Friday, August 31, 2007

Buy Guns While You Can / FEDS Continue Slander & Demonization Tactics & The Prospect Of An Illuminati Ultimatum

If you're an American and you can purchase a hand gun, rifle, or shotgun it would be wise do so while you still can. The FEDS are looking to take these types of weapons away from Americans so that they can invade your home at anytime they care to without fear of your being able to defend yourself. Since long before 9-11, the USA has been evolving into a fascist police state and since 9-11 has clearly become a fascistic police state where our Constitutional rule of law is all but non existent.

Perhaps the most telltale signs of this have already been documented with the FBI resuming its COINTELPRO operations (not that they ever ended -- they have just gotten worse now) and both the FBI and DHS using the NSA to spy on the entire American population as never before.

I can tell you that Americans are being fed a pack of LIES when it comes to the US Media's reporting in regard to the attacks on 9-11 and the subsequent war on terror. The war on terror is an outright fraud as is the Bush Administration and its criminal cohorts within the Department Of Justice, and the hierarchy within the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. Even the US Congress is in on this fraud which is snowballing by the day -- its LIES unraveling like a cheaply knit sweater.

As for worrying about the NSA peeping at your E-mails and listening to your phone conversations, you now need to be concerned about privacy violations which are far worse than this. Think in terms of electronic warfare and the NSA's use of specialized satellites to watch you within the privacy of your own homes, and to electronically access and quite possibly even manipulate your thoughts. (It's been done to me for the better part of three decades).

This is what the NSA is really up to and it has to do with keeping the entire US population under covert 24 hour surveillance from here on in, so that they can control every aspect of your lives. This is what the New World Order is all about -- controlling everything from how you spend your money, to what you read and how you think. And anyone who has figured out what is going on by now is hunkering down for the most precedent setting human rights violations in world history, since the people controlling the New World Order (the Illuminati bankers and others of their ilk) are in the process of using electronic forms of satellite based and super computer driven weaponry to covertly control your minds.

This control is of a subtle yet effective nature. Your behavior can be modified gradually and affected enough to bring about the "controllers" desired changes without becoming obvious. However it is clear from my own experiences that this technology can also be used more aggressively to affect your behavior in more dramatic ways.

I have even seen small animals such as chipmunks and birds behaving as though they were being remotely controlled - just as Dr. Jose Delgado referred to the animals which he had hooked up to his creation known as the Stimoceiver, which when physically connected to the brains of these animals could alter their behavior. The truth is that this technology is available in the modern day, however it can now be accomplished by way of remote means (satellites). And the brains of people can be affected in similar fashion.

This is not science fiction -- it is a reality in the 21st Century and has been for more than 30 years.

So is it any wonder why Americans no longer get straight answers when we ask important questions regarding our government? Is it any wonder why the 9-11 Commission's findings are completely unbelievable, or why the Bush Administration never tells us the truth; or for that matter why the FBI has not answered any pertinent questions to any terrorist attack on US soil since the original bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993?

The FBI completely fabricated the evidence in the 1996 missile destruction of TWA Flight 800 and has refused to release videotapes that it confiscated regarding the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma, and the tapes of the Pentagon which it seized on 9-11. Yet like the Kennedy Assassination, the official commission reports in regard to these acts of terrorism still remain the defacto truth of the day even though they were all complete fabrications in which the US Media was used to give them credibility -- and in spite of the obvious and factual contradictions which have since surfaced.

The FEDS are not answering our questions because in their minds they don't have to. They instead see the American people as something to control. They sure as hell don't respect us and their actions are a clear indication of this. Their goal is to keep us in the dark while continuing to promulgate their disinformation because we are the ones whom they are covertly looking to enslave through the use of stealth technology to control our minds. This is what is really going on in the United States and abroad.

So keep the following in mind:

There will be no conventional World War Three regardless of what US Intelligence is leading us to believe. World War Three is ALREADY taking place and is about the fight for who controls your mind and your thinking processes. And agencies like the NSA have long had the technology in place to do so on a large scale, which is why it is of critical importance that every American adult read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents much of this technology in detail. There are far more people who are aware of John's lawsuit than there were two years ago when it first came to my attention and it must continue to be circulated until everyone on this planet learns of what the NSA is really doing with this technology.

And as a long-term government mind control target I can tell you that this technology infiltrates your subconscious so that you are for the most part completely unaware of what is being done to you. Think of yourselves as unwitting government lab rats, because that is exactly how this government sees you; and whether you like it or not it is exactly what it has made you into -- without your knowledge or consent.

All Americans are slowly being microwaved to death as the NSA utilizes its satellites (in a number of different ways) to covertly manipulate our thoughts. And while some of us have been targeted for more specific types of experimentation, there is little ques ton that in certain ways the entire population within this planet is being negatively affected.

While I was aware of many bizarre goings on in my life for years, I would have never known that the US Government was behind them had they not let themselves be known to me starting in the Spring of 2003, when they suddenly chose to switch their covert surveillance of my person to overt surveillance in which I was not only made to realize that my thoughts were being remotely accessed, but also subjected to something I had never heard of in the past -- the criminal phenomenon of organized stalking. And over the past four years the situation has only gotten worse as I began to document exactly what I have been and continue to be subjected to (along with my Family) in regard to this crime, but also my experiences as an NSA target for non consensual mind control research.

The US Federal Intelligence Community believes that it has the right to target ANY American citizen and to ILLEGALLY experiment on that citizen at anytime that this Government decides to. And it is time that these FEDS came out of the closet and admitted to it. However since they will not, they leave myself and myriad others targeted for this vile and sadistic abuse no choice but to expose them for the worst criminals that the world has seen since Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich attempted to spread their cancerous ideologies around the globe.

Hitler's beliefs are alive and well and being clandestinely propagated within the US Federal Intelligence Community in the modern day. And like Hitler, this newest generation of EVIL is looking to use various means (HAARP, as well as chemical and biological warfare) to covertly exterminate a large part of the Earth's population.

To give the readers an idea of just how invasive the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology is, a cryptologist at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland location can see this sentence I am typing as if they were looking through my own eyes. They do this by using their satellites and super computers to electronically tap into the visual cortex portion of my brain to capture the magnetoencephalographic waves that my brain gives off. Having done this they can see the images that I see with my own eyes. I was first made aware of this in 2005 while laying on a downed tree and looking up at a very peculiar branch which had a very odd shape to it.

The following day while flipping through stations on our "NSA controlled programming" (the NSA usurped our programming during the Summer of 2003) I was able to see a still photo of the branch that I had seen with my own eyes the previous day. There was no mistaking it for anything else. It was indeed the same branch and looked exactly as I had seen it from a laying position on the downed tree through my own eyes. (I should also note that this tree with the branch has also been mysteriously knocked down since that time.)

I knew nothing of the NSA's remote neural monitoring satellite technology at the time but I now do and also recognize that this is how the NSA is able to see what those whom they are illegally using their satellites to spy on and remote neural monitor see. Through the NSA's use of remote neural monitoring they can quite literally use those being targeted for such immoral and unethical abuse as unwitting spy cameras, given that they can see whatever we see the minute our eyes are opened. And this stealth technology enables NSA operatives to go on open ended warrantless and illegal fishing expeditions for years on end as they have done with myself and undoubtedly myriad others. These are the most outrageous violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments ever documented in the history of the United States.

I state to the readers that I am absolutely 100% certain of this.

However I have no way of knowing how many thousands, or perhaps even millions of Americans alone are being subjected to this outrageous violation of their civil rights, since there is no way to know if you are being remote neural monitored unless the NSA wants you to. I refer in this case to my experience when the NSA unwittingly revealed that it was spying on me and using this its RNM technology as a form of gaslighting tactic in order to drive me insane -- this they attempted to do to me beginning in the Summer of 2003 (something which has been ongoing since that time). However, it was clear to me that the NSA never imagined that I would figure out that they were involved in this cruel harassment or that I would also eventually learn of the technology that they have access to to perpetrate such atrocities.

However, through much suffering and perseverance I have managed to.

Consequently, I understand the importance of exposing this fascist abuse of civil rights which is why I am exposing the NSA and other agencies of the US Federal Intelligence community on this Website. It must be done and this information must continue to be circulated globally as it corroborates John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA in regard to the stealth satellite technologies being used to covertly spy upon and manipulate the minds of a very large number of American citizens.

To learn more about this go to Google and type in Akwei VS NSA.

These are federal government agencies that have absolutely no business getting involved in state affairs, yet they do so frequently. And they have no more business in illegally using their satellites to spy upon American citizens within the privacy of our own homes than they do in using remote neural monitoring to electronically access and manipulate our thoughts. What the NSA is doing to many of us is positively Orwellian and even more despicable than what occurred in George Orwell's anti-Utopian novel, 1984.

The FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD, DHS and other federal agencies can illegally spy upon you within your homes for years without your ever knowing it. The FBI and DHS can seize your property without even going to court, and arrest you without probable cause while denying you your right to counsel -- a complete violation of due process of law. These agencies have become the greatest threat to American civil liberties that we have ever faced or in all likelihood will ever face.

