Thursday, February 07, 2008

Actor Jackie Gleason's Fascination With UFO's -- A Former Wife Of The Late Gleason Claims That He Saw Physical Evidence That EBE's Exist

At first glance this might appear to be yet another piece of tabloid fodder used to sell magazines. However, Jackie Gleason did have more than just a passing interest in the UFO phenomenon. According to Beverly McKittrick, his second wife,in 1973 Gleason was invited by then President Richard M. Nixon, to secretly view the preserved remains of four extraterrestrial biological entities, which were housed on Homestead Airforce Base in Florida. A visit which McKittrick said took place under tight security. Both Gleason and Nixon were well acquainted with one another and had been friends for years -- which according to Gleason's wife, is why Nixon invited him to see the remains of the EBE's.

A number of people within the UFO community have claimed that this visit is proof that the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident actually occurred. However, there have been so many instances of crashed UFO's that the public was never informed about, that if these remains did indeed exist as late as the 1970's, they could have come from one of myriad craft which were either shot down by the US Military or crashed as a result of radar interfering with their proplusion systems.

The real question in regard to this account is why would Gleason's former wife have come up with such an outlandish story? It seems far more likely that she was just as fascinated by Gleason's accounts as he was, and wanted to share them with the public.

Gleason wasn't your average UFO conspiracy theorist. He was virtually obsessed with them, having his home built to resemble a saucer (which he referred to as the "Mother Ship"). Even many of the items within his home (including furniture) were custom made to resemble the round shape of many UFO craft. Of course in those days, this was the only type of craft that most Americans thought of in regard to the UFO phenomenon, given the intitial report by the US Military of its recovery of disc shaped objects containing alien beings.

In the modern day, UFO's have been seen in a myriad of different configurations. And there is little doubt that many of these UFO craft are being operated (either remotely or by human operatives) by a covert group within the US Military. It is also quite possible that many of the reported sightings of UFO craft have not been of actual physical craft, but instead of satellite microwaved broadcasts of holograms of images of UFO craft

An interesting article on Gleason's visit with Nixon:
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