Thursday, June 28, 2012

Caught Lying, Barack Obama Invokes His Right To Executive Priviledge After Claiming That He Had No Knowledge Of Operation Fast & Furious

UFO Researcher Dean Warwick Dies Suddenly While Taking The Stage At A UFO Conference - Was Warwick Yet Another Victim Of A Directed Energy Weapons' Attack?

NSA Whistleblower Murdered After Writing The Following Book On The NSA's Torture And Murder Of Many Children Used In The NSA's Psychic Warfare Program

FBI-CIA Collusion With Nixon White House In The 1972 Disappearance And Likely Murders Of Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Senior

"If our founding fathers could see the cesspool that the U.S. Congress has become today, they would roll over in their graves. Most Americans don't realize this, but we already have a 'part-time Congress.' Members of Congress only 'work' a little over a third of the days on the calendar. The rest of the time they have off. It is no wonder why so many members of Congress are involved in so much corruption - they have so much free time on their hands that they are bound to get into trouble."

The House Of Rothschilds' National Brain Fingerprinting Programs & How They Are Being Used To Electronically Brand The Citizenry Of This Planet Like Heads Of Cattle - Your Brain's Own Unique Set Of EMF Signatures Makes You Vulnerable To This Satellite Predation Without Your Ever Being Aware Of It

Obama Administration's Orchestration
Of Operation Fast & Furious

ATF Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Fired After Exposing

Blowback Regarding Operation Fast & Furious

In Which Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Was Shot & Killed
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