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White House, FBI Lied Re: Missing Black Boxes

This continues to be one of many troublesome issues for the FBI in regard to its complicity in obstructing justice pertaining to the 9-11 attacks -- issues that are not going away. And why should they since what the FBI has perpetrated here is treason.

"White House, FBI Lied Re: Missing Black Boxes"

By Dave Lindorff - 20.12.2005 11:31

The NTSB apparently did get the boxes from the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center, just as trade center clean-up crew members had claimed. So what is the government hiding by denying that the recorders were found?

This article appeared first as a special report in the December 20 issue of Counterpunch magazine. One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all. Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them. Flight recorders (commonly known as black boxes, though these days they are generally bright orange) are required on all passenger planes.

There are always two--a flight data recorder that keeps track of a plane's speed, altitude, course and maneuvers, and a cockpit voice recorder which keeps a continuous record of the last 30 minutes of conversation inside a plane's cockpit. These devices are constructed to be extremely durable, and are installed in a plane's tail section, where they are least likely suffer damaged on impact.

They are designed to withstand up to 30 minutes of 1800-degree heat (more than they would have faced in the twin towers crashes), and to survive a crash at full speed into the ground. All four of the devices were recovered from the two planes that hit the Pentagon and that crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

In the case of American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, the FBI reports that the flight data recorder survived and had recoverable information, but the voice recorder was allegedly too damaged to provide any record. In the case of United Airlines Flight 93, which hit the ground at 500 mph in Pennsylvania, the situation was reversed: the voice recorder survived but the flight data box was allegedly damaged beyond recovery.

But the FBI states, and also reported to the 9-11 Commission, that none of the recording devices from the two planes that hit the World Trade Center were ever recovered. There has always been some skepticism about this assertion, particularly as two N.Y. City firefighters, Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, claimed in 2004 that they had found three of the four boxes, and that Federal agents took them and told the two men not to mention having found them. (The FBI denies the whole story.)

Moreover, these devices are almost always located after crashes, even if not in useable condition (and the cleanup of the World Trade Center was meticulous, with even tiny bone fragments and bits of human tissue being discovered so that almost all the victims were ultimately identified). As Ted Lopatkiewicz, director of public affairs at the National Transportation Safety Agency which has the job of analyzing the boxes' data, says, "It's very unusual not to find a recorder after a crash, although it's also very unusual to have jets flying into buildings."

Now there is stronger evidence that something is amiss than simply the alleged non-recovery of all four of those boxes. A source at the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency that has the task of deciphering the date from the black boxes retrieved from crash sites--including those that are being handled as crimes and fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI--says the boxes were in fact recovered and were analyzed by the NTSB. "Off the record, we had the boxes," the source says.

"You'd have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here." The official word from the NTSB is that the WTC crash site black boxes never turned up. "No recorders were recovered from the World Trade Center," says the NTSB's Lopatkiewicz. "At least none were delivered to us by the FBI." He adds that the agency has "always had a good relationship" with the FBI and that in all prior crime-related crashes or flight incidents, they have brought the boxes to the NTSB for analysis. For its part, the FBI is still denying everything, though with curious bit of linguistic wiggle room. "To the best of my knowledge, the flight recording devices from the World Trade Center crashes were never recovered.

At least we never had them," says FBI spokesman Stephen Kodak. What the apparent existence of the black boxes in government hands means is unclear. If the information in those boxes is recoverable, or if, as is likely, it has been recovered already, it could give crucial evidence regarding the skill of the hijacker/pilots, perhaps of their strategy, of whether they were getting outside help in guiding them to their targets, of how fast they were flying and a host of other things.

Why would the main intelligence and law enforcement arm of the U.S. government want to hide from the public not just the available information about the two hijacked flights that provided the motivation and justification for the nation's "War on Terror" and for its two wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, but even the fact that it has the devices which could contain that information?

Conspiracy theories abound, with some claiming the planes were actually pilotless military aircraft, or that they had little or nothing to do with the building collapses. The easiest way to quash such rumors and such fevered thinking would be openness. Instead we have the opposite: a dark secrecy that invites many questions regarding the potentially embarrassing or perhaps even sinister information that might be on those tapes. For other stories by Lindorff, please go (at no charge) to This Can't Be Happening! .

Campaign To Include Choice Of Impeachment On The Election Ballots In November - The Bush Administration Has To Go!

Here's a proposal to include an impeachment resolution on the November electoral ballot in which Americans will be able to vote as they would to elect a President, but this time also be given the chance to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when they cast their vote for the 2008 candidates.

While many people will ask what the point of this legislation is since by the time it will be offered Bush and Cheney will be only months from the end of their office, the point is this: once this legislation is "on the books" Americans will be given the opportunity in the future to vote to impeach the president and vice president if they believe that they have committed serious crimes that Congress due to its partisan ways is incapable of handling, as has been the case with the Bush Adminstration.

Even the General Accounting Office (the investigative arm of Congress) has been ineffective at prosecuting Bush for voter fraud in the 2004 election, when it clearly found that ballot stuffing had occured in the state of Ohio. Congress has failed the American people in doing its job effectively. That does not mean that we do not have well meaning men and women working for Congress -- we do. But we also have many corrupt officials who've allowed the "Congressional Machine" to break down. And never have they been less effective than in punishing the Bush Adminstration for their crimes.

Bush and Cheney are part of the most corrupt presidential administration in United States history; they have betrayed all Americans through their treasonous acts and chronic and toxic deceptions -- as such they have become a very real threat to our democratic way of life and the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded.

Bush and Cheney must GO!

From The Website

Resolutions Supporting Impeachment - A Kit for Political Activism
Submitted by davidswanson on Wed, 2006-05-03 19:04. Activism

The After Downing Street Coalition is working with many of our individual and organizational members to advance the non-partisan project of passing pro-impeachment resolutions in towns, cities, and states around the country.

While a lot of towns and cities have passed or tried to pass pro-impeachment resolutions, only one so far (one, Berkeley, that also passed a resolution) has put the question of impeachment on the ballot for voters to address in November. It may not be too late to ask your town or city to place impeachment on the ballot. Some local governments may be more willing to do that than they are to pass a resolution themselves. Some media outlets may also find it more interesting. And it's good for our democracy: it's bound to boost turnout at the polls. Here's information on how you can do it:

Read more about this critical effort here:

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You cause subversion
Spreading countless lies
You torture people
Until they die

You turn familes against eachother
Without ever showing remorse
While you use covert weapons
To steer your course

Psychotronic and Electromagnetic weapons
Torture devices that's what they really are
And you repeatedly use them leaving your
Victims dead or permanently scarred

Do you care at all about the heinous crimes you commit?
Or is your humanity so far gone that
You simply just don't give a shit?

Copyright © 2006 -- James F. Marino

Saddam Hussein Hung For His War Crimes

The US Media has just announced that Saddam Hussein has been hung for his war crimes. It was thought that appeals would have delayed his execution from being carried out so expediently, however this was not to be the case.

While there's no doubt that Hussein is guilty of horrific crimes against humanity and deserved to hang for his war crimes, many American citizens believe that George W. Bush should have been hung right alongside Hussein for his treasonous crimes against the American people.

If the truth were allowed to be told, there would also be myriad others hanging along with Bush, all of whom are guilty of their complicity in the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent wars which took place against the Afghani's and Iraqi's.

Included in this list of traitors are those within the Bush cabinet who also took part in this orchestratred plan of domestic terrorism, the "think tank" which calls itself the Project For A New American Century, and those at the heads of the US Federal Intelligence community and corporate America (CFR) who in one way or another gave their blessing to these acts of treason.

The article below covered the first announcement that Hussein was to be hung for his war crimes and incorrectly concluded that due to appeals he would not be executed immediately.

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Organized Stalking Article On IMC Website Removed From Google

The following link concerns a post on an Independent Media Center Website that originated back in 2004 regarding a victim of organized stalking. Many stalking victims (TI's) have since posted on this page to describe the Civil & Human Rights violations and myriad crimes being perpetrated against them by law enforcement (FBI and certain local police precincts) and their own communities.

A person recently posted that this site was the first to appear on the Google search engine when the term gangstalking was typed in . However, it no longer appears on the Google Search engine (at least not on the first several pages of it), and several TI's who've posted on said page believe that the US Government is behind its removal, simply because they see that the grassroots campaign to expose them and the fascist crimes that they are perpetrating against innocent Americans is growing significantly, and now beyond their control.

