Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One Hell Of A Coincidence

"FBI agents that grew up watching John Wayne and cowboys and Indians come out here and want to play cowboys and Indians, then they gotta suffer the consequences, just as we do. They are the aggressors. We will make no apologies for the deaths of two pigs who did not belong there in the first place."

-- John Trudell AIM Activist

"John Trudell, one of AIMs most articulate spokesmen, led a protest for activist Leonard Peltier on the steps of the Supreme Court Building (1979). As a symbol, he burned an American flag. Hours later, [on Feb. 12] his wife, Tina, Tina's mother, and their three young children were incinerated when their house burned, on Nevada's Duck Valley reservation. The FBI, according to Trudell, would not investigate."

Of course the FBI wouldn't investigate since it was responsible for starting the fire which incinerated these people, just like it did to the Branch Davidians in WACO, Texas in the early 1990's. Most FBI agents are psychopaths and cold blooded murderers who would think nothing of burning a young family to death as they did with John Trudell's back in 1979.

Most of these agents are sociopaths who can commit such horrific crimes during the day, then spend time with their families in the evening acting as though they had done nothing wrong. They also use psychological warfare in which to brainwash the families of those whom they target for their COINTELPRO operations, in efforts to destroy their relationships. Further proof of the FBI's EVIL and destructive nature.
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