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Fact Or Fiction -- Did You Know The Following?

The FBI Stopped Using COINTELPRO's in 1971 -- Fiction

The FBI, NSA And Homeland Security Have Resorted To Attempting To Use Jury Duty To Set Up James F. Marino In Yet One More Of Myriad COINTELPRO Entrapment Stings Starting June 4th, 2007 -- Fact

In Their Numerous Failed Efforts To Entrap James F. Marino The FBI, NSA And Homeland Security Used A COINTELPRO Smear Campaign In Which To Deny James His Constitutional Right To Due Process Of Law, And In Doing So Demonized Him With His Entire Community -- Fact!

The FEDS' Numerous Attacks On James F. Marino Have Had Nothing To Do With Legitimate Law Enforcement And Everything To Do With A Criminal Conspiracy In Which To Deny James His Civil Rights Under The Color Of Law -- Fact!

The FEDS Know That They Cannot Win This Situation In A Rational Debate So They Have Chosen To Slander and Libel James In Order To Obfuscate Their Complicity In The Crimes Against Him -- Fact!

The FBI Tried To Murder Judi Bari By Blowing Her Up In Her Car In 1990 -- Fact

The NSA Uses Satellites To Remote Track Humans By The Electromagnetic Fields That Surround Their Bodies -- Fact

The NSA Can Electronically Read Your Thoughts From Outer Space With Its Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring Technology -- Fact

The Federal Reserve Act, Which Led To The Creation Of The World's Largest Legitimized Counterfeiter, The Federal Reserve Bank, Was Improperly Ratified By Congress When Some Senators Took Bribes To Illegally Pass It In 1913 -- Fact

The Federal Reserve Is Operating Both Illegally And Unconstitutionally -- Fact

The IRS Is Operating Illegally Because The 16th Amendment Was Never Properly Ratified -- Fact

The IRS Has Illegally Collected Income Taxes Worth Trillions Of Dollars In The Past Century While Illegally Imprisoning A Great Number Of American Citizens Who Were Wrongfully Convicted For Tax Evasion. The IRS Also Illegally Seizing The Real Estate And Personal Property Of These Persons -- Fact

The US Congress Knows All About This -- Fact

When The American People Eventually Collectively Find Out That They Have Been Paying Income Taxes Illegally And That The IRS Owes Them Trillions Of The Dollars That It Illegally Taxed Them, The Congress And IRS Are Going To Find Themselves Up To Their Proverbial Necks In A Heap Of Trouble -- Fact

George H.W. Bush Has Aided The CIA In The Trafficking Of Illegal Drugs Into The USA -- Fact

George W. Bush Was AWOL From The National Guard For A Year -- Fact

The Bush Adminstration's War On Terror Is To Protect The American People -- Fiction

American's Have Become So Brainwashed By The US Media And The Superficial Ways In Which Society Operates That Most Of Them Are Now Easy Prey For The US Federal Government To Control. For Example: An American Citizen Who Is Told That The Internal Revenue Service Is Operating Illegally Is Likely To Say "But Look At The Size Of Their Building -- They Must Be Legit." This Statement Is As Illogical As That Small Group Of Women Who Once Said That Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Could Not Have Committed All Of His Crimes Because He Was Simply Too Good Looking To Have Done Something So Terrible! -- Fact

The FBI Has Admitted To Finding Three Of The Black Boxes From The Jetliners That Hit The World Trade Center -- Fiction

When Mike Bellone And Nick Dimassi, Two Workers At The World Trade Center Cleanup Spotted Three Of The Four Black Boxes Sitting In Back Of An All Terrain Vehicle, Two Men In FBI Jackets Told Them Not To Tell Anyone About It. However Both Dimassi And Bellone Could See No Logical Reason To Keep Silent And Went Public With Their Information -- Fact

Television Anchor Dan Rather Was Forced To Resign Because He Told The Truth About George W. Bush's Being AWOL From The National Guard -- Fact

A Texan Named Margie Schoedinger Filed Rape Charges Against George W. Bush And The FBI -- Fact

When Margie Schoedinger Filed A Complaint Against George W. Bush In Regard To The Rape Assault That She Reported To The Sugarland, Texas Police Department, The FBI Ignored It And Sent It Directly On To The Defendant - President George W. Bush -- Fact

Ms. Schoedinger Was Found Dead From A Gunshot Wound To Her Head 9 Months Later -- Fact

When Confronted By Reporter Jackson Thoreau In Regard To The Death Of Margie Schoedinger The Sugarland, Texas Police Department Acknowledged That Ms. SchoedingerHad Filed A Complaint Against George W. Bush And Several FBI Agents -- Fiction

When Jackson Thoreau Went To The Local Courthouse He Found The Lawsuit That Margie Schoedinger Had Filed Against George W. Bush And Immediately Knew That The Sugarland Police Department Had Lied To Him When They Stated That Ms. Schoedinger Had Never Filed A Complaint Against Bush With Them -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been An NSA Satellite Prisoner For At Least 27 Years -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been Targeted For An Illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting Operation For The Past 27 Years -- Fact

James F. Marino Has Been Illegally And Unwittingly Used By The NSA For The Past 27 Years For Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation, In Violation Of The US Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Nuremburg Code And Geneva Convention -- Fact

The FBI, NSA, And Homeland Security Have Used A COINTELPRO Smear Campaign In Which To Destroy James F. Marino's Reputation And Relationships In Efforts To Prevent Him From Prosecuting Them For Their Outrageous Crimes Against Him. They Have Continued To Use All Forms Of Calumny In Which To Demonize And Dehumanize James So That Those Who Attack Him In Such Vicious And Inhumane Ways Will Experience No Guilt For Doing So -- The Same Is True In Regard To How All Persons Targeted (TI's) For Such Vicious Government Crimes And Cover Ups Are Treated -- Fact

George W. Bush's Signing Of The Patriot Act And The Military Commisions Act of 2006 Has For All Intents And Purposes Destroyed The US Constitution -- Fact

The Bush Adminstration Is Guilty Of Treason And Should Be Tried For Their Crimes Against Humanity And Hung For Their Covert Attacks On The American People -- Fact

The FBI, NSA And Department Of Homeland Security Will Circulate Disinformation To The Community Of A Targeted Person In Which They Claim That The Person Is Mentally Unstable, While These FEDS Will Utilize Psychological Warfare Operations In Which To Drive The Targeted Person To Such A State Of Rage That They Commit A Violent Act Against Themselves (Suicide) Or Against Others, So That The Target Can Be Imprisoned Or Institutionalized. This Is Done To Prevent The Targeted Person From Ever Being Able To Prosecute The FEDS For The Crimes That They Have Perpetrated Against Them, And To Prevent American Society From Ever Learning Of The Criminal And Fascist Ways In Which The US Intelligence Community Really Operates -- Fact!

