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HAARP Technology Being Used By The U.S Military Intelligence Complex To Manipulate Our Weather Patterns As Part Of A Furtive Genocidal Plot - Is Hurricane Sandy The Latest In This Murderous Conspiracy

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." -Pascal

The Ionosphere Protects The Earth & Its Inhabitants From Large Amounts Of Solar Radiation, However, The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using HAARP Technology To Make Holes In The Ionosphere

HAARP Technology Is Being Used As Part Of A Genocidal Policy By The U.S. Federal Goverment In the above video, Dr. Nick Begich describes HAARP technology and its ability to create artificial natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

The video also includes the research done by a man named Dutch Sinse, whom for the past few years has been using YouTube to post his videos. These videos have accurately predicted storms in advance, based on rings that Dutch locates on weather maps, which he has claimed are created by HAARP technology and then picked up by weather radar.

In 2011, Dutch Sinse reported that he began to experience a covert campaign in which to discredit him. He reported that his mail was being opened, that he was being stalked, and that his YouTube account had been sabotaged.

Does this sound familiar? It does if you're a whistleblower attempting to publicly describe something that the U.S. Federal Government does not want you talking about.

This is especially true when it comes to this government's criminal use of HAARP technology for the purpose of geophysical manipulation of our weather.

HAARP technology is being used as part of a clandestine plan to depopulate this planet through the creation of artificial disasters which mimic natural phenomena, thus giving the perpetrators of these horrific crimes a plausibly deniable way of committing them.

Directed energy weapons are part of this electronic warfare program, and can be used to torture and murder any citizen in the United States. These weapons are usually deployed via signals intelligence satellite networks that are used to track the unique EMF frequencies that emanate from each person's body.

This author has been the target of such attacks for many years, and used by the NSA as a target of mind control experimentation since the late 1970's. Since that time I have been illegally tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and subjected to the NSA's through the air computer to brain interface of my person, via a technology known as EEG heterodyning, which is used to synchronize a signals intelligence satellite with the unique EMF signature of any American citizen (a brainwave print).

There are perhaps millions of American citizens who are electronically satellite tracked in such ways who have yet to realize it. And according to NSA whistle blower, John St. Clair Akwei, any American citizen can be instantly tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. And any person who approaches someone who is being brain scanned by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can also be instantly identified.

This means that all Americans are electronically EMF fingerprinted by the NSA, even though the NSA's charter prohibits it from spying domestically.

And because the NSA can also instantly identify the unique EMF frequencies which emanate from each American citizen's brain (bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies) this EMF fingerprinting network in America also constitutes a form of electronic brain fingerprinting for each American citizen.

It is also constitutes a form of electronic trespass; especially since the NSA uses this technology to remotely enter our minds in order to steal our ideas.

And this Orwellian crime does not end with the theft of our biological property either, since in order to perpetrate such a crime, the NSA had to first find way in which to steal our biological property (the EMF signatures from our bodies), which it then uses as part of its signals intelligence EMF scanning network; in order to remotely track us, while interfacing a signals intelligence satellite and artificial intelligence computer with our body's own unique brainwave print.

The FBI/NSA smear campaign against this author is being used to whitewash this crime as well as the myriad other crimes which these organizations have and continue to perpetrate against this author and my Family; including years of non consensual human experimentation as a target of MKULTRA, and the most abject violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: The insanity of the FBI's psychological warfare operations continues to astound this author. In the latest of what has been thousands of psyops this author has experienced and journaled about over the past decade, the FBI now blocks my credit card purchase from any Website which offers at a significant discount, items that I am interested in purchasing.

Whenever I attempt to make such a purchase, the credit card is valid, however, declined. Yet, when I attempt to purchase the same items at regular price, the FBI does not interfere with the purchase? And these agents claim to be the sane ones?

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Organized Stalking Is Part Of A Genocidal Program In The United States To Reduce The Population By Millions Of People - These Programs Have Been Implemented All Over The World Since 9/11/2001

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What Year Did The American People Become Slaves Of The British Monarchy & Its Rothschild Banking Cartel? The Year Was 1871

Is HAARP Technology Being Used By The Pentagon To Redirect Hurricane Sandy In An Effort Cause Mass Destruction To The North Eastern Part Of The United States?

The U.S. Federal Government
Is Really A Corporation Created In 1871

"In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together."

- President Dwight Eisenhower, Feb 1961

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match."

-President John F. Kennedy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel New York City, April 27, 1961

Editor's Note: The idea to covertly subvert the U.S. Military Intelligence complex began long before the Intelligence community in America was ever created. This furtive act of treason began after the American Civil War had ended, when in 1871, the U.S. Congress was subverted in order to carry out this high crime of treason, through its passage of the Legislative Act Of 1871.

Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were the last two U.S. Presidents who were unafraid to tell the American people the truth about the U.S. Military Intelligence complex and who controls it.

However, when John F. Kennedy decided to challenge the House of Rothschilds' control over the monetary system in the United States through his signing of Executive Order 11110, a conspiracy was plotted by the Rothschilds' through their Federal Reserve System central bank, and the Military Intelligence complex in the United States, to murder J.F.K.

Kennedy was assassinated only five months after signing EO 11110, and all of the U.S. Treasury Notes which had been put into circulation during that time were removed from circulation, without EO 11110 ever being repealed.

The Legislative Act Of 1871 Was Used To Create A Second Corporate Constitution Which Replaced The American People's Republic & Constitution Of 1787, And Became The Foundation For The Corporate Government In Washington D.C.

"I Have Constitutional Rights! - Those in denial will immediately shout about the document known as the Constitution. Our Constitution is the representation of liberty for the people. It symbolizes the Representative form of government that is no longer in existence within the United States of America.

The Constitution is dead and our representative republic has been replaced with a democratic central government that is rampantly corrupt. The saddest part of this fiasco is that most Americans will never know or realize exactly what it was that they lost. The people are unable to see the deceit which replaces the actual truth. They will never pull the curtain aside to see the manipulators for what they are.

To begin to gain knowledge of the truth we need to start to understand what happened to our representative republic, it all started shortly after the ending of the hostilities known as the American Civil War. It was in the year 1871 that the deterioration and elimination of our representative republic was introduced."

