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Synthetic Telepathy -- The ESP Of Espionage -- An Excellent Website By UK Mind Control Target Tim Rifat

"Deployment of new technology incorporating low-frequency microwaves and RF is at least a decade old. Security personnel can use it to scan through bodies and walls like X-rays, and see and track a target victim at home. But once they can see inside that person’s head, they can conduct computer-controlled targeting by firing pulsed-frequency masers at specific brain centers. ("Maser" is the acronym for "microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation".) This type of targeting is feasible considering the sophisticated computers in the NSA’s possession.

Synthetic telepathy requires techniques for scanning the specific brain emissions given off when the targeted victim subvocalises. The techniques must be able to detect the 15-Hz, 5-milliwatt auditory cortex brain emissions that are linked with sound that bypasses the ear; the ELF frequencies that are linked with the excitation potentials in the brain that are associated with subvocalised thought; and EEG signals, such as the P300 signals mentioned previously.

The main problem with scanning these brain emissions is that the environment around the target contains a vast background EM noise that swamps the brain’s tiny 5-milliwatt signals. At a distance it is impossible to fix a detector on the 15-Hz-centred window of ELF signals or the P300 emission band unless the low-level signal can be extracted from the noise.

My interest in this subject arose from my research in augmenting weak RV signals. As described previously, by using group-augmented RV, weak information signals can be picked out from the much larger background noise because the noise affects each remote viewer in a different way. However, each remote viewer detects aspects of the same weak RV signal in the same way.

This method of using many detectors to read parallel signals of the same source can be used to pick out very weak signals of interest, buried in a sea of random noise, because the same weak signal is detected by all the receivers. Cross-referencing the multiple signal returns from all the receivers, and looking only for identical signals, allows a very weak signal to be detected from the background noise.

Telepathy has come a long way since the early days of research. Russian telepaths have made massive advances in the biophysical and electronic spheres of research, while the US military in all probability already has a fully-functioning synthetic telepathy system.

The head of US Special Forces, Major-General Schaknow, made the first public revelations about synthetic telepathy during a July 1992 lecture at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Certainly, the mechanisms by which synthetic telepathy might operate are well within the capabilities of US military technology. Without being limited by qualms or ethical concerns, the military is almost certain to have developed synthetic telepathy in a usable form and deployed it against internal ’subversives’ such as militia members and black activists.

**It seems that your own thoughts may no longer be private. Worse still, your own thoughts might not be your own. George Orwell’s 1984 might be utopia compared to the police state of the mind which agents of the New World Order are building under our very noses."

-- Tim Rifat

* Here I believe that Tim is referring to SQUID technology (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices), which can be attached to a satellite and used by spy agencies like the NSA, to home in on the slight bioelectromagnetic field which is given off by all things of an organic nature -- including the human brain.

** I can certainly identify with Rifat's statement about your thoughts not being your own, having been used by the NSA for non consensual human experimentation for the past three decades. Since learning of this I now often wonder how many other Americans are being used in such ways without their knowledge or consent. The number of those being exposed to such technology must indeed be substantial. And this does not take into account those citizens from around the globe who are being illegally used by the NSA and other spy agencies such as the CIA,
Mossad, and Britain's MI5 and MI6, for such outrageous violations of human rights.

See some of Dr. Rifat's profound writings regarding government sponsored mind control technology at the following Website. Ironically enough, for all of the rhetoric within the United States about the freedom which this country purports to offer its citizens, it is by far one of the worst offenders of both constitutional and human rights on this planet. Rifat, himself, lives in the United Kingdom; which if anything is violating the rights of its citizens just as egregiously as the United States Intelligence community is of the American citizenry.

What's worse is that few of the citizens in either of these countries has any idea that such human rights violations even exist, much less the extreme extent to which they are being perpetrated.
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