The FBI Protects And Defends The US Constitution -- Fiction

The NSA Has Been Torturing Former Agent John St. Clair Akwei For Exposing Its Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Technology Since 1992 -- Fact

Michael Boren Williams And His Family Were Illegally Attacked By The FBI At The Direction Of George H.W. Bush -- Fact

The CIA Has Never Conducted Covert Mind Experiments Against The American People -- Fiction

The FBI Used An Entrapment STING Operation To Set Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley Up On Trumped Up Charges In Which He Is Now Facing Six Years In Prison -- Fact

Janis Lanham Has Been Tortured By The FBI For The Past Four Years For Giving Them Information On The Olympic Park Bombing, Because The FBI Lost The Information And Is Afraid That Janis Still Has Copies Of It Which Could Make Them Look Bad -- Fact

The FBI Regularly Uses NSA Satellites To Go On Open Ended And Illegal Fishing Expeditions To Spy On People Within The Privacy Of Their Own Homes -- Fact

The FBI And DHS Will USE The NSA To Illegally Propagate A Media Blackout In Regard To Those Whom They Target For A COINTELPRO Black Operation, By Intercepting The Targeted Person's Cable Or Satellite Based Programs And Inserting Their Own Propagandized Programming In Place Of It, While Using The Media To Promulgate Slanderous Information About The Target In Order To Demonize Them Within Their Own Communities -- This Creates A Situation In Which The Targeted Individual Has Been Covertly Attacked And Made Into A Pariah, While A Policy Of Abject Denial Is Propagated By The FEDS As Well As The TI's Entire Community, In Efforts To Prevent Them From Ever Seeking Justice Through The Courts For Such Outrageous Violations Of Their Civil Rights. When The TI Makes Claims That They Are Being Illegally Attacked, Those Who Perpetrate These Crimes Against Humanity Willfully LIE By Denying That Such Vicious Attacks Are Being Perpetrated, While They Conduct A Government Sanctioned Modern Day Witch Hunt Against The Targeted Person -- Fact!

The FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD & DHS Are Fascist Pigs -- Fact

The FBI, NSA and DHS Will Illegally Spy On The Persons Whom The Person They Target Is Closest To By Conducting Illegal And Protracted Fishing Expeditions In Which To Dig Up Information That They Can Then Use To Coerce Or Blackmail These Persons -- These Persons Usually Include Family Members And Friends Of The Person Whom The FBI And Its Brethren In Crime Are Illegally Targeting, Whom The FEDS Will Then Utilize To Take Part In The Psychological Warfare Operations That They Are ILLEGALLY Conducting Against A Target -- Fact

The FBI And DHS Will Utilize The NSA To ILLEGALLY And Routinely Spy On Those Persons They Target Within The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms And Bathrooms For Years On End, While Videotaping And Archiving Everything These Persons Do. This Is Not Only Proof Of The Deviant Scum That Is Operating Within The US Intelligence Community, But The Outrageous And Unconstitutional Behavior That These Government Miscreants Have Now Made Anathema -- Fact

The Department Of Homeland Security Abides By The US Constitution -- Fiction

Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich Became Seriously Ill Shortly After Publicly Stating That The CIA Should Be Abolished -- Fact

The FBI, DHS And NSA Will Show Videos That They Take Of Those Persons Whom They Target Within The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms And Bathrooms, To Family Members And Members Of The Person's Community -- Fact

In Doing So These Agencies Are Guilty Of Circulating Pornography -- Fact

The FBI Has Not Obstructed Justice In The 9-11 Attacks -- Fiction

The FBI Fabricated Evidence In The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800 In 1996 -- Fact

The FBI Will Not Show Americans The Videos That It Confiscated From The Virginia Department Of Transportation, The Marriot Hotel, Or The Gas Station Across From The Pentagon on 9-11 Because It Knows That A 757 Never Hit The Pentagon And If It Admits This Publicly The US Government's Official 9-11 Investigation Will Unravel Faster Than A Cheap Piece Of Twine -- Which Thanks To Grass Roots 9-11 Truth Movements Is Already Beginning To Happen -- Fact

Because Of The 9-11 Truth Movement The Bush Administration, PNAC And Hierarchy Within The US Federal Government Are Now Behind The 8 Ball In Attempting To Defend What Are Irrefutable Facts Showing Their Treasonous Collusion In The Attacks On 9-11 And Their Conspiracy To Obfuscate The Facts In Efforts To Obstruct Justice -- Fact

The Entire Hierarchy Within The US Intelligence Community Was Complicit With The Bush Administration And PNAC Of Taking Part In The Treasonous Attacks On 9-11, And The FBI's Hierarchy Prevented Its Agents From Following Through On Terrorist Leads Which Could Have Prevented 9-11 -- Fact

The Entire US Intelligence Community As Well As Congress Should Be Abolished And Rebuilt From Scratch -- Fact

My Pizza Is Getting Cold So I Am Going To Call This A Post -- Fiction (I finished my pizza 20 minutes ago).

But I Am Going To Call This A Post!

The National ID Card Will Be The Penultimate Assault On Your Civil Liberties -- The Implantable RFID Chip Will Be The Last

In 2008, the 2005 Real ID Act which Congress has mandated will go into effect. The Real ID Act requires that a newly issued US drivers license be used as a national identification card. This card will be used in the same way that registration papers were used by the Nazis to identify the citizens in their countries.

Americans will now be forced to show these cards when travelling from different parts of the United States at any time that they reach a Homeland Security checkpoint.

What we are talking about here is the propagation of a US Federal Police State, done under the pretense of a bogus war on terror.

If the FEDS are so concerned about protecting the borders within this country how is it that the illegal immigrants from Mexico are simply walking right into this country without being detained? And exactly how is it that a man who was just mentioned in the news who contracted a very serious case of tuberculosis overseas (and was ordered to be quarantined there), was able to sneak back into the United States simply by traveling through the Canadian border?

Given the LIES that we are being told here I'm going to put this bluntly.


The national ID card is just the latest in this government's attempts to control every aspect of the American people's lives, and several US States have already said that they will reject this federal mandate when it becomes law in 2008.

Finally Some Common Sense Has Prevailed!

What one must ask oneself is, once the national ID card is put into effect, how long will it be before Americans are forced to undergo the implantation of RFID chips, which will be capable of performing functions ranging from electronically tracking them to altering their thoughts?

As an NSA satellite prisoner and target for non consensual cover research and human experimentation for the past 27 years, I must now seriously consider this question, given its import regarding the mind enslavement of the human race.

What I find most disturbing is that the majority of Americans have become so brainwashed by the US Media, that they are failing to notice how their freedoms are being stolen right out from under them; stolen in much the same way that certain members of Congress allowed J.P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, John D. Rockefeller and the rest of the Illuminati Jeckyl Island 7, to steal the American people's government and economy right out from under them, with the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel -- the largest fraud in US History.

The New World Order will mandate that America become a cashless society. This is being done for the same reason that this government is attempting to destroy the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, to prevent Americans from owning guns. The NWO does not want to be challenged, and needs effective means in which to punish those who do so, swiftly and devastatingly.

Without access to firearms, the American people will find themselves powerless to defend themselves in the event that they are illegally attacked by the federal, state, or local police.

This has happened in numerous countries in the past and will become problematic in America's future, as such past situations as the tragedies in WACO, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho stand testament to. At least in the case of the Branch Davidians and the Weaver Family, they had access to weapons in which to defend themselves, which for a time created a standoff.

