Thursday, February 14, 2008

Video In Which Mind Control Target Talks About The Technology Being Used Against Her/Myriad TI's Report Being Electronically Raped By This Technology

From the thousands of people using the Internet to find a voice, having exhausted all efforts to locate help through their congressional officals and local law enforcement, it would appear that the US Federal Government's use of satellite based mind control weapons has become an epidemic; completely ignored by the US Congress, media and law enforcement.

In fact many TI's have concluded that the FBI is also taking part in the use of these weapons, by labeling those TI's who file complaints with the Bureau in regard to such crimes, as being mentally unstable. Moreover, virtually every person who has sought help from the FBI found their harassment became even worse after contacting the Bureau.

This is not a conspiracy theory we are talking about here. This is a well orchestrated criminal conspiracy from the very sanctum of the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex; one which is being perpetrated against the American people -- a vortex which more Americans are being drawn into on a constant basis.

And these attacks don't end with Americans. Virtually every country now has members who have taken to the Internet to describe their experiences as victims of remote sensing by way of satellites and supercomputers.

George Orwell's 1984 is here and has been for more than thirty years. However, the citizens of this planet are just now beginning to awaken to this. Hopefully this awakening can be expedited through more efficient venues before those of us attempting to do so have been murdered for our efforts.

* For my post regarding the NSA's alliance with the UK, the result of the UKUSA Treaty of 1948, which allows the NSA and Great Britain's GCHQ to spy on eachother's countries and then exchange information (which allows both agencies to circumvent the frame work of their own Constitutions -- thus violating the rights of their own citizens), I was again sexually assaulted by way of the NSA and its directed energy technology.

Further proof of how I am not only spied upon within the so called privacy of my own home by the filth within this Nazi agency, but also constantly subjected to their directed energy weapons technology.

The following video is of a mind control target describing their experiences with this technology:
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