* Source: Washington D.C. A Central Democratic Government -A Corporation Of The United States Of America, Which Does Not Represent The American People

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YouTube Videos On Organized Stalking - Mind Control Weapons - And Other Crimes Being Perpetrated By The Global Military Intelligence Complex Continue To Be Unconstitutionally Removed From YouTube

Author Andrew Johnson Describes How Directed Energy Weapons Were Used To Destroy The WTC Towers On 9-11-2001 - Johnson Also Discusses The Research Done By Judy Wood, And The Conspiracy To Discredit Wood's Research Because It Proves That Directed Energy Weapons Were Used On 9-11-2001 - And That 9-11 Was A False Flag Operation Perpetrated By The U.S. Federal Government Against The American Middle Class

Andrew Johnson's book regarding the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 being caused by directed energy weapons, can be downloaded for free at this Website

Mind Control Via Satellite - A Belgian Website Which Describes These High-Tech Crimes Of Satellite Predation By The Belgian Government - Mind Control Experimentation Via Satellite Has Become A Global Problem Under The House Of Rothschild & Its New World Order, Which Has Usurped The Power Of Our Respective Countries' Own Governments And Is Now Using These Governments & Our Politicians To Destroy The Middle Class Of Each Of Our Countries - As A Result Of This No Citizen Of The Global Middle Class Is Safe From The U.S. National Security Agency's (NSA) Orwellian Signals Intelligence Satellite Spy Network

Editor's Note: As of last night, this author's Father is slowly improving after being attacked by a satellite deployed directed energy weapon on Saturday night.

Once at the hospital he suffered a violent seizure which resulted in his being given a drug which made him sleep for hours. When she arrived home, my Mom commented that she really thought that Dad was going to die this time.

He has been under directed energy attacks for years, and is constantly being physically tormented as directed energy weapons are used to cause symptoms which will last for months at time, only to end, while new electronically induced symptoms are created to harm him.

The medical community is used to as part of this plot, so that doctors either wittingly or unwittingly aid and abet these crimes. This has been reported by thousands of men and women who are the targets of this non consensual human experimentation and covert torture.

My Father is courageous in his attempts to stay healthy. He is diligent about exercizing and eating healthy, and works as hard as anyone I have ever seen in trying to maintain his health; which is a tremendous challenge, given these furtive exotic weapon's attacks.

My Mother arrives at the hospital a few minutes ago to say that she just saw my Father, and is amazed at the improvement in Dad's condition since yesterday. Mom is also courageous in her attempts to stay healthy in spite of also being attacked by this directed energy weaponry.

This is a further example of how a microwave frequency broadcast through the EMF spectrum via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, can be instantaneously modulated to either increase or decrease its intensity, while increasing or decreasing the symptoms a person targeted for such non consensual human experimentation can experience.

This also proves that these weapons are being used to torture American citizens with plausibly deniability.

However, when enough Americans realize that this technology exists and is being used against them, they will force the Congress to dissolve these satellite based electronic warfare programs, since it has become quite clear that they are being used against American citizens.

Both of this author's parents have have stated on numerous occassions that no matter what they do, the minute they start to get ahead or feel better, the rug gets pulled out from under them.

To which this author replies: There is a very definite pattern to why this is happening.

The pattern is the result of a criminal conspiracy being waged against us as well as thousands of other Americans, by the FBI, NSA, and DHS; these organizations covertly oversee the organized stalking and directed energy attacks which we have been subjected to for more than a decade, and which have become a nationwide problem in the United States.

The more than 70 fusion centers in America which operate under a national network are overseen by Homeland Security & the U.S. Justice Department.

These fusion centers are being used under the Patriot Act, to completely circumvent the Constitutional rights of all American citizens, while many of us are being tortured and slowly microwaved to death within the so called privacy of our own homes. And by the shadow government in this country that operates out of its military intelligence complex, which since the false flag operation on 9-11-2001 is being used to destroy the American middle class.

* FBI/NSA have also been remotely tampering with this Blog since 2006, and have now had the spell check feature removed from it, in order to make it more time consuming to check the spellings of words used in this author's writings. This is an example of the myriad different ways which these Nazi minded men and women use to harass a target of psychological warfare.

Neuro Linqustic Programming Used In Organized Stalking Attacks - The FBI And DHS Are Constantly Removing Videos Like These From YouTube Because They Are Exposing The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking & The Use Of NLP As Part Of This Crime - As Well As The FBI, DHS & DOJs' Orchestration Of These Crimes

Also See: "The Department of Homeland Security has proposed to exempt its "Automated Targeting System" from certain Privacy Act provisions. The Automated Targeting System creates "risk-based" profiles of individuals traveling to, from, and throughout the United States. The profile contains a plethora of personal data, including, nationality, race, occupation, and biometrics. The System accesses and "ingests" this information from many sources, including government databases and commercial data aggregators. The DHS issued a Privacy Impact Assessment, which describes some of the privacy risks, including unauthorized access. In detailed comments to DHS in 2007, EPIC opposed the use of "risk-based" profiles. For more information, see EPIC: Automated Targeting System." Source: The Ominous Parallels Blog - The Webmaster Of This Blog, Donald Truax, Used To Post Daily, However Has Not Done So Since June 13 2012, Aftering Posting The Information Regarding DHS' Automated Targeting System - Is Mr. Truax Alright?

Another target of organized stalking and mind control experimentation describes the insanity of the men and women who perpetrate this Orwellian hate crime - Imagine someone with access to a directed energy weapon, using it to destroy an electrical appliance in your home because of something you ate. Or murdering someone as punishment for a piece of clothing that you wore, because it was a color that these government sanctioned psychopaths took a disliking to - As outlandish as this may sound, these types of insane crimes are taking place against thousands of citizens in the United States, and being perpetrated by a group of megalomanical men and women within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, who are attempting to usurp the role of God in passing judgement on people

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This Author's Father Is Attacked By FBI/NSA With A Directed Energy Weapon Again

My Father Again Attacked With Directed Energy Weaponry
Now In The Hospital Fighting For His Life

Update: A few minutes ago (Sunday 10/21/12) approximately 1PM, this author is informed that while at the hospital my Father had a seizure which was no doubt caused by the directed energy weapon his brain is being targeted by.

If he dies, this will be murder by FBI/NSA agents using satellite deployed directed energy weapons to perpetrate this crime against humanity. And the FBI will not stop here either.

