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The Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan "Drug Trusts" War On Cancer Fraud -- Millions Of Americans Have Died As The Result Of This Genocidal Conspiracy

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"Cancer is a Vitamin and enzyme deficiency disease"

- Dr. John Richardson - Advocate Of Laetrile Therapy

The Fraudulent War On Cancer

Written By James F. Marino

In the time that I write this article, men, women and children from around the world will succumb to the cancers which have ravaged their bodies.

In fact, roughly 12 people die every minute from cancer.

What is tragic here is not only the fact that these people have died painfully, but that they have been subjugated to a third rate system of medical treatment, which while being very profitable to those who dispense it, is more often than not, deadly to those who are forced to accept it as the only legal treatment protocol for cancer in the United States.

The fact remains that over the past century trillions of dollars and millions of lives have been lost to cancer, while the allopathic medical community continues to profit obscenely, and deliberately making little progress in finding a cure for this disease.

It has also become painfully clear to those who've watched their loved ones die from cancer, that those who set the guidelines for cancer treatment and research in the United States have little to gain by finding a cure for cancer, and much to gain through its propagation.

Cancer treatment and research is a multi-billion dollar a year business in the United States alone. Find a cure for cancer and this industry (which employs more people than the population of cancer victims in this country) would come to a grinding halt.

Laetrilists Survive Cancer & Defend Laetrile Therapy

A community known for their own empirical research into the drug Laetrile, a derivative of Vitamin B17, has exposed this Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan Drug Trust fraudulent war on cancer. Most Laetrilists are cancer survivors who were given up on by the allopathic medical community in the United States, and told that they had only months to live.

However, many of these people remain alive two to three decades later, singing the praises of Laetrile therapy and deriding the U.S. Drug Trust's medical status quo, for its part in the murders of millions of cancer patients; patients whom these Laetrilists believe would have lived much longer had they only followed this demonized treatment, instead of the Drug Trust's malevolent slash, poison and burn protocols; those which are endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and Federal Food & Drug Administration.

Each of whom has wittingly or unwittingly played a significant role in propagating what can only be described as a form of plausibly deniable mass genocide.

It has been proven scientifically that cancer in the human body is caused by a deficiency of both pancreatic enzymes and Vitamin B17. It is the pancreatic enzymes which dissolve the electric coating surrounding Trophoblast (cancer) cells, which then allows the body's white blood cells to destroy these cancer cells before they can metastasize. If there aren't enough *pancreatic enzymes in which to perform this important task, then the Trophoblast cells propagate uncontrollably leading to cancer.

*There are specific diet regimens which can lead to an increase in the body's pancreative enzymes.

While Laetrile therapy is not mandatory for survival once one develops a cancerous condition, it has already been proven that it is far more effective in curing a variety of cancers, than the chemotherapy and radiation protocols which are generally accepted by the allopathic community in the United States.

However, it is in the preventive maintenance of the body through the consumption of Vitamin B17, that cancer cells can be destroyed before they become problematic, and thus eradicate cancer from the United States; a direct threat to the Drug Trust's war on cancer fraud.

Moreover, it is Vitamin B17 which attacks the cancer from within a cell and destroys it without doing harm to other cells. In fact, it is not the tumors themselves which are cancerous, but the cancer cells within the tumors that eventually lead to death. As such, with Laetrile therapy, cancer cells can be destroyed without necessarily completely eliminating such tumors.

Moreover, the tumors themselves will likely become benign and thus harmless to the body, since any cancer cells within them should be destroyed by Vitamin B17 therapy.

However, even if Laetrile is successful in eradicating the cancer from a patient's body, if vital organs of the body have been irreversibly damaged by such cancer cells, patients can die, even if their cancer is in remission.

Vitamin B17 As Preventive Maintenance

Laetrilists believe that a diet regimen rich in Vitamin B17 can protect the body from developing cancer. However, for those who are unable to obtain Vitamin B17 in their daily diet (it has been banned in the *United States by the FDA in order to protect the Drug Trust's slash, poison and burn protocol), they must leave the United States in order to do so.

There are certain foods which contain minimal amounts of Vitamin B17. The best source of such foods which remains readily available in the United States are apricots, since the seed from which an apricot grows, is rich in Vitamin B17.

The seed can be ground up and sprinkled on foods so that one can still receive an acceptable amount of Vitamin B17 within their daily diet regimen.

For those who contract cancer, there have also been a number of important studies conducted by oncologists which prove that Laetrile therapy is far more effective in treating any form of cancer than radiation and chemotherapy; both of which have had an abysmal track record for curing cancer patients. However, hospitals known for treating cancer have concealed these studies in order to prevent the public from ever learning of them.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, which is highly and erroneously regarded as the best cancer treatment facility in the United States, is one of the establishments which has hidden its research regarding the positive benefits of Laetrile therapy.

In doing so, Sloan Kettering's board of directors has allowed for the needless deaths of many of its patients.

Moreover, in the 1970s, the board of directors at Sloan Kettering intentionally buried research which conclusively proved that Laetrile therapy is far superior to Sloan Kettering's own radiation/chemotherapy protocol.

They also demonized Dr. Kenneth Sugiura, the physician whom they hired to do the study on Laetrile, when he told them that this cancer treatment (based on Vitamin B17) was so superior to Sloan Kettering's cut, poison and burn protocol, that it was obvious that Sloan Kettering should adopt the use of Laetrile in its cancer treatment protocol.

Sloan Kettering's board of directors took this into consideration, until they realized two things: the first was that because Vitamin B17 is a naturally occurring substance, it can not be patented. The second is that because Vitamin B17 is highly successful in curing most cancers in their early stages, that this would greatly reduce the expense involved in treating cancer patients, thus eroding Sloan Kettering's profits.

The third problem which presented itself, was that as Vitamin B17's anti-cancer properties were made known the general public, Americans would have adopted a diet rich in Vitamin B17, which would have ultimately eradicated cancer from the United States and put the Drug Trust out of business.

Given that the board of directors at Sloan Kettering maintained a significant financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry (as is the case in the modern day), the only interest which remained was for them to have Laetrile banned from the United States as expediently as possible.

This is why back in the 1970s, the Board of Directors at Sloan Kettering Hospital used their influence with the FDA, to ban Vitamin B17 from the United States. And as of 2011, it is still illegal to purchase Vitamin B17 in the United States, even though you can purchase foods which contain this substance.

This makes the banning of Vitamin B17 from America, purely economic, just as the banning of marijuana was in the late 1930s. In the instance of marijuana, it was really the hemp plant which was under attack by the oil and pulp industries, both of which feared that hemp products - being more economically friendly than petroleum products - and far more practical in the creation of pulp derived products, since trees did not have to be destroyed in the process, would eventually replace the myriad products created by the oil and pulp industries.

This hypocrisy can be found in virtually every faction of corporate America in the modern day. In fact few Americans even realize that in 1871, the United States Constitution Republic was destroyed, and in its place, a corporate government was founded, which has since been used to abrogate the American people's inherent rights under our original Constitution.

Thus, since 1871, the United States of America has been a corporation controlled by the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschilds' Zionist false Jew banksters. Those interloping parasites, who in reality are nothing but glorified counterfeiters, launders of counterfeited currency, and war profiteers,  whose legacy is the murder of  millions of  people through wars instigated for profit.   Those whose master is Satan, and who continue to parasite off of the Jewish religion, while falsely claiming to be the descendants of the Israelites.

American Medical Association's Demonization Of Vitamin B17

And The Needless Deaths Of Millions Of Americans From

Cancers Which Could've Been Cured

Excerpt from G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer"

"It is hard to hear this unbroken record of deception in the cloak of science, but the grandaddy of them of all occurred a few years later at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. For five years, between 1972 and 1977, Laetrile was meticulously tested at Sloan-Kettering under the direction of Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura. As the senior laboratory researcher there, with over 60 years experience, Dr. Sugiura had earned the highest respect for his knowledge and integrity. In a science laboratory, where truth is sought to the exclusion of all else, he would have been the perfect man for this test.

For the purposes of Sloan-Kettering, however, he was the worst possible choice. Sugiura broke his experiments down into a serious of tests using different types of laboratory animals and different tumors: some transplanted and some naturally occurring. At the conclusion of his experiment, he reported five results: (1) Laetrile stopped metastasis (the spreading of cancer) in mice, (2) it improved their general health, (3) it inhibited the growth of small tumors, (4) it provided relief from pain, and (5) it acted as a cancer prevention.