This isn't America anymore ladies and gentlemen. And no one can tell you this better than Ed and Elaine Brown, who are in the process of losing everything they have worked their entire lives for. Moreover, at this point they may or may not be aware of the NSA's remote neural monitoring by way of satellite which you can bet your bottom dollar is being used against them at present. I did attempt to warn them by leaving a message on a Website which claims to be their official Website. Whether Ed and Elaine ever got this message is unclear, however, there is little doubt that Danny Reilly (a supporter of theirs) did and that he must be pondering some issues in regard to satellite surveillance that he had not been considering in the past.

Americans have been betrayed by their Government and must now begin to understand that the situation is only going to get worse over the next few years -- much worse.

For this reason, I say that if every American household had a few guns the New World Order's attempts at taking us over would be made far more difficult since agencies like the FBI, DHS and BATF would have to think twice about attacking us; a textbook example of this situation is of course Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield, New Hampshire who after having been wrongfully convicted of tax evasion are now hold up at their estate attempting to avoid arrest. If Ed and Elaine were not well armed they would both be incarcerated at this point serving more than five years each for tax evasion.

However, their access to guns has saved their lives -- at least for now -- although according to the latest report the FEDS attempted to work their way onto the Browns' property by hiding in the back of dump truck carrying compost in efforts to arrest Ed. However according to the report the FEDS could not convince the driver to take part in this covert attack.

At least that is the story.

Truthfully, I find this particular account a bit difficult to believe since if the FEDS wanted in they would have simply used the driver (or removed him and placed one of their own people in the truck) and when he got close enough to Ed, launched their assault on him. Then again, with WACO and Ruby Ridge still present in the minds of most Americans the FEDS are clearly walking on eggshells this time around. So maybe the FEDS did attempt a softer approach and in doing so failed to hitch a ride with the driver. The report also said that the truck was supposed to come back three times, however only managed to stop by once and never returned. The report even said that the FEDS attempted to bribe the driver.

Sounds like desperation to me.

They're in a Catch 22 situation where no matter they do they are going to be perceived as the villains -- and they should be since they are breaking the law. And given that the IRS is clearly operating illegally, and with more of the country learning of this by the day, even the most conservative of people (those who disagree with the Browns) are going to eventually be forced to come to their senses and realize that they have also been victimized by paying an illegal tax on their wages for many years. This situation portends very serious problems for the US Federal Government and Congress down the road as they are going to find it increasingly difficult to keep the facts regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds from the American people.

If Congress had had nothing to do with this criminal activity they could state that the FED and IRS frauds were something they never knew about and simply shut them down. Yet given that Congress makes the laws and clearly knew about these frauds there is no way for them to avert political disaster this time around. And they are well aware of it as has been every president who's been elected in this country since Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law back in 1913. Wilson himself later admitted that he destroyed his country by allowing a private group of powerful bankers to reduce a great industrial nation into a nation of debtors.

And it is now time for the US Congress to take responsibility for what it has allowed to happen to this country and to do right by the American people by shutting down the Federal Reserve and IRS. However, Congress will never do this because whether they choose to admit it or not, they are controlled by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank which according to Congressman Ron Paul they have never even audited. How can Congress not audit the Federal Reserve when this banking cartel controls the US economy? How can this be possible? Making matters even worse is that according to Ron Paul our gold is now held by the Federal Reserve as collateral against the national debt and no longer in Fort Knox as it should be. This means that the Federal Reserve Bank has quietly looted this country.

So what does this mean for Congress?

To put it in the most simple of terms: what would you do if you found out that your own Congress knowingly placed an illegal tax on your wages and stole trillions of dollars from you and your fellow Americans? The first thing that you'd probably do is to inform everyone in your neighborhood of the facts, have them watch the late great Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism, and set about the task of forcing Congress to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

And when your representatives complain that they can't run the government without your tax dollars remind them that every cent that you pay in income taxes goes to the Federal Reserve Bank just to pay interest on the national debt which they have told the American people that they owe it. However, since the FED has been operating illegally and printing money out of thin air since 1913, they are nothing but very clever counterfeiters who have stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers. And the American people should not only refuse to pay another cent in income tax, but also assert that the national debt be wiped clean, given that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank has never been operating legally.

You should also remind Congress that since the FED has never legally been entitled to one dime that it has collected from the US Taxpayers, that it is the FED itself which owes the American people trillions of dollars plus interest as a result of this fraud.

Also remind your senators and congress persons that they have been breaking the law since 1913 by aiding and abetting the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, having taken bribes to pass the Federal Reserve Act without the proper number of State votes to properly ratify it.

This is one of the reasons why Ed and Elaine Browns' situation is so important in the present day. They are on the front lines of this war against the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, in which in standing up for their rights, they can be murdered at anytime. And if it can happen to Ed and Elaine simply for demanding their rights it can happen to you too. The truth is that it can happen to any of us if we attempt to stand up for our Constitutional rights in what has become a fascist cabal.

As the playwright Voltaire once said: "it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." And never has this statement been of more consequence than in present day America where this government has sold us all out.

And as a result of the wrongful verdict against the Browns, they have lost their respective businesses as well as Elaine's office building and are now (having taken a vow not to be taken alive) living in constant fear of being murdered at any time. This does not exactly create a sense of peace within one; especially for two people who are in their golden years and should be enjoying the fruits of their labors at this point --not fearing the loss of everything that they have worked so hard for.

And Ed and Elaine are just one example of millions of Americans who have had their property seized and been sentenced to prison for failing to file a 1040 income tax return. How could this have happened in America?

To learn how it happened see Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism documentary on the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. While Aaron may have died far too young, he has left a legacy which is going to permanently change this country for the better. And each of us is indebted to him for doing so.

The FEDS Use Of Slander To Demonize Their Targets

A common characteristic of the FBI/NSA/DHS harassment that I have been subjected to over the past several years has been the use of a slander campaign in which to keep me alienated. This is a frequent tactic that the FEDS use in their psywarfare operations against myself and one which is commonly used against other TI's who are attempting to describe criminal activity within the US Federal Government.

Ironically enough, it appears that the FEDS are continuing to attempt to convince anyone whom I contact that I am delusional when in reality I have one of the best documented cases against the US Federal Government of any person who has ever laid claim to being attacked by them. Hence all the more reason for them to attack me as aggressively as they have. They cannot arrest me since I have not committed crimes, so they simply continue to use psychological warfare and directed energy weapons' technology in efforts to wait me out in the hope that I will commit suicide.

Of course suicide is not an option for me given that the technology that I have first hand knowledge of is the most abject threat to the human race ever documented. The ability to literally invade your mind with the use of satellite based weapons to both steal and manipulate your thoughts is as cruel and inhumane as any crime ever committed. And the fact that such invasive technology can be used without the target being aware of it only compounds the problem. This is an insidious system of government that we presently have in this country where any person can be violated in such abhorrent ways, while their communities and even Families are brainwashed into turning against them. The mind control aspects of our harassment are omnipresent and threaten the ability for each of us to think clear and rationally under such duress.

Consequently, in spite of the appearance of camaraderie, there are no real allies anymore, just an illusion of such, since these agencies have the authority to use the Patriot Act to turn society against anyone, and to target that person into submission or suicide. Everyone has a breaking point, and these perpetrators are well aware of this, using the crimes of mind control and organized stalking to make sport of those whom they attack, seeking to learn the limits of human endurance. How much abuse can one person take before giving up? This is what these modern day Nazi's are determined to find out.

Much time and money have gone into the development of the weapons which they target us with, and the agencies within the US Federal Government that deploy them against so many unwitting Americans are not about to allow a few activist groups to deter them -- especially given the Illuminati's agenda for the New World Order one world fascist government now being ushered in. While I am encouraged to see the spirit in the people within a number of these activist groups, I am not at all so when it comes to having them actually receive justice. And while I would like to see this torture end on all fronts, I believe that the efforts being made will fall on deaf ears simply because the entire system of government in the United States is corrupt and beyond redemption.

To be an individual targeted for satellite based mind control weapons and organized stalking crimes in the present day is like treading water in a circle with the rest of the victims after your boat (government) has been sunk. You wait for help and hope that the sharks don't come in and pick you off one by one as has already happened to far too many people targeted for these outrageous crimes.

The only way out of this nightmare is to establish a new system of government based on our original Democratic Republic. And short of a miracle nothing less than a revolution in the United States will stop our continued decent into fascism.

And the truth of the matter is that those who are able to identify which organizations are behind their harassment (US Intelligence in particular -- and in my case the NSA, FBI and DHS) are having a far more difficult time with being alienated as yet further punishment for being able to identify our attackers, and their agenda of a global conquest through the use of military intimidation and the threat of further warfare to those countries who fail to capitulate to the New World Order's demands.

While the activist groups do contain well intentioned victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, there is little doubt that they have also been infiltrated by people who are looking to covertly break them up. And there are also the bullying tactics which go on within these groups where certain TI's are again attacked by other TI's who perpetrate the same crimes against others that they complain about.

And for this reason it is oftentimes better to simply support the efforts of these groups from a distance rather than get attacked by them. TI's are badly beaten up both psychologically and physically, and those who perpetrate these crimes against us take every opportunity in which to capitalize on this by exploiting any situations which can be used to cause us further pain. This is a common failing with these groups.

Perhaps the most ironic part in all this is when TI's themselves are accused of being nasty. What amazes me most here is that given the precedent setting torture that we are subjected to, that more TI's don't attack those who perpetrate these crimes against them, given the cruelty that we are forced to endure on a daily basis.

