Friday, February 08, 2008

Another School Shooting -- This Time The Killer Is A Woman -- Was She Mind Controlled?

The following article concerns yet another shooting death. This time a young woman perpetrated this shooting; an anomaly, since it is usually men who commit such abhorent crimes of violence. We must ask ourselves why so many shootings are taking place within schools, which have become a primary target for the mass executions of innocent kids.

The answer to this question is that this is a way for the Illuminati and its New World Order one world Totalitarian government to mobilize communities into supporting the NWO's desire to repeal the Second Amendment, and end private gun ownership. The murders of children and young adults further offer the NWO the ability to sensationalize such gruesome realities, while enabling it to utilize fear tactics in which to force the American people to capitulate their right to own a firearm.

I predict that as a result of this particular propaganda campaign, gun owners will now be set upon by the US Federal Government, using the mainstream media to demonize those who support their Second Amendment Right to gun ownership, with the rest of the US population. Just as those who've chosen to smoke tobacco products, or those defending animal rights, or even those who defend abortion rights, have been demonized and discriminated against.

And if such murders continue (they undoubtedly will as part of this aspect of the NWO agenda), especially as they apply to the young, this will make it far easier for American dissidents to be removed from their own homes, even when they are clearly not violating any legitimate laws. I refer to legitimate laws here, as those supported by the US Constitution, and in particular its Bill Of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution). The Bill Of Rights for the most part is excellent legislation. However the Constitution does have certain Amendments which are themselves - ironically enough - unconstitutional. I cite the 14TH and 16TH Amendments in particular here.

I also believe that this shooting as well as many others, including Columbine and Virginia Tech, were all the result of people who were unwittingly subjected to long-term mind control research. Those who perpetrated these shootings would have been covertly brainwashed into becoming programmed assassins (A CIA type Manchurian Candidate). And the abject and completely irrational hatred which they displayed for their victims (in many instances people whom they did not even know) is only further evidence of this.

Neither of the following Amendments to the US Constitution was ever properly ratified by the US Congress and are thus both illegal and unconstitutional:

The 16TH Amendment Is Unconstitutional:

The 14TH Amendment Is Unconstitutional:
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