The official report stated:

'The results clearly show that Amygdalin (Laetrile) significantly inhibits the appearance of lung metastasis, in mice bearing spontaneous mammary tumors and increases significantly the inhibition of growth of the primary tumors... Laetrile also seemed to prevent slightly the appearance of new tumors... The improvement of health and appearance of the treated animals in comparison to controls is always a common observation... Dr. Sugiura has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents.'

The reader is advised to go back and read the last section again for, as we shall see, just a few months later, spokesmen for Sloan-Kettering were flatly denying that there was any evidence that Laetrile had any value.

To fully appreciate what happened next, a little background is in order. The board of directors at Sloan-Kettering is virtually controlled by corporate executives representing the financial interest of pharmaceutical companies. Most of that control is held by the Rockefeller dynasty and their cartel partners.

At the time of the Sugiura tests, there were three Rockefellers sitting on the board (James, Laurence, and William) plus more than a dozen men whose companies were within the Rockefeller financial orbit.

The history of how the Rockefellers became involved in the pharmaceutical industry is contained in Part II of of this book. But, to appreciate how that effects this part of the story, we must know that John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and his son, J.D. II, began donating to Memorial Hospital in 1927. They also gave a full block of land on which the new hospital was built in the 1930's. Nothing was given without something to be received. In this case, was control over one of the great medical centers of the world."

Memorial Sloan Kettering Lies To The Public

Today, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York, will state that successful cancer treatment is in either eliminating or reducing the size of a malignant tumor.

However, this is untrue. Using radio therapy (radiation) to irradiate a tumor only increases the amount of cancer within the tumor itself, even though the tumor is reduced in size. And even if the cancerous tumor is eradicated from the body by such means, that does not ensure that the person will remain cancer free, because the condition which caused the malignant tumor was never addressed.

Laetrile therapy, on the other hand, can destroy the cancer from within the tumor, oftentimes eliminating it completely, even if the tumor itself is not entirely destroyed. However, even if the tumor has not been eliminated completely, it will often revert from being cancerous to becoming benign.

One of the more famous Laetrile success stories was actor Steve McQueen, whom to this day the medical establishment and the mainstream media report died from cancer. Even the actor's wife and son have publicly stated that McQueen died from cancer, illustrating just how powerful the conspiracy by the American Medical Association to demonize Laetrile therapy is.

Moreover, the truth is that Steve McQueen was cured of his cancer after taking Laetrile injections, only to die on the operating table from an aneurysm, when undergoing elective cosmetic surgery in which to remove a benign growth which remained in his stomach.

The following are some testimonials from Laetrile patients which you will not hear about in the U.S. media or the allopathic medical community in this country. Those whom in order to earn a living, routinely lie to the American public about anything which can significantly improve some aspect of our living conditions.

Those whose allegiance is to their paychecks and the world government which is quietly being ushered in by the British Monarchy, the House of Rothschild and the Vatican - a triumvirate whose main interest is in creating a global police state in which the elite will completely overrun the global middle class, while using a myriad of clandestine methods in which to perpetrate a covert form of mass genocide, in which billions of people will be murdered.

Just A Few Of The Cancer Patients Cured By Laetrile

Dave Edmunds

"Mr. David Edmunds of Pinole, California, was operated on in June of 1971 for cancer of the colon, which also had metastasized or spread to the bladder. When the surgeon opened him up, he found that the malignant tissue was so widespread it was almost impossible to remove it all. The blockage of the intestines was relieved by severing the colon and bringing the open end to the outside of his abdomen - a procedure known as colostomy. Five months later, the cacner had worsened, and Mr. Edmunds was told that he had only a few more months to live.

"Mrs. Edmunds, who is a Registered Nurse, had heard about Laetrile and decided to give it a try. Six months later, in stead of lying on his deathbed, Mr. Edmunds surprised his doctors by feeling well enough to resume an almost normal routine.

"An exploratory cycstoscopy of the bladder revealed that the cancer had disappeared. At his own insistence, he was admitted to the hospital to see if his colon would be put back together again. In surgery, they found nothing even resembling cancer tissue. So they re-connected the colon and sent him home to recuperate. It was the first time in the history of the hospital that a reverse colostomy for this condition had been performed.

"At the time of the author's last contact three years later, Mr. Edmunds was living a normal life of health and vigor."

Joanne Wilkinson

"In 1967 in Walnut Creek, Californian, Mrs. Joanne Wilkinson, mother of six, had a tumor removed from her left leg, just below the thigh. Four months later there was a recurrence requiring additional surgery and the removal of muscle and bone.

"A year later, a painful lump in the groin appeared and began to drain. A biopsy revealed that her cancer had returned and was spreading. Her doctor told her that surgery would be necessary again, but this time they would have to amputate the leg, the hip, and probably the bladder and one of the kidneys as well. The plan was to open up her lungs first to see if cancer had located there. If it had, then they would not amputate, because there would be no chance of saving her anyway.

"At the urging of her sister and of a mutual friend, Mrs. Wilkinson decided not to undergo surgery but to try Laetrile instead. Her doctor was greatly upset by this and told her that, if she did not have the surgery, she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks. Mrs. Wilkinson describes in her own words what happened next:

'That was Saturday, November 16, 1968. I'll never forget that day! The stitches from the biopsy were still in the leg. Dr. Krebs gave me an injection of Laetrile - and the tumor reacted. It got very large - from a walnut size to the size of a small lemon -- and there was bleeding four or five days. I went back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week for five weeks to get injections, and the tumor then started getting smaller. Five weeks later I could longer feel it.

' An X-ray was taken the first Monday, and regularly after that to watch the progress. Injections were continued for six months -- 10cc's three times a week and of course the diet: No diary products, nothing made with white flour - no eggs - but white fish, chicken, turkey.

'And I felt wonderful! In fact, In August, 1969, the doctor told me I needed no more injections. My X-rays were clear, showing that the tumor had shrunk, was apparently encased in scar tissue and was not active.'

"Our last contact with Mrs. Wilkinson was nine years after her doctor had said that she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks without surgery. She was living a healthy and productive life and all that was left was a grim reminder of her narrow escape was a small scar from the biopsy."

Joe Botelho

Mr. Joe Botelho of San Pablo, California, underwent surgery (trans-urethral resection) and was told by his doctor that he had a prostate tumor that simply had to come out. His reaction?

'I didn't let them take it out because I figured that would only spread it. The doctor told me I wouldn't last too long. He wanted to give me cobalt, and I wouldn't agree to that either. At a health food store I heard about a doctor in San Francisco who used Laetrile. I went to see him, was told that the prostate was the size of a bar of soap. I got one injection every four days for several months.

'Mr. Bothelho, who was sixty-five at the time, also maintained a strict diet designed specifically not to use up the body's pancreative enzyme, trypsin. When the author interviewed him three years later, his tumor was gone, and he even reported that his hair was turning dark again. He was not sure what was causing that, but attributed it to his better eating habits.'"

Alicia Buttons

Wife Of Comedian Red Buttons

"Alicia Buttons, the wife of the famous actor-comedian Red Buttons, is among the thousands of Americans who attribute their lives to the action of Laetrile. Speaking before a cancer convention in Los Angeles, Red Buttons declared:

'Laetrile saved Alicia from cancer. Doctors here in the U.S. gave her only a few months to live last November. But now she is alive and well, a beautiful and vital wife and mother, thanks to God and to those wonderful men who have the courage to stand up for their science.'

"Mrs. Buttons had been suffering from advanced cancer of the throat and was given up as terminal by practitioner of orthodox medicine. As a last resort, however, she went to West Germany to seek Laetrile therapy from Dr. Hans Nieper of the Silbersee hospital in Hanover. Within a few months her cancer had completely regressed, the pain had gone, her appetite had returned, and she was as healthy and strong as ever. Doctors in the United State verified the amazing recovery, but could not believe that a mere vitamin substance had been responsible. Alicia is still going strong twenty-three years later."

Dr. Dale Danner

"In 1972, Dr. Dale Danner, a podiatrist from Santa Paula, California, developed a pain in the right leg and severe cough. X-rays revealed carcinoma of both lungs and what appeared to be massive secondary tumors in the leg. The cancer was inoperable and resistant to radio therapy. The prognosis was: incurable and fatal.