It is like being confined to a cage in which you are being viciously battered with a stick and the attackers never let up. However because of the remoteness of these attacks, and the covert ways in which the psychological warfare is deployed, these attackers consider themselves to be less culpable for the cruelty they dispense. However, they are just as guilty. And they are also guilty of murder in the deaths of any persons who commit suicide as a result of these attacks. There have been many such related deaths to date, and they show no end in sight.

For this reason I will continue to expose them and their lies knowing the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and self. Never before have I seen such cruelty or the ability of the groups perpetrating such lies to convince the public that these lies are the truth. My hatred for them is only tempered by the knowledge that I know what they have done and the extent to which they have violated both my civil and human rights -- and that I will expose them for this. I have no intention of ever allowing these Nazi's to get away with what they have done.

The best informed people whom I have seen to date understand that before long TI's will not be the only people suffering terribly within the United States, as this entire country is soon to find itself being subjected to a cashless society and a mandated implantation of RFID microchips -- which will be used to track them as well as influence their thoughts and behavior (and possibly even later cause their deaths).

What I find most disturbing in all this is how completely clueless the US population is. They believe that with the prospect of a new President over the next few years that somehow everything will work itself out. This is the result of the long-term dumbing down of this population through the CIA controlled US Media which now fails to recognize what is about to befall them.

Yet in time they will figure out what has been done to them and eventually learn of the outrageous abuses that they have been covertly subjected to by the New World Order and its puppet master Illuminati.

Newscaster Lou Dobbs once remarked that he hoped that the people of America would fight back once they removed the blinders and saw what was really happening to this country. However he sounded doubtful that they would do so given the tremendous odds that they would be facing. I now wonder if he was right, given that in order to do battle with those who have deceived us as a nation we must be willing to die.

And taking into account all of the children who exist in the present day and a parent's greatest fear of losing their child, this may well influence them to capitulate to the New World Order and its stronghold on this country as well as the rest of the planet. Given the Illuminati's cruel abuse of their own children they would certainly not think twice about harming someone elses.

And if they are able to perpetrate this type of blackmail who is to say what will become of the human race?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Was Trial Run For 9-11

*Note The NSA has been intermittently burning the inside of my right thigh since around 5AM this morning. This is a new manifestation of the directed energy weapons' technology that this agency illegally deploys against me and one of myriad in which I have experienced over many years.

Long before the attacks on 9-11, the perpetrators of these attacks were gearing up for them. The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 was only one example of this. There is no longer any doubt that these attacks were Illuminati driven through the hierarchy of the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex who have all in one way or another profited handsomely from what occurred on 9-11. The only ones who have lost are the American people, the Afghani's and Iraqi's (and as the New World Order unfolds eventually the rest of the citizens on this planet). The following article which can be found in its entirety on the Website documents this disturbing information in some detail. It covers many aspects of the 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building bombing which the US Media deliberately omitted.

It also discusses the US Intelligence conspiratorial cover-up in which a BATF agent was caught fabricating his accounts of making rescue attempts on that day, as well as the FBI's lying to the public in regard to the type of bomb that was used destroy the Murrah Building. Again we catch the FBI lying just as they did in the original blast in 1993, the 1996 missile take down of TWA Flight 800, and the attacks on 9-11.

In doing so the FBI has established a clear pattern of deception in everyone of these terrorist attacks, while refusing to answer to public scrutiny. Its arrogance as a public servant continues to astound.

Since the FBI has established a remarkable pattern of deceit in regard to these terrorist attacks, Americans must now concern ourselves with the very likely possibility that the FBI is aiding and abetting those who are perpetrating these attacks instead of bringing them to justice. Why would the FBI do this, unless they were covering up for others within the hierarchy of this Government who are following the Illuminati agenda for the New World Order one world fascist government?

As ironic as it may sound, the FBI has become a part of the terrorist problem in this country. Instead of preventing terrorism one must truly wonder what the FBI is doing with its $4 Billion dollar a year budget.

It would seem based on the accounts of many former FBI agents (resigning in disgust with the Bureau's criminal practices) that this $4 Billion plus annual budget appears to go towards fabricating investigations to throw the American people off the trail of the real perpetrators of these crimes. Which begs the question: with a so called federal policing agency operating in the criminal ways that the FBI continues to, who needs terrorists?

The FBI is an agency that was created expressly to "get around" the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights; something that the FBI has always done throughout its history. Not only do the US Congress and the Department Of Justice aid and abet the FBI by looking the other way when it commits outrageous crimes against the American people, they shamelessly showboat in public for their own personal aggrandisement while never affecting any meaningful changes in how the FBI operates, as was clearly illustrated for us in Congresses latest lambasting of FBI Director Robert Mueller, for abusing the Patriot Act.

For all of the rhetoric, NOTHING has changed and the FBI will continue to abuse the American people as well as our Constitution. As for those who believe that FBI agents are above lying, I refer you to COINTELPRO where these people lie, using psychological torture and even covertly murder people for a living.

Unfortunately, Congress is not going to do anything to change this, since Congress is an even greater problem than the FBI; if it was run effectively as it was created to, agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA would never have gotten away with the rampant and atrocious crimes that they have.

What we must ask ourselves as Americans is given Congresses criminal participation in allowing these agencies to operate well outside of the US Constitution, what will it take to get our Constitutional Republic back? And unfortunately the answer appears all too clear -- another civil war, where this time around combatants will be the American people battling the US Federal Government and its Intelligence Community.

"Consider the damage done to us as a people by the US Congress, CIA, FBI, DOD, NSA and DHS alone; the biological, chemical and electronic warfare that they have subjected so many of us too; the illegal NSA satellite spying of us within the privacy of our own domiciles; the illegal mind control experimentation/torture; the complete manipulation of the US economy through the US Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds; the usurpation of the US Media through the CIA's Operation Mockingbird; and the abject treason of the attacks on 9-11, and one can only arrive at one conclusion: only a population that is either extremely ignorant of the facts or masochistic would ever allow for a government such as this to exist in our country."

-- James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner/ US Goverment Mind Control Target

"Oklahoma City Bombing Questions McVeigh, FBI, BATF, CIA, NSA,DEA"

Demand an Answer!

From Team Infinity:

" If the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist reprisal for the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, why were no BATF or FBI agents injured? Why was EVERY BADGE-CARRYING FEDERAL AGENT absent from work at nine o’clock on a weekday morning, their offices staffed only with civilian clerical workers?

The FBI claims that the ANFO charge was made from 50 bags of fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate fertilizers come in much weaker concentrations than the 99%-plus required for explosives. Creating concentrated amounts of ammonium nitrate is quite complex, and would require many bags of fertilizer. In short, according to the government’s own textbook, the Oklahoma City bombing COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IN THE WAY THE FBI SAYS IT HAPPENED. IT IS A PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL, AND THERMODYNAMIC IMPOSSIBILITY. Why is the FBI lying?"

* The downing of TWA Flight 800 could not have happened the way that the FBI claims it did either. The FBI chose to ignore more than 270 eyewitness accounts of a ground to air missile which destroyed Flight 800, and instead spent millions of taxpayer dollars to concoct a bogus investigation which found that the jetliner's
fuel tank was faulty. And the US Media has continued to perpetrate this lie for more than a decade. It is clear that the FBI is being used by the ELITE criminals in this country to cover-up their crimes while using the media to setup a smokes screen in efforts to obfuscate the situation. This has become so obvious that it is a wonder that more Americans are not aware of the FBI's treasonous criminality.

See the rest of this article at the following Website:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update: FEDS Covert Attack On My Family

This past weekend I *posted in regard to how the FEDS are now covertly attacking my Brother and his Family. On Saturday evening they awoke to a bat flying around their home. They were unable to catch the bat and my Brother, his wife and four children were all required to get "painful" rabies shots as a result of this. They must receive five shots over a several week period. And their Golden Labrador Retriever must be quarantined for the next six months.

They learned of this today when they received a notice from the Town Board Of Health. Over the next six months no one but the immediate Family is allowed to be in my Brother's home or the Board Of Health can take their dog "Happy" away.

Given that there is more than likely nothing wrong with Happy or anyone else in the Family and they are being forced to undergo these painful injections as well as this major inconvenience, the bat was more than likely just a scare tactic and "painful" reminder that the FEDS are now looking to more aggressively harass my Brother and his young Family. And there is no doubt that these federal miscreants are enjoying every depraved minute of this.


This is yet one more way in which the FEDS covertly "control" this situation causing us even more stress than we presently have. It is all supposed to be "coincidental," however in 17 years of living in the same home this is the "FIRST" time that something like this has ever happened to my Brother.

This bat was no coincidence and it is clear that it was placed within my Brother's home in efforts to cause him problems. As I have said in the past, when the FEDS perpetrate their crimes they must always be done in a way in which they are made plausibly deniable. And the more outlandish the ways in which they do so, the better for them since a major part of their goal is not only to perpetrate a crime but to also destroy the credibilty of the person being targeted for such depraved harassment.

And it only serves to alienate my Family even more since the "quarantine" is used to covertly make them stand out from their neighbors. This is a nice and decent family with four terrific kids. And now the FEDS have set their sights on them. And to think that these federal criminals can get away with such crimes while using the media to report their own disinformation only makes matters worse.

This is what the FBI, NSA and other federal intelligence agencies really are -- covertly run Nazi organizations using the same degenerate protocols as Hitler and his Gestapo did more than sixty years ago.

