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The ACLU Is Fifty Years Behind The Times With This Recent Letter/Legislation Which Government Officials Refuse To Obey Is Meaningless

Ms. Caroline Frederickson of the ACLU is circulating an E-mail in regard to the Senate's likely to pass FISA Bill, which will permanently authorize warrantless government eavesdropping on American citizens.

Unfortunately, this illegal spying by the NSA, FBI, CIA and the rest of the Nazi clan whose relative war criminals were smuggled into this country after World War II (during the CIA's Operation Paperclip), has been occurring since their inception. The launching of the first satellites, and later specialized spy satellites, have only allowed for more sophisticated and egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment.

This recent alert from the American Civil Liberties Union's Ms. Frederickson is about three decades too late, since any law which allows for broader spying by US Intel is merely a formality. The NSA's operations in particular have for decades so egregiously exceeded its charter, that the agency should have been abolished back in the 1950's when it began spying domestically -- something with is illegal. The same is true of the CIA, which is prohibited by US law, to spy domestically. The only federal agency which has the authority to spy domestically is the FBI.

However, the FBI has grossly abused this authority since its 1908 creation as the Bureau Of Investigation, as evidence by its Palmer raids in the earlier part of the 20TH Century; its historic attacks on any civil rights movements within the United States through its COINTELPRO operations (which have included the use of illegal entry into the homes of those being targeted -- known as black bag jobs), and subsequent criminality including colluding with organized criminal operations (the Boston FBI and Divison 5 of the FBI have become particularly notorious for their rogue agents and operations).

And the 1970's creation of the Secret FISA Court and its rubber stamping of requests by these agencies to conduct warrantless spying have always been yet another formality, since only a handful of requests have ever been denied out of the thousands applied for -- these agencies have conducted such illegal warrantless spying decades before (and since) the FISA Court was created. And they continue to do so as has been recently evidenced by the NSA's admission that it was used by the Bush Administration to spy domestically. The FBI's director, Robert Mueller, was also publicly criticized for the FBI's abuse of the Patriot Act, as it applies to similar domestic spying. However, the US Congress has done nothing to curtail the US Intelligence community's continued and rampant criminality.

It is clear from this further abuse that the FISA Court has never lived up to its expectations, or responsibility for protecting the rights of the American citizenry, with regard to the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

This latest Bill which the US Congress is now looking to pass in regard to warrantless spying should have the American people focusing on the Congress itself, given that this fundamental branch of US Government is now openly supporting the same types of criminal activities being perpetrated by US Intel, that it would have publicly condemned before the attacks on 9-11.

Congress is now openly allowing for the passage of treasonous legislation, under the pretext of protecting the American people from an implied terrorist threat. A threat no doubt greatly enhanced by the Bush Administration's false flag operation on 9-11 -- one which has resulted in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, the murders of thousands of American citizens, the subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the complete decimation of the US Constitution and American freedoms.

And when an American citizen reports that they have been illegally tracked by way of NSA satellites through this technology for more than half their life, while being videotaped 24 hours a day for decades within the privacy of their own home (as their thoughts are both scanned and manipulated by way of an NSA supercomputer through the use of Electronic Brain Link technology which is used for purpose of remote neural monitoring), it's quite obvious that our privacy is already being abused in the most precedent setting ways ever documented. Even without passage of the legislation which Ms. Frederickson is discussing in her latest E-mail.

I contacted the ACLU about this more than two years ago, in regard to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and the mind control technology which it has been illegally deploying against my person by way of satellite. A number of other TI's have also contacted this organization in regard to their own similar harassment. So the ACLU can't claim to not have knowledge regarding the extent to which the NSA is utilizing this technology, while illegally deploying it against a myriad of American citizens for the express purpose of mind control research.

This is occurring on a very large scale both within the United States as well as other countries around the globe.

However, in the following E-mail, Ms. Frederickson fails to mention the NSA's use of this technology for the adjunct purpose of non consensual human experimentation (mind control research). This intrusion by the NSA goes well beyond keeping Americans under satellite surveillance. Moreover, even without the mind control aspect of these satellites, if the NSA is utilizing its satellites to conduct protracted fishing expeditions of selected American citizens, while watching them within the privacy of their own homes, this in itself is a treasonous and precedent setting violation of the 4TH Amendment.

As an American citizen documenting first hand knowledge of such abuses of my rights, I can see a show down coming between the American people and the US Congress in the near future; the result of US Intel's precedent setting violations of American civil liberties, and their gradual understanding of their own vulnerability to this anti-American organization and its Orwellian use of such horrifying technology.

