Friday, February 08, 2008

CROWN FOUNTAIN -- Modern Object D'Art Or A Sign Of Declining Times?

Can't You Get Fined For This?

In yet another sign of the declining times I was listening to a radio spot which described a new Chicago landmark entitled Crown Fountain. While its designer has claimed that it was created to inspire the gargoyles of ancient times, used to ward off *evil spirits, it was difficult not to see this as more of a societal cry for help.

*Can you see something like this facing the J. Edgar Hoover or Internal Revenue Service Buildings?

Two huge columns sit across from one another as photos of more than 1000 Chicago residents flash on the screen one at a time, while a fountain of water from where their mouths are projected, gushes down on giggling thrill seekers.

On a hot day it must be a very refreshing experience.

However, this $17,000,000 endeavor, which appears to endorse something that you can be fined for if caught doing so in public, is yet another sign of the downward spiral in which we are headed. And in my opinion, this is the type of controversial art that Illuminati sponsored artists like Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, once created to destroy the art world and all of the beautiful works which it once offered us.

Aon Center Serves As A Backdrop

Can you see the Illuminati quietly smiling as this so called work of art covertly affects the subconscious minds of Chicago citizens, who are subliminally encouraged to spit on one another? Something which Illuminist puppets like George W. Bush do to the rest of us on a daily basis. Only an Illuminist mindset would find this amusing.

Quite candidly, I think that the fountains after which this interesting conversation piece was created were far more of a contribution to the art world of yore. However, there is no accounting for taste -- which this ersatz object d'art certainly proves. Yet, freedom of expression should never be censored as long as it is done with a certain sense of decorum. Or in this case almost a sense of decorum.

So let the Illuminati inspired Crown Fountain spit as these Chicagoan thrill seekers take a good soaking.

From what I can see -- $17,000,000 worth.
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