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How World Zionism Began & The Devastation That This Radical Ideology Continues To Cause To The Global Population

Notorious For Its Fabrications Of Evidence & Obstruction Of Justice, The FBI's 1996 Whitewash Of The Facts Behind The U.S. Navy's Accidental Shooting Down Of TWA Flight 800, Continues To Haunt The FBI's Hierarchy

Is Mathematician John Nash Really Suffering From Schizophrenia, Or Is Nash One Of The CIA's Earliest Victims Of MKULTRA?

Eustace Mullins Discusses Zionism & The New World Order

Editor's Note: The Supreme Court's decision to support the Obama Administration's Communistic health care plan as another tax, and mandate that all Americans must purchase health care insurance, is yet another indication that the Supreme Court is incapable of operating within the Constitutional rule of law, and that it does not represent the will of the American middle class.

Obama Supreme Court Decision Regarding Healthcare Mandate Means Billions More In Taxes On American Citizens Each Year

Moreover, through the passage of its health care plan, the Obama Administration has violated its promise not to increase taxes on the American middle class, while forcing those who can afford health care to also assume the costs regarding premiums for those who cannot afford to purchase this insurance.

This is yet another example of the U.S. Federal Government's "robbing Peter to pay Paul."

It is also another illustration of the ways in which the Obama Administration and the Supreme Court are being used by the House of Rothschild and the British Monarchy, to use any means necessary in which to bankrupt the American middle class, while subjugating them to a contemporary version of the medieval feudal system which existed from the 9Th through the 15Th Centuries.

Last night, after this author posts the following comment as well as the above interview with political historian, Eustace Mullins, someone fires off what sounds like several shotgun blasts in the woods behind our home. We are heading into the 4Th Of July weekend, so it could have been fireworks, however, these were single shots.

If it was the work of an organized stalker, which it likely was, this is further proof that these men and women are not of a rational mind - which is all the more concerning when they also happen to have access to firearms.

The fact that they perpetrate this crime at night, is also a sign of their cowardice. I say crime because it is a crime to discharge a loaded firearm within the limits of our town. Then again, it is also a crime to stalk people, just as it is a crime to commit any act which violates the civil rights of any American citizen.

In spite of this, organized stalking continues to take place throughout the United States under the guise of a war on terror, and under the auspices of the Justice Department and Homeland Security, which defines the federal government itself as a conspirator in these Zionist-Nazi idealized crimes.


The controlled media in the world today espouses the importance of exposing anti-Semitism. However, what this media system will not expose is the schism which developed between the world's Jewish population in the early part of the 20Th Century. Specifically, the Orthodox Jews believed that they should only establish their own country when their Savior arrived on this planet.

However, by 1928 the House of Rothschilds' reformed Jews (Zionists) believed that their need to found their own country was more important than waiting for this messiah to arrive.

Hence, the Zionist ideology was created.

This became the foundation for the creation of the State of Israel, which was financed by the House of Rothschilds' reformed Jews (Zionists). The conflict between the Orthodox Jews and the Zionist Jews continues to this very day, with the Orthodox Jews referring to Zionist Jews as being false Jews.

Unfortunately, many critics of Zionism wrongfully attack the entire Jewish population for the crimes of the Zionist Jews, which is unfair, since there are many fine Jews who are working to expose the dangers of Zionism, as well as the House of Rothschilds' role as head of the global Zionist community.

Excerpt Of Eustace Mullins' Last Interview Before His Death
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