However, the brutal ways in which the FBI and BATF incinerated more than 70 Branch Davidians (many of whom were women and children), and their cold blooded murder of both Vicki and Sammy Weaver, must remain as tragic reminders that America is no longer a Constitutional Republic.

The mere fact that agents of the FBI and BATF murdered more than 70 American citizens, and not one of these agents was ever prosecuted, should give Americans an even better indication of how they will fare in a similar situation.

The US Federal Government and its Intelligence community no longer assume any responsibility for their actions in modern day America.

Moreover, without armed weapons used to defend yourselves, you would not even be able to prevent these FEDS from illegally accessing your own homes within seconds and taking you captive, even if you had committed no legitimate crimes and were being set up on trumped up charges. Something which is becoming more problematic in the present day regarding those Americans who demand their civil liberties, yet are being treated as domestic terrorists by the Bush Administration.

Speaking of one of the Bush criminals, at the link below the readers can access the Website of Michael Boren Williams, who in 1988 had his home illegally stormed by several well armed FBI agents, at the request of former President George H.W. Bush. This was done as punishment to Williams, who was at the time working to resurrect Senator Gary Hart's presidential run against Bush #41, while digging up his rampant criminal past.

William's home was stormed by several FBI agents, whom without a warrant proceeded to ransack his home while strip and cavity searching his six month pregnant wife and two year old daughter. They even shot his daughter's puppy to death as further revenge for William's exposing of the elder Bush's treasonous crimes. After this, Michael was arrested on trumped up charges and sent to prison for two years, while his wife was forced to divorce him and take their children away.

I guess that I should consider myself fortunate that to date all the FEDS have done to me is to spy on me within the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom, subject me to satellite based physical and psychological torture, and destroy my relationships with my own Family as well as my reputation, while vilifying me within my own community. Due process of law you say?

Oh yeah, we really have a Democratic Constitutional Republic in this country --- THE HELL WE DO!

The gun issue is serious enough. However, the complete eradication of cash within society will prove to be even worse, since cards used for the electronic purchase of goods and services can be cancelled at any time, leaving the holder with no way to purchase food or clothing. This can also be applied to paying bills including those of the monthly mortgage which can result in the government's seizure of a person's home.

And the situation will 0nly grow worse from there.

For this reason it is mandatory that the American people uniformly REJECT THE NATIONAL ID CARD.

By doing so we will send Congress and the New World Order the message that we are not going to stand for their treasonous LIES any longer! And we will also let them know that we are well aware of the plans that they have to turn us into a nation of mind controlled slaves!

The Future Of Your Freedom Depends On It!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Since The Bush Administration & Patriot Act The Term Domestic Terrorist Has Become Commonplace -- If You Value Your Freedom Of Speech You're One Too!

Has The Privately Held Federal Reserve Banking Cartel Looted The US Treasury?

Boycott The National ID Card!

Exactly Where Is The Gold Bullion That Fort Knox Once Held?

According To Aaron Russo, head of the "From Freedom To Fascism Movement" here in America, the privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are operating illegally in the United States. Moreover, Russo claims that based on his extensive research, the IRS doesn't even have the Constitutional authority to force you to pay income tax or to imprison you if you fail to do so!

Yet this has not stopped this criminal & fascist juggernaut from seizing billions in real estate, personal property and trusts. In fact former Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Joe Louis, was attacked by the IRS because it claimed that he owned them back taxes on prize money that he won in fights; money which he donated to the army and navy relief effort. Money, which Louis himself, never saw a cent of!

Even though Joe Louis, one of the most Patriotic Americans to have ever lived, faithfully served his country during World War II, he was quite literally taxed to death by the IRS, which took every cent that he made just to pay off the interest on the prize money that Joe donated to the US Armed Forces. The IRS even seized the trusts that he had set up for his children and the $600 that his Mother had left him at the time of her death!

And Joe is just one of myriad Americans who've had their lives destroyed by this criminal agency.

The US Income Tax Is Illegal & UnConstitutional

Supreme Court Ruling Eisner VS Montomery -- "Gains From Corporate Activity Are Taxable. Labor Is Considered Private Property And Non Taxable."

Supreme Court Ruling in Peck VS Lowe -- "If You Weren't Subject To Tax Before The 16th Amendment You Weren't Afterwards."

Supreme Court Ruling in Stanton VS Baltic Mining -- "The 16th Amendment Confers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress."

Three Other Supreme Court Cases Which Ruled That The 16th Amendment Offers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress:

Southern Pacific VS Lowe

Straten Independence VS Hobart

Doyle VS Mitchell

"Your Income Tax Is A 100% Voluntary Tax, And Your Liquor Tax Is A 100% Enforced Tax. The Situation Is As Different As Night And Day." --- Dwight F. Davis Head Of The Alcohol And Tobacco Tax Division Bureau Of Internal Revenue Service

"The IRS Selectively Audited Taxpayers Who Were Poor & Vulnerable. They Routinely Fabricated Evidence Against These Taxpayers. They Encouraged Agents To 'Stick It' To Taxpayers." -- Jennifer Long IRS Agent

"The IRS Can't Let This Turn Into A Rational Debate Because They Will Lose It. So They Have To Insult People By Saying That Their Cases Are Frivolous." -- Larken Rose Tax Honesty Movement

New York Times January 25, 1916
-- "In Substance, The Court Holds That The Sixteenth Amendment Did Not Empower The Federal Government To Levy Any New Tax."

"Based On Research Performed By The Congressional Research Service, There Is No Provisions Which .... Require An Individual To Pay An Income Tax." -- Senator Daniel Inoue

Aaron Russo & The Freedom To Fascism Movement

Even though I had seen one his movies (Trading Places starring actor Eddie Murphy), I'd never actually heard of director Aaron Russo until seeing his documentary From Freedom To Fascism -- an extremely disturbing expose on the privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel and the Internal Revenue Service. This motivated me to visit his From Freedom To Fascism Web site, and I have been interested in his movement to expose this fraud on a national scale ever since.

This documentary is so powerful and ties together so many different aspects of the present day fraud which the US Federal Government is perpetrating against each and every American citizen, that those who have failed to see it are simply asking to remain ignorant in regard to the outrageous and treasonous crimes that are being perpetrated against them in the present day.

Simply put -- stop worrying about China, the Middle East conflict, and the CIA notion that this agency continues to use in efforts to instill fear in the American people -- the Al Qaeda -- and start worrying about the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel and IRS frauds, the Democrats and Republicans, the National ID Card (which has been mandated to go into effect in 2008), and a myriad of other issues that are an imminent threat to your freedom -- and which are occuring WITHIN THE BORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES!

" The IRS will cite Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code as its legal mandate to impose an income tax on the wages of the American people. However, there is nothing contained within Title 26 that upholds the IRS' claim to have a mandate in which to do so."

Equally disturbing, according to Aaron, the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally within the United States and in the present day appears to be holding all of the gold that the US Treasury once oversaw in Fort Knox, in some undisclosed location.

As Americans this is our money!

So exactly what is some private banking conglomerate doing with it?