"At the insistence of his mother, Dr. Danner agreed to try Laetrile, although he had no faith in its effectiveness. Primarily, just to please her, he obtained a large supply in Mexico. But he was convinced from he had read in medical journals that it was nothing but quackery and a fraud. 'Perhaps it was even dangerous,' he thought, for he noticed from the literature that it contained cyanide.

"Without a few weeks the pain and the coughing had progressed to the point where no amount of medication could hold it back. Forced to crawl on his hand and knees, and unable to sleep for three days and nights, he became despondent and desperate. Groggy from the lack of sleep, from the drugs, and from the pain, finally he turned to his supply of Laetrile.

"Giving himself one more massive dose of medication, hoping to bring on sleep, he proceeded to to administer the Laetrile directly into an artery. Before losing consciousness, Dr. Danner had succeeded in taking at least an entire ten-day supply -- and possibly as high as a twenty-day supply -- all at once.

"When he awoke thirty-six hours later, much to his amazement, not only was he still alive, but also the cough and pain were greatly reduced. His appetite had returned, and he was feeling better than he had in months. Reluctantly he had to admit that Laetrile was working. So he obtained an additional supply and began routine treatment with smaller doses. Three months later he was back at work."

William Sykes

"In the fall of 1975, William Sykes of Tampa, Florida, developed lymphocyctic leukemia plus cancer of the spleen and liver. After removal of the spleen, he was told by his doctor's that he had, at best, a few more months to live.

Although chemotherapy was recommended -- not as a cure but merely to try to delay death a few more weeks -- Mr. Sykes chose Laetrile instead -- In his own words this is what happened:

'When we saw the doctor a few weeks later, he explained how and why Laetrile was helping many cancer patients, and suggested that I have intravenous shots of 30cc's of Laetrile daily for the next three weeks. He also gave me enzymes and a diet to follow along with food supplements.

'In a few days I was feeling better, but on our third visit the doctor said that he could no longer treat me. He had been told that his license would be revoked if he continued to use Laetrile. He showed my wife how to administer the Laetrile, sold us what he had, and gave us an address where more could be obtained.

'The next week I continued on the program and was feeling better each day. One afternoon the doctor from Ann Arbor called to ask why I had not returned for the chemotherapy. He said I was playing 'Russian Roulette" with my life. He finally persuaded me to return for chemotherapy, so I went to Ann Arbor and started the treatments. Each day I felt worse. My eyes burned, my stomach felt like it was on fire. In just a few days I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. The 'cure' was killing me faster than the disease! I couldn't take it any longer, so I stopped the chemotherapy, returned to my supply of Laetrile and food supplements, and quickly started feeling better. It took longer this time as I was fighting the effects of the chemotherapy as well as the cancer...

'In a short time I could again do all my push-up[s and exercises without tiring. Now, at 75 years of age (20years after they said I had only a few more months to live), I still play racquet ball twice a week.'"

Bud Robinson

"The following letter from Bud Robinson in Phoenix, Arizona, needs no further comment. It was sent to Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr."

"Dear Dr. Krebs,

Thank you for giving me another birthday (May 17).

Please , again, remember November 15th, 1979, when my doctor and four other urologists gave me a maximum of four months to live with my prostate cancer, and they set up appointments for radiation and chemotherapy, which I knew would kill me if the cancer didn't, and refused their treatment.

Then on a Sunday afternoon I contacted you by telephone and went with your simple program.

I am 71 years old and am in my 13th year (of survival). Three of the four urologists have died with prostate cancer, and forty or fifty people are alive today, and doing very well, because they followed my 'krebs' simple program. Thanks again for giving me back my life.

Your friend,
H.M. 'Bud Robinson'"


These are just a few of the myriad testimonials to the effectiveness of Laetrile therapy in the treatment of cancer, and why the cancer fraud propagated by way of the "Drug Trust" and its slash, poison and burn therapies must be exposed for what they are and ended.

Those who control this Drug Trust are responsible for a form of genocide by preventing cancer patients from obtaining a superior treatment protocol, and for demonizing both the Laetrile protocol as well as any doctor who attempts to prescribe it for their patient.

- James F. Marino

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Editor's Note: As the FBI/NSA slander campaign against this author continues, their electronic attacks on this Website also occur on a daily basis. This is typical of the cheating mindset of the U.S. Intelligence community, whose employees are taught that as long as they can get away with it, no crime that they commit is above reproach - including torture and murder; and no lie, no matter how outrageous, is not worth promulgating - that is, as long as these agents think that they can perpetrate these crimes with impunity from prosecution.

This serves as further evidence of a community of sociopaths so foul, that they fit neatly into the Zionist dogma, which is furtively used in which to secretly control the dictatorship that the House of Rothschild and its Federal Reserve System Communist banking cartel, have secretly implemented under the guise of a democratic republic.

This cartel's lies are so deeply rooted, their crimes so inherently evil, that mass deception is their only means of survival. A deception that has characterized the Rothschilds' entire existence on this planet since the 18Th Century.

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Texas Woman Arrested For Posting A Sign Warning Drivers Of A Police Speed Trap

The American Medical Association's Greatest Deception Of The American People - Concealing The Fact That Cancer Is Caused By A Vitamin & Enzyme Deficiency That Can Be Remedied By Adding Vitamin B17 Supplementation To The American Diet

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Is WNYC Deceiving Its Listening Audience By Conning Them Out Of Donations Which Are Used For Questionable Means?

WNYC, WQXR And The Charitable Trust Con - The Zionist Controlled Media In America Has Found A Successful Formula For Conning The Public Out Of Money While Convincing Them That It's For A Good Cause

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The FBI's Obstructed Justice In Many Of The Cases That It Has Been Charged With Investigating Over The Years, However, The FBI Outdid Itself In Its Concoction Of The Faulty Fuel Tank Theory Regarding TWA Flight 800 - The FBI Ignored Over 700 Eyewitnesses To The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800, And Instead Fabricated Evidence In Order To Cover Up The Fact That Flight 800 Had Accidentally Been Destroyed By The U.S. Navy

Editor's Note: For years the police departments in the United States have claimed that they do not have monthly traffic ticket quotas which force police officers to write a certain number of tickets each month, even though these quotas do exist.

What's worse is the way that these officers park their cars in secreted areas just waiting to pull over an unsuspecting motorist.

The Texas woman in the above video decided that the use of such speed traps is deceptive. And in answer to them she decided to hold a sign informing motorists that they were approaching a speed trap.

For her conscientious effort, a police officer arrested her - not for holding the sign up - but instead for standing in the roadway obstructing traffic.

However, this woman has stated that she was not in the roadway obstructing traffic, but instead on the sidewalk, and that the officer fabricated the story about her standing in the roadway just so he would have an excuse to arrest her.

This situation is very concerning because this woman is not the first person who has accused a police officer of willfully fabricating evidence in order to justify their own criminal acts. As for such fabrications, the FBI is notorious for fabricating evidence against someone whom they are attempting to entrap, in order to justify the FBI's illegal operations, as well as the money spent by the FBI in doing so.

As for the police, if there are no monthly ticket quotas as they claim, and their interest is in promoting safer driving habits, why don't these officers just keep their patrol cars parked on the shoulder of the roads which they patrol, with their gumball lights flashing?

This would certainly slow traffic down and lead to safer driving conditions.

So why isn't this safety method employed by the police departments throughout the United States?

Because this method of traffic control would also dramatically reduce the number of traffic tickets written by police officers each month, while decreasing the revenue of the respective towns and cities that these departments operate within.

This offers further proof that the police "speed trap" is a tremendous source of monthly revenue, and that the writing of traffic tickets has far more to do with this revenue, than it does in promoting safer driving habits.

Moreover, as a citizen of the United States you have the Constitutional right to know when you are being placed under surveillance, whether it's by a police officer who is looking to write traffic citations to meet a monthly quota for their department, or an Intelligence community which is using spy satellites to violate your civil rights by using you for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

- James F. Marino

*Editor's Note: In another instance a jogger decides to warn motorists of a speed trap and gets arrested for J-Walking. Why was he not just cited for this?
As in the case of Natalie (in the above video), the arrest was likely based on a false charge in order to punish this man for warning drivers of a police speed trap.

