Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Video Of A Woman Stripped Naked And Tormented By Police

The following is a very disturbing video in regard to a young woman who called police for help, yet ended up being stripped naked and left in a holding cell as seven officers (including two male officers) tore her clothes off.

She can be heard pleading for help as they were attacking her.

First off the male officers had no business even being in the cell with this woman. Only female officers should have conducted this search. And why the woman was even strip searched when she had called the police for help still remains to be seen. There's also the question of why the *police cruiser's video camera was turned off at the time she was arrested. And still worse, why there is missing video footage of her arrest once at the precinct. She claims that the cops were roughing her up before the actual strip search took place.

* Is this a common occurence? I thought that the camcorders which are used in police cruisers are supposed to be left on during the entire time in which an officer is on duty, if for no other reason then to document if the officer is assaulted during a stop. So why was this videocam turned off?

The cops use strip searching as an excuse to humiliate and docile those whom they arrest. It's about mind control and imposing their will on their victims. They could just have easily have patted this woman down and determined that she was not carrying a weapon. Instead they chose to humiliate her in the most pathetic and cruel spirited, and demeaning ways possible. In this case this woman was left in her jail cell for six hours, completely naked and forced to use toilet paper in which to cover herself from the leering male officers who were watching her. When she was later arraigned for disorderly conduct (it was the cops who were out of order here) she was brought before the presiding judge in a short vest which left her completely exposed from the waist down.

Why? The cops had her clothes so why didn't they allow her to put them back on? This was about forcing her to accept their domination -- in essence a psychological rape by a group of predators masquerading as law enforcement. The viewer can agonize for this woman as she is forced to endure this torment. And the female cops were just as terrible, taking part in what should be considered both a sexual assault and psychological rape.

These mercenaries were clearly humiliating this woman and stepped way beyond the bounds of their authority by doing so. What they did is about brute force and the very definition of police brutality. They were not dealing with some 300lb crazed male who could have beaten them to a pulp. This was a 125lb woman who was clearly no threat to them. Had they merely held her down as they did without removing her clothes their force would have been excessive. However, what they did to this woman goes well beyond that.

The second video discusses more of this situation and how the FBI had been contacted along with the state attorney general's office, to determine if additional charges against these police officers should be filed. Had the FBI been aware of this situation before it became public they would have no doubt helped the local cops to cover up what they had done to this woman. So if the FBI now decides to investigate it will probably just attempt to muddy the waters; if it investigates at all.

I hope that by the time this woman is through suing these New World Order bastards that she owns this police station and the entire town that it's located in. There was absolutely no reason for her to have been strip searched. And even if the cops claim that there was, exactly what was the reason for leaving her sitting in a holding cell for several hours without her clothes? They didn't even give her a blanket to wrap herself in. Doing this was cruel, punitive and had nothing to do with the rule of law or procedure. And neither did taking this woman down to her arraignment clothed in nothing but a waist high vest. She was accosted by a group of mercenary thugs -- not police officers.

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