Removing pages like the following one illustrates an act of desperation on the part of the FEDS, who are well aware that what they have been doing is a crime, and that the American people are not going to let them get away with it.

Targets need to document all aspects of this harassment, since there is every reason to believe that at some point in the future those taking part in these crimes will be prosecuted for them.

The following is the IMC site containing this post on organized stalking. You can view the comments of many other TI's who have posted there and post your own. This hideous crime against humanity needs to end. And it is up to all victims of organized stalking to continue to expose it and those behind it, until it does. The FBI is the worst offender and should be held accountable for orchestrating these crimes as part of its COINTELPRO legacy of dirty deeds.

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American Heroine Dr. Karla Turner - Alien Abductee -- Pioneering Researcher

Dr. Karla Turner -- Alien Abductee & Researcher Of This Phenomenon Was One Of The Most Prolific Writers Of Alien Abductions On This Planet. Her Works Are Seminal In The Field Of UFOlogy. Three Of Her Groundbreaking Books Into This Phenonmenon Can Be Downloaded For Free At Her Website -- As An Amateur UFOologist, Myself, I Highly Recommend Them To Anyone Looking To Learn The Truth About Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities & The Cover Up That The US Shadow Government's Involved In, In Keeping This Information From The Public.

"Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers."

Three Of Karla's works: Into The Fringe, Taken, and Masquerade Of Angels scrutinize the long-term government cover up that the Illuminati run fascist shadow government in America has been perpetrating against the American people since the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash of an extra terrestrial craft. An incident in which President Harry S. Truman, fearful at what he believed was about to befall the human race, determined that it would be prudent to cover up through disinformation and myriad LIES what had really happened.

His decision would only serve to further complicate matters for the American people in the decades which followed, as the victims of alien abductions were ridiculed by the US Media in what became a standard policy to discredit them, and misdirect any investigations which might evolve out of concerns over their allegations. This has been and continues to be a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the US Federal Government and American Media, to discredit legitmate accounts of alien abductees in order to further obfuscate this government's culpability in this treasonous cover up.

Truman's creation of the Majestic 12 Commission in the late 1940's to investigate alien intelligence, its intentions towards the people of this planet, and to utilize the American Media as a source of disinformation to misdirect the American people in their search for answers while discrediting all whistle blowers who claim to have been abducted by alien craft, has done us all a tremendous disservice.

While many accounts of abductions can stretch credibility to the breaking point, there is ever increasing evidence through the similiarities in accounts by myriad abductees who've never met one another ( yet describe near mirror image experiences of being abducted), that common sense should dictate that as a race, humans must now begin to take these accounts seriously.

When scads of people come forward to describe being taken onboard advanced spacecraft and subjected to examinations and other types of crimes which can only be described as non consenual human experimenation; experimentation which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code,The United States Bill Of Rights and the Geneva Convention, we should be paying close attention to what they have to say.

And it's becoming painfully obvious from numerous accounts of abductees, that the US Military has in myriad instances been involved in some aspect of their abductions, while perpetuating a massive and treasonous cover up in regard to the crimes that they've perpetrated against the American people.

Readers of this site can access the late Dr. Turner's Website at the link below. In this author's opinion, it has become clear that Dr. Turner was murdered for her refusal to end her investigative research into the alien abduction phenomenon. And she is far from the only UFO researcher who has been. Fortunately for us, she has left an excellent body of work from which we may draw our own conclusions. For her pioneering work in UFOlogy all citizens of this planet owe Karla a debt of gratitude. (Deep appreciation to Karla's husband Elton, as well, for allowing her books to be downloaded for free from her Website by way of PDF format. Karla's books -- which are now out of print -- have become expensive collector's items, yet through her Website Elton has made them available to all of us.)

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Report Criticizes FBI's Handling Of Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation

The following report is typical of the FBI's deliberate attempts to exclude information in regard to their investigations of terrorist attacks on US soil over the past 13 years. This report is yet another instance in which the FBI has been accused of a shoddy and incomplete investigation in which far too many questions have remained unanswered. Unfortunatley, when one delves more deeply into the FBI's history of COINTELPRO and the myriad serious crimes that it has perpetrated against the American people, one finds that the FBI's actions are far more those of commission rather than omission.

The truth is that the FBI has in every instance of its terrorist investigations ( in regard to the attacks beginning in 1993) been complicit in obstructing justice by concealing legitimate evidence as it has in the instances of the Pentagon and Twin Towers (numerous videos of the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 which were confiscated by the FBI and never shown to the American people/three of the four black boxes from the jets that hit the World Trade Center were recovered -- but the FBI to this day denies it ) and clearly fabricating evidence in others (the TWA Flight 800 investigation in which the FBI spent a great deal of time and millions of taxpayer dollars to prove that TWA Flight 800 was not taken down by a missile when it in fact was -- more than 200 eyewitnesses who saw a ground to air heat seeking missile change direction just before hitting the jetliner can't all be wrong).

As in the case with the missile attack on TWA Flight 800, the original bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and the second and final attack in 2001 which also included the Pentagon, one must now also inquire as to what the FBI was up to in regard to its investigation of the Murrah Building bombing in 1995?

It appears that this was yet another attempt by the FBI to obstruct justice by excluding key information that would have placed the blame squarely where it belonged -- the US Intelligence community. Are we to really believe that Tim Mcveigh was able to perpetrate this terrorist act almost completely on his own? If so, how did McVeigh get into the Murrah Building to install dynamite charges on the key supports of the structure without being noticed? (I guess we could ask the same questions about the World Trade Center Towers and Building #7 which was imploded much later the same day.) Several of these charges were found unexploded. And exactly what was the black tarp draped over a portion of the destroyed building covering up? The American people have never been given sufficient answers to many key questions in regard to this terrorist act.

Given that this organization usurped the authority of the FAA back in 1996 just so that it could conduct damage control (bomb residue was found on the plane only bolstering reports of a missile attack), the American people can only conclude that those within the Intelligence community who orchestrated this attack were concerned about the forensic evidence found in regard to the ill fated TWA flight, and did not want the American people drawing their own conclusions.

So the FBI was sent in to redirect us with their contrived story about bomb sniffing dogs being trained while using Flight 800 as their training ground just weeks before the Flight 800 disaster.

Why would the FBI have found it necessary to do this? When the US Intelligence community conducts domestic terrorism against its own people, for numerous reasons it must always leave itself a plausibly deniable way out of what it has done. And in the case of TWA Flight 800, it was questionable as to whether or not it would have been able to perpetrate this act of terrorism and get away clean, without the FBI's becoming involved to set up a black propaganda smokes screen; an operation done purely with the intention of misdirecting the American people to prevent them from asking the right questions.

Seen as a terrible tragedy in which the passengers on Flight 800 were killed by a malfunction of the plane itself would allow those who perpetrated this horrific crime to quietly disappear without having people asking too many questions.

However, if the FBI was unable to convince the public that this was just a terrible accident, then the questions pertaining to sabotage and domestic terrorism would rear their ugly heads, and the 230 passengers of Flight 800 would now be seen as murder victims; a JFK conspiracy type of theme taking center stage. And in spite of the FBI's treasonous attempts to cover up the murders of the 230 people on this airliner, it has failed to do so. Conspiracy theories now abound in regard to TWA Flight 800 and have only continued to make the FBI more suspect in its participation of a mainstream cover up in this investigation.

When your average person can ask obvious questions that the commissions formed to investigate these aforementioned terrorist attacks have failed to touch upon, one must ask why? Furthermore, when more than half of the American people now believe that 9-11 was an inside job and that the Bush Administration was in some way complicit in the attacks on that fateful day in American history, one must ponder why Congress hasn't conducted its own independent investigations by now.

Given that the evidence is continuing to mount and is overwhelmingly in favor of a mainstream US Federal Government conspiracy pertaining to the treasonous attacks on its own people, can a mutiny be in the making as Americans realize that there is no longer any Captain at the helm of their ship, and that the FBI has never really been about finding the truth in regard to this government's crimes, but instead used as a tool in which to cover them up?

Read the article here:

Congress Ducking Out Of Voting On House Resolution 1026?

Cynthia Mckinney Election Rigged By Intel?

In what can only be described as a further effort to cover up the extreme crimes being perpetrated by the FBI and other Intelligence agencies through the use of their COINTELPRO tactics, it appears that the legislation that former Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney put forth to be voted on when Congress recovenes in the new year, has now been put aside. Unfortunately, Mckinney was defeated in her relection campaign and an investigation that she was attempting to spearhead into the most corrupt Intelligence community in history has once again been put on the back burner.

