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In The Modern Day Fascist American Police State Many Americans Are Being Subjected To The Following

What's the first thing that agencies like the FBI, NSA or Homeland Security do when they have seriously violated an American citizen's Constitutional rights, yet look to obfuscate the facts by waging their own smear campaigns?

Step one is for the FEDS to create a media blackout for the targeted person, where their TV and radio programming are either cut completely, or replaced with the NSA's own propagandized programming (something I first experienced on a major scale in 2003 when the FEDS' COINTELPRO attack of my person went from being covert to overt). Once this occured, the NSA, FBI and DHS were then free to utilize the US Media to wage their own smear campaign against me; yet it took me quite a bit of time and research before I knew who was responsible for this vicious attack and how they managed to perpetrate it.

Now I know how the FEDS are able to alienate TI's from the rest of their communities. And I want my readers to know in the event that you find yourselves in such a miserable situation. This is how you deal with Nazi's; especially those whose masquerade is in support of basic human rights, yet who wantonly deny such rights to their own citizens. You expose them. In this case the Nazi's are agencies of US Intel, and I am specifically focusing on the FBI, NSA and DHS, all of whom continue to perpetrate the most outrageous crimes against myself and myriad other Americans ever documented. Through their heinous crimes these agents have now made themselves anathema.

Their latest treasonous violation appears to be the posting of videos and photos of TI's which are taken within the privacy of our own homes -- yet another outrageous violation of our rights, by agencies which would have made Hitler proud. I would also imagine that in the case of many TI's, the FBI has spent tens of millions of dollars per TI in waging their illegal COINTELPRO's against us, making the photos and videos they appear to want us to know are being illegally circulated, more expensive than many of the motion pictures being turned out in Hollywood.

Once again.. way to go FBI and NSA.. Two agencies with the ability to quite literally sink the American economy on their own, by wasting billions of dollars each year on their own predatorial habits, in which satellite voyeurism appears to be a major preoccupation. As for their attempt to destroy me I should note the following:

I am still alive; have done more through my writings in the past three years to damage the credibility of US Intel more than any other US civilian with whom I am familiar; have corroborated John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; have cost the FBI and NSA tens of millions of dollars in their illegal COINTELPRO against me,
and have frustrated them to the point where they now appear to be circulating videos in which to not only document their precedent setting violations of my 4TH Amendment rights, but which also demonstrate their own mind control technology being deployed against an American citizen -- within the so called privacy of that citizen's own home. Only the FBI could possibly manipulate the aforementioned to convince the public that this organization is operating effectively. If other organizations were as abysmal failures as the FBI and NSA, they would have been out of business practically before they obtained their charters.

One aspect of these agencies existence has been obvious for years -- they are so poorly managed, that both the FBI and NSA can blow the billions in funding they are alloted for their criminal operations each year, faster than a degenerate gambler can lose his money at a rigged poker game. Or is it normal for the NSA to be illegally satellite tracking citizens for decades, while the FBI has roughly 30 of its agents following one person around for years, given that each of these agents must be paid an annual salary for doing so?

I believe that what I experienced back in 2003 in regard to the FBI/NSA usurpation of my TV and radio programming is happening not to just Americans, but to citizens from a great number of countries whose governments are now operating under a covert form of fascist rule. In the United States alone, no civilian is going to risk intercepting the broadcasts being sent to another person's home without first understanding the serious consequences for having done so. Intercepting such broadcast signals and replacing them with their own is in direct violation of the Federal Communications Act, and carries with it a long prison sentence.

Given this, it is reasonable to conclude that it is federal agencies -- namely the FBI and NSA -- which are responsible for such criminal usurpations of our broadcasted programming, for their own covert and illegal means.

It would appear that globally, there are perhaps millions of people who are presently experiencing such a phenomenon, and already thousands have taken to the Internet to voice their own complaints and concerns.

In the United States alone there is no doubt that TI's are experiencing a federal usurpation of their TV and radio programming, which has placed them in a media black out, long enough to allow agencies like the FBI and DHS to covertly mobilize the communities of these respective citizens, against them, while the NSA quitely remains in the background.

This is an outrageous violation of the US Bill Of Rights, by elected and appointed government officials who are supposed to be supporting and defending the US Constitution -- not decimating it as they are.

This remains the only logical explanation for why TI's will never be told the reasons for their having been targeted, even though they will be subjected to myriad forms of psychological warfare, which employ the use of street theatre, gaslighting tactics and innuendo. If just one perpetrator ever admits to a respective TI, that they are being targeted and have been subjected to such a blatant and treasonous conspiracy in which to deny them their rights as an American citizen, the entire clandestine structure on which this emerging criminal network of organized stalking is based, would rapidly collapse.

Moreover, the US Congress cannot possibly lay claim to be protecting and defending the US Constitution while knowing full well that such treasonous crimes against American citizens are being perpetrated by agencies like the FBI/NSA and DHS; all of whom are using the US media to mobilize entire communities against targeted citizens, by waging smear campaigns against these citizens.

(In Europe the BBC is likely used in the same way, as MI5 and MI6 use covert means in which to target their own unwitting mind control subjects.)

So these crimes will continue to take place under the most abject denial by those perpetrating them, so that they may continue to covertly propagate them.

However, with the vastly increasing numbers of TI's rapidly surfacing, and the intensity which they have demonstrated in demanding redress for their grievances, I predict that before long our numbers will be equal to or greater than those now taking part in the crimes of mind control and organized stalking.

And once this occurs, Congress is going to be forced to acknowledge that they have known about US Intel's use of Americans for non consensual human experimentation all along, and will be forced to accept responsibility for allowing the US Intelligence community such outrageous latitude in sanctioning and financing these treasonous operations. Something which requires a modern day version of the Church Comittee Hearings, in which Americans can learn the extent to which US Intel is violating the rule of US Constitutional law.

I still believe that former representative Cynthia Mckinney was setup to lose the last election, for no other reason than her intention of reopening the Church Committee Hearings -- something which terrified the US Intelligence community, given its remarkable and treasonous violations of the inherent rights of the American people.

And given the import of this technology as it applies to the future of the human mind, if Congress fails to heed our requests, they will risk instigating civil rights unrest not seen since the 1960's. For no citizen, regardless of which country they hail from, should ever have to endure the vicious and criminal abuses that victims of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation are being subjected to in the present day.

Moreover, no federal agency has the right to spy on any American citizen by way of satellite within the privacy of that citizen's home-- yet another outrageous violation of the 4TH Amendment. And any agent caught doing so should be prosecuted for treason, and upon conviction, sentenced to the maximum penalty as prescribed by US Law.
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