Has the Federal Reserve looted America?

Also consider that through its counterfeiting of paper currency, the Federal Reserve is responsible for the devaluation of the US Dollar (which is now worth about four cents) because the Fed prints money based on thin air, unlike the US Treasury Notes which were once based on the gold bullion contained within Fort Knox.

This is why the prices of everything from homes to a loaf of bread have become so expensive.

The Federal Reserve banking cartel is the reason that the standard of living in the United States has been so severely compromised in the present day!

Moreover, The US Congress does not conduct any formal oversight of the Federal Reserve Bank -- they have never even audited it!

So exactly how are Americans to know what the FED is up to?

"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. Gold stands as a protector of property rights."

-- Alan Greenspan before he headed up the Federal Reserve

Aaron Russo has put together an excellent documentary in regard to the Federal Reserve fraud which I highly recommend that every person in the United States views at their earliest convenience. I can also guarantee that this well known Hollywood producer has knowingly put his reputation on the line and angered some extremely powerful people to make this film, in much the same way that director Oliver Stone did when he made the movie JFK; a very well received movie, which discussed the circumstances surrounding the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Stone has been demonized by these miscreants for his use of the movie JFK to expose the real reasons behind Kennedy's assassination.

When you have been so beaten up both physically and psychologically that you are willing to fight to the death to defend your civil liberties and those of your loved ones and the rest of the people on this planet, you can begin to understand the emotions that those targeted for government sanctioned mind control and organized stalking crimes experience everyday of our lives.

It is the most intense experience one will ever have.

Aaron Russo's documentary From Freedom To Fascism will only further ignite the passion that each of us experiences in our attempts to expose this corruption on a global scale. Something that we will either succeed in doing or die attempting to do.

Perhaps what is most frustrating is the abject ignorance of your average American citizen in regard to how dire the situation in the United States is in the present day.

Given the indignities that so many of us have been forced to endure at the hands of these fascist traitors -- those who call themselves US legislators -- and the egregious lies that they have used the US media to promulgate, in efforts to keep the American people in the dark regarding their treasonous crimes against us, it is high time that we exposed these scoundrels for exactly what they are.

For in doing so, we can begin to rebuild the Constitutional Republic of government that our forefathers sacrificed to create for us two centuries ago.

If we continue to allow the shadow government in this country to propagate its New World Order agenda, we will have ourselves to blame for the abrogation of our civil rights.

The key is in recognizing how these Illuminists operate to covertly undermine any just form of government, so that they can usurp it for their own criminal means.

Aaron Russo discusses many important aspects of his campaign to expose the abject fraud that is being perpetrated by those who have deceived us for the past two generations. Their progeny continues to do so in the present day and unless stopped, will eventually found a new feudal system in which the American people will find themselves enslaved in both a physical and psychological sense.

Some of the more compelling aspects of Aaron's documentary include the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel's perpetration of one of the greatest frauds ever to take place in this country. A fraud which has allowed the bankers in this country to quite literally steal our economy and government right out from under us, while they use the US media to promulgate their black propaganda in efforts to convince us that everything they are doing is being done to keep us safe from terrorism -- one of myriad lies which they continue to propagate.

The reality is that these people are the terrorists!

Michael Ruppert, the publisher of the E-zine From The Wilderness, has been quoted as saying that the American people should see the Democratic and Republican Parties as what they truly are: crime families. He has said that Americans should look at the Democrats as if they were the Gambino crime family and the Republicans as if they were the Genovese crime family. He also stated that while they may not always get along, they will always allign themselves with one another when it comes to defending their turf.

They simply have too much to lose if they don't.

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats and Republicans are far more dangerous to the American people and their civil liberties than the Mafia or any other organized criminal organizations have been
throughout the history of the United States -- having perpetrated some of the most outrageous and criminal frauds against the American people in this country's history.

Included in this fraud has been the illegal creation of a graduated income tax system -- something which was created as a result of the communist manifesto and traditionally used within communist governments. And an unjust system which has been used to steal money from every person in this country who has ever held a job.

The creation of the Internal Revenue Service has been an even greater fraud, given that since the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution was never properly ratified, and moreover, that it in no way called for any income tax to be attached to the wages of the American worker, the IRS is in fact operating illegally. Please pay careful attention to the following sentence.

There is no US law which authorizes the IRS to collect an income tax. And furthermore, there is no law which allows the IRS to imprison any person who does not pay taxes on the wages that they earn making a living.

The IRS uses intimidation to force Americans into paying taxes under the threat of imprisonment -- something that under the US Constitution it has no right to do!

Moreover, the IRS has been ILLEGALLY collecting taxes by way of coercion for nearly a Century, and wrongfully imprisoned myriad Americans, something that it has absolutely no right to do.

The following is an excellent example which conclusively proves that the IRS is not a legal organization.

Furthermore, there are several cases in which Americans who have been arrested for tax evasion won their cases in court, simply because the IRS could not produce any evidence that a law which mandated that US citizens pay taxes on their wages ever existed. And for good reason since no such law was ever created!

In the case of Whitey Harrel, an American arrested by the IRS and tried on four counts of non filing of taxes, a precedent in regard to the taxing of American wages was to be set.

When a jury was empaneled to hear the case, they requested the law which gives the IRS the authority to mandate that Americans file a tax return.

However the judge could not furnish them with this information because NO SUCH LAW EXISTS!

As a result the jury agreed that the IRS had broken the law by arresting Mr. Harrel, and found him not guilty of tax evasion. Absolutely livid at the jury's just verdict, the judge presiding over the case stormed out of the courtroom leaving the entire jury, attorneys, and defendant stunned by his unprofessional conduct.

The judge was well aware that he'd just witnessed history in the making as the proverbial "Pandora's Box" had been opened; one which would cause the US Government and the IRS endless grief in the decades to come.

This is an outright indictment of the serious nature of the extensive fraud that this government has been perpetrating against the American people for the past Century.

There have been several such trials over the past decade, including those of a number of former IRS agents who resigned from this alphabet agency when they found that it was operating illegally. A former agent by the name of Joe Bannister was arrested on charges of fraud, when he promulgated information that the IRS had no legal right to force Americans to file an income tax return, and that the IRS was in fact operating illegally by attempting to do so, since no such law exists.

Mr. Bannister won his case in court!

To date there have been 24 cases in which American citizens who've been arrested and tried for tax evasion have won their cases in court, because they were able to prove that there is no law which allows the IRS to require that Americans file an income tax return, or that they be imprisoned for failing to do so.

According To J. Peter Grace Of The Reagan Administration Appointed Grace Commission, Every Cent Of The Federal Income Tax That American Taxpayers Are Charged Annually, Goes Towards The Interest That The US Federal Government Owes The Federal Reserve Bank. Not One Cent Of This Money Has Ever Been Used For Public Services.

Yet the US media (propaganda machine for the US Federal Government) has never once bothered to publicize this, or cover any of the trials in which Americans who were accused of being tax cheats won their cases in court, simply by proving that no such law to tax their incomes has ever existed.