They have already attacked my Mother on more than one occasion which resulted in her being hospitalized, as well as other members of my Family who've been subjected to less noticeable forms of DEW attack. And FBI/NSA will continue to use this techology to kill us off one by one. Why have FBI/NSA not murdered this author yet? Because their intent has been to force me into the commission of suicide, which has failed.

In this author's opinion these agents will attempt to murder me with a satellite deployed directed energy weapon when they feel that they can do so in a plausibly deniable way, which is why I am documenting this here.

However, they are not through torturing me yet, and if I am dead they can no longer do so. Besides, I am in good health and given what I have documented over the Internet, my sudden death would surely be recognized for exactly what it is - murder via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon.


It is 10:13PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday evening, and about 20 minutes ago this author's Father was again attacked with a directed energy weapon. His major symptoms, extreme dizziness and nausea - both of which are being caused by a directed energy weapon - specifically a ULF frequency directed at his body. He was fine earlier, after having had a good dinner. He had walked earlier in the day for close to 30 minutes and was feeling well.

Suddenly, this evening he informs this author that he is feeling very lightheaded, and begins to pass out. I am certain that this is the result of a directed energy weapon's attack by NSA/FBI. Over the past decade, these attacks have become a constant problem, which the FBI and NSA use to keep our Family in a state of constant terror. Every minute of the day they are planning some form of attack, and no day passes without some form of attack taking place.

These agents will also look for any plausibly deniable reason in which to use this technology on an unsuspecting target.

My Father uses some wax on a piece of furniture and states that it smelled very strong. He has been using wax on cars for the past decade without becoming dizzy, yet suddenly this wax is supposed to result in his having a seizure?

This might have had a shred of credibility were it not for the fact that this author is targeted by directed energy weapons constantly as part of the decades of non consensual human experimentation that I am subjected to, and that several members of my Family (including my parents) are subjected to.

The wax was simply an opportunity for the Intel agents who are targeting us with satellite deployed directed energy weapons to perpetrate another more aggressive attack on my Father, which they did.

FBI Use Of Local Police & Fire Department To Aid & Abet These Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks

FBI/NSA notifies the local police in advance that these attacks are going to take place, then the police and fire department await a phone call from our home to request an ambulance for whomever is being attacked at any given time.

During their time at this author's home, police and fire department members are given psychological triggers in advance, which they use the entire time they are at our home. Their entrance into our home is also a form of psychological warfare & invasion of privacy.

Tonight's attack on my Father offers further proof that these attacks are premeditated by FBI/NSA, in order to cause complete havoc in the lives of this targeted individual and other members of my Family; Who in turn also become targets of these covert and horrendous crimes. As a result of this conspiracy, there is no such thing as relaxation for any of us, because as soon as we attempt to do so, one of us is targeted by a directed energy weapon.

Why have FBI/NSA increased the directed energy weapons' attacks on our persons? Because we have grown to ignore the vehicular stalking campaigns (state sponsored terrorism) which occur as the result of the organized stalking FBI/NSA/DHS perpetrate against this author, in order to provoke me. These provocations have been occurring for the past decade and have failed.

So FBI/NSA crimes have become more aggressive, given that they cannot provoke this author into committing a crime that they can prosecute my person for. So the directed energy weapon's attacks become the primary means in which to attack us now, perpetrated by men and women within this government who are nothing but incarnated evil.

This is why it is so important for the American people to learn about these satellite based weapons for themselves, since any American citizen can be instantly targeted by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and tortured or even murdered by way of this clandestine technology, and the monsters within this government who use it on us.

There are now thousands of accounts on the Internet, being made by American citizens, who describe being tortured via directed energy weapons, by the FBI, DHS and other government agencies; Americans who are being tortured within the privacy of their own homes, and subjected to the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking, which is being orchestrated through a national network of fusion centers that are secretly overseen by the U.S. Justice Department and Homeland Security.

The NSA and FBI subject us to some form of psychological torture every day, and many days the torture is also physical in nature. This latest attack on my Father is done with the intent of terrifying not only my Father (and perhaps even murdering him), but also other members of my Family. This is the covert way that the FBI and NSA control people's lives while gradually destroying them. They use this clandestine technology to torture and terrorize us.

The directed energy attack which took place this evening against my Father, was planned out in advance and carried out with precision timing by federal agents.

Virtually every year for the past decade this author's Father has ended up in the hospital during the months leading into or directly after the Holiday season, each of which was the result of a directed energy weapon's attack.

These furtive directed energy attacks oftentimes also result in these Family members being prescribed medications which are not necessary, and quite possibly even dangerous to them. Yet, the doctors, out of fear of losing their medical licenses based on being setup on trumped up charges, do whatever the FBI tells them to do.

Moreover, the convenient timing in the directed energy attack on this author's Father offers further proof that these attacks are premeditated by federal agents of the FBI and NSA - something this author has been documenting for the past decade.

The FBI is also well aware that as the result of a large branch snapping and hitting this author directly in the eye a few months ago, that I have held off on renewing my driver's license given the dizziness that I was experiencing at the time.

As a target of non consensual human experimentation, several doctors have been used in the past to carry out covert forms of torture against this author, as well as other crimes - including grand larceny - at the direction of FBI/NSA.

For this reason I avoid the medical profession whenever possible.

The FBI also blackmailed a Long Island physician into closing his medical practice in 2006, after the FBI coerced this physician into falsifing a medical report in regard to this author.

Interestingly enough, prior to this physician's announcement of closing his medical practice after more than 25 years in business, this author posts an article on the Internet which describes how the FBI coerced this physician into falsifying a medical report in regard to my person.

Prior to this, the medical profession had been out to destroy the career of this physician for more than 10 years, for his testimony before the Senate Health Committee in 1993 (at the time chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy), exposing certain physicians who were misdiagnosing chronically ill Lyme Disease patients.

This physician is an excellent diagnostician, who made many enemies within the medical community for his more aggressive and beneficial Lyme Disease treatment protocol.

However, when he blew the whistle in regard to specific physicians who had misdiagnosed patients who were ultimately diagnosed with Lyme Disease, this physician became the target of a criminal conspiracy to destroy his medical career.

When these physicians orchestrated this criminal conspiracy against this doctor, in order to remove him from the medical field, they abused the use of an investigative organization - The NY OPMC (Office Of Professional Medical Conduct)- to conduct a fraudulent investigation into this doctor.