I must seriously wonder about the validity of the election in regard to Ms. Mckinney, since she was involved in important legislation that would have delved deeply into the corruption plaguing US Intelligence. Let's just say that it was in their best interests to see that Cynthia's HR 1026 proposal was never given the chance to be considered, since it would have rocked this covert and criminal community to its rafters.

However, this should in no way dissuade the American people from insisting that such an investigation take place, since it is long overdue and an absolute necessity if our constitutional republic is to be restored. The Democrats now have control of the Senate and Congress and we need to make them work for us, since that is what their party was created for in the first place.

Call your State's Senators and Congress persons and demand that HR 1026 is put back on the table for consideration in the New Year. Your freedoms are rapidly disappearing and if you wait too long there won't be any left to save! Then who will you blame???

You can locate your State's Senators (or Senator depending on the State you reside in) or Congresspersons at the following Websites. Please do it today!

Federal Whistle Blower Stew Webb's Touching Letter To His Daughter Amanda

The following is quite literally a gut wrenching letter from a father to a daughter, who through the corrupt judicial system in this country, was stolen from him at 28 days of age. For more than 19 years, they have remained apart, denied their right to be a Family. The man who wrote this letter is a federal whistle blower by the name of Stew Webb. Stew has a Website which documents the extreme violations of Civil Rights that he has experienced at the hands of his former father-in-law, one Leonard Millman, a known associate of the Bush Crime Family.

Stew has suffered wrongful incarcerations, assaults, and numerous other violations to his person at the hands of this criminal, and those with whom he has connections including George H.W. Bush and the FBI. In 1986, when he went to the FBI for help he received absolutely none, but instead later found himself being beaten mercilessly by police officers and arrested without cause.

The content of his letter has so infuriated me as to the injustice that he and his daughter, Amanda, have been dealt, that I wanted to post the link to it here for all who access this Website to read. If you disliked the Bush family and the FBI before reading this, you will truly loathe them after doing so.

New FBI, Same Old Problems

Keep in mind that the following article was written in 2002, long before documentaries like Dylan Avery's 9-11 Loose Change surfaced, and a large part of the American population became aware of the Bush Adminstration's collusion with the Project For A New American Century (PNAC), to orchestrate the 9-11 attacks, and the FBI's complicity in aiding and abetting them, by procuring the evidence from the Pentagon and World Trade Center and concealing it from the public; evidence which would have proven that the Bush Adminstration was in the commission of treason in perpetrating a terrorist attack on nearly 3000 of their own people (on the morning of 9-11-2001) for the express purpose of going to war with Iraq to raid its vast oil reserves. Bush's support rating in this day and age reveals that he has less than 34% of the American peoples' confidence, and given its complicity in covering up the Bush Administration's crimes, the FBI is now finding itself in the same boat.

In These Times magazine, July 2002

New FBI, Same Old Problems
by Doug Ireland

What do you do with a federal agency of notorious incompetence that is also famous for regularly trampling on the Constitutions?

If you're George W. Bush, you give it more money and power.

That's exactly what happened when the "reorganization" of the FBI was announced on May 29 by Attorney General John Ashcroft. By giving the FBI carte blanche to spy on speech and ideas-from libraries to the Internet, from religious groups to political meetings-and by opening its files and agents to unprecedented levels of cooperation with the CIA (heretofore prohibited from domestic spying), the Bush administration has taken another giant step toward turning this nation into a garrison state.

Legal wiretap spying on Americans had already increased in the first year of the Bush administration by 25 percent, according to the annual report of the federal court system. Federal and state police legally intercepted approximately 2.3 million conversations and pager communications in 2001 (and this number does not include all U.S. Customs surveillance-many of its records were lost in the destruction of the World Trade Center- or the secret investigations done under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).

Now, under the new Ashcroft guidelines, FBI agents will be able to monitor what you say in Web chatrooms, or in religious and political meetings, without any court order, without any evidence of a potential crime, even without approval from FBI headquarters. For the first time, the FBI also will be able to use commercial databases to monitor the books you buy, the publications you subscribe to, where you travel, your credit profile, and a wide swath of other data.

Even medical privacy is no longer sacrosanct-under new regulations to be promulgated in October by Bush's Department of Health and Human Services, doctors and hospitals will be required to open medical records to HHS and other government agencies (including the FBI) any time they ask, without so much as a court order. It will also be illegal to enter into a contract with your doctor to protect your health information from the feds, and HHS will create a database for every possible ailment, coded down to your individual visits.

This awesome aggregation of new surveillance powers, rivaling those of the Soviet KGB at its height, is all the more disturbing because the FBI has long been the federal government version of the Keystone Kops.

Remember Richard Jewell, the security guard falsely accused by the FBI-in deliberate press leaks- the bombing at the Atlanta Summer Olympics? Then FBI director Louis Freeh, in his grudging public apology to the innocent Jewell blamed FBI field agents for "a major error in judgment."

Now field agents will be able to go on fishing expeditions their own without seeking approval from the Washington hierarchy. Yet the FBI recently has given ample proof of its inability carry out even the simplest of investigative and analytical tasks let alone distinguish the guilty from the innocent. Consider every thing from Waco to Wen Ho Lee, from the "missing" FBI files to the case of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to the failure (even after unmasking CIA traitor Aldrich Ames) to administer regular mandatory polygraph tests that could have discovered the Russian spy in the bureau's midst, Robert Hanssen.

Yet when these hydra-headed errors have been exposed, the insular, secretive and self protective culture that characterize the FBI has led to brazen cover-ups. Thus, when FBI scientist Frederic Whitehurst told his superiors how the bureau's own crime labs had so little quality control that hundreds of prosecutions were questionable, the denizens of the J. Edgar Hoover Building suspended and transferred Whitehurst, instead of adopting his proposed reforms.

The new FBI guidelines take us straight back to the days domestic spying under COINTELPRO, the bureau's "counter intelligence" program in the '50s, '60s and '70s. According t the Senate's Select Committee to Study Government Operations, COINTELPRO was "a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association."

COINTELPRO infiltrated radical and dissident groups engaged in lawful dissent; used agents provocateurs to push dissenters into extremist and unlawful actions; engaged in disinformation campaigns and harassment of protest organizations, including those of the civil rights movement; and in the process drove thousands of radical activists toward burnout and despair, as they blamed themselves for problems and errors that were the result of the FBl's disruptions. Given this history, the notion that the bureau will limit itself to passive domestic spying under the new guidelines stretches credulity to the breaking point.

The previous guidelines, which have now been thrown out the window by Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller-and which required the bureau to show evidence of a crime before engaging in domestic spying-were promulgated by Ford administration Attorney General Edward Levi to prevent another COINTELPRO and other abuses of civil rights and liberties. But even the Levi guidelines didn't prevent the FBI from going off on its own. In 1987, a decade after they went into effect, the Center for Constitutional Rights exposed the CISPES investigation of activists opposed to U.S. policy in Central America. The FBI had been keeping files on lawful dissenters and infiltrating peace groups to weaken opposition to U.S. government support for dictatorships and death squads in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Nearly as scandalous as the new Ashcroft guidelines has been the failure of the Democrats' poll-driven congressional leadership to denounce them. (A Gallup Poll shows two-thirds of Americans view the FBI favorably-and 8 in 10 surveyed continue to approve of Bush.)

The alarm has been sounded, but, as of this writing, only by a few constitutionally minded Republicans. House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin told CNN's Novak, Hunt, ~ Shields show: "I get very, very queasy when federal law enforcement is effectively going back to the bad old days when the FBI was spying on Martin Luther King.... The Levi guidelines were designed to prevent that from happening again, and nothing has told me that adherence to the Levi guidelines were what caused 9/11." (As the widely publicized Phoenix and Rowley memos revealed, the FBI could not even digest and act on the information it had accumulated on the terrorists under the Levi guidelines before 9/11.)

By contrast, neither Tom Daschle nor Dick Gephardt (mindful of their presidential ambitions) has uttered a word of criticism of the Aschcroft guidelines. (Gephardt's opportunism knows no bounds: In a major foreign policy address on June 4, he even leaped on the attack-lraq bandwagon, giving Bush a green light for this new military adventure at a time when the military has signaled its opposition.)

The Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vermont's Patrick Leahy, has given a blanket endorsement to FBI Director Mueller (who has been assiduous in courting his "oversight" as chairman); and in TV appearances after Ashcroft announced the new guidelines, Leahy showed himself as toothless as he was when he led Senate approval of the civil liberties-shredding USA Patriot Act.

The polls also have silenced the journalistic eunuchs of the mass media, who have been remarkably quiescent on the new threat to our civil liberties (with a few notable exceptions, like conservative New York Times columnist William Safire). Within 36 hours after Ashcroft unveiled the seismic policy changes, the story had effectively disappeared from the radar screen.

What all this means is that we are now entering a period that Sam Smith, editor of The Progressive Review, rightly describes as "Post-Constitutional America." And in the present jingoistic climate, once our Bill of Rights protections against government abuse of power are given away, one by one, we won't get them back. That's arguably the terrorists' greatest victory to date.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Conspiracy Within A Conspiracy -- Chronic Lyme Disease -- US Biological Weapon

Lyme Disease Physician Joe Burrascano

Was he Coerced Into Closing His Medical Practice?

My first experience in seeing the systematic attempts made to destroy a whistle blower, had to do with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the physician who had treated me for chronic Lyme Disease.

This doctor, world renowned for his pioneering protocol in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease, so terrified both the American Medical Association and the US Health Insurance Industry, that they orchestrated a criminal conspiracy in which to remove him from the field of medicine, by attempting to covertly force him to shut down his medical practice.

His name is Dr. Joseph James Burrascano, and what these organizations subjected to this man to not only violated his Civil Rights, but also every aspect of basic human rights.

Back in the mid 1980's Joe, or Dr. B as his patients affectionately referred to him, was deeply entrenched in the day to day treatment of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients from around the globe -- patients whom the mainstream medical community quickly discarded when it could not cure them with the standard treatment protocol recommended by the American Medical Association.

By the late 1980's Burrascano, having built a solid reputation as a superb diagnostician, was finding his treatment protocol for Lyme disease gradually being circulated far and wide, and that chronically ill Lyme patients would quite literally beat a path to his door in order to benefit from his expertise ( I did the same on January 11, 1996). Given his extensive experience in treating chronic Lyme, he had seen every aspect of what this insidious biological weapon can do to its victims; he's experienced a myriad of situations where chronically ill Lyme patients lost everything in their lives, as this illness robbed them first of their health, and then in all too many cases their loved ones and finances.

I can personally attest to the fact that when I began to visit him for treatment in the mid 1990's his medical practice looked more like a Mash Unit than an office, with Lyme patients filling the infusion side of his practice, infusing antibiotics intravenuously from IV bags containing a mixture of antibiotic and saline solution.

This is an experience that I will never forget, having done two long-term intravenous protocols in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease -- 5 consecutive months worth in 1993/1994 and 8 consecutive months worth in 1997/1998. And to the AMA and those detractors who claim that longer term treatment protocols don't help to ease the symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease, I say not only have you been dead wrong (quite literally in situations where you discarded certain patients who later died from their symptoms), but that your callousness and ignorance in regard to this illness have only added to the tremendous suffering of the men, women and children whom are afflicted with it.

Had it not been for Dr. Burrascano's courage in researching and developing a more aggressive protocol in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease, a good many of the patients whom you thoughtlessly dismissed as being mentally unstable (but were fortunate enough to be seen by the good doctor) would have died by now.

Notation: On an office visit back in the late 1990's I asked Dr. Burrascano if Lyme Disease could have been created as a biological weapon (fully knowing at that point based on FOIA documentation that it had been). His answer to me at that time was that he could not say whether it was or not. However, he also stated that he would not rule out the possibility that Lyme Disease may have been created as a biological weapon.

To say that those afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease experience an unending living nightmare is at best understating the situation. This disease is a mycoplasma (See Dr. Donald Scott's monograph "The Brucellosis Triangle"), a genetically engineered biological weapon created for the express purpose of disabling humans. And it has certainly succeeded in doing so.

In his frustration with the American Medical Community's failure to both recognize and treat patients who contracted chronic Lyme Disease, Dr. Burrascano as a matter of last resort sought to involve Congress in the hope that it would intercede on behalf of Lyme patients across the nation, so that they could obtain proper treatment.

In understanding that he would be offending some very powerful people, Burrascano demonstrated the courage to do so, knowing that if he did not, many chronically ill Lyme patients would eventually perish from this illness. He went before Senator Ted Kennedy and his Senate Subcomittee on Health back in 1993 and made the following speech (seen at the end of this post), in which he candidly expressed the facts as well as his concerns in regard to the US Medical Community's failure to diagnose and treat Lyme Disease properly.

In this author's opinion, Dr. Burrascano's well intentioned act of conscience would eventually cost him his medical practice.

It is also my opinion based on witnessing the year 2000 witchhunt against Dr. Burrascano (not coincidentally the same year that his Lyme Disease monograph was published in the prestigious medical journal Conn's Current Therapy), by the New York State Office Of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), that rather than having his concerns addressed by Congress, he instead found himself the target of the AMA and US Health Insurance industry, who no doubt colluded to orchestrate the campaign to remove Burrascano from the medical community. In 2006 they succeeded.

Why tell this story? Because a first rate physician was wrongfully taken from his patients for bucking the status quo in this country. And not only has Dr. Burrascano suffered as result of it, but so have his patients (who must now find other means of obtaining treatment), as well as future Lyme patients who will eventually become infected with this illness that has now gone pandemic. Equally disturbing is that the mainstream media has for the most part shied away from discussing the politics involved in Lyme disease, which due to its biological weapon's roots has become one of the most political illnesses of the 20th Century. And the situation has shown no signs of improving in the first part of the 21st Century.

When patients who contact politicians to receive help in getting treatment for Lyme Disease are for the most part completely dismissed, and the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia deliberately underreports the numbers of patients who've contracted Lyme Disease each year, the American people should be asking themselves why.

Burrascano's case is yet another of myriad instances where men and women in this country who attempt to expose crimes or incompetence are punished for their honesty and integrity, rather than being rewarded for their heroism. And even worse, oftentimes blackmailed into up such integrity just to survive.

- James F. Marino


The Lyme Disease Conspiracy by Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., M.D. Reprinted from Senate Committee Hearing on Lyme Disease August 5, 1993

There is a core group of university-based Lyme disease researchers and physicians whose opinions carry a great deal of weight. Unfortunately many of them act unscientifically and unethically. They adhere to outdated, self-serving views and attempt to personally discredit those whose opinions differ from their own. They exert strong ethically questionable influence on medical journals, which enables them to publish and promote articles that are badly flawed. They work with government agencies to bias the agenda of consensus meetings, and have worked to exclude from these meetings and scientific seminars those with alternate opinions. They behave this way for reasons of personal or professional gain, and are involved in obvious conflicts of interest.

This group promotes the idea that Lyme is a simple, rare illness that is easy to avoid, difficult to acquire, simple to diagnose, and easily treated and cured with 30 days or less of antibiotics.

The truth is that Lyme is the fastest growing infectious illness in this country after AIDS, with a cost to society measured in the billions of dollars. It can be acquired by anyone who goes outdoors, very often goes undiagnosed for months, years, or forever in some patients, and can render a patient chronically ill and even totally disabled despite what this core group refers to as "adequate" therapy. There have been deaths from Lyme disease.

They feel that when the patient fails to respond to their treatment regimens it is because the patient developed what they named "the post Lyme syndrome". They claim that this is not an infectious problem, but a rheumatologic or arthritic malady due to activation of the immune system.

The fact is, this cannot be related to any consistent abnormality other than persistent infection. As further proof, vaccinated animals whose immune system has been activated by Lyme have never developed this syndrome. On the other hand, there is proof that persistent infection can exist in these patients because the one month treatment did not eradicate the infection.

Indeed, many chronically ill patients, whom these physicians dismissed, have gone on to respond positively and even recover, when additional antibiotics are given.

It is interesting that these individuals who promote this so called "post-Lyme syndrome" as a form of arthritis, depend on funding from arthritis groups and agencies to earn their livelihood. Some of them are known to have received large consulting fees from insurance companies to advise them to curtail coverage for any antibiotic therapy beyond this arbitrary 30 day cutoff, even if the patient will suffer. This is despite the fact that additional therapy may be beneficial, and despite the fact that such practices never occur in treating other diseases.

