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Texas Woman Arrested For Posting A Sign Warning Drivers Of A Police Speed Trap

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Editor's Note: For years the police departments in the United States have claimed that they do not have monthly traffic ticket quotas which force police officers to write a certain number of tickets each month, even though these quotas do exist.

What's worse is the way that these officers park their cars in secreted areas just waiting to pull over an unsuspecting motorist.

The Texas woman in the above video decided that the use of such speed traps is deceptive. And in answer to them she decided to hold a sign informing motorists that they were approaching a speed trap.

For her conscientious effort, a police officer arrested her - not for holding the sign up - but instead for standing in the roadway obstructing traffic.

However, this woman has stated that she was not in the roadway obstructing traffic, but instead on the sidewalk, and that the officer fabricated the story about her standing in the roadway just so he would have an excuse to arrest her.

This situation is very concerning because this woman is not the first person who has accused a police officer of willfully fabricating evidence in order to justify their own criminal acts. As for such fabrications, the FBI is notorious for fabricating evidence against someone whom they are attempting to entrap, in order to justify the FBI's illegal operations, as well as the money spent by the FBI in doing so.

As for the police, if there are no monthly ticket quotas as they claim, and their interest is in promoting safer driving habits, why don't these officers just keep their patrol cars parked on the shoulder of the roads which they patrol, with their gumball lights flashing?

This would certainly slow traffic down and lead to safer driving conditions.

So why isn't this safety method employed by the police departments throughout the United States?

Because this method of traffic control would also dramatically reduce the number of traffic tickets written by police officers each month, while decreasing the revenue of the respective towns and cities that these departments operate within.

This offers further proof that the police "speed trap" is a tremendous source of monthly revenue, and that the writing of traffic tickets has far more to do with this revenue, than it does in promoting safer driving habits.

Moreover, as a citizen of the United States you have the Constitutional right to know when you are being placed under surveillance, whether it's by a police officer who is looking to write traffic citations to meet a monthly quota for their department, or an Intelligence community which is using spy satellites to violate your civil rights by using you for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

- James F. Marino

*Editor's Note: In another instance a jogger decides to warn motorists of a speed trap and gets arrested for J-Walking. Why was he not just cited for this?
As in the case of Natalie (in the above video), the arrest was likely based on a false charge in order to punish this man for warning drivers of a police speed trap.

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