I document what is now happening to my Brother and his Family to show how absolutely demonic these government agents are. It is bad enough that they have violated my civil rights for the past 27 years in the most outrageous ways ever documented. Now they are doing the same to my Family and as usual looking for covert ways in which to do so. These FEDS have no honor, morality, ethics or decency. They routinely use psychological warfare to torture people to the point of committing suicide and could not care less about the pain and suffering that they cause.

This has already been thoroughly established when the CIA's MKULTRA mind control programs were exposed, in which innocent American citizens (sometimes as young as four years of age) were routinely tortured and brainwashed into becoming mind controlled slaves. And the NSA's use of electronic warfare to perpetrate similar
but more extensive crimes are no better; nor are the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO operations which are as depraved an abuse of human rights as any to come before them.

My Brother and his Family are now forced to live out the remaining six months under this federally orchestrated scam, unable to even comment in regard to how the FEDS have been using them all along. I find enormous adversity in attempting to help them by exposing what is being done to us as a Family, however I will not stop reporting what are turning out to be some of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever documented.

Other government mind control targets have frequently reported similar attacks on their own Families when the FEDS were not able to entrap them so that they could be prevented from exposing what had been done to them. And in my case the same situation is true. We are all suffering miserably because of these abominable scoundrels who masquerade as federal law enforcement. Agents who covertly attack men, women and children in such ways are nothing but filthy predators.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Organized Stalkers Use Of Satellite Navigation Systems/Other Portable Types Of Tracking Devices?

As an American who has undergone long-term US Government illegal satellite spying and non consensual cover research and human experimentation, I have noticed that many of the people who are used in the organized stalking crimes perpetrated against my person are becoming younger and younger. If they are old enough to drive it seems that the community stalking groups oftentimes now elect these younger members to do their harassing for them.

And it would appear that by using either their satellite navigation systems or possibly even some type of portable cellphone sized tracking device they are able to see those of us being targeted within the privacy of our own homes. I am no longer simply referring to just the NSA or other Federal Government agencies, but now lay people who have been given access to the satellite tracking code or the EMF codes of our own bodies so that they are capable of seeing us within the privacy of our own homes.

While I have no way of knowing exactly how they are managing to do this they must be accessing satellite transmissions in order to do so. What I have also noticed is that they are able to perfectly time passing my home as I move towards a window at the front of the house. There is no way that they could be doing this unless they are able to see me moving within my home (or are in contact with someone who can), which constitutes one of the most outrageous invasions of privacy ever documented.

And this phenomenon has been and continues to be frequently reported by myriad other TI's who have stated that they are in many instances watched by their own neighbors within the privacy of their own homes.

It would now appear that spying on TI's within the privacy of our own homes has become a form of depraved entertainment for these sexually depraved perverts who sit through their meals while watching us, then discard their empty food containers in the roadway as they exit the crime scene.

And of course the local cops are useless here. However, if I were to go out and physically remove some of these pieces of degenerate filth, it's a forgone conclusion that the local cops would suddenly show up to harass me -- even though I live in this neighborhood and these thugs clearly do not belong here.

The latest perpetrator of this crime is an *Asian American male who I would say was between the age of 25 and 30, driving a late model silver/grey Acura TL coupe. The license plate of the vehicle is New York State CTZ 5363. He was parked in front of 20 Wenwood Drive and claimed to be waiting for someone when I pulled up to ask him if he was lost. However he continued to stay for quite awhile until I made another trip through the neighborhood and he then exited along with another car. This particular vehicle was in a hurry and heading for the town of Westbury when I lost sight of him.

* I have noticed that the crime of organized stalking knows no bounds when it comes to race as every ethnicity appears to be represented here. In my case caucasians are the most commonly noticed people taking part in these stalking crimes. By perpetrating the crime of organized stalking these people are a disgrace to their respective races.

He was clearly trying to prevent me from taking his license plate, knowing that he was in the commission of a felony. As many TI's have said, organized stalkers are also camera shy and do not like having anything which can link them to this crime being posted on the Internet. As far as I am concerned, if these stalkers don't want their license plates being taken, they should stop perpetrating the crime of organized stalking. Otherwise this situation is simply going to continue as it has in my case for nearly four and a half years.

These perpetrators must remember this. Regardless of what the FEDS or local cops have told them, stalking is a crime; what they are perpetrating here is not a community watch by any means, but something far more malignant. And when it is done in an organized fashion with large groups of people it is an even greater crime, because once there is more than one person involved this stalking becomes a criminal conspiracy to deny Americans their civil rights. Not just any crime, but a federal crime carrying much heavier penalties than a similar crime done by a single person which is subject to state jurisdiction.

As far as I am concerned both the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act are pieces of fascist legislation that should be used for starting a fire within your fireplace or as toilet paper. The US Constitution is the only rule of law that I follow. And as far as I am concerned anyone who does not is a criminal including agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA (and more recently DHS) which have notorious histories for conducting some of the cruelest and most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented.

For quite sometime I had taken license plate numbers and then became lax in doing so simply because these perp's are so enormous in number that it is physically impossible to catch them all. However the vehicles that are within close proximity to my home which sit parked in the road for quite sometime are clearly being occupied by people perpetrating the crime of organized stalking.

So I will now make it a point to take the plate of any car occupied or otherwise, that is parked in the roadway in my neighborhood for more than a short while and post it on this Website. I should note that it is illegal to park on any road in this town and that the people who do so are breaking the law.

And since these people have no problem in breaking the law and it would appear that the local cops are encouraging this unacceptable behavior, they leave those of us being illegally spied upon and stalked no choice but to document what is happening, and to list the license plates of the law breakers here. If these juvenile delinquents are borrowing their parents' automobiles then their parents will have to take the blame for letting them loose.

Any individual who would illegally use technology to enable them to spy into the homes of another person is a piece of degenerate filth and should be treated as such.

As for the NSA, FBI, and Homeland Security -- who in my case and many others are feeding the public private information -- they are an outright disgrace to law enforcement and the US Constitution -- fascist garbage that is breaking the law and looking to cover up their own culpability in these treasonous crimes.

These agents have made a complete joke out of law enforcement and permanently damaged what was once a credible institution.

And the US Congress is faring no better, since it's clear that they are encouraging outrageous and Orweillian violations of privacy. By doing so they have put the American people on notice that they plan to enslave us under the pretext of protecting Americans from the bogus war on terror. However there are some of us who have no intention of letting them get away with it, and are well aware of the illegal satellite tracking systems presently being deployed on at the very least millions of unwitting American citizens in the present day.

The United States has become a covert fascist cabal. And in time the American people to their horror are going to become painfully aware of this.

Monday, August 27, 2007

FBI Caught In More Than 1000 Violations Of Privacy

Since 2005 the FBI has been guilty of more than 1000 individual violations of privacy. And the following news clip reveals that this number could be more than 10 times this amount. In reality, the number is far higher than that given the FBI's use of the NSA to remotely satellite track and spy on a great number of American citizens.

This satellite spy technology is one of the biggest SECRETS that the FEDS don't want the American people learning about, since it would destroy their ability to monitor us by satellites in the future, and more than likely result in the abolition or at the very least complete restructuring of the US Intelligence community --something which should have been done long ago. Make no mistake about this. The NSA can track you by homing in on the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body and permanently "locking" onto you.

Once this occurs, the NSA can see (and record) everything that you do while also accessing your subvocalized thoughts to know what you are thinking at all times. This same system also allows NSA operatives to "place" their own post hypnotic suggestions within your subconscious without your knowledge or consent. These suggestions can affect your thought patterns as well as behavior in negative ways, depending on the content of these scripts. This is done as a form of brainwave entrainment in order to manipulate your behavior. I have been subjected to this depraved form of mind control for the better part of three decades.

In essence what the NSA is doing to many of us is turning us into non consensual human guinea pigs who are being illegally viewed and experimented on within the so called privacy of our own homes. There's a very large number of people who have taken to the Internet to describe this disturbing phenomenon; one in which those being targeted are being denied our civil rights including that of due process of law. Our experiences are indicative of the New World Order one world fascist government which is being discussed over the Internet.

*While many TI's are not certain of who is responsible for their harassment, many are convinced that the mind control aspects of this harassment finds its roots in the respective intelligence communities of their own countries.

Both the aforementioned information regarding the NSA and the following information pertaining to the FBI are indicative of federal agencies that are completely out of control and doing even greater damage in efforts to cover up their criminality. The FBI continues to maintain its arrogance in refusing to release the videos that it confiscated from the Pentagon and surrounding area on 9-11. Why has the FBI done this? Could it be that instead of looking for clues in these attacks, that the perpetrators of these attacks used the FBI to confiscate and quietly destroy evidence which would prove that 9-11 was an inside job?

Perhaps these tapes were destroyed by the FBI and this is the reason why this agency refuses to release them?

Whether this is the case or not, through its long-term history of COINTELPRO tactics and violations of the US Constitution the FBI is a threat to the civil rights of all Americans and should be abolished.

