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Why Is Organized Stalking Even Worse Since 2005? Stalking Victims Can Attribute The Recent Increase In This Terrorist Activity To George W. Bush

Why have Internet based anti-organized stalking organizations not published the following article on their Websites, since it identifies the current standing fool of a president for condoning vigilantism in America and orchestrating as he puts it "an experiment in vigilantism." No wonder why politicians and local law enforcement are refusing to get involved in handling the complaints being filed by American citizens who are being targeted for these atrocious violations of their civil liberties. Bush has told them they don't have to.

How nice for them. Unfortunately, a myriad of US citizens have not faired as well under this new fascist system of government, and must now tolerate being subjected to complete lawlessness, while trying to hold our tempers long enough not to dish out to these vigilante bastards exactly what they have coming to them.

Something that's becoming more and more difficult with each passing day, as this government under this treasonous scoundrel, and the hand puppets which we refer to as our local communities, are taking part in the most precedent setting attacks on American citizens and the US Bill Of Rights ever documented.

Those being subjugated to this purgatorial hell are probably wondering exactly when this Nazi lunatic intends on ending his "experiment?" And they will be left wondering indefintely because this so called experiment is just the prelude to a much worse situation in the future. If ever there was evidence that Bush is completely insane, what he has done here and what's contained within the following article are proof of it.

And once again, the mainstream media has completely ignored yet another poison dart to the heart of our Constitution.

Even the following article does not describe how completely flawed Bush's logic is, or how he is opening the door to anarchy. His comments -- "Frankly, government officials have all they can handle right now,overseeing foreign wars and doling out unemployment benefits," Bush said. "The truth is, we'd really appreciate some help maintaining domestic order while we take care of the important stuff." -- are completely illogical.

"Use some help right now?" Enforcing the law is what government officials are PAID to do! American citizens are not authorized to enforce laws; nor are they paid to. Bush also has no right to be authorizing the use of vigilantism -- a serious crime which he is attempting to legitimize through this latest publicity stunt.

And the "foreign war" as **Bush calls it, is his war for oil -- not the American peoples! With this "experiment" of his, Bush has taken us back to the days of Hitler's Brown Shirts, whose illegal spying and vigilante activities became quite prevalent shortly before Hitler decided to round up the Jews and slaughter them.

** I also find it quite ironical that Bush, who has a number of criminal convictions, and was accused by a Texas woman named Margie Schoedinger of repeatedly drugging and raping her, would be concerned about using vigilantism to clean up our communities. What Bush has instead done is to pollute our communities, by propagating hatred and endorsing the same type of lawlessness that he himself is guilty of.

Schoedinger later filed a lawsuit against Bush, but was soon attacked by the FBI and Secret Service who saw to it that Schoedinger was neutralized with extreme prejudice. She contacted the FBI for help, only to find that this political arm of the President routed her complaints directly to Bush.

So what we have here is a rape victim contacting the FBI for help, while the FBI gets in contact with the rapist to make sure that he is aware of the complaint she filed, so that he can personally finish her off for good. It appears that this is exactly what the FBI did in the case of Margie Schoedinger.

According to her lawsuit, even members of her own family were attacked by FBI agents, who at one point attempted to kidnap her in broad daylight. Realizing that Bush was controlling the FBI's activities, Schoedinger called him pleading with Bush to stop the FBI's attack on her. She dropped her lawsuit, and promised that she would never bring up the assaults again.

According to the following account, Bush's response was that she should commit suicide since as he put it, she was basically dead anyway. According to Schoedinger's testimony, Bush also had her savagely beaten and raped again; so badly in fact that she needed to be hospitalized.

Margie even lost the chid she was carrying -- a child which she claimed Bush had fathered.

Not long after her release from the hospital, Margie Schoedinger was found shot to death with a bullet lodged in her skull. The death was ruled a suicide, but it has "homicide made to appear as a suicide" written all over it.

Her death was certainly convenient for George W. Bush, especially since nearly the entire US Media has never bothered to cover it. Even in the few cases in which Schoedinger's death was mentioned, she was portrayed as being mentally unstable. Only two journalists including Jackson Thoreau and Raymond Ponzini have ever bothered to cover this story in detail.

* See Raymond Ponzini's article on the conspiratorial attack which George W. Bush perpetrated against Margie Schoedinger at the link below. This is what George W. Bush really is, and why he would authorize vigilantism in yet another rape -- this time of the US Constitution and our Bill Of Rights:

"You have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context - as if the family ran a corporation called ‘Frauds-R-Us,’ George Jr.’s specialty was insurance and security fraud, Jeb’s specialty was oil and gas fraud, Neil’s specialty was real estate fraud, Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud, and George Sr.’s specialty? All of the above."

-- Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy,(Ret)

As for the vigilante attacks which Bush has openly endorsed and orchestrated, we can expect that they will include members of every ethnic race and religious indoctrination. These attacks are but a prelude to a future modern day Holocaust, this time being waged by members of virtually every race and religion; people who've been told that anything goes as long as they focus on those who have been targeted for these attacks. A clear indication of how far the human race has fallen since the end of World War II, and the depths to which it's heading in the future.

With Bush's implementation of this latest anti-American act, it doesn't take a blooming genius to figure out that as a greater number of people are blacklisted by this administration (and the US Intelligence community) on a monthly basis, the makings of this new Holocaust are right around the proverbial corner.

My advice to Americans who are being targeted for these crimes is: if you own a firearm don't get rid of it. And if you don't own a gun, consider buying one -- or several -- while you still can. If this government continues to unravel as it is at present, you're going to need firearms, since you will be forced to become your own sovereign state and thus responsible for your own protection. Our Constitutional republic is gone. All that remains is a covertly fascist cabal just waiting for the right moment to take center stage in another abject act of treason.

From the ONION
Bush Lifts Ban On Vigilantism
'Let's See What Happens,' Says President
June 8, 2005 Issue 41•23

WASHINGTON, DC—In a striking departure from centuries of American belief in rule of law, President Bush gave his approval Monday to a limited experiment in public vigilantism "to see if it works."

Bush makes a call for more vigilante justice.

"Groups of dedicated citizens who band together for a common cause—be it rounding up car thieves or castigating suspicious loiterers—strengthen and reinforce the social order," Bush said at a White House press conference. "I've never supported government intrusion in people's lives; I've always put more faith in the private sector. So I say, what the heck! Let's give vigilantism a go and see how things shake out. Why not?"

Bush's self-described "plan to have no plan" permits elected and appointed government authorities to "look the other way" while bands of U.S. citizens enforce both the community standards that the existing legal code overlooks and those laws that police fail to enforce.

"From bordello-busters to subway shooters, vigilantes have a long history of pinpointing and resolving the problems plaguing their communities," Bush said. "Let's give 'em a shot."

Bush's remarks came in the wake of criticism among his ultraconservative supporters, who argue that "activist judges" often make decisions that contradict the will of the people. To help remedy this problem, many special-interest groups had been calling for an official tolerance of "vigilante judicial committees."

"Vigilantes have an undeserved reputation for recklessness," Republican pollster Jennifer Mendenhall said. "As we phase vigilantism in, be prepared to hear a lot of talk about 'mob-ocracies' and 'tyrannies of the bat-wielding, roving majorities.' That rhetoric is meant to scare peaceful citizens into thinking they need magisterial authority to protect their interests. But vigilantism is not about crazed drunkards clustering in town squares, waving pitchforks and crying out for blood. It's about an opportunity to let the citizens of America serve as their neighbors' meter maids, correctional officers, chiefs of police, or, if necessary, SWAT teams."

A vigilante group patrols a Colorado Springs, CO highway for litterers. Bush's decision has already mobilized vigilantes across the country.

"Who needed the police and the courts when I already knew who vandalized the restrooms at McDonnell Park?" Roy Kunz of Katy, TX said. "Bush has it right. It's high time we threw a few necktie parties around here."

Murphysboro, IL's Jo Crockett formed a vigilante committee to forcibly evict neighbor and "dirty, no-good slut" Haley Uhrig and her family from her neighborhood.

"Does the government care that [Uhrig] litters her yard with stinky diapers, blares her music around the clock, and steals our men? Hell no," Crockett said. "We couldn't wait around for an arrest warrant or a Jerry Springer segment producer to come to our aid. It's simple: That woman had to go."

Bush's endorsement of vigilante activity caught Capitol Hill Democrats off guard.

"I'm not sure vigilantism is in the best interest of the nation," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said. "Vigilantes are bad, aren't they? I read The Ox-Bow Incident in high school. They ended up hanging the wrong guys in that book, I think. That sort of situation could lead to a major problem for the government."

Bush stressed that his move was experimental, characterizing vigilantism as "practical."

"Frankly, government officials have all they can handle right now, overseeing foreign wars and doling out unemployment benefits," Bush said. "The truth is, we'd really appreciate some help maintaining domestic order while we take care of the important stuff."

"Let's see what happens, America," Bush added. "After all, our government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. That's from the Constitution."
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