The US media has become nothing but a pawn in the government fraud that has been perpetrated against the American people over the past Century. And all of the awards that they win for their so called journalistic integrity and excellence are meaningless, since they refuse to cover the real issues and expose the rampant criminality and fraud that the US Federal Government continues to perpetrate against all Americans.

Of even greater import is that when Aaron Russo visited a former commissioner of the IRS, Sheldon Cohn, to confront him with this fraud (Mr. Cohn Was General Counsel For The IRS As Of 2005), Cohn became so flustered when he could not find a law which gave the IRS the authority to tax the incomes of American citizens, that he angrily told Russo the interview was over! You will see this interview in Russo's documentary From Freedom To Fascism. C0hn was so miffed that he was literally squirming in his chair, knowing full well that the IRS has always been a fraud.

In his anger he made a comment to Russo in Yiddish that was later translated for the viewers.

The comment was: " Mr. Russo there is nothing that will help you!"

So what does this mean for the American people?

Well, realistically it means that you have never had to pay taxes on your income and that the US Congress and the IRS have committed a treasonous crime against the American taxpayer by charging them an income tax when no such law authorizing them to do so has ever existed.

And moreover, that the IRS and the US Federal Government owe the American people all of the monies and property that they have illegally seized through this illegal tax system since 1913.

Americans should use civil disobedience to collectively end this unjust tax system by refusing to ever pay a tax on their incomes again. The employers who hold back taxes from each employee's paychecks are in fact aiding and abetting the Internal Revenue Service in committing a felony.

The US Congress is well aware that it is unconstitutional to tax the wages earned by American workers, yet they have allowed this crime to occur for nearly a Century, and done NOTHING to stop it. In doing so they too have aided and abetted the IRS in its criminal activity.

See Aaron Russo's documentary "From Freedom To Fascism" at the following Web site. I have little doubt that it will be one of the most important and enlightening films that you have ever seen. And I am certain that you will be as livid as I was when I was through watching it!

But use your anger constructively. Expose the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds to the American people!

Boycott The National ID Card!

Perhaps The Most Important Lawsuit In American History

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, for its illegal use of satellites to remote sense American citizens, may well be the most important lawsuit in US History. Since the NSA has seen fit to torture John in efforts to prevent him from exposing this information, it is up to those of us who also know about it to do so.

As an American who has been subjugated to the virtual enslavement of being made an NSA satellite prisoner I consider it my Patriotic duty to expose the NSA and its remote sensing technology.

The NSA has absolutely no right to do this to me or the millions of others whom it has illegally placed into this satellite spy system.

I created the above bumper sticker and attached it to the rear bumper of my car and the rear fender of my motorcycle, in efforts to get other motorists to learn of the NSA's illegal satellite spying.

Akwei VS NSA should be on the back of every automotive bumper in America.

Ironically enough, the real danger that Americans will face is if they don't act to promulgate this information, since failing to do so will be an indication that it is OK with them to allow the NSA to perpetrate such vicious crimes against humanity.

And if this occurs Americans will have their own apathy to blame for the loss of their civil liberties.

We have the power to collectively change what we don't like about this government.

The problem is that we've been conditioned by said government through it use of the US media propaganda machine, to fear exercising our civil liberties out of concerns for retribution.

Well here's a wake up call for all Americans.

The US Federal Government is the criminal in this situation and it's about time that the American people began to acknowledge it!

Don't fear this government -- recognize it for the traitor that it is and work to correct the situation by exposing its treasonous crimes against us. Start by having this bumper sticker made and attaching it to the back of your motor vehicle.

Everyone in the United States should learn of John St. Clair Akwei and his lawsuit against the NSA and its Nazi satellite based remote sensing technology -- something that is n0t only a threat to your physical privacy, but to that of your own mind!

Remember the "United We Stand" bumper stickers that were omnipresent shortly after the attacks on 9-11? How about doing the same with "Akwei VS NSA" since both messages are being propagated to ensure your independence from fascism?!

You can make this bumper sticker inexpensively at the following Website:

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another TI Who Describes Many Of The Atrocities That I Have Been Subjected To By The NSA

From time to time I post accounts of others who have documented what it is like to be treated as a government lab rat for non consensual cover research and human experimentation. There are a vast number of citizens from the United States and abroad who have now come forth to describe the atrocities that they are being subjected to by governments from around the globe, as well as other criminals who are using them for illegal experimentation.

An Australian by the name of John Finch is yet another. And I have taken the time to document his accounts here, given that he documents much of what I have personally experienced as an NSA satellite prisoner and non consensual human experimentee for the past three decades.

This situation has become a pandemic given that it has crossed all international borders and is becoming a plague on the human race. So please take note of John's accounts and visit the Mind Control Forums (where you can find nearly 600 accounts of such crimes against humanity) using the Google search engine. You can also access many of the Websites that John has listed at the end of his message to learn more about these depraved crimes.

These quasi Nazi crimes of torture are taking place globally and even within the borders of the United States of America.

You could be their next victim!

area-contact: Electronic / Psychotronics harassment


location: Australia


I sent a series of human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003 up to 2006. I came to the attention of an extremist US Jewish security organisation in 2004 for this exercising of my democratic right to free speech and since then I've had my human rights, liberty and privacy completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked.

Using “star wars” and directed energy weapons technologies coupled with advanced neuro and medical science, and also using nanotechnology and holography technologies (or some such technical combinations) these people have the ability to :-

a. place a human subject under continuous surveillance, no matter where he/she is, from remote locations.

b. continuously monitor a human brain from remote locations, including thought and image reading.

c. continuously input directly into a human brain from remote locations, including the ability to override,
control and alter consciousness, and to introduce voices, noises, other disturbances, images and “dreams” into the brain.

d. directly interfere with, abuse, torture and hit bodies and objects.

By these means I have been :-

1. continuously - 24 hours a day 7 days a week - surveilled. (2004-present)

2. subjected to sleep deprivation torture. (2005)

3. continuously subjected to sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. This takes the form of a running commentary with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities and biorhythms - both straightforwardly and with echo, repetition and distortion effects.

This sensory and mental torture directly into the brain has varied from extreme causing near–complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder. It is all, however, unignorable and inescapable, and it has profoundly degraded and wrecked my mental and physical life and being. (2004/2005-present)

4. repeatedly and relentlessly subjected to electrical abuse and torture on the genitals – electric currents are applied to my genitals at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from extremely to mildly disturbing. The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical stress and tension. This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals is applied at any time of the day or night.

I am often woken up by the application of electric currents to my genitals – night after night after night. My genitals have also been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. (2005-present)

5. continuously subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions - night after night after night 2,3,4,5 or more times per night artificial “dreams” are introduced into my brain and therein experienced and processed “organically (?)”. This has resulted in mentally exhausting, degrading and wrecking me. I haven’t had an uninterrupted nights sleep in nearly 2 years. (2005- present)

6. subjected to ’deep’ neurological interventions on my brain creating a lasting ‘lobotomised’ effect. Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain. (2005-present).

7. subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. (2004-present)

As an ancillary to these each and every night I am repeatedly put to sleep, woken up, made to go to the toilet, and mentally mood and temper controlled on waking.