As I have cited in a myriad of instances the FBI will routinely attack those whom they cannot legally arrest through its use of COINTELPRO operations. This agency has been getting away with this outrageous crime for nearly a Century. I would like nothing more than to be able to testify in a court of law in regard to what I have been subjected to (while being polygraphed) because I know that I am telling the truth about what the FBI, NSA and DHS have perpetrated against my Family and me for the past 27 years. And for this reason the FEDS use their psywarfare tactics in efforts to drive me to suicide because they cannot afford to have the truth in regard to these attacks made known to a jury, as if this occured the NSA's remote neural monitoring and covert mind control operations would become a matter of the judicial record.

So they continue to propagate their covert operations while demonizing those who are being targeted for these outrageous crimes. It has served as an excellent cover for US Intelligence for many decades, however one must wonder how much longer their luck is going to hold out, given the torture and murders that they are responsible for. The laws of probability are against the FEDS and that can only mean that eventually they are going to be exposed for these Hitlerian style attacks.

Any person(s) who attempts to electronically access and manipulate the minds of those whom they target, has perpetrated an unforgivable crime and sin against our creator. You don't attempt to usurp the authority of that which created you. Yet that is exactly what agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA are covertly doing. And I do not envy these people when they are eventually forced to face their creator to answer for it when they are finally humbled and the EVIL which they represent is brought to light under an influence far greater than anything these miscreants have ever faced before.

May they be damned.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Brother & His Family Find A Bat In Their Home

I have just been told that last night my Brother and his Family found a bat flying around their home in the middle of the night. He was unable to catch the bat to determine if it carried rabies so now the entire Family must undergo rabies shots.

Did the bat just accidentally fly into my Brother's home or was it deliberately placed there?

If it turns out to be the latter this act is absolutely vicious. To subject six people (four of whom are children) to such danger bespeaks the psychotic mentality of those who perpetrate these crimes against TI's. These miscreants have no remorse and will willfully injure and even murder those whom they decide to attack.

Now as a TI my first question would be have I been told the truth about this situation given that I am constantly being gaslighted? However, in this case I happen to believe that I was told the truth and that the perp's who attack me are now attacking the rest of my Family in a more overt way as well. If anything should happen to any of them, as far as I am concerned these perpetrators are behind it. And I will not rest until they are exposed and made to pay for this crime -- in addition to numerous others.

I should also note that those who perpetrate organized stalking crimes and use their own children as an adjunct in which to do so are also NOT above attacking the children of other Families when it comes to harassing a TI and those around them (Families, friends etc.). What is going on in the United States at this time in regard to the treatment of so many who are targeted for these crimes is outrageous and positive proof that this government is being run by Nazis who have harbored themselves behind the mask of a Democratic Republic.

It is now clear that our Constitutional Republic is gone and that these criminals use the US Media to keep us in the dark in regard to what is really going on in this country, as they propagate the LIE that we are living in a free country when we are in fact not.

This portends very bad things for most of us down the line if we don't expose these criminals for what they are and quickly. And moreover, to expose their link to the US Intelligence Community which is behind the covert mind control research and organized stalking crimes that are allowed to take place without federal, state, or local police interfering in them.

It is not an understatement that the crime of organized stalking is one of the largest conspiracies ever to take place in the United States Of America (or for that matter in many other countries which are now reporting this crime which is happening on a global scale).

American Patriot Aaron Russo Is Dead -- Was He Covertly Murdered For Exposing The Federal Reserve Bank & IRS Frauds?

I was extremely sorry to have just learned of producer Aaron Russo's passing on August 24th, 2007, from cancer. At least that is how his death is being reported. It also appears that the US Media has not picked up on the story of Aaron's death. And this should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Aaron's excellent documentary America From Freedom To Fascism, in which he shows Americans the extensive research that he did regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds.

It would be respectful to Aaron's memory if those who are familiar with his work lit a candle for him at Church, Synagogue or even within your own homes this evening. Aaron knew that he was going to attract the anger of those within the Illuminati who entrusted him to their secrets, but realized how important it was to let the rest of the people in the United States know what was really happening in this country. And it probably cost him his life.

It certainly cost him his livelihood as this once wealthy man lost his fortune and was unable to even afford obtaining the treatment that he needed in battling his cancer due to being blackballed in Hollywood. Unlike the Illuminati, the Bush Administration, the PNAC, the US Congress, the Intelligence Community and myriad others, Aaron did not sell us out. He was instead a friend to the American people and his desire to restore our Constitutional Republic will not have been for nothing, as a great many Americans now know the truth in regard to the Federal Reserve's control over the US Congress and its theft of trillions of dollars from the American people since 1913; and this truth will continue to circulate until the entire population in this country knows about it.

Aaron also spoke of his brief association with Illuminist Nick Rockefeller and was quoted as saying the following in regard to the attacks on 9-11 which is certain to have put Nick in hot water with the rest of his fellow Illuminists:

"Here’s what I do know first hand - I know that about eleven months to a year before 9/11 ever happened I was talking to my Rockefeller friend (Nicholas Rockefeller) and he said to me ‘Aaron there’s gonna be an event’ and he never told me what the event was going to be - I’m not sure he knew what the event was going to be I don’t know that he knew that,’‘He just said there’s gonna be an event and out of that event we’re gonna invade Afghanistan so we can run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we can go into Iraq to take the oil and establish bases in the middle east and to make the middle east part of the new world order and we’re going to go after Venezuela - that’s what’s going to come out of this event.’‘Eleven months to a year later that’s what happened….he certainly knew that something was going to happen.’‘In my relationships with some of these people I can tell you that it’s as evil as it really gets - this is it - this is the game.'"

"People know that 9/11 was an inside job, look what they did here in America, look at 9/11, look what they did - they killed thousands of Americans - people jumping out of windows from a hundred floors up - they don’t care."

-- Aaron Russo

However, given the directed energy technology that is being deployed against so many Americans I long ago stated my concern for Aaron's well being given his revolutionary documentary America From Freedom To Fascism -- which has been of enormous help in educating the American people regarding the US Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. As much as I sensed that Aaron was a dead man walking from the moment that he made this feature film, I could not help but be proud of him and his efforts to expose what is most certainly one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against the American people.

His efforts have not been in vain, since his documentary will continue to be circulated and the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds will also continue to be exposed on a global scale.

Aaron, you were an inspiration to so many of us and I wish you well on your journey into the next life.

Several months ago I wrote the following post in regard to the work that Aaron Russo was doing pertaining to his expose on the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS. I also mentioned that I was concerned for his safety. Just months ago Aaron was still making the rounds nationally speaking in regard to his documentary,
and causing a tremendous stir in America as more and more of us learned of this outrageous betrayal of our trust. While many of us knew about the Federal Reserve Fraud for quite sometime, it was Aaron Russo's documentary that was bringing it to the attention of the American people en masse.

And in doing so Aaron had become a major threat to the Illuminati criminals behind the New World Order.

In my opinion Aaron's cancer gave those who wished him harm a plausible way of murdering him. And while I cannot prove it, I believe that Aaron's cancer (which seemed to be under control) was aggravated by way of satellite based directed energy radiation in efforts to murder him -- payback for what the Illuminati believed was a betrayal of their trust. Aaron had stated that they wanted him to come work for them using his talents as a film maker to help spread their propaganda. However, Aaron refused and instead began work on his documentary America From Freedom To Fascism in efforts to expose much of what Nick Rockefeller had told him.

I also find a quote by former IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohn which he made to Aaron Russo during an interview regarding the IRS (in which Aaron clearly caught Cohn lying) to be particularly chilling: "Aaron do you understand Yiddish?" He then made a statement in Yiddish which Aaron translated to mean "Nothing will help you." Aaron took this as a threat from the former IRS commissioner.

The following is part of a post that I had written in regard to Aaron Russo just months ago. It also comes as a painful reminder that Aaron died on my Birthday.

"Are you starting to get the picture?

This is not a good situation that we are heading smack into, which is why the American people need to boycott the national ID card. We have to do this if we are to stop Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank from completely destroying what freedoms we have left.

By now you're thinking to yourself, since the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally why doesn't *Congress just shut it down? This is a good question, but perhaps we should go into a bit of detail in regard to the last person who attempted to shut the Federal Reserve Bank down.You may have heard of him. His name was President John F. Kennedy.

* The US Congress has not only known about the Federal Reserve Bank fraud since 1913, but also helped create the privately held Federal Reserve Bank when a few senators took bribes to illegally ratify the Federal Reserve Act during the Christmas Holiday recess of 1913. This also brought about the creation of the 16th Amendment and the Internal Revenue Service. However, like the Federal Reserve Act, the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified and as the Supreme Court ruled did not confer any new powers of taxation on the US Congress. Yet Congress has illegally taxed trillions of dollars from the American people since 1913 based on this illegal system in which the IRS continues to operate in a criminal manner -- having no legitimate authority to impose a federal income tax on the wages of the American worker.

Prior to producer Aaron Russo, JFK was the only person in this country who had ever attacked the Federal Reserve Bank aggressively. And far more so than Aaron Russo has been able to do at present. It was President John F. Kennedy, who in realizing that the Federal Reserve Bank was destroying the United States, mandated Executive Order 11110, which enabled JFK to take advantage of a law which was written as part of FDR's New Deal, and that enabled him to issue US Treasury Notes based on the silver coinage in the US Treasury. This put the Federal Reserve on notice that they were no longer the only ones issuing US Currency and effectively sealed John F. Kennedy's fate.