However, the investigation failed to put this doctor out of business, and by the early 2000's (if not earlier), the FBI was called in to destroy his career.

And the FBI would use whatever means necessary, regardless of how illegal, immoral, or unethical, in which to do so.

Not long after this author writes an article and posts it on the Internet in regard to the FBI's coercion of this physician to falsify a medical report in regard to my person, the physician suddenly, and to the shock of many of his patients, decides to close his medical practice.

To this day, many of his former patients question if there is something more to this physician's decision to close his medical practice than he's led on to, and there is.

The FBI's manipulation of physicians in the instance of this author has involved everything from fabricating medical lab reports and taking money under false pretenses, to replacing legitimate medications with placebos. To say that these doctors breached their Hypocratic Oath is an understatement.

And there are myriad testimonies from other targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes, who have also documented the U.S. Intelligence community's interference with the medical treatment of these people. The dizziness that this author experienced shortly after being struck in the eye by a branch, has decreased since that time.

However, FBI/NSA exploit the situation by targeting my skull with various frequencies of these microwave weapons in order to cause repeated symptoms which vary from day to day, depending on the frequencies being used to target my brain. This is done in order to prevent me from renewing my driver's license, as yet a further form of isolation.

As stated, FBI/NSA have exploited this situation by targeting my skull aggressively since that time (three months this past Thursday), and have been waiting for the opportunity to attack my Father again, knowing that I would not have my driver's license to travel back and forth to the hospital in such an event, which only causes further problems.

It is now only a matter of time before this author's Mother, or other members of my Family are again attacked with a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, so I am documenting it on this blog in advance.

Author, Eustace Mullins, once described how the FBI created a situation in which Mullins was unable to renew his driver's license, so that he could be arrested for driving his car without a license.

To this author's knowledge, Eustace Mullins was arrested for driving without a license as a result of this subterfuge. The FBI is notorious for such machinations, and Mullins' wrote an entire book in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO harassment of his Family and person.

The FBI may have thought that they would destroy Eustace Mullins. However, Eustace's legacy as the greatest political historian of the 20Th Century is intact and always will be, just as the FBI's legacy will always be that of an Americanized and murderous Gestapo.

Eustace also accused the FBI of murdering his parents as the result of the constant pressure they subjected his Family to, which is exactly what the FBI is attempting to do to this author's parents. Every furtive attack on my parents by FBI/NSA is tantamount to attempted murder.

The book Eustace wrote is called "A Writ For Martyrs," and describes the abject evil that FBI agents are capable of.

This is yet another example of how these government reprobates manipulate a situation regarding a target of COINTELPRO. They use these diabolical yet furtive attacks in which to wear the target of these crimes down, while the U.S. Congress, President and Judiciary conveniently ignore that these crimes are taking place against American citizens.

The FBI is well aware that they cannot enter a court of law in the United States without denying that these crimes are taking place (and in doing so risk being indicted for perjury), so they resort to their slander campaigns, as well as the psychological operations which involve organized stalking hate crimes, and the use of directed energy weapons on the targets of these crimes.

What the FBI, the rest of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex and our so called politicians are terrified of, is that the American people will learn that they have been electronically fingerprinted by the U.S. National Security Agency, which has catalogued the unique sets of EMF frequencies of each American citizen's body into the NSA's computer database. And that these frequencies have been used in secret by the U.S Military-Intelligence complex in order to enslave the American people.

The FBI and NSA have been illegally remote neural monitoring this author's brainwaves for decades, which qualifies as mind control experimentation; not legitimate court warranted surveillance.

And they have done far more than just monitor my brainwaves. They have electronically implanted thoughts within my mind via signals intelligence satellite two way through-the-air computer to brain interface of my person.

And for the past two decades they have also tortured my person with satellite deployed directed energy weapons, as they have also done to several members of my Family.

When I first began documenting this in 2005, virtually no one believed that the NSA could actually access the brainwaves of an American citizen via satellite, without that citizen being implanted with some form of remote tracking chip.

However, this has now changed, and there are a substantial and growing number of Americans who know that their brains can be remotely accessed by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, without ever having been implanted with a brainchip.

This Orwellian attack by the shadow government in the United States will not be ignored or tolerated any longer, since they have completely corrupted this federal government, and are now using it along with a series of unconstitutional pieces of legislation in which to destroy the American middle class.

As for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, it makes no difference whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney gets elected, since they are part of the conspiracy to enslave the American middle class, and are well aware that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has electronically branded the American citizenry like heads of cattle.

As for the FBI/NSA conspiracy against this author, the fact is that I have succeeded in getting many Americans to understand that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has remotely enslaved the U.S. population through a *Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting network.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS NSA

And as a result of this abject betrayal by the leadership in the United States, the American middle class will eventually abolish the corporate government in Washington D.C as well as the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System, and take America back from this cancerous plague on humanity.

As for the FBI/NSA attempt to murder this author, they will eventually succeed in doing so.

However, I have lived long enough to make history by not only corroborating what John St. Clair Akwei has documented in his lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency, regarding the Agency's treasonous domestic spy operations, but by also promulgating my own experiences as a target of this technology to millions of readers around the world.

It is these readers whom, for their own survival, will be forced to acknowledge the existence of this Orwellian technology, and the dangers that both the technology and those within our respected governments who deploy it against us, represent to the human race.

As for the Zionist controlled media in the United States, they have sold the American people out for profit and are colluding in the wholesale destruction of this once great nation and her citizens. They are doing so by covering up the fact that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were perpetrated by factions within the Bush 43 White House.

And that the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank, the U.S. Congress, the hierarchy within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and the media system in America, are all involved in this criminal conspiracy and the subsequent coverup which has been taking place since 9-11-2001. They have attempted to portray those of us who write about these crimes as being evil. However, those who perpetrated these crimes and now seek to whitewash the facts behind them are the true evil in the United States.

The Hidden Evil.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In 2000, Dr. Bruce Maccabee Published A Book On The FBI's Cover Up Of UFO's - Today, With The Disclosure By Several Governments Of Their Knowledge Of UFO Craft & EBE's One Must Wonder Why The U.S. Federal Government Continues To Deny The Existence Of Both

The Global Military-Intelligence Complex - What Is It Doing In Pine Gap Australia? And Who Or What Is Really Controlling This Complex?