Other nights I am given erections, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). I am being used like a lab rat. This regime has been ongoing now for nearly 2 years.

Each and every waking hour I am thought and image read, and continuously subjected to the various forms of sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. Coupled with the various forms of genital abuse and torture. This regime has been ongoing now for over two years.

Thus my human rights, liberty and privacy have been completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked in this ongoing totalitarian nightmare.

There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding these technologies and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly. Despite, since 2004, continually appealing for help to Governments, UN Missions, UN Organisations, EU Organisations, other International and Human Rights Organisations, and many,many media outlets in the US and worldwide I have received virtually no help, or even acknowledgement, from anyone at all! Both the technologies and the perpetrators of these atrocities remain secret and unprosecuted!

John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia
Tel: 0424009627 Email:


Please refer to the following websites for further
information : -




especially the “sponsors” page




and especially the articles:-

a. John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

b. On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis
in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho-Social Studies , Vol 2(2) No 3 2003





Sunday, May 27, 2007

Have The FEDS Placed The Names Of TI's On Airline No Fly Lists? Moreover, Are US Intelligence Agents Brainwashed Into Becoming Sociopathic Murderers?

"Those with access to technologically advanced weaponry will eventually become corrupted by this weaponry and ultimately utilize it to control those whom they fear."

Based on my experiences there is little doubt that most if not all TI's are being treated as domestic terrorists when placed on the no fly lists of airlines around the United States. We can thank George W. Bush (the Nazi dink) and the Patriot Act for this outrageous insult, as these covert Nazi terrorists gradually erode what few civil liberties Americans have left.

Besides, the scanning technology that the airports in the United States utilize can see through passengers' clothing (talk about embarrassing) so that there's virtually no chance of them ever sneaking weapons onto a plane. Moreover, there has been talk of NASA using remote neural monitoring technology to electronically tap into the brains of airport passengers whom the government deems to be terrorists. An article on this can be accessed at the end of today's post.

If this technology is eventually used at our airports (if it is not covertly being used already), exactly what is to prevent those who operate it from remotely scanning the thoughts of all of the passengers traveling through these airports? This would be yet another outright invasion of privacy and outrageous violation of civil liberties, all under the pretense of protecting us from terrorism.

Are most of the American people blind to what is going on here?

Don't they realize just how badly their civil liberties have become compromised in this country -- especially since the attacks on 9-11?

Today, no matter how badly the government abuses us, we are told that it is for our own good, and that we must just accept it. George W. Bush routinely promulgates this lie through the US media.

Well, there will be many Americans who buy into this piece of Nazi propaganda.

However, I'm not going to be one of them.

What the US Government is perpetrating here is exactly what Adolph Hitler did to Germany prior to World War II. In this case, it's the American people who are being brainwashed through the use of black propaganda, in order to get them to willingly go along with a government orchestrated subversion of their Constitution.

This has been occurring within the United States for the past sixty years, but has become far more pronounced since 9-11, now that the Bush Administration can label any American citizen as a domestic terrorist, even when it is quite clear that these people don't even remotely fit the profile of one.

The Patriot Act is absolute fascism, giving the president of this country the ability to declare a state of martial law, and to overrule the US Congress if he can prove that the United States Federal Government is operating during a time of war. And while Americans now exist in a quasi state of martial law, the worst is yet to come.

One more US Government initiated attack on US soil and Americans are going to see the US Military taking to the streets of this country to begin rounding up citizens whom the Bush Administration is fearful of.

There are roughly 15 million people in this country, most of whom are human rights and antiwar activists, who have already been blacklisted by this administration, and will be the first to go.

And those who attempt to challenge Bush will also find themselves being subjected to the same imprisonment, given no access to legal counsel, while being tortured day and night. We are talking about a Guantanamo Bay situation here, but on a much larger scale.

Is it any wonder why the Bush Administration has fought the ACLU on closing this quasi Nazi camp of torture and death, since the United States is littered with such types of facilities now lying empty, but just waiting to be filled with American dissidents?

I was in a 9-11 Patriot Movement chat room about a year ago when the moderator hinted to me that I might have been included on a Homeland Security no fly list and that a number of other people in the chat room may have also been.

As if knowing what I now know about the FBI, CIA and others within US Intelligence, I might actually ever board an airliner again. Given their history of blowing up or shooting down entire plane loads of people simply to murder a target who happens to be flying on one of them, I would never take the risk of involving so many other people in the FEDS' attempts to murder me -- something which they have continued to do covertly for the past four years, through the use of psychological warfare operations.

The truth is that my entire Family has been brainwashed as a result of the FEDS' attacks on me, in what is one of the most tragic and pathetic acts of covert torture that has ever been perpetrated.

There is not a day that goes by in which I do not agonize for my Family, given the psychological prison that these federal miscreants have subjugated them to.

Still worse is that I have been unable to extricate my Family from this unending nightmare that some FBI lowlife punk named Ray Migliore initiated against me more than 27 years ago, the result of an FBI STING OPERATION gone wrong. I mention them as often as I do on this blog in an attempt to make them public so that it becomes more difficult for the FEDS to harm them.

All TI's find the need to promulgate their information as widely as they can in order to spotlight those who are threatening them. In the case of my Family and self I am referring to the FBI, NSA and the Department Of Homeland Security, in addition to the myriad of organized stalking networks that continue to harass us.

As for including me or any other TI on an airline no fly list, the mere idea that they would claim that we are actually terrorist threats (even though most of us have absolutely no criminal histories) when the FEDS themselves would take out an entire commercial airliner just to murder one person, is indicative of how truly brainwashed and insane they are. They are delusional people on their own. However when they come together as a group they become a cancer on the human race. Something that their history of heinous crimes against humanity has proven time and time again.

These FEDS and their attempts to justify what are without a doubt some of the most outrageous crimes against humanity, are not only a terrifying example of the evil that exists within this world, but also perhaps the best illustration of how the Illuminati has through its use of brainwashing protocols (think Tavistock Institute) perverted the entire dynamic of modern day society.

Take Project Blue Beam for example, a NASA orchestrated plan to use holograms of Jesus Christ deployed by way of satellites around this planet, to frighten its population into believing that unless they followed the dictates of their own governments, the Earth would be destroyed. You can learn more about how these events were to unfold by accessing the Blue Beam Web site at the end of this post.

Talk about using religious indoctrination as a form of mind control!

If this does not reinforce what I have stated in the past about the US Intelligence community and its Illuminati masters operating under the delusion of having an absolute "God Complex," I don't know what does.

Of course when this information was leaked to the public NASA vociferously denied it. Then again, when the FEDS get caught in these insidious crimes against humanity whether actually having perpetrated them, or in the process of considering doing so, they always deny them -- they even have a term for perpetrating crimes in such a way in which they can deny them -- these crimes must be plausibly deniable.

Just try getting the NSA to admit that it has satellites that can track you by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body, or that its agents can also target your brainwaves to electronically decode what you are thinking, while using their satellite based directed energy weapons technology to torture you both physically and psychologically.

As an American who's been illegally targeted by the NSA for exactly these types of heinous and treasonous crimes, I am well aware that this technology is not only real, but being deployed against a great number of American citizens.