Following the lead of this group of physicians, a few state health departments have even begun to investigate, in a very threatening way, physicians who have more liberal views on Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment than they do. Indeed, I must confess that I feel that I am taking a large personal risk here today by publicly stating these views, for fear that I may suffer some negative repercussions, despite the fact that many hundreds of physicians and many thousands of patients all over the world agree with what I am saying here. Because of this bias by this inner circle, Lyme disease is both underdiagnosed and undertreated, to the great detriment to many of our citizens. Let me address these points in more detail.


1. Under reporting: The current reporting criteria for Lyme are inadequate and miss an estimated 30 to 50% of patients. Some states curtailed their active surveillance programs and saw an artificial drop in reported cases of nearly 40%, leading the uninformed to believe incorrectly that the number of new cases of Lyme is on the decline. The reporting procedure is often so cumbersome, many physicians never bother to report cases. Some physicians have found themselves the target of state health department investigators. Finally, to many physicians and government agents rely on the notoriously unreliable serologic blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

2. Poor Lyme disease diagnostic testing: It is very well-known that the serologic blood test for Lyme is insensitive, inaccurate, not standardized, and misses up to 40 percent of cases, yet many physicians, including many of those referred to above, and the senior staff at CDC and NIH, insist that if the blood test is negative, then the patient could not possibly have Lyme. This view is not supported by the facts. Lyme is diagnosed clinically, and can exist even when the blood test is negative.

The Rocky Mountain Lab of the NIH, which is the country's best government laboratory for Lyme research had developed an excellent diagnostic test for this illness nearly 4 years ago, yet further work on it has been stalled due to lack of funding. Incredibly, if not for private donations of just $5,000 from the non-profit National Lyme Disease Foundation headquartered in Connecticut, then this research would have had to be abandoned.

An additional $30,000 was donated by this organization to allow them to continue other valuable projects relating to vaccine development and disease pathogenesis. Yet, many physicians believe that thousands of dollars of grant moneys awarded by the government to other, outside researchers is poorly directed, supporting work of low relevance and low priority to those sick with Lyme. In spite of this, their funding continues, and the Rocky Mountain Lab is still underfunded.

3. The university and Government based Lyme establishment deny the existence of atypical presentations of Lyme and patients in this category are not being diagnosed or treated, and have no place to go for proper care.

RESULTS: Some Lyme patients have had to see, as many as 42 different physicians often over several years, and at tremendous cost, before being properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, the disease was left to progress during that time, and patients were left forever ill, for by that time, their illness was not able to be cured. Even more disturbing, these hard line physicians have tried to dismiss these patients as having "Lyme Hysteria" and tried to claim they all were suffering from psychiatric problems!


1. Because the diagnosis is not being made, for reasons partly outlined above.
2. University based and government endorsed treatment protocols are empiric, insufficient, refer to studies involving inadequate animal models, and are ignorant of basic pharmacology. They are not based on honest systematic studies or on the results of newer information.

3. After short courses of treatment, patients with advanced disease rarely return to normal, yet many can be proven to still be infected and can often respond to further antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, Lyme patients are being denied such therapy for political reasons and/or because insurance companies refuse to pay for longer treatment, upon the arbitrary and uninformed advice of these physicians, who are on the insurance company's payroll.

4. Long term studies on patients who were untreated or undertreated demonstrated the occurrence of severe illness more than a decade later, reminiscent of the findings of the notorious Tuskeege Study, in which intentionally untreated syphilis patients were allowed to suffer permanent and in some cases fatal sequelae.

5. The Lyme bacterium spreads to areas of the body that render this organism resistant to being killed by the immune system and by antibiotics, such as in the eye, deep within tendons, and within cells. The Lyme bacterium also has a very complex life cycle that renders it resistant to simple treatment strategies. Therefore, to be effective, antibiotics must be given in generous doses over several months, until signs of active infection have cleared. Because relapses have appeared long after seemingly adequate therapy, long term followup, measured in years or decades, is required before any treatment regimen is deemed adequate or curative.

6. When administered by skilled clinicians, the safety of long term antibiotic therapy has been firmly established.

The very existence of hundreds of Lyme support groups in this country, and the tens of thousands of dissatisfied, mistreated and ill patients whom these groups represent, underscores the many problems that exist out in the real world of Lyme disease. I ask and plead with you to hear their voices, listen to their stories, and work in an honest and unbiased way to help and protect the many Americans whose health is at risk from what now has become a political disease. Thank you.

Testimony By: Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., M.D. 139 Springs Fireplace Road East Hampton, NY 11937

Thursday, December 21, 2006

FEDS Remove Another Of My Posts From British Website

I recently posted my accounts of being an NSA satellite prisoner having been subjected to remote neural monitoring technology for the past 25 years, in response to a post written by one Brandon Crabtree. It was removed less than a day later with the excuse that it was off topic. The topic of the thread was remote neural monitoring and my post was about remote neural monitoring. So how is it that my post was off topic?

This is typical of the tactics that the FEDS use to prevent me from circulating what they have subjected my Family and self to in the way of psychological warfare. I guess it's OK to mention this technology as long as you lay no claim to be subjected to it. If you do you're neutralized with extreme prejudice, as I have found myriad times.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are guilty of precedent setting crimes in my case and doing everything in their power to disrupt and misdirect the situation -- a standard theme behind their COINTELPRO activities. However, their LIES are becoming so problematic and extreme that it is only a matter of time before they find themselves in the unenviable position of having to admit to what they have done, and suffer the consequences for it.

And amongst their crimes are the roughly 250,000 consecutive hours of warrantless spying that they have subjected me to in what may well be the most protracted "fishing expedition" (spying on me for the past few decades) and worst violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented in United States history.

What would you call a group of persons who videotaped people within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? Voyeurs, deviants, sexual predators? Because the FEDS who took part in violating my Civil Rights in this most outrageous way can be considered as all three. And I'm far from the only person whom they have perpetrated this crime against. However, I am one of the few targets who knows that it is happening, and on a very large scale within the United States. (Many people targeted for this are now being made aware of it and gradually coming forward to describe their accounts of having been made "satellite prisoners.")

We are not going away and the FEDS and the organized stalking network that they have quietly sanctioned are concerned about the grassroots movement now taking place within the United States, which is gradually exposing these crimes against humanity. And their aggression against me has only increased since I took to the Internet to publish my accounts of some of the worst Civil Rights abuses ever reported.

As it is they are contacting my Family on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to demonize me, simply because all of their other criminal efforts have failed miserably, and I am gradually exposing what they have done to us. And certainly, the accounts of many other TI's is only further helping to bolster my accounts of a government that is no longer abiding by the US Bill Of Rights, but instead, guilty of usurping this ultimate authority for their own nefarious purposes, while decimating the constitutional republic on which America was founded, and eroding our inalienable rights, including that of the right to due process of law.

Anyone, regardless of what position they have reached in society is not above the United States Constitution; and this includes the President of The United States and every government employee on down. Any such person who attempts to subvert our constitutional republic by eroding the US Constitution, is guilty of treason.

As I continue to make inroads by describing my accounts of torture dispensed by the FEDS and their satanic minions, throughout the globe, they are now intent on labeling me crazy, since everyother cowardly and treasonous attempt to destroy my sanity has failed. What they are trying to get away with here is no longer just a crime -- it is outrageous behavior for anyone much less government intelligence.

Simply put, these FEDS have slipped over the edge and their activities are now out of control.

A primary tactic of the FBI is to place its targets into the proverbial "pressure cooker" type of situation, in which they have absolutely no peace. And if this fails they simply use the same despicable tactics to attack those around a target, to make the situation as tense as possible - a sick methodology being perpetrated by an even sicker group of people operating within the FBI and its criminal bretheren. My Family and I have lived under this type of intense psychological warfare for more than three consecutive years, in what can be seen as nothing less than a complete and utter assault on our Civil Rights.

Equally problematic, is that throughout the years the FBI has been so busy perpetrating its own black propaganda that most of its agents can no longer tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Sad, but understandable given that much of their job description involves the use of pathological lying.

As for any further attempts to label me as being crazy, or to incarcerate or murder me, I will certainly document everyone of them. These agents are not law enforcement in any way, shape, or form. They are the result of long-term brainwashing and embody all of the negativity associated with mind control, including a complete lack of empathy. They aren't even to be hated, but instead, pitied, for such a complete lack of compassion, and unprecedented narrowness of mind.