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Caught Lying, Barack Obama Invokes His Right To Executive Priviledge After Claiming That He Had No Knowledge Of Operation Fast & Furious

UFO Researcher Dean Warwick Dies Suddenly While Taking The Stage At A UFO Conference - Was Warwick Yet Another Victim Of A Directed Energy Weapons' Attack?

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FBI-CIA Collusion With Nixon White House In The 1972 Disappearance And Likely Murders Of Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Senior

"If our founding fathers could see the cesspool that the U.S. Congress has become today, they would roll over in their graves. Most Americans don't realize this, but we already have a 'part-time Congress.' Members of Congress only 'work' a little over a third of the days on the calendar. The rest of the time they have off. It is no wonder why so many members of Congress are involved in so much corruption - they have so much free time on their hands that they are bound to get into trouble."

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Of Operation Fast & Furious

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Blowback Regarding Operation Fast & Furious

In Which Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Was Shot & Killed

How World Zionism Began & The Devastation That This Radical Ideology Continues To Cause To The Global Population

Notorious For Its Fabrications Of Evidence & Obstruction Of Justice, The FBI's 1996 Whitewash Of The Facts Behind The U.S. Navy's Accidental Shooting Down Of TWA Flight 800, Continues To Haunt The FBI's Hierarchy

Is Mathematician John Nash Really Suffering From Schizophrenia, Or Is Nash One Of The CIA's Earliest Victims Of MKULTRA?

Eustace Mullins Discusses Zionism & The New World Order

Editor's Note: The Supreme Court's decision to support the Obama Administration's Communistic health care plan as another tax, and mandate that all Americans must purchase health care insurance, is yet another indication that the Supreme Court is incapable of operating within the Constitutional rule of law, and that it does not represent the will of the American middle class.

Obama Supreme Court Decision Regarding Healthcare Mandate Means Billions More In Taxes On American Citizens Each Year

Moreover, through the passage of its health care plan, the Obama Administration has violated its promise not to increase taxes on the American middle class, while forcing those who can afford health care to also assume the costs regarding premiums for those who cannot afford to purchase this insurance.

This is yet another example of the U.S. Federal Government's "robbing Peter to pay Paul."

It is also another illustration of the ways in which the Obama Administration and the Supreme Court are being used by the House of Rothschild and the British Monarchy, to use any means necessary in which to bankrupt the American middle class, while subjugating them to a contemporary version of the medieval feudal system which existed from the 9Th through the 15Th Centuries.

Last night, after this author posts the following comment as well as the above interview with political historian, Eustace Mullins, someone fires off what sounds like several shotgun blasts in the woods behind our home. We are heading into the 4Th Of July weekend, so it could have been fireworks, however, these were single shots.

If it was the work of an organized stalker, which it likely was, this is further proof that these men and women are not of a rational mind - which is all the more concerning when they also happen to have access to firearms.

The fact that they perpetrate this crime at night, is also a sign of their cowardice. I say crime because it is a crime to discharge a loaded firearm within the limits of our town. Then again, it is also a crime to stalk people, just as it is a crime to commit any act which violates the civil rights of any American citizen.

In spite of this, organized stalking continues to take place throughout the United States under the guise of a war on terror, and under the auspices of the Justice Department and Homeland Security, which defines the federal government itself as a conspirator in these Zionist-Nazi idealized crimes.


The controlled media in the world today espouses the importance of exposing anti-Semitism. However, what this media system will not expose is the schism which developed between the world's Jewish population in the early part of the 20Th Century. Specifically, the Orthodox Jews believed that they should only establish their own country when their Savior arrived on this planet.

However, by 1928 the House of Rothschilds' reformed Jews (Zionists) believed that their need to found their own country was more important than waiting for this messiah to arrive.

Hence, the Zionist ideology was created.

This became the foundation for the creation of the State of Israel, which was financed by the House of Rothschilds' reformed Jews (Zionists). The conflict between the Orthodox Jews and the Zionist Jews continues to this very day, with the Orthodox Jews referring to Zionist Jews as being false Jews.

Unfortunately, many critics of Zionism wrongfully attack the entire Jewish population for the crimes of the Zionist Jews, which is unfair, since there are many fine Jews who are working to expose the dangers of Zionism, as well as the House of Rothschilds' role as head of the global Zionist community.

Excerpt Of Eustace Mullins' Last Interview Before His Death

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Subjected To A Covert Plan By Their Own Subverted Government In Which To Destroy Them, How Will The American Middle Class Survive This Nightmare?

Another Media Personality Is Subjected To Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface Of Their Person During The Live Broadcast Of A Texas Rangers' Baseball Game - These Furtive Mind Control Attacks On Media Personalities During Live TV Events Are Becoming More Common

"America Becomes The Zionists' Main Whore" - Article Sourced At: Website

The NSA's TANGRAM Domestic Spy Program Is Unconstitutional & In Violation Of The NSA's Charter

More On The CIA's Role In The Jonestown Massacre And Its Control Over The Reverend Jim Jones (AKA James Warren)

The Following Bibliography Contains Many Books Written In Regard To The FBI's Crimes Against American Citizens - If The U.S. Congress Did Not Cover Up These Crimes, The FBI Would Have Been Abolished Long Ago - Instead, This Modern Day Gestapo Continues To Perpetrate Its Crimes Against The American People Without Being Held Accountable For Them

The Enslaved American Middle Class

How Will They Survive The Rothschilds' Plan To Turn

America Into A Modern Day Feudal System?

Author - James F. Marino

America's middle class continues to be treated like slave labor, while the ultra wealthy Anglo-Zionist elite class in this country benefit by the Rothschilds' furtive form of taxation without legitimate representation - The Internal Revenue Service - which is used in order to conduct a covert form of class warfare on the American middle class.

The IRS was designed with this ultra wealthy class in mind. Specifically, the organization was created so that the Rothschilds could impose a secret form of class warfare on America's middle class. However, if only the middle class was taxed, they would have rebelled against the U.S. Federal Government. So this system of taxation was superficially imposed on the entire working class in the United States with the following caveats:

Those who make a tremendous amount of money can take advantage of loopholes in the IRS' tax code under the concept of tax avoidance - in other words tax write-offs that only the wealthy are able to avail themselves of. The more money you earn, the less in federal income tax you pay.

Moreover, if you amass the types of gluttonous fortunes that a *Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have, you can then avail yourselves of what is perhaps the most brilliant tax con of all - the charitable trust - a concept which allows the owner of such a fortune to maintain control of it by making bequests which on the surface appear to be legitimate. A certain amount of the money is used for charitable contributions, in order to qualify for this tax dodge, while the bulk of these fortunes is squirreled away from the public eye so that society never really knows where the rest of this money is allocated.

* To put the House of Rothschilds' wealth into perspective, the entire Rothschild fortune is said to have surpassed 500 trillion dollars!

However, even the portion of these trusts which is used for such publicly made bequests, always conforms to the furtive agenda of the benefactor.

The rest of America's *working class - its middle class - is subjected to very serious penalties for tax evasion if they refuse to file a 1040 income tax return, even though Title 26 of the IRS tax code clearly states that paying a tax on one's wages is voluntary compliance - which means that you don't have to pay a federal income tax on your wages if you decide not to.

* Unlike the rest of the American middle class, government workers are not prosecuted for refusing to file a federal income tax return. In the famous court case regarding the IRS' prosecution of Gaylon Whitey Harrell, a jury refused to convict Harrell of willful failure to file a 1040 income tax return. The jury reasoned that because it is a not a crime for federal employees in the State which Harrell resided, to file an income tax return, then it logically follows that it is not a crime for a person working within the private sector to file a 1040 income tax return.

The case set a precedent that the IRS has been looking to conceal from the American people. However, more recently, the IRS was seeking a way to force more than 100,000 government employees who had intentionally failed to file an IRS tax return, to file a 1040 form in the future.

The first question that the average American citizen should be asking in this situation is why were these 100,000 employees not arrested when they refused to file a 1040 income tax return?

These government workers were not arrested because there is no law which authorizes the IRS to impose a federal income tax; something which the jury in the Whitey Harrell case learned about during Harrell's trial.

As such, the IRS' failure to prosecute the 100,000 government employees who refused to file a 1040 income tax return gives further credence to the decision made by the jury in the IRS case against Gaylon Harrell, in finding that if a government employee does not have to file a 1040 income tax return, then neither does an employee who works in the private sector.

