my Family and self in the outrageous ways in which they have, what is to prevent them from going after you at anytime they decide to?

The answer is that there is nothing standing between you and these Nazi minded fiends except your own ability to defend yourselves. And if you are depending on any sense of decency, morality or ethics with agents of the FBI or their criminal brethren, you can forget about it. These agents are brainwashed into attacking with the viciousness of wild animals, and have no collective conscience in regard to the torturous and murderous acts which they routinely commit.

And for this reason (in addition to myriad others) the abusive and treasonous Intelligence community within the United States should be abolished.

*Note -- The FEDS also like to interfere with my keyboard in order to delete certain passages of text which have not yet been saved. This necessitates my having to retype them -- if in fact I can remember them exactly. This is yet one in a myriad of ways in which these federal reprobates obtain their daily dose of sadism. POS that they are.


As I suspected, the tracking information in regard to one of the items I ordered was never sent to me, even though the item was shipped and did in fact arrive in good condition today. I am presently running it through its paces to ensure that it is in good working order, so that the seller can be extricated from any wrong doing.

The real problem is that even if this product works perfectly, the NSA can take it out at anytime through the use of a satellite based strike to any electrical component within the amplifier, permanently damaging it.

I was also FINALLY contacted by the seller of another item which I purchased, who made the excuse that his E-mail had been shut down (shut down for 5 consecutive days? Very difficult to believe), but that he was in the process of shipping out this item, which he said he will send the tracking number for shortly.

So once again the FEDS have taken center stage in interfering with Ebay purchases. And this delaying tactic by both shippers was used in an effort to cause me further concern that my money had been taken, and that the products which I purchased would not be forthcoming.

Once this latest purchase shows up (and if it is undamaged), the FEDS will quickly move on to a new venue of harassment, in addition to the myriad which they presently conduct each day. Harassment in which I am denied my Constitutional rights -- a further indication of the fall our the American Constitutional Republic, as it slips into oblivion; replaced by one central dictatorship in which the citizens of this entire planet will quite literally become the property of a one world Totalitarian government, tracked by NSA satellite and remote neural monitored through a process known as Electronic Brain Link.

The worst is still yet to come for all of us.
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