Some of us learn from our mistakes to ensure that we do not continue making them. Unfortunately, the FBI has been making the same ones over and over again; never learning, never growing -- just the same old FBI -- violating both Civil and Human Rights in the most despicable ways imaginable through their COINTELPRO operations, and leaving a trail of horrific destruction in their criminally historical wake.

And just so there is no confusion here, COINTELPRO operations are hardly limited to the FBI. They are the mainstay of any country's intelligence community, and remain pervasive throughout the CIA, NSA, Pentagon (DoD) and everyother government agency having to do with intelligence (army & navy intelligence included).

As for their history of COINTELPRO operations the following can be said:

Their cruelty and inhumanity are Hitlerish.

As for how the FEDS perpetrate these crimes with plausible deniability, the following e-mail from the BBC Website on which I posted is an excellent illustration. I was informed that my post was removed because it was off topic. The theme of this particular thread had to do with remote neural monitoring and my post described what it is like to be a target for RNM and under constant satellite surveillance - i.e. my post was completely germaine to the topic and there was no legitimate reason for it to be removed.

This smacks of many of the Independent Media Center Websites that would on numerous occasions delete my posts without giving any reasons for doing so which makes no sense at all - unless of course the FEDS contacted them and told them to do so. In one instance in regard to the Washington, D.C. Website they even went as far as to acuse me of harassing another poster -- a person whom I had never heard of much less harassed. Yet when I replied that I had never heard of this person, my E-mail went unanswered.

This is how the FEDS get away with their crimes -- a systematic denial of all they do -- and when confronted they simply obfuscate the issues or refuse to answer questions at all.

Below is the E-mail that I received from the BBC Website:

From : Action Network
Sent : Thursday, December 21, 2006 11:43 AM
To :
Subject : Your BBC Posting has been removed

Dear BBC Community member,
Thank you for contributing to a BBC community site. Unfortunately we've had to
remove your Posting below because it contravenes the House Rules.

Your message is off-topic for this particular message board. You may be able to
repost your message on one of the other BBC message boards, in a more relevant
topic area. You can find a full list of BBC message boards here,

If you would like to re-write your contribution to remove the problem, then we'd be very happy for you to post it again. If you have read the House Rules carefully and are still unsure why your message was removed, please reply to this email.
Best wishes,
The BBC Moderation Team
URL of content (now removed):

This was my post:

Subject: "Remote Neural Monitoring".

Posting: The NSA's remote neural monitoring is more problematic than most people can
possibly imagine since it can track any person by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds their bodys, and by way of audio/visual satellites used to illegally spy on that person 24/7/365 for life. There is nothing at all constitutional or legal about this total betrayal of the American people.

Still worse is that this technology can be used to electronically access the evoked potentials that one's brain emanates, allowing NSA cryptologists the ability to read the targeted person's subvocalized thoughts - this technology can also be used to manipulate the person's thoughts. I have been targeted for this technology for more than 25 years in what is without a doubt one of the worst violations of US Civil Rights ever documented.

Is it any wonder why the FEDS want to drive me insane?

The NSA and FBI are fascist organizations that do not respect the Liberty of the American people or anyone else, and blatantly violate our privacy, even spying on us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms. They are a blight on our constitutional republic and an outrage to the American people.

I have included my Website which documents these violations in detail. I also suggest reading the lawsuit of a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, who filed a federal lawsuit against the NSA in 1991, which described the illegal technology that this agency was using to spy on Americans.

The NSA is not authorized to spy domestically as its purview is strictly outside the United States, unless specifically authorized by the FISA court to do so. Any executive order which would allow the NSA to spy on Americans is an act of treason.

The NSA is a subversion of the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded and along with the FBI and CIA, should be abolished.

To learn more Google Akwei VS NSA.
James F. Marino
US Government Mind Control Target/ Activist

My Website:

This e-mail, and any attachment, is confidential. If you have received
it in error, please delete it from your system, do not use or disclose
the information in any way, and notify us immediately. The contents of
this message may contain personal views which are not the views of the
BBC, unless specifically stated.

Notice that while Brandon Crabtree's post is still listed my post no longer is. Moreover, it was definitely on target and well within the scope of the topic.

"Remote Neural Monitoring".

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC

Updated: 14 Oct 2006

By brandon crabtree

" The Signals Intelligence mission has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The DoD has developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether man-made or organic that have electrical activity.

Are we next?

Breaks the Action Network rules? Complain
Found in:
Freedom of expression
Share concerns on issues in this area or offer help. Post a notice

Comments (This was where I had posted information regarding my experiences with remote neural monitoring and life as a satellite prisoner. Once again as in the case of the Independent Media Center Websites, the FEDS don't want my accounts being posted in an area where there is heavy traffic, so they have them removed.)" This content has been removed "
By Jim Marino - on 20 Dec 2006 at 23:18

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The FBI's Coverup Of Its Incompetent Crime Lab

"The FBI Pressures Scientists To Lie"

"(Dr. Frederic Whitehurst's efforts to expose scientific fraud in the FBI laboratory was the subject of an article in The Washington Post, September 14, 1995 and continuation page.) Whitehurst was immediately transferred to another position. "

"Dr. Whitehurst concluded that there was no sound scientific basis for the government's public claim that a urea nitrate bomb had been the source of the explosion. When he refused to recant or to doctor his reports to support the urea nitrate bomb theory, the FBI used an unqualified lab technician to testify that the so-called urea nitrate found at the scene was consistent with a urea nitrate bomb."

"Dr. Whitehurst submitted two blind test samples to the lab technician. Whitehurst had prepared one sample by urinating into a laboratory flask. The other was a sample of commercial grade fertilizer prepared by FBI Agent Burmeister. The lab technician found that both samples tested positive for urea nitrate, the explosive component of the infamous fertilizer bomb. "

"In other words, Dr. Whitehurst proved that the lab technician, like the ATF, couldn't tell a bomb from sewage."

See the rest of this information at the following Website:

Source: Carol A. Valentine, on loan to Public Action, Inc.

FBI & CIA Had Authorization To Initiate Genocidal Policies

Having done extensive research into the causes of Lyme Disease within the United States, and learning that it was created as a biological weapon, I began to wonder how many other biological agents had been created by the US Federal Government. After reading the Brucellosis Triangle by Dr. Donald Scott, I learned that there were many more, including the AIDS virus.

The following is a fairly recent book on this topic and given that the author ( Dr. Leonard Horowitz), has taken quite a bit of criticism by going against the status quo in this country to expose the origins of the AIDS virus, his information is certainly worth reading -- especially since it reveals just how nefarious the Pentagon and other members of the US Intelligence community and military can be when they use their vast resources to target certain groups of people for elimination, yet need a way in which they have plausible deniability in which to do so.

National Security Memorandum 46

US Government authorized FBI and CIA to initiate genocidal policies "Sandpoint, ID — A new book by an award winning health science writer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, concludes that the predilection of HIV/AIDS for black America and Africa is the likeliest result of successful national security policies advanced during the Nixon and Carter administrations. Compelling national security documents reveal the intentional targeting of black Americans and Africans for population control, including depopulation, as is being accomplished by the AIDS epidemic today.""During the early 1970s, Dr. Horowitz writes, National Secret Security Memorandum 200, advanced by Nixon's National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, called for massive Third World depopulation among efforts to maintain the economic alignment of the superpowers. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who replaced Dr. Kissinger for the Carter administration, secretly dispatched National Security Memorandum 46 to cabinet chiefs only. This document, the most telling, authorized the FBI and CIA to initiate genocidal policies."

Read The Full Story Here:

You Can Purchase Dr. Horowitz New Book About The US Government's Planned Genocidal Attack Targeting Black Groups Here

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Silverado Savings & Loan Scandal

The Bush Crime Family was directly responsible for the loss of 1.4 trillion dollars once the Reagan/Bush Adminstration deregulated the Savings and Loan Industry, and as the director of Silverado Savings and Loan, Neal Bush made several bad loans to business partners who never bothered to repay them, nearly destroying the savings and loan (SNL's) business in the process. As usual, the American taxpayers had to foot the bill, and equally typical of the Bush Crime Family, not one of them ever went to jail.

Read more about the first family of fraud at the following Website:

Another compelling read is the UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY of George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. The Bush family actually attempted to have this publication blocked because it goes into detail describing the elder Bush's collusion with the CIA to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States as early as the 1950's, using the offshore oil rigs of his Zapata Oil Company, as well as many other crimes that this fiend has committed. It can be accessed at the following Website and read on line for free (or printed out so that you can read it at your own convenience). Also included in the link to a Website entitled Bush Family Values, which covers even further deceptions by this fraud on the American people.