*Editor's Note: When a UFO is able to simultaneously disable nearly 20 nuclear missiles, yet the U.S. Department Of Defense claims that UFO's are not considered to be a safety threat to U.S. National Security, one must wonder what else the Pentagon is hiding from the American people?

Dr. Bruce Maccabee's book: "UFO FBI CONNECTION - The Secret History of the Government's Cover-Up" proves that the FBI and other organizations within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex have known of the existence of UFO craft and Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities since the 1940's, yet concealed this fact from the American people.

A U.S. Navy Physicist Proves That The FBI And U.S. Air Force Have Been Lying To The American People Since The Late 1940's, By Claiming That UFO's Did Not Exist, When In Reality They Not Only Knew Of The Existence Of These Craft But Have Been Actively Researching Them Ever Since

Breaking News: Former FBI Agent and Alleged Co-Conspirators Indicted -- “'According to the indictment, while active in the FBI, former Special Agent Lustyik used his position in an attempt to stave off the criminal investigation of a business partner with whom he was pursuing lucrative security and energy contracts,' said Assistant Attorney General Breuer."

“He allegedly acted through a childhood friend to secure promises of cash, purported medical expenses and business proceeds in exchange for abusing his position as an FBI agent. The alleged conduct is outrageous, and we will do everything we can to ensure that justice is done in this case."

See the full story here:

Breaking News: Former FBI Agent and Alleged Co-Conspirators Indicted - This Is Yet Another In The Myriad Examples Of FBI Agents Who Believe That They Are Above The Law - These Agents Are Some Of The Worst Criminals In Human History

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The American People's Vulnerability To The NSA's Signals Intelligence Satellites & The Agency's EEG Heterodyning/Remote Brain Scanning Of Their Persons

Editor's Note: As part of the psychological warfare programming the FBI and NSA have been conducting against this author, for the past decade they have also intercepted our regular cable TV programming, and replaced it with their own psyop programming.

Like TIVO, the programming is frozen in a particular place so that the target of these psyops receives the part of the program which is being used for psyop purposes. However, unlike TIVO where the homeowner controls the programming, the FBI and NSA control the programming remotely.

The above portion of a Cheers' episode from the 1980's was repeatedly broadcast into my home during 2003, when the organized stalking of this author began. The readers will note that the episode involves the remote torture of one of the regular characters of Cheers, who is remotely shocked by an electrical device implanted on his person as part of behavior modification.

On the surface this program appears to be humorous, however, those who are tortured by satellite deployed directed energy weapons on a daily basis will tell you that there is nothing humorous about being the target of a criminal conspiracy, orchestrated by those persons operating within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, who can only be described as being criminally insane.

This program was a furtive message from the FBI and NSA to this author, that they are using satellite deployed directed energy weapons on my person as a covert form of torture. The targets of organized stalking and directed energy weapons can certainly identify with this from their own experiences as the recipients of such torture, and the FBI's refusal to help any person who has ever contacted the Bureau complaining of being targeted by DEW technology.

The readers should keep in mind that any person living within the United States is already subjected to the NSA's electronic fingerprinting of their person, and that as such, the NSA can instantly target and track any citizen living within the USA via the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Under what has been termed "Operation Slammer" the U.S. Federal Government can use directed energy weaponry and organized stalking on any American citizen, in an effort to force that citizen into the commission of an act for which they can be declared a lone wolf.

As such, the due process of law has been completely perverted in the United States, when an Agency like the FBI must provoke you into committing a crime before they can arrest and charge you with that crime.

In fact, there remains serious question if the due process of law which is protected under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments of the U.S. Bill of Rights has been completely eradicated in the United States.

Moreover, the U.S. Politicians and media system in this country are deliberately concealing this information from the American people, since they are being used as part of a plot in which to enslave the American middle class.

The past few nights, this author has again been attacked by the NSA and FBI via their use of satellite deployed directed energy weapons on my person.

I am always targeted by microwave weaponry, however, the attacks can be mild or more aggressive. Of course, these weapons can be used to instantly kill any person targeted by them, which is outright murder, regardless of what the federal agents directing this technology at us claim.

These agents are establishing entirely new precedents in their violation of the Constitutional rule of law, which is astounding, given their history of committing such violations against the American citizenry.

Furthermore, the numbers of Americans who describe being attacked in a similar way is now in the thousands and growing every day, in addition to the thousands of people in other countries who describe similar electronic warfare attacks on their persons.

I have included the Website of yet another of these people below, who describes what it is like to be made a prisoner within the so called privacy of his own home.

Americans are being made prisoners within the privacy of their own homes whether they are targets of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation or not, and by their own subverted government.

This electronic warfare technology is being used by many governments to remotely enslave their own citizens, which is why there are international agreements between these governments to ensure that the technology remains secret from the general populations of these countries.

The technology continues to be used by federal agents in order to remotely torture and murder men, women and children living in many different countries. These crimes are committed with total anonymity, so those who perpetrate them cannot be prosecuted under the criminal statutes in their respective nations.

Were it not for John St. Clair Akwei, or those of us blowing the whistle on those who use this signals intelligence technology to perpetrate these crimes against us, no one would know about this technology, or the threat that it poses to the global population.

This is why so many of us are being demonized, dehumanized and tortured both physically and psychologically, by government criminals who have betrayed every man, woman and child in this country.

The reason for the secrecy is obvious enough. If the populations of these countries, including the American people, ever realize the truth about this EMF electronic surveillance technology, these governments will be abolished, and their leadership held accountable before an international war crimes tribunal.

Capabilities of NSA Operatives Using RNM

"There has been a Signals Intelligence network in the US since the 1940s. The NSA, Ft. Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audio-visual information in their brains. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence.

Speech, 3D sound and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods and motor control.

Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link."

- John St. Clair Akwei

Read John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The U.S. National Security Agency Here - No Politician In The United States Will Admit That The American People Have Been Electronically Fingerprinted By The NSA, Because Such An Admission Would Result In The Abolition Of The Present Government - Instead, These Politicians Are Colluding In The U.S. Military Intelligence Community's Covert Torture & Murder Of Thousands Of Americans Who Are Documenting These Crimes Over The Internet

Editor's Note: I have been targeted for directed energy weapon's attacks since 1994, the same year that the *FBI received permission to use directed energy weapons on American citizens, from the U.S. Department Of Justice.