To take this a step further, suppose that the entire working class in America decides not to file a 1040 income tax return for the year 2012. Would the federal government prosecute more than 100 million people? No, the federal income tax would be abolished.

See: IRS Seeks To Have Government Workers Fired For Not Paying The Income Tax

When the "We The People" tax amnesty group proved that Title 26 of the IRS tax code does not authorize the IRS to impose a federal income tax on the wages of the American workforce, the IRS then claimed that the 16Th Amendment to the United States Constitution empowers it to impose this tax.

However, when a former IRS investigator by the name of Bill Benson travelled to the 48 contiguous U.S. States and compiled more than 17,000 pages of documentation which conclusively proves that the 16Th Amendment was never ratified by the 75% of the U.S. States needed in which to pass the 16Th Amendment into law, Benson was censured by a judge, who ordered him to refrain from circulating the proof he had obtained, that the IRS is imposing an illegal tax on the the America people's wages!

Moreover, even if the 16TH Amendment were legal, it clearly states that a direct tax (which is what the federal income tax is) must be divided equally amongst all 50 U.S. States. However, the IRS' graduated system of taxation (which is taken directly from Marxism) is not equally apportioned, which means that it is being applied to the U.S. population unconstitutionally.

So why are American citizens going to prison for failing to file a 1040 income tax return, when it has already been proven that the IRS is operating criminally, and imposing a tax that it has no authority to impose?

Moreover, as part of this agenda in which to enslave the American middle class, according to former NSA employee and government whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, by the early 1980's the *National Security Agency had for all intents and purposes been used to turn the United States into a shadow dictatorship; with the NSA developing and implementing a national brain fingerprinting network which has secretly been imposed on the American people, and by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

* Idaho Senator, Frank Church, concluded during the Church Committee Hearings of the 1970's, that given its Signals Intelligence apparatus, the NSA could easily be used to turn the United States into a dictatorship. Based on the testimony of John St. Clair Akwei in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA, that is exactly what the House of Rothschild began using the NSA for when the Agency began secretly deploying its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in the early 1980's.

This is what happens when the checks and balances which were implemented by our founding fathers in their creation of a constitutional government, are removed, while the government is then allowed to completely overrun its people, egregiously disregarding their inherent rights as citizens.

Google John St. Clair Akwei VS the National Security Agency to see the contents of this lawsuit.

The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex

It's Not What You Think

Many individuals who've for one reason or another stumbled across a criminal act that was perpetrated by their own government, are often accused of being paranoid as well as conspiracy theorists. And is it any wonder, since in quite a number of instances their claims are, at least on the surface outlandish.

However, when one delves more deeply into investigating these claims, more times than not they will find that there's more than a hint of truth in what such conspiracy theorists are saying.

The reality of this situation is that the covert organizations which operate within most countries and are sold to the public as intelligence communities, are in fact both domestic as well as international spy organizations, which most often use front organizations in which to conceal their crimes from the public, as well as to furtively infiltrate society.

The U.S. National Security Agency is perhaps the best example of such an organization, given its once nearly invisible nature. An organization whose existence is based on its spying on the citizenry of the United States in a three prong method, which includes: Signals Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Domestic Intelligence.

Even though the NSA is expressly forbidden from spying on Americans by its own legislative charter, in addition to Directive 18, which is often referred to by insiders at the agency as the NSA Bible.

However, until the Bush 43 Administration was exposed for using the NSA in which to spy on this Administration's own perceived enemies, most Americans had never heard of the National Security Agency.

However, since Bush 43 was exposed for using the NSA to spy on its critics, the NSA has now become a household term.

In 2006, a former NSA agent with top security clearance, by the name of Russell Tice, described the NSA as an organization of completely demoralized agents who were afraid to challenge the NSA's hierarchy, out of fear that these agents would find themselves stripped of their security clearances, ostracized by their fellow workers, and relegated to a no man's land section of the NSA where they were paid to just sit around and do nothing, while being psychologically abused by fellow employees.

This is what happened to Russell Tice after he challenged his superiors in regard to crimes that the NSA has been committing against an unwitting American public.

Moreover, Tice was about to blow the whistle on some major scandal that the NSA was involved in when the FBI began using its intimidation tactics in which to prevent him from testifying before the United States Congress.

The revelations which Tice was about to share with the public included crimes which the former NSA agent stated would shock the American people.

Once again, the role the FBI played here was to obstruct justice, by preventing Russell Tice from testifying to crimes that the NSA is in the commission of perpetrating against the American citizenry.

It is this author's opinion, that Tice was going to expose the NSA's use of satellite based electromagnetic weapons on the American public, and quite possibly even corroborate what John St. Clair Akwei has already promulgated regarding the NSA's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in which to electronically catalogue the unique set of bioelectric resonance-entrainment frequencies for each American citizen's brain.

An electronic form of wireless brain fingerprinting which relies on both electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology. Something which this author has been subjugated to for decades as an NSA satellite prisoner; used for wireless computer to brain interface - a form of non consensual human experimentation - while experiencing the most precedent setting and egregious violations of my inherent rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

As in the case of John St. Clair Akwei, this author's Family members are also brain-tapped via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, yet refuse to admit it, out of fear that there will be severe consequences if they corroborate this author's allegations in regard to the FBI and NSA, and the vicious crimes these organizations have subjected my person to; as well as the Intel community's egregious violations of their own Constitutional rights.

It is such intimidation tactics that have historically enabled the U.S. Military- Intelligence complex to commit these crimes without ever being held accountable for them, since most of their victims are too terrified to speak out, fearing retribution by a community of agents who believe that they are above the Constitutional rule of law.

And while there's little doubt that many of the people who operate from within the intelligence community may have entered this specialized field with the intention of doing good work and making positive contributions to society, they have since become little more than high-tech-criminals - the direct result of the elite powers of the world operating under the House of Rothschilds' Illuminati crime syndicate, who were quick to take control of these organizations, in order to gain access to their clandestine technology.

The result of such machinations is that organizations that should have been used to protect our nations, have instead been completely perverted for the House of Rothschilds' own criminal utilization. A very controlling and evil people whom like the Rothschilds, enjoy harming others, while seeking a collective rationale for doing so. There are most certainly a great number of such men and women to be found within the global intelligentsia.

And those operating within such organizations like the NSA, FBI and CIA continue to display such psychotic behavior, with their inhumane operations and complete lack of judicial oversight, since it becomes easier for our so called leadership to ignore the fact that these organizations are perpetrating such heinous crimes, rather than to acknowledge that what they are doing is truly evil.

As someone who's experienced first hand, the absolute malice that the United States Military-Industrialist-Intelligence complex is capable of, this author will never again be able to see the United States as I once did. I say this because I have learned that the United States Federal Government has used a series of perpetual untruths to mask its culpability in some of the most outrageous crimes ever documented.

America's persona as the bright and shining light of the free world is as fraudulent as the Nazi's excuse for torturing and murdering millions of Jews under the guise of medical experimentation, during the Holocaust.

In the modern day, to be a truly well educated American citizen means to eschew the veil of lies that this government has fed us since the time that we were children.

American history books are replete with more fabrications than one can count; lies so extensive that they have completely altered the landscape of our American Constitutional Republic.

The United States of America was founded as a Constitutional Republic and remained so up until the midst of the 19Th Century, when the House of Rothschild used their minions in which to infiltrate our federal government, through the U.S. Congresses' creation of legislation which created a second illegal corporate constitution, which since 1871, has been used to subvert the U.S. Federal Government.

This treasonous piece of legislation is the Legislative Act of 1871. And even though it is rumored to have been repealed a few years later, the fact is that the U.S. Federal Government continues to operate based not on our Constitution of 1787, but instead this fraudulent second constitution.

As for the body politic in the United States, these politicians continue to support this treasonous corporate constitution, while attempting to convince us that the United States was founded as a Democratic Republic; when in fact, it never was.

Politicians who continue to aid and abet the Rothschilds' Communist counterfeiter and launderer in the United States - their Federal Reserve System central bank.

Still worse, is that your average American does not even realize that their country was created as a Constitutional Republic. That is how effective the Rothschilds' brainwashing of the American citizenry has been. And the controlled media does everything possible to ensure that this disinformation campaign remains intact, while demonizing those who attempt to tell the American people who really controls the United States.