JFK passed EO 11110 in June of 1963. By November of 1963 Kennedy was dead. Do you really believe based on what you have just learned, that the Federal Reserve Bank had nothing to do with JFK's murder? Four months after John F. Kennedy passed EO 11110, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in one of the most graphic and brutal murders ever documented.

One might say that those who murdered him were sending a message at the time to any future presidents who were thinking about interfering with the Federal Reserve's control of the US economy. And their message was taken seriously, since no president since Kennedy has ever even thought to challenge the Federal Reserve Bank's autonomy for fear of being murdered.

And for those who believe that the Federal Reserve Bank had no part in JFK's murder, all you need do is look at who had the most to gain by seeing him dead. While there were myriad reasons for Kennedy's assassination, his attack on the Federal Reserve Bank was either at or near the top of the list. With Kennedy in office the Federal Reserve was given a warning that they would no longer be the sole creators of US currency.

However, with him dead, the FED no longer had to worry about competition and quickly had the US Treasury stop issuing silver certificates within months of Kennedy's untimely demise. Coincidence? No way! And for this reason alone, I worry about the safety of producer Aaron Russo, who is basically attempting to use his celebrity to promulgate a superbly done documentary of his called "From Freedom To Fascism," which goes into great detail regarding both the Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service frauds.

JFK's attack on the Federal Reserve Bank cost him his life. **Let's hope that Aaron Russo fairs a lot better.On a final and eerie note in regard to JFK one must wonder exactly what he was hinting at when he made the following statement, just ten days before he was assassinated:"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight."

*** Update 8/25/2007 -- Unfortunately Aaron fared no better than JFK having died of cancer early yesterday (8/24/2007) morning.

And in this author's opinion Aaron was covertly murdered for his efforts to inform Americans of the Illuminati & its New World Order one world fascist government. Satellite based directed energy weapons can be used to irradiate any person targeted by these satellites who are then exposed to ionizing radiation which can gradually kill them. Aaron's cancer had been under control and it was only recently that it began to overwhelm him again -- while he was on a national speaking tour for his film America From Freedom To Fascism.

The following is a short video made in tribute to the late Aaron Russo:

Aaron Russo -- 1943 - 2007

Please sign Aaron Russo's Petition to shut down the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank:

See The Legacy That Aaron Russo Left Americans -- His Documentary Exposing Three Of The Most Outrageous Crimes Against Us Ever Perpetrated By A Government Against Its Own People: The privately held Federal Reserve Bank; The Internal Revenue Service and the New World Order One World Fascist Government.

America From Freedom To Fascism Can Be Seen Here:

When Does This End? Short But Provocative Video On George W. Bush & The War In Iraq

Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Petition To Ban Electronic Weapons & End The Torture That They Are Being Used To Cause TI's

The electronic attacks which are being deployed against Americans and citizens of other countries by the National Security Agency (and others within US Intelligence and International Intelligence communities) have become so horrific that there are now myriad petitions like the following one being created to expose this technology and the monsters who are using it against an ever increasing number of people on this planet.
Within the United States alone people are being tortured to the point of committing suicide, and in some cases being outright murdered by those within the US Intelligence community who are testing these weapons on us -- a situation which has become so horrific that is has been dubbed the "Silent Holocaust" by those within the TI community.

This atrocity must end and the only way in which to do so is to expose this technology and the criminals who are deploying it against us to the rest of the people on this planet. Given that it has access to the most sophisticated technology and brilliant mathematicians in the world, the NSA is the prime culprit in these attacks against us and it is time that this most secret agency was exposed globally for its history of crimes against humanity. US Intelligence operates without any accountability for its actions and as a result has created a covert modern day Nazi Germany for many of us right here in the United States. This must end!

*** One of the worst aspects of this vicious attack on TI's is that the networked organized stalking which often accompanies it can include the use of young children who are incorporated into the psywarfare programs being waged against us. Not only is this unhealthy for these children, it is also indicative of a mass manipulation of their families by the US Federal Government in which the families themselves have failed to recognize the damage that they are doing to their own children. This in itself is an extremely serious issue.
These children are going to evolve as angry and disturbed adults who have been taught to hate by their own parents -- just what the New World Order wants since it will make them unsure of themselves and more easily moulded by these Luciferian worshiping scoundrels whose goal is to destroy humanity.

In targeting American citizens for electronic torture by way of its specialized satellites, the NSA is not only guilty of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever documented but also High Crimes Of Treason against the American people.

This agency has no right to be spying domestically and never has. And it is now clear that not only is the NSA illegally spying on a very large number of American citizens, but also using us as unwitting guinea pigs for its non consensual cover research and human experimentation program -- There is no longer any question about this.

As a long-term target of the NSA for nearly three decades I can say with complete confidence that this agency not only uses its satellites to illegally spy on a great number of Americans 24 hours a day, but also connects with each of us by way super computers which remote neural monitor our minds so that these NSA operatives can know what we are thinking at all times. This two way system is also used to manipulate our thoughts and behavior through the NSA's use of implanted thoughts as a form of brainwave entrainment. It is an extremely convenient system for the NSA since it can keep track of those it targets all day long and watch us to monitor the brainwave entrainment protocols that it covertly deploys against us. All the while having done so with complete anonymity. Yet for many of us, the NSA has more than half of our lives recorded and archived within its vast database so that it can retrieve the most personal information on us at anytime.

Imagine what it is like to not only have your mind manipulated but to also be spied upon within the privacy of your own bathrooms and bedrooms more than forty thousand times and you will begin to understand the indignity of what many of us have been subjected to by this Nazi agency; one which masquerades as a protector of the American people, when it quite clearly is not. The days of the NSA's covert torture are gradually coming to an end, as the entire American population learns of this agency's long-term ties to the CIA's smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States for use in MKULTRA and other covert mind control operations; operations conducted against American citizens since the second half of the Twentieth Century.

In promulgating this information is it any wonder why those of us who continue to do so have been demonized within society and had our reputations and relationships (even with our own Families) destroyed along with our health? The NSA (and its criminal minions) is well aware of the heinous crimes that it has been and continues to perpetrate against us, and for this reason it is working to destroy our credibility through the use of smear campaigns which can only be seen as criminal conspiracies to deny us our Civil Rights.
There is a complete absence of due process of law here. Why?

The logical answer is because we have not committed any legitimate crimes and therefore cannot be arrested. Imagine how frustrating this must be for a government agency like the FBI or NSA after having spent millions of dollars in efforts to entrap someone and then failing to do so. One can only imagine how they must have been abused by their superiors for failing so miserably at attempting to deny Americans their civil rights.

The plain truth of the matter is that TI's are not a threat to society -- if we were we would have been arrested long ago; we are instead a threat to the criminals within the US Federal Government who have clearly betrayed the American people in the most outrageous ways ever documented. And if we are able to propagate this information on a wide basis so that the American people can collectively learn of this precedent setting fraud we can then work as a country again to rid ourselves of the covert fascism which now runs this government and restore our Democratic Republic to its former glory. And the FEDS are terrified that this will happen so they continue to attack us in the hope that we will commit suicide.

The FEDS operate in the covert ways that they do because by doing so they can attack us without our being able to defend ourselves. Now while this is to be expected in a country that acknowledges that it is fascist, it is not so in a country which claims to be free. However any American who has been targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO Sting in which the NSA has colluded to track and remote neural monitor that person by satellite will tell you that there is nothing legal about the FBI or NSA's activities here. What these agencies are taking part in is not only criminal and unconstitutional, but also a textbook illustration of the covert fascism which exists within the United States.

These government agencies amongst numerous others are engaging is illegal, immoral and unethical practices by using specialized satellites to track a great number of us 24 hours a day, not only invading the privacy of our own homes, but also our own minds. We are being illegally experimented upon as these agencies use their computer driven satellites to invade the privacy of our thoughts and to covertly manipulate our minds through the use of synthetic telepathy and electronically induced brainwave entrainment protocols.

What we are being subjected to is absolutely Orwellian and only portends an even worse nightmare to come, as these satellites become a problematic issue for the entire population within the United States and abroad.

The mere fact that the FBI and NSA (and more likely now the DHS) are using these satellites to watch us within the privacy of our own bathrooms is proof of how outrageous the actions of these agencies have become.

Only degenerate sexual predators would ever spy upon and videotape people within the privacy of their own bathrooms. And from the accounts of an large number of Targeted Individuals this is becoming a common problem, as they report having been spied upon within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Is this what America has become? A fascist police state where US Intelligence uses its technology to violate the US Constitution whenever it decides to under the pretext of the war on terror? Furthermore, this type of satellite spying by the NSA has been ongoing since 1980, long before the war on terror propaganda in the USA was ever an issue.

So what was the NSA's excuse for satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring us back in 1980? I doubt that the NSA or FBI will ever admit to what they have done. However it is quite obvious to me that when an American citizen is demonized by the FEDS and denied due process of law, it is the FEDS who have committed serious crimes against this citizen and are looking to sidestep the Bill Of Rights in efforts to get away with it. The FEDS use the laws in this country only when they are of benefit to them. When they are not, they simply ignore them as them have done in my Family and my situation and myriad others.

The arrogance of those who use these satellites in such evil ways is indicative of the Nazi influence now harbored within the US Federal Government and its Intelligence Community. And if these examples of sub humanity are not stopped it will eventually mean the end to the human race as we know it.

