Thursday, February 14, 2008

Satellite Predators -- An Expanding Form Of Electronic Criminal Behavior Perpetrated By Those With A Serious Addiction To Voyeurism


Satellite Predator:

Those who access satellites for the express and illicit purpose of illegally tracking and spying upon others within the privacy of their own domiciles. These high tech predators can range from US Intelligence agencies such as the NSA and CIA, to someone with enough wealth to afford access to renting time on a satellite. Satellite communications companies can also be complicit in this clandestine crime. In the newest use of satellite predation crimes, those targeted for such crimes are made the unwitting victims of illegal satellite spying, in which they are spied upon real time within the privacy of their own homes, by those who actually pay to access a satellite signal broadcast which allows for this treasonous crime. Given that this definition is new it will undoubtedly continue to be refined in the future.

If you were to call the Federal Communications Commission they would deny that this rampant crime is taking place -- in fact all government agencies have been told to adopt a standard policy of denial in regard to satellite based crimes, in the same way in which those reporting UFO sightings and abductions have been completely ignored or discredited as being mentally ill.

However, as time continues to pass, these targeted persons are being given further credibility as more victims of these satellite based crimes are coming forward to document them. As well as the conspiratorial wall of government denial which they have experienced when attempting to document their cases with federal authorities.
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