However, the NSA is not going to admit to what they have done to us anymore than the FBI will admit that it still uses its COINTELPRO STINGS, or the CIA will admit that it has played a major role in the cover up of DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Bases -- UFO's and EBE's), or that it derives its black budget from the manufacture and sale of a synthetic form of cocaine known as crack cocaine -- an inexpensive drug that offers a tremendous and addictive high which the CIA covertly manufactures here in the United States, and then uses its street lice to sell to your kids.

And George H.W. Bush was involved in this drug trade with the CIA as early as the 1950's, when he allowed the agency to utilize the oil company (Zapata Oil) that he co founded (with his father Preston's money) to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States, creating the drug culture that nearly destroyed American youth in the 1960's.

Consider that as Vice President of the United States in the 1980's Bush was part of the Reagan anti-drug campaign - Just Say No To Drugs -- when in fact both Reagan and Bush were heavily tied into the drugs for weapons Iran Contra scandal which polluted our TV screens in the late 80's.

I still find it of interest that one of Bush's sons was alleged to have had luncheon plans with the brother of John Hinkley the day after Hinkley attempted to murder Ronald Reagan.

If this story is true, it has to be one of the most interesting coincidences in US History.

And if John Hinkley was not a CIA MKULTRA mind controlled assassin it would be an even greater coincidence. I believe that he was, and this also begs the following questions:

How was Hinkley recruited by the CIA and who was his handler? And exactly how is it that one of the Bushs was supposed to have lunch with his brother on the day after the assassination attempt on Reagan?

I also find it of interest that Michael Ruppert, a former LA narcotic's detective with CIA roots who has published an Internet E-zine known as From The, was recently taken seriously ill, placing his publication in jeopardy.

A coincidence? Consider the following information before you decide:

Ruppert has gone on record as stating that the CIA is responsible for controlling the trafficking of illegal drugs in the United States and that the US Stock Market (and in fact our economy) is quite literally driven by the laundering of the illegal monies derived from the sale of these drugs.

Now if you or I make such an allegation people would simply say that we were paranoid or interested in pursuing conspiracy theories. However, when a former Los Angeles narcotic's agent makes this claim people's ears prick up and they take notice.

Given this, is it any wonder why Michael Ruppert's health is suddenly now on the decline?

What every American citizen must come to grips with is that the US Intelligence Community was never created to protect them, and in reality is a far greater danger to each of us than any foreign power has been in the past 40 years, given their history of perpetrating some of the most insidious crimes against us imaginable.

Consider the following plan initiated by a former head of the US Joint Chief's Of Staff by the name of Leon Lemnitzer. Lemnitzer held this position in the early 1960's during the Cuban Missile Crisis. At the time the CIA and the Pentagon wanted to find a plausible reason to attack Cuba so that they could remove Fidel Castro from power, given Cuba's close ties with the Soviet Union and its leader, Nikita Khruschev -- The United States arch nemesis at the time.

In 1962 Lemnizter and the other members of the US Joint Chiefs Of Staff came up with a plan known as Operation Northwoods, which included the US Intelligence community's perpetration of terrorist acts against the American people, while using the US media to convince Americans that Cuba was to blame for them.

These acts of terrorism included the shootings of American citizens on public streets, terrorist threats being made by the FEDS, who would pose as Cubans, and the blowing up of US airliners, which the Cubans themselves would be blamed for.

Of course had Operation Northwoods become a reality there is little doubt that the CIA would have used the US media to support a taxpayer financed war against the Cubans, in much the same way that the FEDS were able to convince them to do so as a result of the Gulf Of Tonkin incident, in which a fraudulent report of a Vietnamese attack on some US Ships was reported.

This egregious lie, which the CIA then used the US media to promulgate, would result in the Pentagon's waging of a full scale attack on Vietnam; something that they had wanted since the Vietnam war began in 1959.

However, President John F. Kennedy realized that Lemnitzer was insane and rejected Operation Northwoods, while removing him as head of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. This would become one of myriad reasons for one of the CIA's most treasonous black operations in its history - the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Yet once the CIA murdered JFK, they found Lyndon Johnson to be far more agreeable to supporting the CIA/Pentagon attack on the Vietnamese, as he quickly ordered a large number of US troops to be deployed into the country.

Perhaps Johnson was just afraid that he would end up like Kennedy if he did not cooperate.

The CIA and Pentagon are that dangerous -- they will murder you if you get in their way. And if you attempt to expose any of their black operations on a wide scale they will certainly see to it that the US media is used to demonize you, since they control all aspects of it.

And no one knows this better than Hollywood director Oliver Stone, whose controversial movie, JFK, regarding the assassination of the late John F. Kennedy, would become a far more historically plausible explanation for what happened to the late President, than the Warren Commission's outlandish report, which to this day still names the late Lee Harvey Oswald as the sole assassin in Kennedy's murder; a bogus report which is still being propagated through the history textbooks used by American teachers to disinform your children in the present day.

If the US Federal Government is going to perpetuate a series of treasonous lies it must influence the generations of Americans to come, so that they can be utilized to promulgate these lies. And this begins within the American Educational System -- from pre-schools right on up to the universities in this country.

In JFK, Stone is telling the American people that the US Federal Government is a LIAR which is attempting to insert its own disinformation in place of the truth!

So is it any wonder why the Illuminists behind Kennedy's murder have demonized Oliver Stone for his attempts to expose their treasonous crimes against John F. Kennedy and the American people?

More Evidence That The FEDS Are Indeed Insane

A military stratagem which nearly mirrored Operation Northwoods would take place on September 11th, 2001, when the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex using their lap dogs - the Bush Administration and the think tank that refers to itself as The Project For A New American Century --- would wage a full scale assault on the American people, destroying the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, and damaging the only heavily fortified portion of the Pentagon by way of what were most likely missiles cloaked to appear as jetliners.

All done in efforts to give the Pentagon and Bush Administration a plausible reason to attack Iraq, which they would later do.

So many aspects of the attacks on 9-11 were reminders of the Operation Northwoods' stratagem, that to this day one need only look at many of the facts to conclude that 9-11 was in essence a modern day version of the Pentagon's 1962 plan to attack Cuba.

Only this time around the American people and the Iraqis were the real targets.

Fortunately for the American people (thanks to the Internet), they now have a way of obtaining untainted news -- something that the US media has been unable to furnish them with since the CIA, under then director Allan Dulles (a cousin of the Rockefeller Family), ordered Frank Weisner to orchestrate Operation Mockingbird.

Mockingbird was used to infiltrate the US media under the guise of using it to circulate information which would help to combat the ever present threat of Communism. However, the reality of the situation was that the threat of Nazism was far greater at the time in this country, since the CIA was busy recruiting Nazi war criminals for use in the newly created NASA space program, as well as the CIA's own MKULTRA mind control research operations; both of which took place as a result of Operation Paperclip, the smuggling of these Nazi's into the United States under the cover of National Security.

The National Security Act has done wonders for some of the people in this country. Unfortunately, most if not all of them are working to destroy the Constitutional Republic that America once was.

