Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Focusing On State Authority To Impose Taxes On Your Internet Purchases -- Legislators Who Burden You For Their Own Poor Accounting Practices

While there's no question that the federal income tax which is imposed on the wages of the American worker and collected by the IRS is both unconstitutional and illegal, state and local taxes are not. The real issue is whether or not states should be allowed to penalize Internet users by taxing the merchandise they purchase from out of state companies who sell their products over the Internet.

Personally, I believe that to impose such a tax on those citizens who show the initiative to shop conscientiously is a form of consumer discrimination.

This has been a contentious issue since the Internet began its rapid expansion in the mid 1990's, and remains so in the present day.

And in my opinion all taxes legal and otherwise should be considered unconstitutional since they have allowed for extremely lax federal, state and local governments, who realize that their own incompetent accounting procedures can be readily offset to balance their books at any time, through the imposition of a myriad of unreasonable taxes so complex, that it's become difficult if not impossible for the average citizen to even keep track of them all.

And if you don't believe me, take a look at the bottom of your last phone or cable bill. In the modern day where in home communication services can incorporate these two charges, this tax issue has become even more complex.

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