Please sign the following petition to help us end these atrocities against humankind:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Evidence That 9-11 Was An Inside Job

The Homeland Security ACT Was On The Table Three Years Before The Attacks On 9-11. The 9-11 Truth Movement opines that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job. Popular opinion within this movement is that these attacks were perpetrated by the Bush Administration, Project For A New American Century & the hierarchy within the US Military- Industrial- Intelligence Complex in a bold attempt to destroy the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights under the pretext of a protracted war on terrorism.

While there is much compelling proof of this including speculation that the Patriot Act was drafted long before the attacks on 9-11, the following information is even more compelling given that it reveals the Homeland Security Act was in place at least three years before the attacks on 9-11 -- in direct contrast to what George W. Bush has stated -- that this legislation was created in 2002. As the US Federal Government's lies regarding 9-11 continue to unravel the magnitude of this conspiracy only becomes more obvious and horrifying. The US Federal Government under the Bush Administration created a false flag operation murdering nearly three thousand American men and women on the morning of September 11th, 2001.

As American citizens, we must now contemplate how many more Americans (and Iraqis) the Bush Administration and its criminal minions will murder in order to achieve their objectives, since with each passing day it's becoming more apparent that the Democratic Republic which this country was founded on is long gone; replaced with a covert fascist cabal intent on murdering anyone who gets in its way.

Evidence That The Homeland Security Act Was In Some Form As Early As 1998:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ACLU Calls For Removal Of Patriot Act Gag Order

The ACLU Now Says That The Patriot Act's Ability To Allow The FBI To Prevent A Person Of Interest From Being Told That They Are -- By Those Whom The FBI's Contacted -- Is Unconstitutional. And The ACLU Has Now Called For The Patriot Act Gag Order To Be Removed.

See More About This Situation Here:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Once Again The FEDS (Possibly Using Provocateurs) Are Looking To Get This Website Deleted -- More Information On The NSA's Mind Control Technology

** Sunday, August 19TH -- I am constantly attempting to define the various aspects of satellite based directed energy assaults that I experience on a routine basis. The latest that I can now describe concerns a sound which emanates from my skull which sounds very much like what one might hear when they shake a light bulb which contains a broken filament. This sound comes and goes and usually only lasts but a few seconds. However, it has been occurring for quite sometime. I have also noticed a sensation in which there appears to be just a slight bit of water on my scalp.

Yet, the area is always dry when checked. I have noticed this anomaly since the mid 1990's. These are just a few of myriad manifestations of the directed energy weaponry that I continue to experience; the result of the NSA's assaults on my person. A ringing in the ears is another common one which will usually occur for a short time before ending. While these phenomena may be less compelling than some of the more intricate aspects of what I have *experienced by way of this technology, there is no question that they are still important to document. The latter often coincides with other forms of directed energy assaults such as hearing clicking, tapping, or banging sounds coming from the walls of my den, or hearing the sound of someone moving in the attic in the middle of the night (note that on inspection, I have yet to find a person in the attic or any signs that one was there -- even when the sounds which appeared to be coming from the attic were quite loud).

*There have been many different ways in which the directed energy attacks that I have experienced have manifested themselves. A few of the following are common ones:

Having my thoughts electronically taken from me as well as having them manipulated by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring.

Being hit with ULF (ultra low frequency waves) waves in efforts to keep me exhausted all the time. This has been very effective for the NSA since most days I am forced to rest on the couch for hours being too tired to concentrate on what I need to accomplish. These directed energy waves are just part of the torture that I endure daily as a result of the NSA's unlawful intrusion into my life and vicious attack on my person.

Being psychologically, physically and sexually assaulted by those within the NSA who use this technology to monitor and torture me as part of their non consensual cover research and human experimentation program. Once the NSA uses its satellites to "lock on" to a targeted person and track us this agency becomes a part of our lives 24 hours a day where nothing that we say, do, or think is private.

The NSA has no business doing this to anyone since it is illegal for it to do so and against its charter. Only a FISA court could OK the NSA's spying on any American citizen and then only if it can prove that the targeted person is in contact with terrorists "outside of the United States." I have no connections with terrorists inside or outside of the United States, and have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes.

The NSA's long-term spying on me is one of the most outrageous violations of civil rights (and in particular the 4th and 5th Amendment of the US Constitution) ever documented.

Only filthy pigs would ever spy on people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms and that is exactly what these NSA agents are.

In particular,the NSA's remote neural monitoring of Americans is the most outrageous abuse of privacy ever documented and will eventually cause it more problems that it can survive.

I have also been shown physical proof that the operators of this equipment can see what I see as though they were looking through my own eyes. First evidence of this occurred in 2005; however it is now clear that is has been going on for decades without my knowledge or consent.

Even if the NSA were to claim that it was using this system to keep track of people whom it has an interest in, what is this agency doing using this technology to torture people by way of satellite and subject us to remote forms of mind control experimentation? This has nothing to do with surveillance and everything to do with crimes against humanity.

*** As of Saturday, August 18TH, I am again experiencing a shortness of breath as the NSA uses its directed energy technology to cause me difficulty in breathing.

This agency has perpetrated this particular crime on numerous occasions over the past 14 years. The FEDS also exploited the fact that I contracted chronic Lyme Disease in 1993 (a biological weapon) to use their directed energy weapons against me, assuming that I would conclude that all of the symptoms that I was experiencing were related to the Lyme Disease and its related co infections -- except that in many cases my symptoms went well beyond what Lyme patients have described -- in particular as they relate to heart symptoms.

The at times acute shortness of breath is just one of the myriad ways in which the NSA attacks myself and numerous others (many TI's have reported having their breathing adversely affected as a result of this technology). The NSA's goal with myself is to force me into a state of suicide through the use of extended and various forms of torture. For those who are subjected to these particular types of attacks frequently, large doses of CO ENZYME Q10 may offer some help in getting you through them. This supplement was very helpful to me a year ago when I suffered more than 2 consecutive weeks of acute breathing difficulties as a result of the NSA's attack on me.

As is always the case, when the FEDS perpetrate crimes against those whom they target, they must ensure that they are able to do so while being able to make certain that the crime is plausibly deniable. If they can't deny what they have done, they will not attempt such an act unless they are certain that they can get away with it -- hence the ability to physically, yet remotely attack someone by way of satellite.

It is also important for the readers to remember that if the NSA can gain remote electronic access to our brains in efforts to know what we are thinking at all times, they can also use the same technology to implant thoughts, emotions etc. into our minds in efforts to alter our behavior. Something that I know for a fact that they have done to myself.

However, as difficult as my situation is (and it is quite difficult), at least through much of my own research I am now aware of the covert technology that the US Intelligence Community has access to and deploys against a completely unwitting American public.

Before the harassment against me went from covert to overt, I had no reason to suspect that there was anything suspicious occurring against me (even though I did realize that I was experiencing a long run of what appeared to be coincidental bad luck). I now realize how uninformed I was prior to doing my research. And I often wonder exactly how many people are living their lives completely unaware that they are being tracked by way of the NSA's spy satellites 24 hours a day, with every millisecond of what they say, do and think being recorded.

Since 9-11 the number of people being tracked in this way must now be enormous.

However, once this harassment began to dramatically increase I then saw the need to do my own investigative research and it has been enormously helpful in enabling me to understand the types of technology that the FEDS use to illegally spy on Americans as well torture them. If you were to walk up to your average American citizen and describe being tortured by way of satellite they would likely point you in the direction of the local psychiatric facility.

However, with the great number of people being tortured and forced to now do their own research, there will come a time where the average person on the street will respond quite differently with perhaps a comment such as: who do you think is behind your torture -- the NSA, FBI, CIA or some other government agency?

Those being tortured in such ways are now dealing with an evolution of sorts as the rest of the citizenry on this planet catches up to us and learns what we have already painfully become aware of -- that our governments are an outright fraud; that we are never going to experience any type of relief from our situations and that the only way out of this nightmare is to educate the rest of the population on this planet so that they can learn the truth about this outrageous betrayal of their trust -- provided that we are not murdered first.

When those who perpetrate such outrageous crimes such as this must resort to slander and other forms of calumny in order to discredit those whom they have wronged, it is clear that they are acting out in desperation since they are perpetrating lies to cover up their own crimes. It is those who are telling the truth who have the most powerful weapon of all going for them.

And in this case it is those of us who have been illegally tortured and targeted by directed energy weapons, who have the truth on our side. The US Federal Government has fallen to the New World Order's attempts to experiment on the minds of the human race, in order to test these "mind control" weapons to determine how effective they are. And while the US Federal Government may have control over the weapons and even the US Media, it is still perpetrating mainstream lies in regard to the directed energy attacks that it is illegally waging on many of us. What this government is guilty of is torture against its own citizens.

And for this reason (amongst myriad others) the US Federal Government will eventually fall victim to its own EVIL machinations; those which are clearly illustrative of the High Crimes Of Treason which it has committed against its own citizens. Contrary to their claims, those of us who have exposed these crimes for what they are have not boxed ourselves in. Instead, it is the US Federal Government and its agents who have boxed themselves in with their treasonous lies and abject cruelty. We are not the ones violating the Civil Rights of others -- it is the US Federal Government and those criminal stooges that work for it who have.