* According to another target of non consensual human experimentation by the name of Jesus Mendoza, Mendoza obtained sworn testimony from an FBI agent who stated that by the mid 1990's, the U.S. DOJ had granted the FBI permission to use directed energy weapons to torture American citizens.

I have also been a target of mind control experimentation and the NSA's satellite predation since the early 1980's, when I was first tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - a national EMF fingerprinting network which can be used to instantly target and track the unique sets of EMF frequencies of each American citizen's body.

The following comment was made by a man named Thomas S. Bean in regard to the FBI's predation of his person.

Comment from: Thomas S. Bean regarding his being tortured by a directed energy weapon, deployed against him by the FBI.

"This is how DOJ-FBI-DOD NORTH COM run what was called OPERATION SLAMMER. ---- 'Later, I went back to sleep around 7:00 a.m....and more assault, more pain, and more sleep deprivation. It's become obvious that SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, is a very secret, offensive, miserable, black hole for civil liberties.

In the distant past, and today, it's obvious that my own bedroom is now a prison cell where mind control or directed energy weapon torture is available free of charge?"

"I was again assaulted with a less than lethal DARPA weapon this morning around 3:35 am. while sleeping in my father's home. The torture is spun as a credible 'sleep deprivation' type of technique that apparently is legal since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were apparently briefed on torture and also helped pass The War Commissions Act legitimizing and rationalizing TORTURE OF US CITIZENS WITH NO DUE PROCESS.

'For those who don't know, OPERATION SLAMMER is GANG STALKING WITH TORTURE USING DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS to create 'lone wolf domestic terrorists.' The police state always accuses the crime victim of the deviant acts, that the police state commits: TORTURE and TERRORISM (aka Gang Stalking with Torture).

This is all just a warm up for what happens in the future to those who do not support the Israeli, militarized pig police state."

- Thomas S. Bean

Also See:

Thomas S. Bean describes what it is like to be tortured by a directed energy weapon in the middle of the night by the FBI. There are thousands of American citizens, including this author, who've started their own Websites, as the result of being targetted for such unconstitutional and Orwellian hate crimes by this Americanized and murderous Gestapo. The FBI is not protecting Americans and neither is the U.S Military Intelligence complex - Instead, these organizations are being used by the Anglo-Zionist ruling class in the United States, overseen by the Rothschild Zionist banksters in the Federal Reserve System, to enslave America's middle class

Friday, October 05, 2012

The 1974 Movie "The Parallax View" Is Another Excellent Example Of Art Imitating Life - Under The Orwellian Shadow Government Which Now Controls America, This Movie Could Not Be Made In The U.S. In The Present Day

U.S. Health Officials Warn Of Possible Meningitis Outbreak After At least 13,000 Receive A Tainted Flu Vaccine - Was This Done Accidentally, Or Deliberately As Part Of A Genocidal Plot To Reduce The Middle Class Population In The United States?

The NSA's EMF Fingerprinting & Remote Neural Monitoring (Remote Thought Reading Via Signals Intelligence Satellite) Of The American People, Is The Most Demonic Attack On The Human Race In The History Of Humanity

Editor's Note: In addition to their DEW attacks on this author, the FBI & NSA continue to attack this author's Father with directed energy weaponry.

It was also about a year ago that the FBI, in an effort to whitewash the crimes it continues to perpetrate against this author as a target of mind control experimentation, dramatically escalated its slander campaign against my person. The FBI's allegations do not involve any legitimate investigation of my person, and never have.

And it is the FBI and the NSA who should be investigated by the American people, for the crimes they have perpetrated against my person and Family, as well as myriad other Americans, and the coercive tactics which these agents have employed over the past decade, in which to prevent any person who can corroborate these crimes, from doing so.

What the FBI in particular has done to silence these people should be characterized for exactly what it is: outright extortion.

The smear campaign the FBI continues to deploy against this author is being used to cover up their use of my person as a target of non consensual human experimentation, as well as the national EMF fingerprinting network which the NSA has been using for several decades to secretly enslave the American people.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been used to destroy the privacy of the American citizenry, any of whom can be instantly targeted by this satellite tracking system, while their brains are indefinitely electronically tethered to this signals intelligence domestic spy system.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, all Americans are electronically branded by this NSA domestic spy system (The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network), and as a result of this, can be instantly identified, tracked, and subjected to the through-the-air computer to brain interface of their own persons, without ever realizing how egregiously the NSA has violated their Constitutional rights.

Regardless of how intensely the U.S. Federal Government attempts to conceal this outrageous scandal, it is eventually going to result in the American people's abolition of the corporate government which presently operates out of Washington D.C. The American middle class in particular, will do this for their own survival, given that this government is being used to systematically destroy the American middle class.

This is not the government that was created as a result of the U.S. Constitution which was ratified in 1791, but instead, a government that was created as the result of a second constitution which was created in 1871, and which became the foundation for the corporate government which has existed in Washington D.C. since that time.

A government which the House of Rothschild has used to usurp the American people's real Constitution.

Moreover, it is this EMF fingerprinting network which allows the NSA to instantly track any American citizen by way of their body's own unique set of EMF frequencies, while establishing through-the-air computer to brain interface with that person, in order to remotely access their thoughts (remote neural monitoring of the brain or as it is otherwise known - synthetic telepathy).

Since 2005, the FBI agents involved in the COINTELPRO attack against this author, have been retaliating against my person in every illegal way imaginable, as the result of my using the Internet in which to document these treasonous crimes.

See: The FBI Uses Neural Linguistic Programming To Subliminally Link This Author To A Myriad Of Chosen Psychological Triggers Which The Public Has Been Unwittingly Conditioned To Respond To, In Efforts To Brainwash The Public, As Part Of The FBI COINTELPRO Against My Person - The FBI Is Using NLP Techniques Against The Entire Community Of Men And Women Who Are Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation & The Vigilante Hate Crime, Organized Stalking

The FBI and NSA also regularly use satellite deployed directed energy weapons in order to damage or destroy electronic equipment in this author's home.

They either use a directed energy weapon to destroy this equipment as they have on several occasions, or use the technology to stress the components in this equipment so that they fail prematurely.

During the night the FBI and NSA torture this author with a directed energy weapon, while destroying one of the heaters that I use to keep the water warm in an aquarium I maintain.

