Sunday, February 10, 2008

As Early As 2002 The CIA, NSA and FBI Were Attempting To Publicly Blame One Another For The Incompetence Which Allowed 9-11 To Happen

However, incompetence had nothing to do with the attacks on 9-11. Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the attacks on 9-11 were a well orchestrated black operation (in this case a false flag operation) in which the hierarchies within the NSA and FBI and other agencies of US Intel were told to stand down as the CIA and DOD took the reigns to see this black operation to fruition.

This is why FBI agent John O'Neill was removed from the case he was working on and sent to his death in the World Trade Center on 9-11. It is why so many other agents were told to end their investigations in regard to leads they had to possible terrorism within the United States , being funded by Saudi Arabia (a country which the Bush family is closely associated with through its ties with the Saudi Royal Family).

Nearly 3000 American citizens died on 9-11 because those residing within the hierarchies of the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex needed to have them die -- in order to propagate their own nefarious agenda -- a simultaneous war for oil, global US Imperialist supremecy, and the destruction of United States of America and its people, through the passage of the Constitution emasculating Patriot Act. Legislation so oppressive, that it has essentially turned this country into a tyrannical fascist police state. A country where you can now be tracked by way of NSA satellite 24 hours a day simply for writing a letter to your local newspaper criticizing virtually any aspect of this government.

There is a saying: "power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately." Those of us who are now experiencing the complete destruction of our Constitutional rights at the hands of such agencies as the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, are only too well acquainted with how those within these agencies have become so completely obsessed and corrupted by their own power, that it now controls them -- and not the other way around.

These government satellite predators have now invited themselves into the privacy of our homes, and by doing so let us know that the only rule of law in the future will be the one which we ourselves enforce, since these reprobates are clearly no longer operating within the framework of the US Constitution, and as such can no longer be considered a legitimate part of the United States.

Especially when one considers that many federal agents are using their positions of authority to illegally spy on those citizens whom they are waging their own personal vendettas against, while doing so under the color and cover of law. These agents are nothing but criminals who belong in a federal prison -- not sitting behind some computer monitor while spying on American citizens within their own homes. This issue is so contentious and affects the lives of so many unwitting Americans, that once the NSA's domestic satellite spying and the extent to which it is being conducted becomes better understood, a civil revolution will break out within this country.

An article which paints US Intel as being incompetent regarding 9-11. However, in this case incompetence had nothing to do with these attacks. The hierarchies within these agencies colluded with one another in the greatest of act treason since America was founded. The premeditated murders of thousands of American citizens.
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