This will in effect be a show down against the emerging New World Order, which should have taken place decades ago.

The letter from Ms. Frederickson is already of little consequence, since the Bill she mentions will only authorize the type of NSA spying which has already been occurring illegally and unconstitutionally for more than half a Century.

The same has been true of the Patriot Act, which has enabled agencies like the FBI to now blatantly and publicly disregard the US Constitution in ways in which they have historically done covertly; while under the color of law and cover of their illegal COINTELPRO operations.

With or without the latest FISA legislation, this further invasion of the American people's inherent right to be free of such violations of our privacy is going to continue, and only become more intense and troublesome over time. That is, unless the American people themselves begin to understand just how abjectly threatening the NSA and its mind control technology have become to the human race, and how it will develop in the future.

Only then will Americans begin to rise up against this hub of the New World Order and the tyranny which it represents to each of us. And it will take more than the American people in which to accomplish this. We will need the help of our brothers and sisters from around the globe in order to expose these treasonous crimes and put an end to them.

For this reason alone, we must all end the indoctrination which we have been subjected to and made ignorant by since our earliest times on this planet. We must also to stop thinking in terms of a group mentality (part of the negative belief system which the Illuminati have fostered in which to manipulate us into waging wars against eachother), and to start seeing ourselves as the individuals whom we are. Only then can we begin to recognize the extent to which we have all been brainwashed; an extremely harmful indoctrination which has allowed for the disastrous situation which we are now on the precipice of facing as a species.

As Americans we cannot sit idly by and watch the needless slaughter of innocent, men, women and children in other countries, being done by those who have stolen our constitutional republic from us, and still claim to be defenders of human rights. We must either directly challenge those within this government who are perpetrating such vicious crimes, or admit that we have endorsed such crimes by failing to have forced this government to end them.

Once again, it does not take a genius to see that a show down is now brewing between the American people and a government which was long ago subverted by a group of treasonists, who are now going out of their way to make themselves known to us.

We have already lost thousands of our own American brothers and sisters in the attacks on 9-11 alone. Not to mention the thousands who have been murdered or maimed since. And this does not take into account the myriad casualties in Afghanistan and the more than one million Iraqi's who have been murdered as a result of the Bush Administration's illegal war for oil and global supremacy.

We can no longer wait for those who are perpetrating these crimes against humanity to come to their senses. And in the future we must act in concert to prevent them from causing any further damage to ourselves as a nation, or our foreign neighbors. If we fail to do so, we will have willingly subjugated ourselves to a future of mind control and tyrannical rule.

From the ACLU:

Demand your representative uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

Email your representatives now.

Dear Friend,

Once again, the Senate is getting ready to fail freedom. They’re close to passing a dangerous and unconstitutional FISA bill that allows warrantless government eavesdropping on American citizens and grants immunity to giant phone companies. All eyes now turn to the House.

Only bold, decisive action from a sizable bloc of House members -- led by the Congressional Progressive Caucus -- can stop warrantless wiretapping of Americans and telecom immunity from becoming the law of the land.

Tell your representative to oppose telecom immunity and warrantless wiretapping.

Then, because time is short, follow up with a phone call.

If the House caves, a bill that ignores the Constitution, condones overreaching executive branch power grabs and provides immunity to phone companies that sold out our privacy will soon reach President Bush’s desk.

If that happens, you can rest assured that the minute Mr. Bush reaches for his pen, ACLU lawyers will be headed to court. Because wherever this fight leads us, we will not let unconstitutional violations of our due process and privacy rights go unchallenged.

Now, though, is no time to concede defeat in Congress.

Demand your representative uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

I know we have contacted you repeatedly through all the twists and turns of this long-running and frequently frustrating FISA debate. We deeply appreciate your willingness to keep fighting for the Constitution right alongside the ACLU.

This may well be the last time we ask for your help before Congress takes decisive action. It is also one of the most important times we’ve turned to you. It is urgent that you immediately voice your commitment to the Constitution.

With you at our side, the ACLU will stand firm -- in Congress and in the courts -- to defend our core American principles.

Thank you for standing with us.


Caroline Fredrickson, Director
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

P.S. The Senate has not yet finalized its spying bill, but it has become clear to me and our lobbyists in Washington that Senate capitulation is only a matter of time.

That’s why your representative needs to hear from you right now.

For more details, you can read my recent statement here.

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004
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