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NSA -- There Is No Law Preventing Us From Spying Domestically -- Perhaps The NSA Should Read The Bill Of Rights & In Particular The 4TH Amendment

"Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of the NSA's domestic spying lies in its ability to be plausibly deniable. As a result of the UKUSA alliance, in the 1950's the NSA and Britain reached an agreement in which to spy on eachother's citizens and to then exchange this information. In this way the NSA has been able to conduct illegal and extensive domestic spying for more than fifty years, while compiling the most complete dossiers on each American citizen in the history of this country."

In the modern day the NSA has become even more brazen in its illegal operations, now stating that it is not prohibited from spying domestically. However, this claim by the NSA is an outright lie. The NSA's charter, while never clearly defined, was never created to allow it to spy domestically. The agency was created by President Harry Truman shortly after World War II, for the express purpose of spying internationally -- not domestically. The NSA's primary function being to spy on the Russians.

However, the hierarchy within the NSA quickly became corrupted by the precedent setting spying authority they were given, while becoming the most powerful Intelligence agency in the world. In later years, Truman himself had admitted that the NSA had become a rogue organization that was not unnaccountable to the US Congress, and as such dangerous to the well being of the American people.

This is why the FISA court would eventually be created in the late 1970's. However, the FISA court has in essence always been ineffective -- only used to give it the imprimateur of Constitutionality, when in reality, it rubber stamps warrantless spying requests.

As such, going to the FISA court to obtain permission to spy without a warrant has always been nothing but a formality.

Moreover, it's been the pathological deception of the NSA as well as the National Security Council, which illustrates why the National Security Act was perhaps the worst legislation ever passed in this country, because it allows the US Federal Government to hide its covert agendas and crimes under the cover of National Security. As a result of this the American people are always kept in the dark, being fed a stream of government sensored and media controlled information.

It isn't until you begin doing your own research that you find that the US Federal Government was overrun by a covert Nazi influence which has dominated it ever since the end of World War II.

Not that this information will do you much good, since if your average American believes the lies that they have been sold by the US media, you can tell them the truth and most will still adhere to what they saw on TV or read in the newspapers. This is the kind of power that the US media system has, and why the CIA (recognizing this initiated Operation Mockingbird) sought to quickly usurp this system of information, practically from the time of the CIA's inception.

Ironically enough, while Americans were reveling in their post war victory, going back to college under the GI Bill, building new homes and enjoying a sense of renewed life after all of the death which WWII catalyzed, the Nazi sympathizers in this country were quitely smuggling more than 1000 Nazi war criminals into the United States under the CIA's Operation Paperclip -- many of whom would later become gainfully employed by the NSA when it was created in the early 1950's.

Of equal interest is that while America is supposed to be the land of the free with the most transparent government in the world, your average American had no idea that the NSA even existed prior to the Bush Administration's illegal use of it to spy on certain officials who have been vocally critical of this administration.

Of still greater interest is that the NSA's use is not even limited to the US Federal Government.

In 1948 the *UKUSA agreement allowed for the US Federal Government's sharing of the NSA with other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. And the NSA maintains thousands of listening posts around the globe, with its Fort Meade, Maryland location acting as the central hub for these communications.

*More On the UKUSA Alliance can be seen here:


In the modern day the NSA is by far the most powerful organization in the world, and also the hub of the Illuminati's New World Order global Totalitarian government -- something which is now gradually emerging around this planet. To say that the NSA has and continues to function in a treasonous capacity may be the greatest understatement of all time. This agency is the epitome of Nazi Germany on steroids, and with technology that is sophisticated enough to absolutely stun those who believe that their microwave ovens, cell phones and MP3 players are cutting edge electronics.

In the present day, the Patriot Act only adds to these treasonous violations of the US Constitution. And we can only imagine the crimes which the US Intelligence community is presently committing and concealing from us under the pretext of National Security; given that it's spying on virtually every citizen on this planet.

Still worse is that while the American people may disapprove of him, the fact is that George W. Bush has tremendous support from the inner sanctum of the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex, who have all profitted enormously since the attacks on 9-11. If Bush did not have their support he would have ended up like the late John F. Kennedy a long time ago.

The following is an excellent article on the origins of the NSA and how its functions have never been clearly defined, giving the agency the ability to conduct its global operations well outside the framework of the United States Constitution. So far outside this framework in fact, that the NSA might as well exist in another universe.

Those operating within the NSA are living in the real world; the American people, who truly believe that they are protected by the US Bill Of Rights are the ones living an illusion. Such protections are merely words in the present day. Those who control this technology are the ones making the rules -- even if such rules share no similarities with the laws we have grown accustomed to.

NSA: "There is no law that prevents our domestic spying."




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