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The FBI & DOJ Fraud -- Rooted In Corruption-- These Agencies Have Long Been Sold To The American Public As Legitimate Law Enforcement

In Reference To The FBI's use of fabricated evidence and perjury in courts of law:

"These Guys Are Professional LIARS Who Have Raised Selected Memory Loss To An Art Form."

-- Ecological Activist Judi Bari

In the book "FBI, CIA, The Mob And Treachery" By Rodney Stich, former FBI agent Stich describes the rampant and treasonous criminality within these agencies, and how it is routinely covered up in a conspiratorial white wash, used to prevent Americans from learning of the criminal history of what is bogusly advertised as the premier law enforcement agency in the United States.

I also find the following comment in regard to former FBI agent Lindley Devecchio quite interesting, given that a trial which he was schedualed to appear at regarding his alleged complicity in the murders of five people, was suddenly sidelined when a mysterious audio tape surfaced exonerating Devecchio of any wrong doing. I have personally questioned whether or not this tape was fabricated evidence in which the use of voice morphing technology was used to get Devecchio off the hook.

I happen to believe that it was; especially given that if Devecchio had gone down, he would have likely implicated many of his FBI associates in perhaps even worse crimes than those he was accused of.

It's also of interest that the woman who was ultimately responsible for seeing that charges were brought against Devecchio, Angela Clemente, was almost murdered by a man who contacted her with information he claimed would help to prosecute the former FBI agent. The readers may ask, why did this woman not challenge the veracity of the audio tape which exonerated Devecchio?

The fact that she was almost murdered for going after Devecchio should say enough about him and his former "FBI associates" (especially when considering the murder charges he was facing), to explain why Angela Clemente backed off. She was understandably afraid for her life.

Attempted Murder to Halt State Prosecution of FBI Agent

"As described in Defrauding America and Drugging America, and Those Ugly Americans: 20th & 21st Centuries, it is dangerous, sometimes fatal, to expose corruption of people in control of the FBI and other Department of Justice divisions. (The same can be said about exposing corrupt federal judges). One of the latest examples of how dangerous this can be was the attempted murder of a petit 5-foot-4 mother of three: Angela Clemente, on June 16, 2006.

Clemente was a well-known forensic-intelligence analyst who took an interest in the murderous conduct of FBI Supervisory Agent Lindley DeVecchio. She spent years obtaining information about his relationship with Colombo mafia boss Gregory Scarpa. Her information, along with others, helped motivate Brooklyn District Attorney Michael Vecchione to file murder charges against retired FBI Supervisory Agent DeVecchio in early 2006.

The attempted murder of Angela Clemente was described in an article in the New York Post (June 17, 2006), part of which is shown here:

The gutsy single mom who helped prosecutors crack the case against accused FBI mob mole Lindley DeVecchio was found choked and left for dead early yesterday in a remote section of Brooklyn. Cops, responding to a 911 call at 5.45 a.m., found Angela Clemente in the driver's seat of her car, it's door open, her body sprawled half in and half out, near the Caesar's Bay strip mall in Bensonhurst.

From her bed at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, where she suffered a seizure yesterday while being treated for neck and body injuries, a groggy Clemente told investigators she had received several messages from her assailant before agreeing to the early-morning meeting.

Her bearded would-be informant got into her black Hyundai and started talking about the case. She told investigators he pretended he had information. And then, Clemente said, he asked her, "Are you going to continue on this case?"

"Yes," she answered. With that, she told cops, he whacked her on the right side of her body with something hard, and then put his hands around her neck and started choking her. Apparently convinced he had killed her, he took off. At 5:45 a.m. Clemente was spotted lying halfway out of her car door by a passing dog-walker and a jogger.

She didn't know the name of her assailant, but she did provide cops with a description. She remained in the hospital, under police guard.

[She had] made a phone call to a journalist about midnight, informing the reporter about the meeting. "If I'm not back by 6 a.m. call the Brooklyn prosecutor," the reporter claimed Clemente said. The journalist called the DA's office at 7 a.m. Prosecutors made calls and learned of the attack.

Assistant Brooklyn DA Michael Vecchione, the prosecutor who credited Clemente with helping him get a murder indictment against [retired FBI Supervisory Agent] DeVecchio, believes the attack is linked to the former G-man.

Vecchione also would not discount the possibility that the murder attempt was the work of DeVecchio sympathizers, some of whom are former FBI agents. Earlier this month, Vecchione complained in court that some witnesses had been harassed by DeVecchio's FBI buddies."

More comments from Rodney Stich

Relating to FBI Criminality:

"In the various books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, especially Defrauding America and Drugging America, he details actions by people in the FBI and the other Department of Justice divisions that meet the definition of criminal acts.

These crimes are not simply of academic interest. They brought about immeasurable human tragedies affecting tens of thousands of men, women, and children, and continue to undermine the internal security of the United States.

Among the corrupt practices by FBI and DOJ personnel, discovered by former federal agent Rodney Stich and his group of other federal agents, and described in the books, are the following examples:

Cover-ups of air safety and criminal violations related to a series of fatal airline crashes. (As detailed in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America.)

Cover-ups of drug smuggling into the United States by the CIA and other government entities and covert operations.

Cover-ups of deeply entrenched corruption in the bankruptcy courts involving federal judges, judge-appointed trustees, Justice Department trustees, lawyers, law firms, and people working with them--including the CIA.

Close working relationship with organized crime figures, including serial murderers, and cover-up of murders and other crimes perpetrated by mobsters.

Involved in assassinations.

Misusing raw government power to silence or discredit whistleblowers, including former federal agents, who try to expose corrupt and criminal activities as described in the books.

FBI agents providing false statements and perjured testimony, and arranging for perjured testimony to grand juries and trial juries by other government agents and government informants.

Providing false laboratory reports to falsely convict and imprison men and women.

Brutality and lying in the Waco massacre.

Brutality and lying in the Ruby Ridge murders.

Lying that results in tens of thousands of men and women charged, convicted, and incarcerated."

Read the article here:
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