For instance, ask another family member, friend, or even neighbor what type of government they think we have in the United States, and they will tell you that our government is a democracy.

However, that was not what America was created to be. And the truth is that short of a dictatorship, a democracy is the worst form of government there is - a government where the majority rules the minority. In the United States the Anglo-Zionist elite class has ruled through such a democracy as a result of its control over our money supply, and its consequent subversion of our government.

This control over the money supply gives this oligarchy the ability to also control our government's legislators, who continue to decimate the U.S. Constitution through the unconstitutional and self serving laws which they pass for their Anglo Zionist masters: The British Monarchy and The House Of Rothschild.

As a result of this, the federal government in America is overseen by an international crime syndicate that has built its fortune through war profiteering and the counterfeiting and laundering of its own worthless currency, as well as its looting of the U.S. Treasury.

As such, it is the House of Rothschild and its international counterfeiting-laundering cartel that has secretly controlled the U.S. Federal Government since 1913, when the treasonous Federal Reserve Act was criminally passed into legislation.

This allowed for the creation of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve System; an organization which was founded in order to both loot the United States Treasury of much of the American people's gold bullion, as well as to counterfeit and launder the Rothschilds' own fiat currency through the U.S. economy, in an effort to destroy the value of our currency, as part of a criminal conspiracy in which to impoverish America's middle class.

A situation in which the U.S. Congress was tricked into giving up its constitutional authority to coin and regulate the value of American currency, while the Rothschilds used their new found authority in the United States to secretly overthrow the U.S. Federal Government, while gradually implementing a shadow government which has since been used to reduce the American middle class to the status of serfs.

These crimes were perpetrated through the creation of the Federal Reserve Communist central bank, which has since been used to furtively manipulate the U.S. economy, and the creation of the Internal Revenue Service, which has been used to steal the American middle classes' wealth, through the implementation of an unconstitutional income tax.

The most diabolical form of class warfare ever conducted against a nation's citizenry.

What is equally as nefarious is the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in secretly brain fingerprinting the American people. It is this covert enslavement of the American citizenry that must be exposed at any cost.

Given the aforesaid, the American people are the targets of a government that is far more dangerous to their survival than any foreign power, because this government is ruled by the same oligarchy that controls almost every government on the face of this planet.

The British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild counterfeiting cartel.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: The NSA continues to use directed energy weaponry to remotely torture other members of this author's Family. The main *symptoms include fatigue, nausea and light headedness. All three of these symptoms are commonly reportedly by targets of directed energy weapons and are the result of ULF (ultra low frequency) waves.

*After months of experiencing these symptoms a daily basis, this author and two other members of my Family suddenly find that these symptoms have completely abated. The fact that we all notice a simultaneous end to these symptoms serves as yet further evidence that we are the targets of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and being used for non consensual human experimentation.

The symptoms can also resume at any time, the moment that the NSA agents who've been illegally targeting and torturing us with these satellite based directed energy weapons decide to do so.

The illegal use of this technology to torture members of this author's Family is used in conjunction with myriad other forms of electronic harassment and psychological warfare operations by the FBI, NSA and DHS, in order to wear us down.

And while these crimes are plausibly deniable, the subhuman refuse within these organizations who deploy them are well aware that they are both torturers and murderers who are being used to destroy the United States of America and her middle class. There was a time where we respected our government and our military intelligence complex with the understanding that their existence was to promote a safer world.

However, this has been nothing but an illusion, with the men and women in our military being exploited for the New World Order agenda of the British Monarchy and the House Of Rothschild. Many of whom have been sacrificed for the fraudulent war on terror, which continues to be used to destroy America and her people.

The U.S. Intelligence community continues to be used by the British Monarchy and House of Rothschild to electronically enslave the American middle class, under the pretense of conducting a war on terror which most Americans rightly believe is based on a complete deception.

Also See:

Videos Contained On The Mother Of All Black Ops Website Listed On YouTube

This Victim Of An FBI COINTELPRO Operation Has Been Tortured By The FBI For Years, Because The FBI Lost Information Which She Furnished Them With In Regard To The Olympic Park Bombing - The FBI Is Attempting To Force Her To Commit Suicide By Regularly Torturing Her By Way Of Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapons, Which She Documents On The Following Website - Her Website Offers Further Proof That Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface Is Being Used By The U.S. Intel Community To Manipulate People's Thoughts & That Many FBI Agents Are In Fact Sexual Predators Who Use These Satellite Based Weapons To Sexually Molest & Torture Their Victims - Yet Another In The Myriad Of Reasons Why The FBI Should Be Abolished

The FBI's Cover Up Regarding NSA/CIA Satellite Deployed Thought Reading Technology Being Secretly Used On The American Population - Once Again, Instead Of Exposing An Outrageous Crime Being Perpetrated By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, The FBI Is Being Used To Conceal It, While The Organization Slanders And Attempts To Murder Anyone Who Is Documenting Their Experiences As A Target Of This Remote Neural Monitoring Technology

Since The End Of The Revolutionary War, The House Of Rothschild And Its Zionist Jews Have Been Intent On Destroying The United States And Her Citizenry, Out Of Fear That If America Were Allowed To Succeed, Its Success Would Result In The Destruction Of Every Monarchy On This Planet, And With Them, The House Of Rothschilds' Own Destruction

The Reagan Administration's Executive Order 12333 And Its Two Subsequent Amendments Under The Bush 43 Administration - EO 13355 Signed In 2004 & EO 13470 Signed In 2007- Violate The American People's Constitutional Rights Under The 4Th, 5Th And 6Th Amendments To The United States Bill Of Rights - EO 12333 Was Also Used By The Reagan Administration In Order To Enable The National Security Agency To Deploy Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network In The United States, Which Has Been Used To Secretly Electronically Brain Fingerprint The American People

Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island, Have Some Of The Highest Paid Police Forces In The United States - Further Proof Of The Police State Mindset Which Has Emerged Over The Past Decade - Add To This A "No Lay Off" Clause In Their Union Contracts & Police Officers Who Average More Than $200,000 Per Year, And You Have A Significant Financial Drain On A State That Is Already In Major Economic Decline - Last Week The NIFA Board Took Control Of Nassau County's Finances For The First Time In History, Due To What NIFA Has Stated Are Fraudulent Accounting Practices By Nassau's Elected Officials - A Further Sign Of The Troubled Times Ahead For New Yorkers, And That The Proverbial Well Which The State's Politicians Have Routinely Gone To In Search Of Economic Aid, Has Finally Dried Up

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Happened Again - Yet Another TV Personality Starts Rambling Incoherently Due To Some Form Of Mind Control Experimentation On Live TV

The Congresses Whitewash Of The Facts Behind The FBI/BATF Incineration Of More Than 80 Men, Women & Children In Waco Texas In 1993 Is A Travesty

Texas Rangers' Announcer Dave Barnett - Is He The Latest Media Personality Used For Mind Control Experimentation?

Dave Barnett Being Subjected To Transcranial Magnetic

Stimulation Of His Brain While Announcing

A Texas Rangers' Game

Editor's Note: Another TV personality has suddenly had an on air episode of speaking incoherently, in what appears to be yet another instance of mind control experimentation on a media personality.

Specifically, a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, or some other form of through the air computer to brain interface which adversely affects normal brain function.

Sportscaster, Dave Barnett, was broadcasting a Texas Rangers' game earlier in the week when he began speaking incoherently. Barnett claims to suffer from migraines, which is being used as the cover story for several situations in which TV personalities have suddenly begun to speak erratically while on live TV. Another is that a few of these people either had seizures or strokes, as in the cases of TV reporters Sarah Carlson and Serene Branson.

However, the fact that this phenomenon has occurred with several newscasters who appear fine one minute only to then start speaking incoherently the next, is far too coincidental to ignore. Especially since at least four of these situations occurred within a month or so of each other in 2011, and that the Internet has now become a venue for thousands of accounts of such mind control experimentation by American citizens, as well as those citizens of many other nations - each of whose governments are members of NATO.

The Internet Has Become Home To Thousands Of Websites Which Document Government Mind Control Experimentation On Americans, As Well As Those Citizens Of Many Other Countries

The sudden brain dysfunction of Dave Barnett is the sixth incident that this writer has documented in regard to this phenomenon in less than a year. Given that these attacks are taking place on live TV, one must wonder if all reporters are being remotely brain-tapped by the U.S. Intelligence community, as part of a clandestine mind control experimentation program, which would represent a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program, which was initiated in the 1950's.

