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When PI Angela Clemente Decided To Research The Background Of Former FBI Agent Lindley Devecchio She'd Quickly Become A Target Of An FBI Neutralization Campaign

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Author, Jack Cashill, was one of the investigative journalists who helped to expose the FBI's whitewash of the 1996 missile downing of TWA Flight 800. A case in which the FBI ignored more than 700 eyewitness accounts of Long Island citizens, who saw a flare from a vessel shoot skyward directly towards Flight 800, before it was shot down -- just south of Long Island.

The FBI then proceeded to spend millions of dollars in fabricating evidence in efforts to cover up this missile attack.

Instead of the 230 passengers being listed as murder victims (which they were), they were reported as having been killed by an accidental explosion caused by a design flaw within the jetliner's fuel system.

The FBI's usurpation of the investigation of TWA Flight 800 from the FAA was so suspicious, that an FAA agent by the name of Bogdan Dzakovic voiced his concerns as to why the FBI ignored the eyewitness accounts of hundreds of Long Island witnesses to the missile attack on TWA Flight 800; all of whom saw at least one flare launch from a boat and head straight for Flight 800 before it exploded.

See Dzakovic's testimony here: Dzakovic Testimony Regarding Clinton DOJ Cover Up In The 1996 Missile Attack On TWA Flight 800

Cashill has now written an another controversial piece in regard to a woman who has become targeted by the FBI, the result of her attempts to expose a former FBI agent who may well be complicit in the homicides of five men, and the framing of another FBI agent named Richard Taus (who is now serving prison time for crimes he did not commit).

An FBI agent with known ties to the Columbo crime family, named Lindley Devecchio.

In the following situation the FBI is again covering up the facts in a criminal case against one of its own agents, while attacking a whistle blower whose attempted to expose this agent crimes.

In this particular instance the whistle blower's name is Angela Clemente.

And she is being attacked for attempting to expose former FBI agent, Lindley Devecchio's complicity in the murders of five men.

A situation in which Clemente discovered enough evidence to motivate a Brooklyn grand jury to indict Devecchio. However, Devecchio would never be tried for complicity in these murders (the result of an audio tape which was used to acquit him, turning up just in time to prevent the trial. A tape which may well have been a piece of FBI fabricated evidence).

For her efforts to expose Devecchio, Clemente would suffer a murder attempt which nearly ended her life. An attempt which many believe was orchestrated by some of Devecchio's former FBI associates, out of concern that if Devecchio had been found guilty, he would have ratted them out in order to negotiate a more lenient sentence.

This is yet one more in a myriad of instances where instead of prosecuting corrupt FBI agents, the FBI and Department Of Justice have looked to obfuscate the facts in the crimes of these agents, while instead attacking the whistle blower who sought to expose them.

The FBI and DOJ (it should be called the Department Of Obstructing Justice) have a long history of obstructing justice in such ways, again showing that the bureau considers itself and its agents to be above the laws in this country and immune from prosecution.

- James F. Marino
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