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Was The Syosset Plane Crash Which Killed Three People Earlier This Week Another Part Of The Long Term Psychological Operation That The FBI And NSA Continue To Subject This MK-Ultra Subject To? And Was Signals Intelligence Technology & Directed Energy Weaponry Involved In This Crash?

How The Wrongful Prosecution Of Martin Tankleff More Than Two Decades Ago, Has Now Led To The Implosion Of The Suffolk County Court System, And Its History Of Cronyism And Corruption

Is The So Called Non Toxic Gas Homeland Security Is Releasing In The Subway Really Safe? Or Is It Toxic And Being Used To Test Its Effectiveness By Determining How Many People Suddenly Come Down With Symptoms Which The CDC And NIH Will Monitor? This Protocol For Testing Bio Weapons Has Been Done For More Than A Half Century, Resulting In Chronic Illnesses Such As Lyme Disease, Parkinson's, Mad Cow Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Other Chronic Illnesses Which Find Their Origins In Weaponized Mycoplasmas

Did The CIA Orchestrate The 1978 Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan? And Did The CIA Do So In Order To Repeal Legislation Which Ryan Had Passed In Order To Place More Scrutiny On The U.S. Intelligence Community?

How The Federal Reserve System Has Been Used As A Covert Means Of Enslaving The American People

Petition Calling For FBI Chief, James Comey, To Resign Based On The Apple/FBI Debacle - Forcing James Comey To Resign Will Not Fix The FBI - Since The Days Of John Edgar Hoover, The Bureau Has Remained An Americanized Gestapo Which Must Be Abolished, Since It Has Always Been A Pawn Of The Zionist Controlled Executive Branch, As Has The U.S. Department Of Justice - The Bogus FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email Server Is Just One Example Of How Easily The FBI Can Be Used By A Partisan Congress, To Attack A Democratic Or Republican Politician In Order To Derail Their Political Career

Why Are So Many Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings?

The Unintended Acceleration Issue In Automobiles Manufactured By Audi, Ford, Toyota And Hyundai - Are These Companies The Unwitting Targets Of Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation? And Has The NSA Been Involved?

Pentagon Use Of HAARP Weapons To Fix The 2013 America's Cup Series Which Led To A Precedent Setting Eight Consecutive Race Win For America's Team Oracle - Team Oracle Was Only Minutes Away From Losing The 2013 America's Cup Series When The Wind Suddenly Died, Setting Up The Eight Race Win - HAARP, Directed Energy And Psychotronic Weapons Are Being Used To Manipulate Professional Sporting Events Globally

FBI Now Allowed To Hack Into The Account Of Any Internet User Who Utilizes Anonymity Tools

Images Of Famous TV Personalities Under EEG Heterodyned Mind Control Via Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface

Was "Bridgegate" Used To Destroy NJ Governor Chris Christie's Chance To Win The GOP Republican Nomination? It Seems That Bridgegate Finished Christie's GOP Run Off Before It Ever Got Started, Which Means That's It's More And More Likely That Christie May Be Telling The Truth When He Claims To Have Known Nothing About The George Washington Bridge Scandal - So Who Is Really Behind The Scandal? Another Of The GOP Nominees? Or One Of The Democratic Presidential Nominees?

When Did The U.S. Military Develop Spy Satellites That Could Instantly Change Direction While In Orbit?

The Movie Charlie Wilson's War Is An Example Of The CIA/Zionist Merger In Hollywood And How The CIA Routinely Uses Hollywood As A Venue For Disseminating Its Propaganda

The NSA's TANGRAM "Total Information Awareness" Program Is Indicative Of This Orwellian Organization's New World Order Roots, And Its Furtive Use In Electronically Enslaving Each American Citizen Through The Remote Neural Monitoring (EEG Heterodyning) Of Their Body's Own Unique Brainwave Print

How The Kentucky Derby Can Be Fixed And Has Likely Been Fixed In The Past - The 2015 Belmont Stakes Was Fixed To Manufacture A Triple Crown Winner For The First Time In 37 Years - In The 2015 Belmont Stakes, Instead Of Having A Field Of At Least 12 - 14 Horses, The Field Was Abbreviated To Only Eight Horses, Keeping Some Of The Strongest Horses Out Of The Race, To Ensure That American Pharoah Would Win The Triple Crown - The Number 8 Has Been One Of Myriad Psychological Triggers Used By FBI/NSA Against This Author For Purpose Of Psyop - Consider That In The 2013 America's Cup Series, Team Oracle Won A Precedent Setting 8 Consecutive Races To Come Back From Near Defeat By Team New Zealand - Once Again We See The Number 8 -- The 2013 America's Cup Was Fixed Using HAARP Technology To Manipulate The Wind Conditions On The Race Course For These Teams - Those Who Bet On Team Oracle To Win The America's Cup After Being Down By Seven Races Would Have Won A Fortune Based On The Unexpected Outcome - A Similar Situation To The 2015 U.S. Open Women's Tennis Match Between Serena Williams And Roberta Vinci, Where Williams Was A 300 - 1 Favorite - This Was Another Example Of Using Psychotronic Weaponry To Manipulate A Sporting Event While The Public Was Led To Believe That The Anomaly Was Just A Fluke

Organized Stalking In The United States Is A Covert Form Of Government Sponsored Terrorism

Editor's Note: After I post the **following, we receive a phone call from a friend that another friend has died suddenly. I don't know if the person was ill, or if they suffered a heart attack or other situation which would have resulted in a quick death. If this person had been ill, their illness would have offered plausible deniability murdering them with a directed energy weapon. If this person was in good health, then their family members will wonder why their apparently healthy relative died so suddenly. Moreover, what will the official cause of death for this person be?