As for the rest us, the National Security Act has been an albatross around our collective necks -- something which has allowed the US Federal Government to hide its own extensive crimes from the citizenry of this country.

As for the CIA's 1948 creation of Operation Mockingbird, this black op has become a primary CIA asset and disinformation tool for circulating the CIA's own black propaganda to the American people, by way of the US media.

And over the past six decades it has had an absolutely devastating impact on the American people, allowing for myriad crimes to be perpetrated against them, while they've been unable to learn of many of these crimes until it became far too late for them to do anything about them.

In many cases, decades too late!

And much to the FEDS' chagrin there are more and more Americans who are now learning of this and taking to the World Wide Web to obtain their news, realizing that the American media is incapable of furnishing them with accurate information as it applies to the US Federal Government.

And in this author's opinion this watershed event is going to change the course of US History and eventually lead to the demise of the US Intelligence community, and the political infrastructure which presently exists in the United States -- provided that enough Americans are able to learn for themselves of the outrageous and treasonous deceit which has been perpetrated against them by the fascist shadow government in this country -- one which subverted our Constitutional Republic long ago.

More information on Project Bluebeam -- NASA's attempt to convince those who believe in Jesus Christ that the second coming had occurred and that they had to pay attention to what he was telling them -- can be accessed at the following Website. Had this black operation taken place the FEDS would have used it to quite literally play God with the people on this planet -- just further proof that they suffer from a God Complex!

NASA Wants To Read The Minds Of Airport Passengers

I found the following article while surfing the Internet. What I find interesting here is that its author, one Frank J. Murray, mentions the privacy issues involved with installing embedded chips in security gates within airports, which can electronically sense the thoughts and psychological conditions of airport travelers as they pass through them.

As far as privacy issues are concerned, the reality of the situation is that the National Security Agency has been doing something similar to this for past three decades, by using its satellites and SQUID (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Devices) technology, to illegally access the thoughts of American citizens whom the NSA is tracking by way of its audio/visual satellites. However, the NSA will never publicly admit to having participated in such a treasonous breach of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, or that it continues to do so on a very large scale in the present day.

Evidence of this is in the information contained within briefs from two former NSA employees, which divulge the serious Constitutional improprieties that the NSA has been engaging in for several decades. And the FBI and Homeland Security are also complicit in this illegal spying, as is the rest of the US Intelligence community --including Army, Navy, and Airforce intelligence.

Both of these men -- John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice -- were fired from the NSA when they exposed this federal agency's complicity in serious violations of American civil liberties, and were also neutralized with extreme prejudice by the NSA, in efforts to prevent them from exposing the agency's rampant criminality.

NASA Plans To Read Terrorist's Minds At Airports
By Frank J. Murray


Airport security screeners may soon try to read the minds of travelers to identify terrorists.

Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have told Northwest Airlines security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices in cooperation with a commercial firm, which it did not identify.

Space technology would be adapted to receive and analyze brain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data into computerized programs "to detect passengers who potentially might pose a threat," according to briefing documents obtained by The Washington Times.

NASA wants to use "noninvasive neuro-electric sensors," imbedded in gates, to collect tiny electric signals that all brains and hearts transmit. Computers would apply statistical algorithms to correlate physiologic patterns with computerized data on travel routines, criminal background and credit information from "hundreds to thousands of data sources," NASA documents say.

The notion has raised privacy concerns. Mihir Kshirsagar of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says such technology would only add to airport-security chaos. "A lot of people's fear of flying would send those meters off the chart. Are they going to pull all those people aside?"

The organization obtained documents July 31, the product of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration, and offered the documents to this newspaper.

Mr. Kshirsagar's organization is concerned about enhancements already being added to the Computer-Aided Passenger Pre-Screening (CAPPS) system. Data from sensing machines are intended to be added to that mix.

NASA aerospace research manager Herb Schlickenmaier told The Times the test proposal to Northwest Airlines is one of four airline-security projects the agency is developing. It's too soon to know whether any of it is working, he says.

"There are baby steps for us to walk through before we can make any pronouncements," says Mr. Schlickenmaier, the Washington official overseeing scientists who briefed Northwest Airlines on the plan. He likened the proposal to a super lie detector that would also measure pulse rate, body temperature, eye-flicker rate and other biometric aspects sensed remotely.

Though adding mind reading to screening remains theoretical, Mr. Schlickenmaier says, he confirms that NASA has a goal of measuring brain waves and heartbeat rates of airline passengers as they pass screening machines.

This has raised concerns that using noninvasive procedures is merely a first step. Private researchers say reliable EEG brain waves are usually measurable only by machines whose sensors touch the head, sometimes in a "thinking cap" device. "To say I can take that cap off and put sensors in a doorjamb, and as the passenger starts walking through [to allow me to say] that they are a threat or not, is at this point a future application," Mr. Schlickenmaier said in an interview.

"Can I build a sensor that can move off of the head and still detect the EEG?" asks Mr. Schlickenmaier, who led NASA's development of airborne wind-shear detectors 20 years ago. "If I can do that, and I don't know that right now, can I package it and [then] say we can do this, or no we can't? We are going to look at this question. Can this be done? Is the physics possible?"

Two physics professors familiar with brain-wave research, but not associated with NASA, questioned how such testing could be feasible or reliable for mass screening. "What they're saying they would do has not been done, even wired in," says a national authority on neuro-electric sensing, who asked not to be identified. He called NASA's goal "pretty far out."

Both professors also raised privacy concerns.

"Screening systems must address privacy and 'Big Brother' issues to the extent possible," a NASA briefing paper, presented at a two-day meeting at Northwest Airlines headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., acknowledges. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional police efforts to use noninvasive "sense-enhancing technology" that is not in general public use in order to collect data otherwise unobtainable without a warrant.

However, the high court consistently exempts airports and border posts from most Fourth Amendment restrictions on searches.

"We're getting closer to reading minds than you might suppose," says Robert Park, a physics professor at the University of Maryland and spokesman for the American Physical Society. "It does make me uncomfortable. That's the limit of privacy invasion. You can't go further than that."

"We're close to the point where they can tell to an extent what you're thinking about by which part of the brain is activated, which is close to reading your mind. It would be terribly complicated to try to build a device that would read your mind as you walk by." The idea is plausible, he says, but frightening.

At the Northwest Airlines session conducted Dec. 10-11, nine scientists and managers from NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif., proposed a "pilot test" of the Aviation Security Reporting System.

NASA also requested that the airline turn over all of its computerized passenger data for July, August and September 2001 to incorporate in NASA's "passenger-screening testbed" that uses "threat-assessment software" to analyze such data, biometric facial recognition and "neuro-electric sensing."

Northwest officials would not comment.

Published scientific reports show NASA researcher Alan Pope, at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., produced a system to alert pilots or astronauts who daydream or "zone out" for as few as five seconds.

The September 11 hijackers helped highlight one weakness of the CAPPS system. They did dry runs that show whether a specific terrorist is likely to be identified as a threat. Those pulled out for special checking could be replaced by others who do not raise suspicions. The September 11 hijackers cleared security under their own names, even though nine of them were pulled aside for extra attention.

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