If so, then any TV or radio personality can be instantly targeted for such a remote attack on their own brain, since the unique set of EMF frequencies for each person's brain has been catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can be accessed through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

For more on this NSA domestic spy method Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA.

The reader should also keep in mind that it is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens, even though the Agency has been doing so since its inception, as a result of the UK/USA Treaty.

This clandestine agreement was created in the late 1940's and has enabled the NSA to circumvent its own charter by using the British Intelligence community to spy on the United States, while the NSA spied on Great Britain. Then the organizations would simply exchange their information, while violating the Constitutional rights of their own citizenry.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has taken this crime to an entirely new level, through the Agency's furtive brain scanning of American citizens, via a secretly implemented national brain fingerprinting network.

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA has been deploying its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network against the American people since the early 1980's.

As for the timeline, in 1981, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order (12333) which gave unprecedented authority to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to spy domestically. Even though the Military is expressly prohibited from spying in the United States; as is the U.S. Intelligence community, with the exception of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

However, the FBI has never even had a legislative charter in which to operate in the United States. In other words, the FBI was never created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress as it by law must be, but instead was created by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. This offers further proof that the FBI was never created as a legitimate federal police force, but instead as a secret police force like the Stasi or KGB.

"Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment"

Also See:

Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Target Of Computer To Brain Interface - Mind Control Experimentation - Talks About The Swedish Government's Use Of Many Of Its Own Citizens, As Unwitting Mind Control Experimentees

American TV Reporters And Politicians

Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation

During Live Broadcasts

Author - James F. Marino

The following are several videos which show American reporters in the midst of a TV broadcast, when they suddenly start speaking erratically. There have been other instances as well, including TV reporters from other countries experiencing similar difficulties, which appear to be caused by a technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

This author has also included a video of former President Bill Clinton just moments before he speaks on national television. Clinton is in an obvious trance, as is a reporter in the video following Clinton's. Robin Meade is shown in a trance while on a live television broadcast, only to awaken from the trance to realize that she is on live TV.

I have also included a video in which Columbia University professor, David Buckner, is speaking with Glenn Beck in regard to how U.S. Treasuries have become toxic assets as the result of the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse, when Buckner suddenly collapses while on live TV. In this author's opinion, Buckner was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which caused him to faint.

Ironically enough, the media in the United States doesn't have to report on such mind control experimentation, since from the following videos, they are being unwittingly used as non consensual human experimentees, in order to demonstrate this technology for our general population, through live television broadcasts.

Bill Clinton In A Trance Before National Address

Reporter Robin Meade In A Trance

TV Weatherman Al Roker Seems To Just Zone Out On Live TV - One Minute He Seems Fine, Yet The Next He Appears To Be In A Trance - Is He EEG Heterodyned?

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon

While Talking To Glenn Beck?

And since the only organizations in the United States who have access to the types of classified technology which can be used to adversely affect the human brain in such ways reside within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, there's no need to speculate as to who has the capability to remotely access a person's brain for such non consensual human experimentation.

We know that the U.S. Federal Government is responsible for these horrendous crimes, and the politicians in the United States as well as the mainstream media will be used to conceal them from the American people.

It would also appear that Judge Judy Sheindlin has also been a target of this remote experimentation on the human brain, after Sheindlin began to speak incoherently during the taping of an episode of her TV show, and was rushed to the hospital.

Is this evidence that the media is remotely brain-tapped? And if the media, the first line of disinformation for the New World Order is brain-tapped, what about the politicians in our respective nations?

Are they brain-tapped too?

The seventh of the following videos describes the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which can be used to turn off certain areas of the brain. Each of the next six videos shows a different TV reporter suddenly experiencing what can only be described as artificially induced brain dysfunction.

In the first video, newscaster Sarah Carlson is seen speaking fine during a TV broadcast, only to begin speaking incoherently a short time later. The media was quick to state that Carlson is an epileptic and had a seizure during the program.

However, Carlson never fell out of her chair, nor did she convulse. Instead, she finished her incoherent rambling and appeared to be fine.

Moreover, are we to believe that the other newscasters in the videos listed below were all having seizures on air? Especially when each of these instances occurred within the span of a single month.

These unwitting reporters were clearly being used for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

The research discussed in the seventh video involves the use of wired technology to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

However, there's no doubt that a wireless form of this technology deployed via satellite can be used to furtively target any person by their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, just as the following reporters were.

This author is aware of this from my own experiences as a target of government mind control experimentation. The FBI, NSA and DHS are presently engaged in an illegal smear campaign against this author in regard to my writings as a target of non consensual human experimentation. The FBI and DHS have been attempting to murder this author for the past decade, through a vicious psychological warfare campaign which was perpetrated in an effort to suicide my person, and which has ultimately failed. As such, the smear campaign which these agents have since promulgated against my person and that is based on much outright slander, is the only method left (short of outright murder) in which to conceal these crimes from the U.S. population.

A population that is unwittingly being targeted by the very EMF weapons that this author writes about on this Website.

Also See:

Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

This furtive use of through the air mind control technology on private citizens no longer involves just isolated incidents. There are literally thousands of people in the United States, as well as thousands of citizens from other countries describing their own experiences as targets of mind control experimentation. And there are likely millions more who don't yet realize what's happened to them.

In the following instances in which TV reporters suddenly begin to speak incoherently while during a live broadcast, it's obvious that a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain was used to adversely affect certain areas of their brains. One moment they are speaking fine, yet the next they are rambling incoherently. One reporter sounds as if she is speaking in tongues, and from a version of the video which has been used to study the audio portion of what Carlson is saying, it appears that she may in fact have been speaking in tongues at the time.

From the accounts of many men and women targeted for remote thought reading - mind manipulation - they have reported similar types of manifestations, as subjects of non consensual human experimentation. As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, this author has experienced such thought blanking, in addition to myriad other manifestations of computer to brain interface. All of which the government will attempt to deny, while using furtive psychological warfare operations against our persons in an attempt to drive us insane.

Perhaps the best illustration that the U.S. Federal Government is driven by a Nazi ideology that is gradually being used to destroy the United States of America and her predominant middle class.

TV Reporter Sarah Carlson Suddenly Starts Speaking In Tongues?
Was She Remotely Brain Tapped?

Reporter Serene Branson Starts Speaking Gibberish - Stroke Or Mind Control?

Judge Judy Rambling Incoherently On TV - Is She Another Victim Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation?

Another Reporter Starts Speaking Gibberish During A TV Broadcast - Is He The Target Of A Modern Day Version Of MKULTRA?

Another TV Personality Starts Speaking Erratically

A Stroke? Or Was She Brain Tapped?

Foreign Reporter Jana Cermakova, Has Trouble Speaking During A TV Broadcast

Another Newscaster Subjected To Memory Blanking?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Brain

Can Be Used To Turn Off Certain Parts Of The Brain


Neuro Linquistic Programming Used In Organized Stalking

Written By James F. Marino

The premise behind Neuro-Linguistic programming is to create a series of psychological triggers which can be used to negatively sensitize the targets of such crimes to these objects. The first object which is used as a basis in which to create such Neuro-Linguistic programming is called the anchor, since it is used to "anchor" any further psychological triggers which will be used in the brainwashing of the targeted person.

The term used for conditioning the targeted person to become sensitized from the anchor target to a new target is referred to as "chaining." A TI who has been subjugated to organized stalking for years can be subjected to thousands of different psychological triggers.

Or if they are familiar with these protocols, can learn how to avoid being subjected to such brainwashing techniques. There are TI's who have been able to learn how to avoid this brainwashing by learning how NLP techniques are secretly used to condition them.

Ironically enough, the communities who are being used to take part in organized stalking crimes have all been conditioned to respond to these psychological triggers in a similar way, since like their targets, these people have also been conditioned to see psychological triggers as the tools of brainwashing that they have become, instead of the inanimate objects that they really are.

Keep in mind that virtually anything can be used as a psychological trigger, including the name of a store or restaurant, a color, object, word or phrase, or the combination of a number of different triggers in the instance where the psyop has gone on for an extended period of time, and the perpetrators of these black operations need to find more elaborate triggers to use against targets who have learned their NLP methodology, and have become all but impervious to such furtive mind control techniques.