As always, please share this information with everyone you know. It is the American peoples' time to take back their country from these government rat bastards, who subverted our constitutional republic long ago.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Early Days Of The FBI & COINTELPRO

The FBI's Attack On The Socialist Workers' Party (1941)

Unbenownst to most Americans, the FBI has been in the business of subverting the US Bill Of Rights since its inception in 1908, as the Bureau Of Investigation. Early on, the Palmer Raids conducted by the FBI were meant to attack American citizens who were critical of the United States Government. These raids would become one of myriad attacks on American civil liberties by the FBI, until Congress ruled them to be unconstitutional and ordered them stopped.

Of course the only aspect of this situation to change was that the FBI now took its despicable tactics underground. And it would not be until 1956 that the Bureau would formally create its COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) operations which would run covertly for 15 years, before some members of the Black Panther Party, furious at the FBI's subversive attacks on them and the murder of at least one of their leaders, would exact their revenge.

As punishment to the FBI for the criminal conspiracy that it orchestrated against it, certain members of the Black Panther Party broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and liberated files which documented the FBI's criminal COINTELPRO operations.

A scandal shortly ensued when the US media learned of this, and many agents resigned in disgrace, while others were arrested for their participation in COINTELPRO activities. One would have thought that this would have put an end to the FBI. However, though disgraced and humbled, and promising to never again deceive the public by undermining the Bill Of Rights, the FBI soon resumed its COINTELPRO activities, this time using the specter of the 1973 Watergate scandal to obfuscate their own criminal activity. More than thirty years later they are still at it, only with more advanced technology, and legislation which gives them Carte Blanche to violate civil rights like never before.

In this modern day and age the FBI does not function only as intelligence gatherer, but rather as domestic spy, judge, jury, and executioner.

There is no question that this agency is a complete failure as legitimate law enforcement, and only serves to maintain the status quo in this country through intimidation, and if deemed necessary, the covert use of terrorism.

Textbook examples of this include the murders of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, Vicki And Sammy Weaver in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, scores of members of the American Indian Movement in the 1970's, and the attempted murder of activist Judi Bari, whom the FBI tried to kill by planting a bomb in her car.

And these attacks have been ongoing in nature in one way or another since this mistake of an organization was first created.

The following article discusses the FBI's attacks on the Socialist Workers' Party in the early 1940's and what this group was subjected to by the Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation. The FBI is notorious for myriad COINTELPRO attacks on American activist groups and individuals whom they had no legal means of incarcerating. I highly recommend reading this information and circulating it to everyone you know, since the FBI is now one the greatest threats to your civil liberties that has ever existed, and will continue to erode them unless Americans collectively take action against this fascist organization, and finally put an end to it and its subversive activities for once and for all.

In January of 2007, Congress will reconvene. Amongst many issues which they will be addressing is the reopening of the Church Hearings (a 1970's Congressional investigation into the FBI and the rest of the alphabet agencies that compose US Federal Intelligence). House Resolution 1026 will be put to a vote at this time. Given the extreme violations of US Civil Rights that the American people are experiencing at the hands of the FBI and NSA in the present day, all Americans should be made aware of this and call on their Congressional representatives to demand that HR 1026 be passed, and that a full and independent investigation of the US Federal Intelligence community be forthcoming in the new year.

Petition To Impeach Bush Nears 1 Million

The treasonous deceptions of George W. Bush have so outraged the American people that some decided to create a petition which will be presented to Congress calling for his impeachment. The petition is now gradually approaching 1 million signatures and most definitely serves to demonstrate how disgusted Americans are with the Bush Administration.

Please make your voice heard by signing it, and pass it on to everyone you know. While it is not necessary to contribute financially to this cause (although you can -- I have donated money twice within the past year) your signature is certainly a testament to your disapproval of this Adminstration and the crimes that they've perpetrated against all of us, not the least of which are the treasonous attacks on 9-11-2001, and the gutting of our Bill Of Rights through the creation of the fascist Patriot Act.

To date, the Bush Adminstration's orchestrated attacks on 9-11 have led to the murders of more than 650,000 people, and cost the American people upwards of half a trillion dollars. This Administration is guilty of crimes of high treason and should be brought before an International War Crimes Tribunal and tried for their crimes against humanity.

Please make your voices heard today. You can access this petition at the following Website:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

FBI Says Cleric's Declining Health Could Be Detrimental To US Health

The FBI's at it again:

FBI: Cleric's Illness May Spark Attack


WASHINGTON (AP) - The health of terrorist cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as the Blind Sheik, is deteriorating - renewing fears that his death in prison could trigger an attack on the United States, officials said Thursday.

There is no credible indication that an attack on the U.S. is imminent, said several law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation. In a two-page bulletin, dated Dec. 8, the FBI reported to federal intelligence officials that Abdel-Rahman had been rushed from prison to a Missouri hospital two days earlier for a blood transfusion. There, doctors discovered a tumor on his liver, according to the bulletin, which was described to The Associated Press by a law enforcement official.

But U.S. Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman Tracy Billingsley said Abdel-Rahman's condition had stabilized, and he has since been moved back to prison.

Read the rest of the story here:

The 9-11 Truth Campaign Website

FBI Continues Fear Tactics To Bolster Crumbling Support
By James F. Marino

Leave it to the FBI to promote more unwarranted fear of a terrorist threat in the United States -- the main theme of the Bush Administration since the Texas shrub first stole office back in 2000, and along with the PNAC, orchestrated the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001. A treasonous assault which has since put the American people in the undesirable position of being forced to sacrifice much of their civil liberties in the interest of protecting them from terrorism.

Now here's the rub.

There is no legitimate terrorism from most neighboring countries, who are simply doing their best to survive US Imperialism and America's crushing corportist values, which have them hamstrung. If they want to survive they have to submit to US demands; if they fail to do so they find themselves being subjected to US black propaganda and dark operations to undermine their own governments.

Remember what Bush said shortly after the attacks on 9-11. "If you're not with us you are with the terrorists." In one sentence he would polarize an entire country. We were made to believe that the demons that plagued us were outside the borders of the United States, when in reality, most were residing in Washington, D.C.

Bush's statement is quite an indictment coming from the world's most formidable terrorist -- a draft dodging coward whose idea of fighting a battle is intitiating it while he's tucked safely in his office thousands of miles away; as he and his war profiteering business partners make billions off the bloodshed of kids. Bush's father is cut from the same cloth -- a member of the war profiteering Carlyle Group.

War is wrong as is anything that takes life. However, some wars are inescapable, because people are placed in a situation where if they don't fight back they are either subjected to the loss of their freedom or murdered. Still worse are wars that are fought to perpetuate greed and power. Wars such as these have no business taking place at all. The United States' war on the Iraqi's is just such a war -- one of the most outrageous crimes against humanity in our history.

Moreover, there's nothing in the Bill Of Rights that mentions getting slaughtered simply to make weathly war profiteers even wealthier, while many families are left with permanent gaps where their children once were. And Americans are feeling this sad fact very deeply, especially those who've already been to the gravesites of their own murdered children. Some issues are simply too painful to think about. And there is perhaps nothing more saddening for a loving parent then to have their own children predeceasing them (an all too common occurence thanks to the Bush Adminstration and the PNAC) and because they were forced to fight in a war that should have never been fought in the first place.

Another disturbing issue is that aside from 2008 being an election year, there is no reason for Bush or his war profiteering associates to end the war in Iraq anytime soon, since they are raiding the US Treasury to finance it, making billions profitting from it, and will never fork over a dime out of their own pockets in which to ever pay for it. So it's clear that Bush's war for oil will be paid for by the American people, their children and grandchildren.

And this does not even address the loss of civil liberties that Bush and the PNAC's war has cost all Americans. When you attempt to cut the legs out from under the US Constitution by creating fascist legislation like the Patriot Act, it becomes clear that you must maintain an element of fear in order to justify the assault on civil liberties that you are perpetrating. If you fail to do so, your citizenry is going to be increasingly aggravated by the loss of their freedoms, and constant intrusion of the federal government into their lives -- a situation which not only exists at present within the United States, but is becoming more problematic by the day.

Is it any wonder that when the situation becomes really tense, we hear an announcement on the local news that the FBI has it on good authority that a new terrorist threat has just developed? One might conclude that this is very convenient timing.