Only signals intelligence technology and the experts that utilize it, can, via satellite, remotely locate the EMF field given off by a piece of electronic equipment, then target the equipment with a pulse beam microwave, and destroy it. And it is the U.S. National Security Agency whose forte has been signals intelligence since 1952.

This offers further proof that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using directed energy weapons to vandalize the personal property of targets of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

The FBI/NSA latest directed energy attack on my Father, concerns the abdominal region, which is manifest by acute stomach cramps. There is no medical remedy for the symptoms created artificially through the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weapons on American citizens, even though myriad targets of this technology have attempted to receive medical treatment for symptoms which are created through the remote deployment of directed energy weapons against their persons.

The FBI's Use Of Civilian Groups To Criminally Harass Individuals Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation - These Neo Nazi Groups Have Been Dubbed As Organized Stalking Networks, By The Thousands Of Men & Women Who Have Taken To The Internet To Describe These Outrageous Violations Of The Constitutional Rule Of Law - Since The 9-11 False Flag Operation, The U.S. Is Run By A Government Full Of Criminals Who Are Now Using Fusion Centers To Criminalize Our Communities - This Is The Final Step In Destroying The American Middle Class And In Enslaving Its Citizenry Through A 21St Century Feudal System

The only way to end these physical manifestations of torture, is for the electronic warfare system in the United States to be abolished.

FBI Tampers With YouTube Account

Within 10 minutes of posting the above movie from YouTube, the FBI has YouTube list the movie for a $2.99 charge, when it was at first listed for free.

These are the kinds of demented things that FBI agents do as part of the psychological warfare operations that they carry out against targetted individuals.

As another example of the insanity of these agents, they recently interfere with an purchase. The purchase was for 9 packages of Fleischmann's yeast.

Each package consists of three .75 ounce packets of yeast which should sell for around $2.50 to $3.50 for all three packets, depending on where the item is being purchased.

This author purchased (9) 3 packs (.075 ounce) of yeast, which translates into 27 packets of yeast for $18.99.

Instead of receiving all 27 packets of yeast, the FBI interferes with the purchase, and I only receive (3) 3 packs, for 9 packets in total - one third of what I paid for. Instead of paying 70 cents a packet, this vendor is charging $2.11 per packet or $6.33 for each three pack of yeast at least twice what most vendors are charging for the same product.

When sends this author an E-mail asking for feedback on the vendor whom the FBI used to remove the extra 18 packets of yeast, the FBI remotely disables the electronic button which the author must click on to send this feedback to

This is yet another example of the FBI's electronic tampering of Websites, including those which involve Internet commerce.

It also serves as an example of the myriad ways that the FBI's neo Nazi psychopaths perpetrate their crimes by using Internet vendors to commit crimes against targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking.

This is also proof that the FBI uses these vendors to perpetrate these crimes for the Bureau, under the Patriot Act. Is it any wonder why the American people want the Patriot Act abolished, given its use in destroying the Constitutional rights which all American citizens are entitled to by law?

A target of organized stalking is subjected to these gaslighting tactics every day of their lives.

The FBI and NSA also continue to electronically hack this blog. While writing this post, this author receives an electronic message that someone has signed out of this blog from another location. This means that someone else has electronically hacked into this blog while I am accessing it through my Blogger account. If the blog is deleted or vandalized, the FBI and NSA will be directly involved in this crime as well.

The only reason that I am receiving this message is because the FBI agents who perpetrate these crimes against my person want me to know that they are electronically hacking into this blog; so I am posting evidence of this latest electronic trespass here.

This is yet another example of the FBI's computer hacking abilities over the Internet, and further proof that these agents are nothing but sadistic low life criminals who now use the Patriot Act to commit their crimes with complete impunity from prosecution.

As for the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspiracy against this author, my skull continues to be aggressively targeted by federal agents using satellite deployed directed energy weapons, causing dizziness and headaches - which are being created artificially.

Many TI's have mentioned how the perpetrators of these Orwellian and heinous crimes can penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue of the body and head with this electronic warfare technology; this is something that this author can testify to, based on my own experiences as a target of this satellite predation.

In addition to this author, my Father and other members of my Family are also being targeted aggressively with DEW attacks, by the New World Order Nazi's whom we refer to as FBI and NSA agents. These agents are a murderous blight on the human race, whom history will record as the most evil and sadistic reprobrates ever to occupy this planet.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Following Testimony Concerns Just A Few Of The Myriad Targets Of Remote Neural Monitoring Technology & The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking

Editor's Note: The above videos and the ones which follow describe the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, torture by way of satellite deployed directed energy weapons, and remote neural monitoring of the human brain, via signals intelligence satellite deployed through-the-air computer to brain interface technology.

A technology which the National Security Agency nationalized in 1981, under Ronald Reagan's Executive Order 12333 - This EO privated "national security state dirty tricks," so that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can hire private contractors to spy on and remotely experiment upon American citizens, so that these government organizations can gather this information on Americans, while denying that they ever committed such outrageous violations of the American citizenry's Constitutional rights.

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, beginning in the early 1980's, the NSA contracted with a company called the Kinnecome Group, in order to implement a national EMF fingerprinting network, which has since been used to catalogue the unique sets of EMF frequencies for each American citizen's body.

Mr. Akwei has been quoted as saying that through its use of remote neural monitoring technology, the NSA can instantly "dial up" any person living within the United States on the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and identify and track that person 24 hours a day.

Akwei also went on to say that through its use of remote neural monitoring technology, the NSA can instantly identify any person in public who approaches a person who is already being surveilled by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

This person can then also be tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for the rest of their lives.

The implications regarding John St. Clair Akwei's allegations to the NSA's treasonous disregard for the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law under 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments, should not be ignored by any American citizen, given the NSA's use in subverting the U.S. Constitution.

This an organized crime syndicate based on a Nazi ideology, which conceals its crimes from the American people under the cover of the National Security Act.

Moreover, due to its lack of Congressional oversight, and its technological capabilities, the NSA has become the most dangerous organization in the United States, if not the entire world.

The readers should also keep in mind that when it comes to the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weapons on Americans, a target of non consensual human experimentation by the name of Jesus Mendoza, obtained testimony from an FBI agent, which proves that by the mid 1990's, the FBI had been given permisson by the U.S. Justice Department to use DEW technology on American citizens.

