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Eustace Mullins Describes The Agenda Of The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jews & Their Intent To Create A World Government Dictatorship

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The NSA's TANGRAM Information Awareness Program Uses The Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network To Remote Neural Monitor American Citizens, While Completely Disregarding Their Constitutional Rights - This Is The Act Of A Furtive Dictatorship, Not A Constitutional Republic, Or Even A Democratic Republic

Editor's Note: Eustace Mullins' book in regard to the New World Order can be read here:

Eustace Mullins' "The World Order"

Mullins, the greatest political historian of the 20Th Century, was under constant harassment by the FBI for most of his life, whose COINTELPRO tactics wrought such havoc in the life of Mullins' Family, that both of his parents died as a result of the stress the FBI subjected them to, while the Bureau's Gestapo attempted to destroy Eustace for his written works on the House of Rothschild.

His book, "A Writ For Martyrs," describes the FBI's attack on Eustace Mullins and his Family. Those of us who are targeted for such COINTELPRO operations are well aware of the many ways in which the FBI uses its coercive tactics to intimidate members of our own Families, while subjecting them to the most outrageous violations of their own Constitutional rights ever documented; including the FBI's brainwashing of their persons.

Historically, the FBI has always gotten away with these crimes, because the Bureau's intimidation tactics have silenced those Americans who could have exposed them.

Instead, the Bureau, as well as many of the other alphabet agencies in America, including but not limited to the CIA, NSA and DHS, use such intimidation tactics on U.S. Politicians, Judges and the members of the media in this country, in order to control them.

This is why no member of the U.S. Federal Government will publicly admit that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were part of a false flag operation being used to incorporate the United States into a region of the Rothschilds' New World Order feudal system.

Only a scant few politicians have even acknowledged that the vigilante hate crime organized stalking exits, or that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex maintains access to a weaponized satellite spy network that can not only read and manipulate any American citizen's thoughts through such remote means, but also be used to remotely torture or murder any citizen who is illegally targeted by this Orwellian technology.

As such, any person who is employed in the aforementioned professions who cannot be intimidated into cooperating with these agencies is targeted for neutralization. And if their research is damaging enough to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, these people are exterminated.

The end result is that instead of this infrastructure serving the interests of the American middle class as it should, it instead serves the interests of the House of Rothschild and its elite hierarchy in the United States.

In the modern day, the CIA still controls the U.S. media system as the direct result of a covert program created right after World War II (Operation Mockingbird), in order to usurp control of the media to disseminate the CIA's propaganda in this country, by placing the Agency's moles in every news outlet in America.

This ensures that the media operates as the CIA instructs, and that any journalist who attempts to research areas of interest that the CIA does not approve of, can be destroyed, as we have seen in numerous instances, including the CIA's covert murders of Steve Kangas and Gary Webb.

As for the CIA itself, it has never been a legitimate part of the U.S. Federal Government, but instead, just a branch of the British Intelligence community, located within the United States, and like the Federal Reserve System, used to allow the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschild to maintain furtive control of the U.S. Federal Government.

In his civil lawsuit against the NSA, John St. Clair Akwei also stated that the CIA has access to signals intelligence technology which can be used to remotely access the EMF fields which emanate from the human brain. This means that at the very least, both the NSA and CIA have the ability to remote neural monitor the brain of any person living within the United States, by establishing two-way through the air computer to brain interface with that person.

This serves as further evidence that this technology was created in complete violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights, and to circumvent the Constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law of all American citizens, since this technology can be used to spy on any person in America without their knowledge or consent.

Another indication that this technology is deployed through a national EMF brainscanning network.
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