The DOJ, FBI and DHS are using NLP techniques in their orchestration of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, which is secretly conducted through their covert use of Fusion Centers.

Fusion Centers are not legitimate community watch groups, but instead a network of domestic spies who utilize psychological warfare on our communities. Fusion Centers are being used to destroy the freedoms that once characterized the United States, under the pretext of a fraudulent war on terror, propagated by the same faction within the U.S. Federal Government that perpetrated 9-11, and murdered thousands of American citizens.

The people operating under the auspices of Fusion Centers are the modern day equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

The FBI will also use such NLP techniques over the Internet by subliminally linking the persons they target for these crimes with such objects.

The FBI and DHS also use the mainstream media to disseminate NLP techniques in order to furtively link the targets of organized stalking to any objects which the FBI has chosen to portray them. Myriad TI's have stated that the media has been used in such furtive attacks on their persons, as part of demonizing them within their own communities.

- James F. Marino

Learn More About The Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Being Used Against All Targets Of Organized Stalking - If You Understand How NLP Works You Can Neutralize Much Of The Street Theatre You Are Subjected To By Organized Stalkers

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Used In The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking, Is Done In Order To Condition The Target To Certain Forms Of Stimuli Which Serve As Negative Reinforcement

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How The Zionist Jews In Hollywood Have Fomented A Plan To Destroy Mel Gibson For His Criticism Of Zionism & Its Control Over Hollywood - This Is A Bittersweet Type Of Revenge For These Zionists Who Have Relied On Gibson's Talents To Make Them Billions

Another Instance Of FBI Agents Perpetrating The Crime Of Coercing Fabricated Witnesses Into Lying Under Oath - The FBI Has A History Of Doing So - If You Get Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury You Go To Jail, If An FBI Agent Gets Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury, They Don't Go To Jail, They Get A Promotion

European Parliament Asked To Investigate Allegations That The U.S. National Security Agency Is Using Its Echelon Spy Satellite Array To Steal European Industrial Secrets - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Can Be Used To Electronically Access The Minds Of European Leaders To Read Their Thoughts By Intercepting Their Brainwaves And Remotely Decoding Them - The NSA Can Do The Same Thing To U.S. Politicians And Judges

Corruption In Dade County Florida By NSA and FBI Agents

Is Novelist J.D. Salinger A CIA Asset? And Is His Book The Catcher In The Rye A Psychological Trigger For The U.S. Intelligence Community's Mind Controlled Sleeper Agents?

The National Security Agency's Crimes Against The American People Involve Everything From Nazi-Style Non Consensual Human Experimentation On American Citizens To The Secretive Brain Fingerprinting Of The U.S. Population - And Our Politicians And The U.S. Media Continue To Conceal This From The American People

Editor's Note: Today this author receives a message from Blogger that it no longer supports the Web browser I am using. The message also states that certain features on this Website may no longer function (some of these features have been remotely tampered with by FBI/NSA for years now).The FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy against this author continues to be defined by the FBI's fabrications, confabulations, use of entrapment and coercion to suborn witness perjury, in addition to the FBI/NSA collusion to use this author as a target of non consensual human experimentation, as well as a myriad of other constitutional violations which are outrageous enough to establish entirely new precedents in the federal government's violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Moreover, of the myriad forms of psychological warfare which are deployed against the men, women and children who are the targets of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, the use of oil to stain an area has been widely reported by many TI's.

Home break-ins have resulted in specific types of vandalism, including clothing and carpeting being stained with grease or oil, by those who take part in the organized stalking vigilante hate crime.

Moreover, vehicles with oil leaks will be regularly parked in the roadway in front of the homes of organized stalking targets, which are then used to leave significant oil stains on the road. Not only are these oil stains unsightly, they also make the road more dangerous to drive on; especially when it's raining outside.

Like those predatory animals whom they frequently imitate in their depraved behavior, organized stalkers use oil to "mark" their territory, the way that many other predators within the animal kingdom secret their own scent in order to mark their own territory. Except, that as humans, organized stalkers are supposed to understand that what they are doing is in violation of the law.

As such, and given their complete disregard of the law, one can conclude that organized stalkers are not of a rational mind, and thus represent a danger to society; especially since they operate in significant enough numbers to be defined as a mob.

The same can be said for their tyrannical masters within the DOJ, FBI and DHS, who are not only responsible for implementing the draconian vigilante hate crime organized stalking (through their creation of a nationwide network of fusion centers), but also the destruction of the United States of America, through their complicity regarding the 9-11 false flag operation, as well as their cover up of the U.S. National Security Agency's secretive electronic cataloguing of the unique set of brain fingerprints of each American citizen - a high crime of treason.

A fact which NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, has exposed in his civil lawsuit against the National Security Agency. This is why the U.S. Judiciary was used to derail this precedent setting lawsuit, instead of trying it, and exposing the NSA's Orwellian domestic spy operations to the entire U.S. population.

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The NSA's Illegal Tracking Of American Citizen's By Way Of Their Own Unique Sets Of Brain Fingerprints Is An Orwellian Invasion Of Their Privacy & An Outright Violation Of Their Constitutional Rights - The NSA Must Be Abolished

CIA/FBI Collusion To Coerce A U.S. Attorney To Betray His Arab Clients - Yet Another Example Of The CIA & FBI's Gross Perversion Of The U.S. Judicial System & Why Both Of These Organized Crime Syndicates Should Be Abolished

National EMF Brain Fingerprinting Program Being Used Against The American People Is An Orwellian Crime Against Humanity

The NSA's Inhuman Torture & Murder Of American Men, Women And Children With Psychic Abilities, Whom The NSA Trains To Be Psychic Warriors - The Crimes The NSA Commits Against These People Are As Horrific As Anything That Hitler & His Third Reich Did To The Jews During The Nazi Holocaust - Before He Was Murdered By The NSA, Psychic Warrior Steven Smith Wrote The Following Expose - The Expose Was Written In 2009 And Smith Would Be Murdered In 2010 Are American TV Reporters Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation Under A Modern Day Version Of The CIA's 20Th Century MKULTRA Mind Control Program? If So, Instead Of Using Drugs To Manipulate People's Thoughts, Today's MKULTRA Operations Utilize Signals Intelligence Satellites & Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface Of Targeted Americans, Who Are Used As Unwitting Subjects Of Mind Control Experimentation No Matter Where They Are, Including Their Own Homes

Why Sending Your Child To An American School Be It Public Or Private, Subjects Them To A Form Of Dangerous Brainwashing - How The Rockefeller Foundation Corrupted The Peabody Trust, In Turn Perverting The Educational System In The United States In Order To Indoctrinate American Youth In Socialist Ideals

The Remote Scanning Of The Human Brain Via Signals Intelligence Satellite & The Electromagnetic Spectrum - The U.S. National Security Agency Has Been Perpetrating Such Orwellian Domestic Spying For Decades

The Jewish Population Fights Back Against Zionism & Exposes The Fact That Zionists Have Exploited The Jewish People & The Holocaust For Their Own Criminal Agenda - The House Of Rothschild & The Zionists Who Control The Federal Reserve System Are Just One Example Of Zionist Organizations That The Jewish People Have Exposed As Being False Jews

DOJ Says Barack Obama Has Invoked Executive Priviledge To Conceal Documents Pertaining To The "Fast & Furious" Scandal - This Is Another Example Of How The President Can Conceal His Own Knowledge Of Crimes From The American People - It Is Also Further Proof That The DOJ And FBI Are Nothing But Pawns Of The Anglo-Zionist Controlled White House, And Don't Serve The Interests Of The American Middle Class

HAARP, Scalar Waves & How They Affect The Human Mind & Body - These Are Technologies That Are Classified By Our Governments Yet Used To Manipulate Our Environments Without Our Knowledge Or Consent - HAARP Technology Can Be Used To Remotely Affect The Thoughts Of Billions Of People Simultaneously - It Can Also Be Used To Manipulate Our Weather Patterns - Just Prior To The Tsunami In Japan In 2011, A Video Was Posted On Youtube Which Was Taken Of The Skies Directly Over The Part Of Japan Which Was Destroyed - The Skies Showed Scalar Wave Activity, Which Means That This Japanese Tsunami Was Artificially Caused By HAARP Technology

A mind-altering narcotic called Cloud 9, which has been banned in Great Britain, is now considered the culprit in several cannibalistic attacks on American citizens

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