Saturday, February 09, 2008

FBI/NSA/DHS Continue Their Covert Attacks On My Person/All Of Which Will Be In Vain

The FEDS are continuing to utilize anyone and everyone possible in their COINTELPRO attacks against my person. Given their abject violations of my Constitutional rights, and their having sunk to the point of complete lawlessness, the FEDS are now using every dirty trick in the book in their efforts to drive me to a state of mental instability. However, this will never happen. I am far too determined to expose every aspect of the mind control technology that I have been illegally subjected to for decades, as well as other precedent setting violations of my rights as an American citizen.

This increase in the hostile attacks against my person is simply an adjunct to the long-term mind control experimentation that the NSA has been illegally subjecting me to for nearly three decades. Consequently, I will utilize every means necessary in which to expose this agency (as well as the FBI and DHS), their psychological operations, and their egregious attacks on the American way of life, in efforts to have them abolished. US Intel in its present form is criminal and anti-American.

These agencies much either be completely restructured so that they operate within the framework of the US Constitution or abolished. They cannot be allowed to function as they presently are, given their egregious threat to the US Bill Of Rights.

Moreover, through their usurpation of the communities now being used as an adjunct in the criminal assaults against TIs, these federal agencies are criminalizing entire communities, while motivating a myriad of those within these communities to commit organized stalking crimes without fear of punishment for having done so.
Such stalking activities are now global in scale and have been reported in virtually every US State.

And given that it is supposed to be America's supreme law enforcement agency, the FBI is the worst offender here, since it's encouraging a society of vigilantes who will eventually be responsible for the deaths of many innocent American citizens.

As it stands, many TI's have already been covertly murdered by directed energy weapons technology, having died from electronically induced heart attacks, aneurysms, strokes, and cancers brought on by long-term exposure to the radiation emanating from these weapons. There are also those TI's who've tragically been driven to take their own lives, no longer able to tolerate years of 24 hour a day torture, which often includes being stalked by very large well organized community groups, who are well aware that these stalking activities are Hitlerian in nature.

They are also a clear indication of the fall of our Constitutional Republic.

Furthermore, while encouraging this depraved and unlawful behavior, these federal agencies are also willfully placing the lives of targeted individuals at risk, in addition to those within these communities who are being used to take part in these crimes; since if pushed over the edge by years of the most abjectly vicious psychological abuse imaginable, some TI's may very well end up striking back in self defense, resulting in the injury or deaths of many of these extremely foolish and demonically spirited individuals.

In mobilizing communities to attack TI's in such ways, what these agencies are looking to accomplish is the complete destruction of the United States Bill Of Rights, in which no citizen is safe from the Nazi ideologies and rampant criminality, which have both characterized the US Intel community since its unfortunate inception.

Moreover, no American who truly loves this country will ever stand for such abuses of their rights or anyone elses. And should be willing if necessary to fight to the death to defend them, as our forefathers once did. Men who truly loved this country and would be turning over in their graves if they were to learn of what has become of the nation which they founded more than two Centuries ago.

Furthermore, that these agencies would ever deny such a treasonous attack on the US Constitution, their attacks on my person or those of myriad others targeted for illegal COINTELPRO operations, is yet a further example of their pathological deception of the American people.

Criminals have no business enforcing the laws in this country -- the Constitutional rule of law which they violate at every opportunity. And those agents within the FBI, NSA and DHS who have perpetrated their COINTELPRO attacks against those of us targeted for non consensual human experimentation, are just such criminals, who will eventually be forced to acknowledge that they are no longer considered legitimate law enforcement of any kind -- but instead, nothing more than reprobates and mercenaries, who torture and murder American citizens for a paycheck.

What we have here is perverted filth that utilize spy satellites to engage in myriad forms of voyeurism, while videotaping American citizens within the privacy of their own homes. The NSA in particular, also utilizes maser beam technology to electroncially home in on the minds of those they illegally target, whose brainwaves are then remotely accessed and manipulated by way of NSA AI supercomputers, which are used to remotely influence their thoughts. Through such disgusting criminal behavior, these agencies and their employees have become a national disgrace and an international embarassment to the American people and the rest of the world.

Most other countries rightfully consider US Intel to be the largest and most dangerous criminal organization on this planet in the present day. A notorious threat to the American people as well as our neighboring brothers and sisters around the globe.

And given the mind control technology which is presently being illegally deployed by the NSA, against a myriad of citizens both in the United States and abroad (as well as other agencies including the FBI and CIA), these citizens are absolutely correct in their assessment of the global terrorist threat which these agencies currently represent (especially under the present cabal which we refer to as the Bush Administration).
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