As a government, one cannot have a Congress that grandstands by making patriotic speechs about the importance of the US Constitution one minute, only to pass such fascist legislation as the Patriot Act in the next. Furthermore, when you endow organizations like the FBI and Homeland Security with such sweeping powers that enable them to function without any legitimate oversight, you help to undermine the constitutional republic in this country by nullifying the Bill Of Rights. And to do so can be considered political suicide, since it places one in the unenviable position of waffling in regard to one's decision making. And for a politician is there any worse situation then to commit such an act when it aids and abetts the destruction of the very constitutional republic that your country was founded on?

As Americans we now find the FBI again being used by the Bush Administration to instill an unwarranted fear in Americans, as the only terrorist attack that we have to worry ourselves about is if Bush decides that his credibility is so badly damaged that he needs another smokescreen to keep the American people in the dark, misdirected and under his control. Fear is a very effective tool for controlling the masses. Every infamous dictator in history from Hitler to Musolini has done so, and George W. Bush is covertly attempting to do the same, while using the FBI, NSA, CIA, Pentagon,Homeland Security and a bogus war on terror to do so.

The FBI had come under severe criticism prior to the 9-11 attacks and was in danger of being completely restructured when 9-11 occured. Yet with the attacks on 9-11 this shambles of law enforcement suddenly found itself with the unbridled authority to attack anyone it desired, and without even having the excuse of probable cause in which to do so. "Power corrupts and ultimate corrupts ultimately." If the American people have their way this credo will eventually lead to the FBI's final and long overdue exit from US society. And this organization will not be alone, since it will be followed by the dissolution of many other intelligence agencies (especially the NSA and CIA) that once exposed for their crimes against humanity, will along with their historical reign of terror, come to an end.

But before that happens the stage is now set for this organization to abuse the American people like never before. However in their lust for power, the agents of the FBI and Homeland Security have become so blinded by it that they cannot envision the onslaught of furious Americans who are ready to challenge them in courts of law. US citizens who've become so infuratied by the Bush Adminstration's treasonous deceptions, that they are now forced to exact a very substantial toll on this shadow government as revenge for its betrayal.

Even many former federal agents have turned against these organizations and taken to whistle blowing to expose their crimes against the American people and our constitutional republic. Now when you have a significant number of agents from the FBI and NSA telling you that there is something seriously wrong with the way in which these agencies are being operated, and that they are being prevented from doing their jobs properly, that is something that every American should be paying close attention to. And fortunately more citizens are beginning to do so.

If the FBI was working its COINTELPRO operations quietly behind the scene before 9-11, with the creation of Homeland Security and passage of the Patriot Act, it's now abusing American Civil Rights with an outrageous "in your face" attitude. And this mindset has prevailed for the past five years and only grown worse over time.

However, it can no longer be allowed the completely unreasonable lattitude that it now has with regard to warrantless investigations and its protracted and expensive fishing expeditions. Either our constitutional republic goes, or the FBI does, since they are diametrically opposed to one another and most certainly cannot coexist in a free and open American society. And as long as the FBI exists, Americans will never again have the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded.

Democrats Future Control Of The Senate Now In Jeopardy

In what would appear to be another advantageous situation for the Republican Party, as of yesterday, "Democratic Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota was in critical condition, recovering from emergency brain surgery Thursday, creating political drama over whether Democrats will control the Senate next month if he is unable to continue in office."

Was Johnson's illness legitimate, or is something far more nefarious occuring? The NSA and Department Of Defense both have satellite based directed energy weapons that are capable of causing an aneurism, stroke or heart attack in any human, by targeting the appropriate portion of the brain (according to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei the NSA long ago mapped out the human brain and can by way of satellite, target any part of it to bring about their desired goal).

As for the statement that the Senator had a "congenital malformation" of his brain, that does not automatically mean that it caused the hemmoraging that he is suffering from. This condition could have been aggravated by the use of directed energy weaponry -- something that the NSA and Department Of Defense both have access to. As someone who has been targeted by these weapons for several years, I know for certain that they are capable of targeting any area of the body to inflict pain, stroke, and even death.

If Johnson dies, or is left in a state where he can no longer assume his Senate seat, the Republicans would be the benefactors, as the Democrats would not be able to take control of the Senate as they would have if Johnson had been OK . Of course the benefit of satellite based weapons is that they offer those who perpetrate crimes with them, the ability to plausibly deny what they have done. Was Johnson a target for such evil intentions? I would not put it past the Bush Administration, which has turned out to be nothing more than a representative of the fascist shadow government in this country and the Illuminati whom it represents.

Afterall, along with the PNAC, they did murder nearly 3000 of their own people on 9/11/2001, so would they think twice about murdering someone in the Senate to get back the power base that they lost in the past election?

S.D. Sen. Johnson in Critical Condition

Dec 14, 11:35 AM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota was in critical condition recovering from emergency brain surgery Thursday, creating political drama over whether Democrats will control the new Senate next month if he is unable to continue in office.

Johnson, 59, suffered from bleeding in the brain caused by a congenital malformation, the U.S. Capitol physician said. He described the surgery as successful. The condition, usually present at birth, causes tangled blood vessels that can block the flow of blood or rupture.

Read the rest of the article here:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"The Falling Man" - The Victims Who Were Murdered By Their Own Government On 9-11 Now Symbolize The People's Fight To Take Back Their Country

"The Falling Man" Documentary

Americans Can Never Forget The Sacrifice That The Victims Of 9-11 Were Forced To Make Or The Suffering That Their Families Have Since Endured.

These Men & Women Were Intentionally Murdered So That The Bush 43 Administration & Its Project For A New American Century Overlords Would Have A Plausible Reason To Attack Iraq And Afghanistan For Profit - A War For Oil Planned Years Before 9-11-2001 By Members Of The Cold Blooded Mercenaries Of PNAC.

As Is The Case With All Government Conspiracies, 9-11 Whistleblowers Continue To Be Murdered, As We've Seen In The Cases Of Barry Jennings And Beverly Eckert, As Well As Many Others Who Would Not Allow The U.S. Federal Government To Conceal Its Complicity In These Terrorist Attacks. As Voltaire Once Stated, "It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong."

In post 9-11 America, the specter of outright totalitarianism looms over the American people, as the U.S. Military Intelligence complex utilizes a national fusion center domestic spy network, to turn America into a nation of communal spies and snitches; those citizens who report back to the fusion centers, in what can only be described as the Orwellian nightmare that writer George Orwell predicted for this planet in 1984.

The nuclear family has all but been destroyed. Our economy is in shambles, our currency is nearly worthless, our nation is about to be dissolved, and its land and inhabitants incorporated into a union with Mexico and Canada, as part of a global dictatorship.

The mainstream media continues to lie to the American people, acting as the propaganda machine for the British-Zionist government that already oversees this entire planet.

What's worse is that most Americans have become so brainwashed that they still don't understand what is happening to their nation, or their communities. They are that engulfed in the fraudulent war on terror. Brainwashing that remains unprecedented in our time. A corporation which poses behind the facade of a government that makes enormous demands on the American citizenry, while refusing to answer even their most basic of questions.

A citizenry secretly branded as cattle through a furtive national brain fingerprinting program, many of whom continue to be used as targets of non consensual human experimentation.

Will Americans allow a repeat of the Nazi Holocaust, and go quietly to their demise, or will they learn from history this time around and fight to the death to defend their inherent rights as citizens of our Constitutional Republic?

- James F. Marino

  • Richard W. Behan's "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" - Richard Behan Has Done An Excellent Job Of Identifying The Collusion Between The Bush 43 Administration And The Project For A New American Century In Fomenting Terrorist Attacks Which Were Perpetrated With A Specific Agenda - To Steal Iraqi Oil & Natural Gas Reserves & To Take Control Of Afghanistan In Order To Construct A Pipeline From The Caspian Sea Through Afghanistan - Three Thousand Americans Paid For This Conspiracy With Their Lives On 9-11-2001, Thousands Of American Soldiers Have Paid With Their Lives, And Over A Million Iraqi's And Afghani's Have Paid With Their Lives

  • Outspoken 9-11 Widow & Activist Beverly Eckert, Dies In A Mysterious Plane Crash Just A Week After Attempting To Convince Barack Obama To Create A New 9-11 Commission - Was Eckert's Plane Taken Down With A Directed Weapon, And By An Intelligence Community Seeking To Cover Up Crimes Against Humanity That Are On Par With Those of Adolph Hitler?
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