Friday, March 14, 2008

The Murder Of Chechen Leader Dzokhar Dudayev/ Was The NSA Involved In Dudayev's Murder?

Was Dudayev murdered by way of directed energy weaponry? Some have stated that he died when the current in his cell phone was remotely increased to a high enough level to literally fry his body. The official cause of death is that Dudayev was struck in the head by shrapnel from one of two missiles which were fired at him from a Russian fighter jet which had used a satellite to home in on the signal emanating from Dudayev's cell phone.

However, others believe that the current in the cell phone itself may have been remotely increased dramatically enough to kill Dudayev by literally frying his brain. It is possible to murder someone by increasing the current in their cell phone to dangerous levels. And the truth is that cell phones do cause brain and other forms of cancer, and should be taken off the global market for the sake of the health of the human population.

Whether his murder was caused by way of his cell phone or others means of electronic warfare, there's little doubt that many important government officials are murdered through the use of satellite based directed energy weapons; either by their own governments or others looking to silence them for one reason or another.

Their deaths can be brought about by artificially induced strokes, aneurysms, heart attacks, cancers and irreversible damage to their immune systems.

Dudayev was targeted for satellite surveillance which either directly (directed energy weaponry) or indirectly (satellites being used to track him) resulted in his murder.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong

-- Voltaire

Commentary by Washington insider Wayne Madsen:
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