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Wall Street Indicators Portray Grim Future For The US Economy & The American People

After nearly a Century of circulating fiat currency (currency based on nothing but the political promise to maintain its value -- historically an empty promise) in the United States, the proverbial chickens are now coming home to roost.

The near collapse of the nation's 5TH largest investment company (Bear Stearns) this past week is another indication of the depression that the American people are heading into. The privately held Federal Reserve Bank's cash infusion into Bear Stearns is largely a symbolic one, since creating this money out of thin air will only serve to further devalue a dollar which is at an historical record low, and will only sink lower in the coming few years until its value has altogether vanished.

The latest action by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank done in efforts to bolster Bear Stearns has been done to restore investor confidence. However, investors have been badly shaken with the latest news regarding Bear Stearns, as evidenced by their recent flight to gold.

And the fact that gold has risen significantly over the past few months is yet another illustration of this devaluation, and it is likely that gold prices will continue to rise in the coming months as American investors begin to understand the gravity of the situation. The US Federal Government is broke (looted by the IRS/Federal Reserve Bank which has also stolen the American gold reserves which were once housed in Fort Knox -- this along with the Bush Administration's looting of the US Treasury to fund their own private war in Iraq -- supported by the US Military Industrial Complex).

Furthermore, most Americans are unaware that the only way in which to restore this government's liquidity is to dissolve the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, and the unconstitutional graduated system of taxation which is responsible for the economic woes which we now face as a nation.

Moreover, in the past the burgeoning credit market was always the way in which Americans were able to keep their heads above water in difficult economic times; even in those very rough times during the late 1970's and early 1980's when America was going through a heavy inflationary cycle.

However, with the housing market in its worst slump in years and the price of homes plummeting in value, Americans are going to find it far more difficult to obtain credit in the future, since lenders are not going to risk throwing good money after bad by allowing home owner's to obtain additional financing based on homes which have lost a significant amount of their value -- while never knowing if they are going to rebound in a timely enough fashion to recoup their debt.

The near collapse of Bear Stearns & Co. (which lost roughly half its value this past week) will likely be followed by similar problems with other investment houses, as they scramble to find ways in which to recover from the bad debt which they now find themselves subjugated to.

When you have an economy that has been covertly supported through the sale of illicit drug proceeds for decades, and a currency which has not been based on anything of intrinsic value for nearly one hundred years, there must come a time where your economy finds itself on the precipice of a total collapse.

And in all likelihood, for the American people, this collapse now looms on the horizon.

The following article describes why governments based on fiat money always eventually fail. It's also important to note that prior to the illegal and unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act and 16TH Amendment in 1913, that the American economy has always been predicated on the gold standard, which protected the value of the American people's collective investment in this country - a strong currency is necessary for a healthy economy -- neither of which the American people have in the present day.

The Federal Reserve Bank/Wall Street lexicon is one based on an abject fraud.

However since the privately held Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913 as a result of the improperly ratified Federal Reserve Act, American currency has been printed based on nothing but the promise of US politicians to protect the value of this currency which they have failed miserably to do. For example, in 1913 the Federal Reserve Note one dollar bill was worth 100 cents. Today, as a result of the Federal Reserve's printing of currency quite literally out of thin air (legitimized counterfeiting) this same Federal Reserve Note is now worth all of 4 cents -- perhaps even less.

So if you want to understand why your money is now practically worthless, look to the prime culprits: the US Congress (which allowed for the illegal and treasonous creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and fraudulent passage of the 16TH Amendment); the IRS which collects a graduated income tax that is illegal (the 16TH Amendment was never ratified by the 48 contiguous US States); and the Federal Reserve Bank, which prints counterfeit money that it then lends to the US Federal Government at usury interest rates (when the US Treasury could be printing this money interest free).

The federal income tax that Americans pay goes directly to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay down this interest -- not one cent of this money goes towards any government service. The US Federal Government can operate without the federal income tax, since it always has. And one hundred percent of the federal income tax has always been collected from the American workers by another private corporation -- the Internal Revenue Service -- and paid directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

"The Income Tax Is About The Redistribution Of Wealth"

-- Edward G. Griffith

Author Of The Creature From Jekyll Island

Griffith's book is the most comprehensive research done in regard to the fraud that the Federal Reserve Bank is; it's also well worth reading since it outlines exactly how this criminal organization came to be, as well as the inherent damage to the US economy that it's caused since 1913.

Buy the book here:

See the following article on the damage that fiat money does to a country's economy:

Also see Aaron Russo's brilliant expose on the fraud which the US Congress perpetrated through the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS corporations -- a treasonous scam on the American people to redistribute the wealth in this country from the middle and lower classes to the wealthy elite ruling class.

America From Freedom To Fascism

Also see Tax Protester Bill Benson's book "The Law That Never Was" -- a 17,000 page compendium which documents the fact that none of the 48 contiguous US States has ever ratified the 16TH Amendment -- meaning that the US Congress has lied to us in regard to the why the private corporation known as the IRS was created, as well as the real reasons for why the IRS imposes an illegal tax on the wages of the American worker -- a tax which is based on an Amendment which should never have been passed into law, because the American people themselves never authorized it.

Americans have paid out trillions of their hard earned dollars to the Federal Reserve Bank since 1913 just to help unwittingly finance the Illuminati's New World Order one world fascist government.

*As of January of 2008, Bill Benson has been slapped with an injunction to stop circulating "The Law That Never Was," and to refrain from telling people that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified. This injunction is an attempt by the criminals within the US Federal Government, to prevent Benson from circulating the truth about the fraud which the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have perpetrated against the American people since 1913.

Benson was also setup by the IRS on bogus charges, and bribed by one of their prosecutors to turn over the compendium that he put together, which documents how each of the 48 US contiguous states never ratified the 16TH Amendment -- physical proof that the US Congress, the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people.

The intention of this bribe was to allow the IRS to find specific documents from each of the 48 US contiguous states which proved that none of the states ever ratified the 16TH Amendment. Once this occurred, the IRS would have then been able to destroy these documents as well as conclusive proof that the 16TH Amendment is a treasonous fraud.

The destruction of these legal documents would have prevented the American people from learning of the collusive fraud perpetrated by the US Congress, privately held Federal Reserve Bank, and IRS; one in which to steal the American people's money through an illegal system of taxation -- a government sanctioned criminal and treasonous conspiracy which has been ongoing for the past ninety five years.

Instead, Bill Benson chose to refuse the IRS' bribe and to circulate his compendium to the American people, which has the three aforementioned "groups" now looking to take him down in any way they can. They have to destroy this evidence, because it is clear that if they fail to do so, Benson's compendium will (like the late Aaron Russo's documentary: America From Freedom To Fascism) eventually result in the American people's toppling of the current shadow government in this country; one which is attempting to destroy our constitutional republic.

Read about what Mr. Benson is presently being subjected to by these government criminals for refusing their bribe -- something that is going to cause these treasonists endless problems in the future:
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