I have documented situations like this going back to the early 2000's, when I am certain that the FBI and NSA began using directed energy weapons to murder people in a covert manner. This being done as part of a psychological operation that they fomented against this author during that time, and which continues in the present day.

This all began after the FBI used a psychiatrist as part of an entrapment scheme against this author which failed. The psychiatrist committed several crimes by taking part in this entrapment scheme including various degrees of fraud. In post 9/11 America, the FBI has criminalized our society with its use of Orwellian programs such as Infragard.

**Earlier this week, on the night before a small private plane crashed in the town of Syosset NY, this author had experienced an EEG Heterodyned dream via computer to brain interface that involved a plane crashing in the woods behind my home. The following morning I told another Family member about this and later in the day the plane crash in Syosset occurred.

While the registration number of the plane was 440, after the plane was torn apart the number remaining on what was left of the plane's fuselage was 40, which can be seen in photographs of the plane in the media. I have said that I have been a target of MK-Ultra for forty years.

During his last communication with the airport tower, the pilot of this small aircraft claimed that the vacuum system in the plane had failed, which will likely be determined to have been part of this plane's disintegrating in the sky.

Several years ago, the NSA and FBI agents who take part in these covert attacks on this author, began using the word vacuum as one of their myriad psyop memes against my person (which have been disseminated throughout the mainstream media over the past several years), after I wrote an article regarding how the NSA scans the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EEG signatures given off by a targeted person's brain; which the Agency's AI computers can then "vacuum" up and decode into our subvocalized thoughts.

The NSA's Artificial Intelligence computers, which use artificial telepathy (remote neural monitoring or EEG heterodyning of the brain by way remote means) to remotely read and manipulate the mind of any person whose brain map has been previously decoded by the NSA.

I have been experiencing this *phenomenon for several years as a subject of computer to brain interface via the EM spectrum, and the situation has become so prevalent and disturbing, that I have been keeping track of these incidents for several years now. I am also certain that many people have been killed as part of this psyop, including but not limited to actress Amanda Peterson, a Madison Avenue Executive named Suzanne Hart, and a Jericho High School student by the name of Matthew Ravner.

Is Actress Amanda Peterson The Latest Murder Victim In The FBI/NSA COINTELPRO Psyop Against This Author? And Is Her Official Cause Of Death A Cover For Another Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder?

The reader will note that as of yesterday the number regarding the articles shared on this Website was 7. When I entered this Website today, the number was *47. This is supposed to mean that since yesterday 40 additional articles on this Website have been posted elsewhere on the Internet. However, it is a furtive way of this cabal's communicating to this author that they caused the plane crash in Syosset yesterday and that there is no way that I can prove it.

* As of 5/6/16 this number now reads 46.

This is just another example of how these Zionist financed agencies utilize their gas lighting tactics on targets of MK-Ultra psychological operations.

As such, now that they've used their demented system of communication to take credit for yesterday's murders of three people, they can just as easily restore the number 7 since I have seen the number changed to 47. This tampering with this Website's statistics is also common, which means that the statistics themselves are not accurate.

*A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Is Covertly Murdered Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Technology, And As Part Of A Psychological Warfare Operation That Federal Agents Continue To Subject This Author And Target Of MK-Ultra To - I Have Witnessed Thousands Of Situations In Which Such Signals Intelligence Tampering Of Everything From Car Alarms And Motion Sensitive Spotlights To TV Sets And Radios Being Turned On And Off Via Such Remote Means Has Taken Place - And I Am Certain That Suzanne Hart Was Murdered When The Electronic Circuitry Of The Elevator She Was Attempting To Enter, Was Remotely Triggered Via Signals Intelligence Satellite, Which Resulted In Hart Being Crushed To Death

Recent Plane Crashes On Long Island - How Many Were Related To Directed Energy Weapons & Signals Intelligence Sabotage?

Why Are So Many Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings?

Plane Lands On Long Island Beach After Engine Fails - Another Signals Intelligence Induced Attempted Murder?

Automobiles Crashing Into Homes And Buildings In New York Continue To Be An Anomaly - Is The NSA Using Signals Intelligence To Secretly Cause These Crashes By Remotely Tampering With The Electronic Systems In These Automobiles?

Directed Energy Weapons Being Used To Cause Sinkholes

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