Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ACLU Refutes FBI’s Claims of “Unintentional” Patriot Act Abuses/The FBI's Been Perpetrating Such Abuses Since Its 1908 Inception As The BOI

The FBI's claims of unintentional Patriot Act abuses in regard to the Constitutional rights of Americans are a complete falsehood. The FBI has always thrived on such abuses even when they were done covertly in the past. In the modern day where the Patriot Act has allowed for such blatant abuses of the Bill Of Rights within the public venue, the FBI and its criminal tactics are thriving more than ever, while the US Congress and Justice Department turn a blind eye to the FBI's ruthless and unbridled attacks on our freedoms.

Through such outrageous and precedent setting abuses of the US Constitution, the FBI and its horrendous tactics have become virtually indistinguishable from secret police agencies like the former KGB and Gestapo. In the modern day, the FBI is no better than Mossad or Britain's MI6, and just as much of a danger to our freedoms.

By attacking Americans as aggressively as the FBI and other agencies of US Intel (including the NSA and DHS) are in the present day, they are provoking the American people into an eventual confrontation with them. Something which is going to have to occur if we are to take back our freedoms from a criminal organization which has a long standing history of violating the very rights which it purports to be protecting.

While the FBI and other agencies of US Intel have never operated within the Constitutional framework of this country, their abuse of 4TH Amendment is particularly disturbing. Since the early days of the Palmer Raids, the FBI has conducted illegal "black bag jobs" in which it's broken into the homes of American citizens oftentimes planting electronic listening devices (bugs) while copying or stealing documents which the Bureau was interested in.

In the modern day, the FBI's use of the NSA and its satellite tracking/remote neural monitoring systems have largely made the FBI's "black bag jobs" unnecessary, since it can obtain much of the information which it is looking for simply by using millimeter camera equipped satellites to illegally spy on those persons of interest. Millimeter wave cameras when aimed at a particular residence have the ability to sense the heat given off by those within the residence, which allows for those using such technology to view them while in the privacy of their own homes.

The Bush Administration will use the excuse that those being targeted for such egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment are terrorists. However, this is yet another in their myriad of lies, and in fact, this administration has used the NSA to spy on members of the US Federal Government whom it believed were critical of how they were running this country. In perpetrating the use of such illegal spying by the NSA, the Bush Administration has committed acts of treason against other American citizens. This is no different than the Clinton Administration's use of the IRS to audit their rivals.

It would appear that the entire US Intelligence community is nothing but a pawn which has been used by every US Presidential Administration for their own purposes, since these agencies (with the exception of the FBI) were created back in the late 1940's and early 1950's; their creation being a result of the passage of the National Security Act and creation of the National Security Council -- something which allowed for the NSA's illegal spying of American citizens since the early 1950's. And which has been done on a massive scale since the NSA first deployed its remote neural monitoring/electronic brain link technology, to illegally access the minds of American citizens as early as 1980.

ACLU Refutes FBI’s Claims of “Unintentional” Patriot Act Abuses, Citing Lies About Authority to Demand Phone Company Records (3/9/2007)
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