This is undoubtedly the main reason why no target of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation has ever received any help from the FBI or U.S. politicians, who continue to ignore the complaints made by thousands of victims of this technology, who have cited the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex as the main perpetrator of these high-tech crimes in America.

Moreover, any person who claims to be a target of mind control experimentation who also states that remote neural monitoring via signals intelligence satellites is not possible, is either a federal agent or one of their provocateurs, seeking to discredit legitimate targets of this technology.

The TI community has many legitimate victims, however, it also contains many Intel operatives whose primary purpose is to disrupt and discredit any legitimate whistleblowers who are promulgating their experiences as targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

This furtive attack on our persons by the government agents who perpetrate these terrible crimes against us, constitutes nothing less than a modern day version of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations.

The following videos describe what it is like to be a target of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation.

The *first YouTube video is a primer on the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, and the remote neural monitoring technology which government agencies like the U.S. National Security Agency use to violate your Constitutional rights.

* This video was removed from YouTube within a few days of embedding the video on this blog. The reason for this is that the video does an excellent job of describing some of the classified technologies which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using to illegally spy upon, torture and murder American citizens.

For the past six years, the FBI, NSA and DHS have routinely had such videos removed from YouTube using various reasons as excuses for doing so, after this author posts the videos on this Website.

These organizations also routinely electronically hack this Website, and for the past several months have electronically prevented this author from accessing the template part of this blog, which allows me to post hyperlinks to articles and other Websites on the right border of this blog.

As an American citizen, the unique set of EMF frequencies which emanate from your own body makes you vulnerable to the remote neural monitoring of your brainwaves, and thus your own private thoughts can be remotely accessed by the NSA.

This agency even has the capability of remotely implanting thoughts within the brain of an unsuspecting target of this Orwellian technology, which can often result in the person's behavior being altered without their knowledge.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to begin to understand how the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex can perpetrate such satellite predation against you or other members of your family without your ever even realizing it.

The second and third videos were made by women who describe what it is like to be remote neurally monitored via a signals intelligence satellite network, as well as being a target of the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking.

When this author began this blog in 2006 in order to describe the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring and non consensual human experimentation of my person, there was next to nothing about this technology on the Internet, and nothing at all about it on YouTube.

However, there are now thousands of American citizens (as well as those of other countries) who are blogging about their horrific experiences, having become aware that they are being subjected to the remote neural monitoring of their persons via signals intelligence satellites and EMF scanning networks.

These domestic spy networks are being used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in order to remotely target, track and access the unique sets of EMF biolelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of American citizens, while their inherent rights as U.S. citizens are completely abrogated.

This is clearly a sign of the shadow government which now exists within the United States, and its complete subversion of our Constitutional rule of law, under the guise of a fraudulent war on terror, which began under the *Bush 43 Administration.

* For more on how Bush 43 was used as part of the treasonous conspiracy to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the American middle class, Google: Richard W. Behan's book: "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror." This is a well researched book that can be read in under two hours, which describes the Bush 43 Administration's association with the Project For A New American Century, and directly ties PNAC to the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

The third and fourth videos listed below are of two targets of satellite deployed directed energy weapons, whose bodies are being electronically jolted by these weapons as part of the electronic warfare campaigns illegally perpetrated against them.

Like many other targets of this Orwellian technology, their calls to politicians to end these crimes have been completely ignored, so they have posted videos of themselves on YouTube, being tortured by directed energy weapons within the so called privacy of their own homes.

It is also entirely possible that these people are being remote neurally monitored via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and subjected to the through the air computer to brain interface of their own minds.

As a target of computer to brain interface and the remote neural monitoring of your mind, imagine attempting to fall asleep at night, when every time you begin to doze off, your body is suddenly electronically jolted, and you can imagine the horror that many men, women and even children are subjected to, by those within the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, who use us to experiment on with their classified electronic warfare technology.

These electronic jolts are just one of the myriad types of electronic attacks which take place, and are used to cause sleep deprivation in the victims of these Orwellian crimes.

Moreover, there are many other countries, each of whose governments are members of NATO, whose citizens have reported being subjected to similar electronic attacks.

The FBI and NSA continue to aggressively target this author and my Father with satellite deployed directed energy weapons, while fomenting against my person, one of the most illegal, slanderous, vicious and deceptive smear campaigns in the history of the United States.

This is being done in an attempt to whitewash the crimes these Orwellian organizations continue to perpetrate against my person and Family, and for my promulgating of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency, and the NSA's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which for more than three decades has been used to remotely track American citizens by way of their bodies' own unique sets of EMF signatures.

The National Security Agency has been the major culprit in many of these crimes since the early 1980's, however, in post 9-11 America, there are many different government organizations committing these Orwellian crimes against American citizens, including the FBI and Department Of Homeland Security.

Also See:

Directed Energy Weaponry Has Become The Most Common Way For A Government To Perpetrate Plausibly Deniable Crimes Against Its Own Citizens, Including Torturing & Murdering Them - However, Our Governments Have Cleverly Used The Mainstream Media To Downplay These Weapons - In Fact, An Article In The Scientific American Magazine Recently Led Its Readers To Believe That The Stage Of Development Of Directed Energy Weapons Has Not Reached The Point Where They Can Be Used Effectively - This Is An Example Of How The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Uses The Media In The United States To Deceive The American People

Boston Brakes Theory Of Taking Control Of An Automobile By Remote Means - The CIA, NSA, FBI & DHS All Have The Ability To Remotely Tamper With The Electronic Systems In An Automobile Via Signals Intelligence Satellites - Were Sherriff Larry Dever, Princess Diana & A Homeopath By The Name Of Ananda Zaren, Secretly Murdered When Their Automobiles Were Electronically Tampered With By Remote Means?

The Following Is An Article On How Electric & Magnetic Fields Are Produced From Within The Human Body - These Fields Extend Outside Of The Body Once They Are Produced, And Also Produce Unique Sets Of Electromagnetic Flux Signatures For Each Human Being - According To NSA Whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, The National Security Agency Can Use The Unique Sets Of EMF Signatures For Each American Citizen, To Instantly Track Any American Citizen Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - One Must Infer From This That The NSA Has Used Its Radiation Intelligence Program To Secretly Catalogue The Unique Sets Of EMF Signatures For Every American Citizen

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