So I document this here for my readers so that they may learn first hand of how the US Intelligence community with Congresses tacit approval attacks Americans whom they cannot arrest legally. Consequently, the US Congress and Intelligence Community are a complete fraud that attempt to leave Americans with the impression that we live in a Democratic Republic when it is quite clear that we do not. What has also become obvious is that America is now experiencing a government orchestrated and sanctioned vigilantism, in which our own communities have become accomplices.

Perhaps this should be seen as a fitting end to the Constitutional Republic that we as Americans lost more than a Century ago, for in the modern day these communities have become a reflection of the Nazi influences which have been knocking at America's door since the early part of the twentieth century (and perhaps even earlier). Those influences have now so overwhelmed us as a people, that a modern day Nazism is emerging in this country with far too few people even bothering to notice what is happening to their government or their country -- or that they themselves are gradually beginning to resemble the Nazi citizenry of Germany during the 1930's who stood idly by while Hitler and his Third Reich tortured and massacred millions of innocent people.

In what has come as little surprise to me, the FEDS or their provocateurs have just had my Angelfire Website taken down without any explanation except that it violated their Terms Of Service. However, the site has been up for nearly a year without a problem and then suddenly it is taken down. This also happened the last time that I created a Web page to describe the COINTELPRO style harassment that the FEDS have been perpetrating against me.

The site had been up for a year and then one day it was deleted. I was given the excuse that one of the pages had a virus -- the page with all of the information documenting the FEDS' attacks on my Family and self. However, when the same information was posted weeks later when I created a new Angelfire Website, it was perfectly fine and lasted up until either yesterday or today. I checked the site yesterday and it was still up so it was either late last night or sometime today that it was removed. And Angelfire has once again given a bogus excuse for doing so.

So there is little question that the FEDS are now also attempting to get this blog taken down either directly or through one of their numerous provocateurs possibly feigning some type of violation (this is quite common as it affords the FEDS a plausible way in which to deny what they have done). However, what I have written here in regard to the harassment the FEDS have subjected my Family and self to is the absolute truth.

These violations are as outrageous to the 4th and 5th Amendments to the US Constitution as any I have ever seen or expect to see. I can also confirm from first hand experience that for the past three decades I have been tracked by way of these satellites and have also had my thoughts electronically stolen from me as well as manipulated by those who operate this technology at the NSA.

Tracking people by satellite 24 hours a day even within the privacy of their own homes; electronically accessing their thoughts as well as manipulating them -- this is even far worse than George Orwell's 1984 anti Utopian hell come to life.

The NSA's illegal use of satellites to spy on me as well as to subjugate me to its mind control enslavement protocols are occurring in the United States far more frequently than one might imagine. The insidiousness of this technology is that there is no way of knowing that you are being monitored unless those who are doing so
begin to give you subtle hints. By the time this occurs, many of those being targeted find themselves also being subjected to being stalked by well organized groups of people who quite literally harass them to the point of contemplating suicide. And a number of TI's (Targeted Individuals) have in fact taken their own lives as a result of the aforementioned attacks.

I am even in the process of gaining more attention to these outrageous violations of civil rights on an International basis having signed numerous petitions calling for an end to these atrocities.

And I am documenting this information first hand. Many people are simply circulating this information without knowing for certain that this technology exists (and they should be commended for it given the import of the abject threat to privacy that it poses to all of us). However, I am absolutely certain that such technology not only exists but that it is also being used by the US Federal Intelligence Community to violate my Constitutional Rights. And I will quite literally fight to the death on this issue if necessary. The situation regarding the privacy of all Americans is that important.

My information also corroborates the lawsuit of John St. Clair Akwei, a former employee of the NSA who sued this agency in the early 1990's with the intention of exposing the NSA's use of satellites to spy on American citizens, and to use remote neural monitoring technology to illegally track us where ever we are -- even within the privacy of our own homes. This information is not only of paramount importance to every American citizen, but also to the rest of the citizenry on this planet, given that the NSA is also jeopardizing their privacy through the use of these audio visual spy satellites.

Neither the NSA nor any other federal agency (or for that matter state, county or local police) have any business spying on Americans within the privacy of our own homes. And the NSA most certainly has no business accessing the private thoughts of anyone by using its satellites to illegally access the minds of Americans (or any other citizens from around the globe). If we tolerate this, where will these abuses end? They won't. They'll just continue to grow worse, which is why the NSA (and the rest alphabet spooks) must be challenged for its criminality.

Also of great importance is that we do not need to be implanted with an RFID chip for the NSA to track us. You can be tracked by way of the bio electromagnetic field that surrounds your body which the NSA can use its satellites to home in on as a tracking device. Once this occurs you can be under ILLEGAL satellite surveillance for years without realizing it. And you are spied on everywhere -- no place is private -- not even your own bathroom. There is NO EXCUSE for such an abuse of privacy and as this outrageous violation by the US Federal Government becomes better known it will cause a major shakeup within the US Intelligence Community as it damn well should.

Common sense would indicate why would the New World Order want Americans implanted with RFID chips to use as tracking devices when the NSA has satellites to track us by way of remote neural monitoring? The answer is that these RFID chips will have many other functions. Moreover, the manufacture of these chips is becoming big business as the owners of ADS, the creators of the Digital Angel and Verichip RFID's have already acknowledged. There's a lot of money for the private sector to earn here, and in turn the US Federal Government as well. The Real ID Act of 2005 which is slated to go into effect in the Spring of 2008 calls for every American citizen who holds a drivers license to have their license replaced by one which incorporates an RFID chip. If you don't get one of these RFID chipped drivers licenses you will not be able to drive your automobile.

This is just one way in which the New World Order is taking over our lives; in this case removing our driving privileges if we fail to capitulate to the US Federal Government's attempts to further invade our privacy. What will they do to us if we refuse to be implanted with RFID chips in the next few years?

And why have Americans not been told about the creation of the North American Union; a merging of the United States, Canada and Mexico into one country. And the creation of a new form of currency to replace the Federal Reserve Note, known as the Amero?

The American people are going to soon find themselves in a completely cashless society in which they will not even be able to purchase a loaf of bread without using an electronic form of currency. What does this portend to those who don't want to go along with this system? That they will not be able to participate in society. And even for those who accept this new form of electronic currency, if for some reason they displease those in power, their chip can be turned off and they can be denied their financial assets, preventing them from paying their bills and even obtaining the bare necessities of life including food and clothing.

This will put the New World Order in complete control where the people in this country will now be forced (out of fear) to comply with the North American Union's demands, or face the possibility of being completely shut out of society.

Only those of us who have already experienced outrageous abuses of our Constitutional Rights understand how compromised the American people already are.

I am also telling Americans that the NSA's spy satellites are capable of not only illegally spying on you 24 hours a day, but also electronically reading your thoughts and manipulating these thoughts as well as your behavior. I know it for a fact and I will challenge ANYONE who attempts to disinform the public about this.

Americans are being TORTURED by the NSA which also uses these satellites to target specific areas of the brain and human body in efforts to cause internal injuries and even death!

Agencies like the NSA have turned us into unwitting human guinea pigs for those who seek to turn this planet into their own private domain, where the rest of us are forced to exist at their leisure. As it stands, the United States has already become a fascist police state, and the RFID chipped drivers license is just one more example of this. And they won't stop with the RFID drivers license and financial chips. Forced implantation of the RFID chip under the skin of Americans will be the next step in this conspiratorial equation to destroy our privacy.

And it will all be done in the name of the war on terror.

Furthermore, any persons whether they be private individuals, or associated with such US Federal Intelligence Agencies who attempt to have this site removed are guilty of TREASON, in attempting to prevent the American people and the rest of the citizens on this planet from learning of these outrageous abuses and how they may well apply to themselves.

The New World Order one world fascist government is upon us, and these satellites are how those within the hierarchy of this government will keep tabs on all of us.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government Target Of Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation

This is an excellent article written by another person targeted for Government sanctioned mind control research. It describes how the sky is treated with chemtrails which are used as a conductant so that these satellite based weapons (as those used by the NSA) operate more reliably. This article should be read as a adjunct to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and the information provided by a person who goes by the name of ****Will Filer (probably a pseudonym) who claims to be a former contractor for the NSA.

**** The following Website contains a post written by a person who claims to be a former consultant to the NSA. On this site he lists many of the NSA's mind control protocols which are illegally deployed against an unwitting American citizenry (and oftentimes those citizens of other countries). Much of what he lists is all too familiar to me, including my experiences as someone targeted by the NSA for its illegal mind control experimentation, in which posthypnotic suggestions have been electronically acoustically delivered (by way of specialized NSA satellites) in order to affect my thoughts. This has been an ongoing process for several decades.

While I cannot verify this author or his work, I have experienced enough of what he mentions that I suggest the readers consider the contents of this article and use it as an adjunct to John St. Clair Akwei's information regarding the NSA. As always I suggest that you take no ones word for anything and arrive at your own educated conclusions.

However, I cannot emphasize enough that in reality the NSA is not the protector of the American people, but in fact the biggest threat to us and our sovereignty that we shall ever face. It's technology and the ability for this technology to remotely affect human behaviour is as astounding as it is horrifying. The minds of the populations of entire cities can be electronically influenced at one time through the NSA's deployment of such technology while this population remains completely unaware of what is being done to them.

Unless the American people want to continue to risk becoming NSA mind controlled slaves they should call for the abolition of the NSA. If they don't they will no doubt eventually fall victim to this New World Order agency.

Mind Control & Psyops
By Will Filer

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