Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can The NSA Really Read Your Mind?

As a result of the technology which the NSA employs at its Fort Meade, Maryland location, the answer is yes. The NSA can remotely read the thoughts of any person it targets by way of satellite, using its EMF scanning network to transmit the brainwaves emanating from the targeted person's skull, which are then downloaded via satellite link to an NSA supercomputer which decodes these brainwaves into words. The NSA has been doing so to a large percentage of the US population since the early 1980's.

And without the knowledge or consent of these citizens.

So much for your 4TH Amendment right to be secure within the privacy of your own home. Of course the Bush Adminstration will simply label you as a terrorist to support this rape of the US Constitution and your rights as a US citizen. Then again, Bush is a Nazi.

The NSA is also able to track each American citizen by the unique electromagnetic field which surrounds their body, while using satellites to home in on this field and then using it as a tracking device.

And you avoided the GPS option when purchasing your new automobile because you were concerned about protecting your privacy. Little did you realize at the time, that you had your own invisible version of a GPS system which surrounds your body. However the NSA and FBI have known about this for decades and used it to violate your privacy in the most egregious ways ever documented. And now this information is beginning to surface on a global scale, as is the mind control technology which they have been illegally deploying on a great many Americans -- many of whom have no idea that this is being done to them.

According to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA can track any American citizen 24 hours a day for their entire lives, by tapping into the EMF field of the targeted person. This means that the NSA has the EMF code for each of you somewhere within its database (probably under your social security number),and can physically see you on a computer monitor at anytime without your knowledge or consent.

However, if you take a trip down to Fort Meade, Maryland to pay an unexpected call on the NSA, you will see signs telling you to stay in your vehicle at the risk of being shot if you don't. Not very hospitable for some creeps who will use a satellite to invite themselves into your home while videotaping you within the privacy of your own bedroom.

And while there are others who now know about this technology, few know if they are actually being targeted by it. I, however, know for certain that I am being illegally targeted by this technology and that the NSA and FBI are responsible for it. As such I am also aware of how extremely vulnerable other Americans are to this satellite spying technology, which is why every American should read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents the NSA's satellite spying/mind reading capabilities in detail.

None of us were ever meant to learn about Akwei's information. However, those of us who have must assume the responsiblity for circulating it to others. If we fail to do so, the NSA and FBI will continue to use this technology to go on illegal open ended fishing expeditions of American citizens and their thoughts. Something these agencies have no right to do. In fact the ways in which they have deployed these satellites to remote neural monitor the minds of targeted citizens is an act of treason against all Americans and the US Constitution.

Picture yourself in the privacy and safety of your own home, completely unaware that some NSA cryptologist is watching and videotaping you, and you can begin to understand just how EVIL these bastards are. The FEDS hate my guts for telling you about this technology (which I personally take as a compliment), and they can hate me all they want, as long as the rest of you learn that this technology does in fact exist and is being illegally used by these agencies to violate your 4TH Amendment rights.

See Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA at the end of this post, to learn more about your own vulnerability to this technology. The FBI and NSA will use it to illegally track and spy on you 24 hours a day without your ever knowing it. These agents know that they are not supposed to be using this technology to violate the rights of American citizens, yet they are doing so anyway.

Which should tell you how little respect they have for you.

Moreover, you can trust these treasonous scumbags as far as you can throw them, so you may as well learn how they really operate, and how those satellites circling thousands of miles over your head have now become the greatest threat to your privacy in US history. Most members of the US Congress know this, but have no intention of every letting you know.

However I want you to know. And so did John Akwei before he was neutralized with extreme prejudice. So go out and tell your families, friends, neighbors, religious affiliations and every other group that you can find, about this technology, and how they are vulnerable to it. Let's put the NSA and FBI under the same magnifying glass that they've put us under, and watch these Constitution raping rodents squirm for a change. They don't respect our rights, so there is absolutely no reason for any of us to respect them.

Read Akwei VS NSA here:
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